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In 2019, 28.4% of the EU population with a disability (aged 16 or over) was at risk of poverty or social exclusion, compared with 18.4% of those with no activity limitation.

In 2019, the Member States that recorded the HIGHEST proportion of people with a disability who were at risk of poverty or social exclusion were: Bulgaria (50.7%), Latvia (42.1%), Estonia (40.0%), Lithuania (39.9%) and 🇮🇪IRELAND (37.8%).

There were significant differences in the percentage of people with a disability who were exposed to the risk of poverty or social exclusion across EU Member States. However, for all Member States, people with a disability were at a higher risk of poverty and social exclusion than those with none.
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Viva Vox 12.30pm, Linda Coyne of FutureNeuro talks to Gary Kearney more about Brain Research & Brain Awareness Week Headway Ireland Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI) Disability Federation of Ireland Epilepsy Ireland Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland The Rehab Group
To mark we welcomed The Rehab Group in to host an information session for staff. It covered understanding mental health, myths & misconceptions and awareness of accommodations for employees with certain conditions. Read more 👉

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Pelvic floor/Women’s Health!

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned in this video, checkout The Rehab Group PHYSICAL THERAPY.

✅High quality care.
✅Local business that has been in the Murrieta/Temecula area since 2006.

Email: [email protected] or call 951-719-8155

Can Early Physical Therapy Reduce Opioid Use? New Research Says Yes! 07/23/2019

Can Early Physical Therapy Reduce Opioid Use? New Research Says Yes!

Can Early Physical Therapy Reduce Opioid Use? New Research Says Yes!

Can Early Physical Therapy Reduce Opioid Use? New Research Says Yes! Researchers found that people who were treated by a physical therapist soon after their diagnosis for back pain, knee pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain were less likely to be prescribed opioids later


Pistol squats are great for building true lower body strength. Glutes, quads, hamstrings, all important muscle groups that have to work in symphony to perform this type of body weight exercise. This also requires a great deal of balance and control.
Here, our super PT aide John is demonstrating this exercise with movement and mobility. There are also modified versions of this exercise that can be performed to work on the same muscles, or progress yourself towards performing this exact exercise. Inquire within 😉.

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Here’s a great hip stretch with the assist of the wall. This targets the glutes and hip joint capsule. You may have seen the end pose held with your hands or a belt, however this way puts less stress in your upper body and neck while accomplishing the same effect. Give it a shot! Let us know what you think!
1️⃣ On your back, get as close to the wall as you feel comfortable. The closer you are, the deeper the stretch potential.
2️⃣ Cross one leg over the other and slowly glide it down the leg into figure 4 position.
3️⃣ Slowly glide the other leg down the wall as far down as you can. Your hips will rock back slightly but try not to let your low back/lumbar spine leave the mat.
4️⃣ Stay in this position for as long as you need. 3-5s for mobility flow, 30s for stretching.


Core stability utilizing RECIPROCAL INHIBITION: Contracting a muscle group on one side of a joint can relax or inhibit the muscle group on the opposite side. Here we’re contracting the hamstrings to try and inhibit the quads. There are some core exercises that require a lot of hip flexor/quad activation and it’s very easy to overcompensate causing your core activation to be less than adequate. Try utilizing this reciprocal inhibition technique and let us know what you think! Instead of a body blade you can pump your hands up and down like “Pilates 100s” or try crunches or even sit ups.
1️⃣ Hook heels/ankles at edge of bed. Lean back
2️⃣ We’re using a body blade to contract the abdominals. Try Pilates 100s-like arm movement or crunch up and down.
3️⃣ Don’t forget to smile 😁.


Great spinal mobility exercise to do in the morning. Give it a shot!
1️⃣ Use a pole, PVC pipe, broom stick, 🤷🏻‍♂️ and hold it behind your upper back.
2️⃣ Bend forward at the hips approx 90 degrees.
3️⃣ Rotate left and right.


Hippocrates, the father of medicine, helped normalize the perception of disease and dysfunction. He developed and organized the use of intervention through not only medicinal when necessary, but conservative measures as well. Hippocrates continues to influence us to do no harm and his quote reminds us not to lose sight of our main objective in this profession.


The weekend is here! Happy Friday!! Keep up all of your hard work and progress, and don’t forget to do your home exercises!


Do you or someone you know need occupational therapy services? Our Murrieta/Cal Oaks location has a superstar OT - Nareen Jokhio, MS, OTR/L!
Checkout to see if occupational therapy is right for you!


Try with movement based therapy to improve your knee problems.

Here we’re using to 1.) improve knee stability and 2.) decrease swelling

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Find a PT who has experience. This mixed with therapeutic exercise is very effective


Good morning! Happy Monday!!


Got shoulder pain? A lot of that could be weakness of your shoulder stabilizers. You’ve probably worked on those before, but if you are still having pain, get in and be seen by a ASAP. It’s an easy fix and can prevent a significant injury.


Staying positive during your has been proven to get you back faster. Remember, every step you take is an accomplishment. Lets do this, ! 💪🏼✌🏻🙌🏻


Happy Monday 🤗


Get some done at The Rehab Group! Very effective way to release muscle tension, improve range of motion, and reduce pain.


Fixing pain and taking names 💪🏼 Shoulder pain and biceps tendinitis can take you out of the gym... but we know how to get you back, FAST!

Photos from The Rehab Group's post 02/13/2019

Photos from The Rehab Group's post

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