Preeminent Personal Training by Coreena

Preeminent Personal Training by Coreena


Happy and proud of you mommas , #1 personal trainer MyfavPT#Wifi#missyou & see you soon 🙌👌💪. KEEP IT UP!! 😘❤️

It's about health,it's about being confident , lacking nothing..its more than building muscle and lo Preeminent Personal Training by Coreena is a physical fitness training business.

Owner Coreena Bracamonte strives to help every client achieve their health and fitness goals through compassionate yet motivating training sessions. Contact Coreena today for more information!


Sulcus and gyrus of the brain .
Keeping it Simple :
The sulci ( singular for sulcus )- are the grooves in cerebral cortex .
The gyri ( singular for gyrus) - are the folds in cerebral cortex.
💸📌Brain gyri and sulci serve two very important functions:
1:📌They increase the surface area of the cerebral cortex allowing more neurons to be packed into the cortex so that it can process more information.
2:📌 they form brain divisions that support different functions.

💸💸Gyri are unique structures that have increase the surface area of the brain up to 2000 centimeters squared.
💸💸Each gyrus is surrounded by sulci and together they increase cerebral cortex surface area. I won’t use this post to list all the sulci , keeping this simple , they primarily act as dividers for gyri and lobes of the brain .
Primary gyri of the brain & functions :
(Frontal lobe ) 📌The precentral gyrus is the anatomical location of the primary motor cortex.
The precentral gyrus is believed to contain the motor control for the torso, arms, hands, fingers, and head. This gyrus also works by controlling the motor movements on the body’s contralateral side, meaning the opposite side to which it is located within the brain.
(Parietal lobe) 📌 The postcentral gyrus
is the location of the primary somatosensory cortex, the main sensory receptive area for the sense of touch.
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Full body mobility movement to support hips, lower back ,stretch psoas (hip flexors) , allow rotation in the spine and opening of the shoulder & chest.
Your body can be a strong vehicle to grow old in or become a burden breaking down inside and out .
💸Your habits matter .


If your determined to learn , no one can stop you
Just a student of life passionately helping others create solutions.
I’ve been sickly skinny with a horrible immune system ,I’ve been stage lean a sick driven competitive athlete, I’ve been fat (post prep)see last transformation …it’s all been apart of the process . If you stay complacent and frustrated and don’t grow through What you go through you’ll miss out on peace wisdom and opportunity.
Just finished the year strong with 6 week training plan obtaining my original goal 2021 to lose my figure competitor back and Upper body.
I felt like it was never a look I wanted but I did it for sake of competing. (Wellness wasn’t a class available a few years ago ) .
Currently in my happiest physique and place with Nutrition and training .
“Living a lifestyle”.
Not using measurements with inbody 2022 primarily going off how I look in mirror, how I feel & going to follow up this update with another in June with caliper measurements.
If your looking to finally feel peace with your physique health or hormones , I’d love to help . DONT WAIT , ITS WORTH THE WORK .

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Cerebrum and the 4 lobes of the brain 🧠
📌The cerebrum is the uppermost and largest part of the brain.
The brain’s cerebral cortex is the outermost layer that gives the brain its characteristic wrinkly appearance.
📌The cerebral cortex is divided lengthways into two cerebral hemispheres connected by the corpus callosum. (thick bundle of nerve fibres that allow hemispheres to communicate and send signals to each other .
Its internal structure, is comprised of two different types of tissue – grey matter and white matter:
* Grey matter forms the surface of each cerebral hemisphere (known as the cerebral cortex), and is associated with processing and cognition.
* White matter forms the bulk of the deeper parts of the brain. It consists of glial cells and myelinated axons that connect the various grey matter areas.

📌Grey matter is abundant in the cerebrum, cerebellum, brain stem, and the spinal cord.
💸In this post I’m going to clarify & keep it brief explaining the 4 lobes of the brain , their location and function.
Each lobe contains association areas – where information from different modalities are collated/ combined for processing. Together, these areas function to give us a meaningful perceptual interpretation and experience of our surrounding environment.
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Mindset is everything .. Power of purpose 📸✨🧠


.. be transformed by the renewing of your mind.🙏🧠💪


hypothalamus is a small but important area in the center of the brain. It is about the size of an almond.
It plays an important role in hormone production and helps to stimulate many important processes in the body and is located in the brain, between the pituitary gland and thalamus.
The hypothalamus acts as the connector between the endocrine and nervous systems to achieve this. It plays a part in many essential functions of the body such as:
* body temperature
* thirst
* appetite and weight control
* emotions
* sleep cycles
* s*x drive
* childbirth
* blood pressure and heart rate
* production of digestive juices
* balancing bodily fluids.

To maintain homeostasis, the hypothalamus is responsible for creating or controlling many hormones in the body. The hypothalamus works with the pituitary gland, which makes and sends other important hormones around the body.
The hypothalamus also directly influences growth hormones. It commands the pituitary gland to either increase or decrease their presence in the body.
Some of the most influential hormones secreted by the hypothalamus are :
Anti-diuretic hormone (ADH)-
This hormone increases water absorption into the blood by the kidneys.
Thyrotropin releasing hormone (TRH) -
TRH triggers the release of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), which stimulates release of thyroid hormones, which regulate metabolism, energy, and growth and development. 
Prolactin-releasing hormone (PRH)
PRH prompts the anterior pituitary to stimulate breast milk production through the production of prolactin. Conversely, PRh inhibits prolactin, and thereby, milk production.Can also be associated with weight gain .
Oxytocin is involved in a variety of processes, such as or**sm, the ability to trust, body temperature, sleep cycles, and the release of breast milk.
Growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH)-GHRH prompts the anterior pituitary to release growth hormone (GH) In children, GH is essential to maintaining a healthy body composition. In adults, it aids healthy bone and muscle mass and affects fat distribution.



More stretching , less stressing 📈🌱


About a year ago when we started ⬅️
➡️during an 8 week cutting phase this past year.
The scale cannot be the only reason we “work out or eat healthy “
Alyssa and I have made several changes to programming , implemented strength goals , worked to have better form with specific exercises and made it a PRIORITY to enjoy the journey .
Currently we’re in a phase to build legs ,building on habits we’ve already established to support new growth .
Transformation is easy , but it doesn’t necessarily need to be hard or frustrating either . 🧠
📌Be patient, have SENSIBLE PLANS , enjoy the process ,keep growing 📈



📌Apart of the limbic system, the Amygdala plays a key role in how we assess and respond to environmental threats and challenges by evaluating the emotional importance of sensory information and prompting an appropriate response.
📌The main job of the amygdala is to regulate emotions, such as fear and aggression , also involved in tying emotional meaning to our memories. reward processing, and decision-making.
💸 the amygdala is the integrative center for emotions, emotional behavior, and motivation.
📌LOCATION -The amygdala is a collection of nuclei found deep within the temporal lobe. The term amygdala comes from Latin and translates to "almond," because one of the most prominent nuclei of the amygdala has an almond-like shape. Although we often refer to it in the singular, there are two amygdalae—one in each cerebral hemisphere.
There are three known functionally distinct parts:
1. The medial (middle) group of subnuclei which has many connections with the olfactory bulb and cortex (related to olfactory functions, or sense of smell).
2. The basolateral group (basolateral meaning below and to the side) which has a number of connections with the cerebral cortex, particularly the prefrontal cortex within the frontal lobes.(taking further action )
3. The central and anterior (front) group of nuclei which has many connections with the brain stem, hypothalamus, and sensory structures.
📌 These parts allow the amygdala to organize physiological responses based on the cognitive information available. The most well-known example of this is the fight-or-flight response.As the amygdala is remarkably close to, and forms connections with the hippocampus, the amygdala acts as a store for good and bad memories, but especially for emotional traumas.
📌Primitively speaking , this would have saved us from making making mistakes like touching fire or playing with snakes (anxiety , caution)
-tried to keep this one short-
💸Ultimately , How we treat memory of traumatic or pleasurable experiences shapes the way we Behave emotionally ,socialize with others , reduce stress , focus on positives , and over all create our reality#mindfull

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The choice is always yours… last set best set 🔥


Better eating habits … that’s all .


🩸🥬Blood brain barrier and affects of foods/drugs
📌What is blood brain barrier? “
The blood–brain barrier (BBB) is a component of the neurovascular unit (NVU) and acts as the blood-brain interface, it acts as a highly selective permeability barrier controlling what gets from the bloodstream into the brain, and what does not.
📌” Where is blood brain barrier located ? “
The blood-brain barrier surrounds most of the blood vessels in the brain. It is a structure that is formed primarily due to the establishment of tight junctions between endothelial cells .
OBVIOUSLY , What we consume affects the brain .
BBB allows the passage of water, some gases, and lipid-soluble molecules by passive diffusion.
20-30% of calories we intake go to support the brain .
Recent article published 2021 by Harvard.EDU “shows that the best brain foods are the same ones that protect your heart and blood vessels”
such as -
🔹Fatty fish ( omegas3 )-linked to lower blood levels of beta-amyloid—the protein that forms damaging clumps in the brain.
🔹 Green, leafy vegetables-rich in vitamin K, lutein, folate, and beta carotene may help slow cognitive decline.
🔹 Berries-Flavonoids, the natural plant pigments that give berries their brilliant hues, also help improve memory
🔹Walnuts-high in a type of omega-3 fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) linked to lower blood pressure and cleaner arteries again good for heart Heath , capillaries and brain .
📌Unfortunately -just as these foods go to support brain Heath and have entry to BBB , so do drugs and toxic substances also have access . Drugs such as -
All have visible impact on the brain .

📌My objective with this post is to create awareness with what we consume. It makes a difference.

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