Randy Jacobs, MD, FAAD Dermatology

Randy Jacobs, MD, FAAD Dermatology


still waiting for your call grandma Nancy Cramer
We have face shield and mask kits available for patients and visitors - made in the USA and available for immediate shipping. Please let me know if you are interested in this product for your practice. Megan with Ear Saver System, Los Angeles.
Hello Randy Jacobs, MD, FAAD Dermatology! Did you hear? The National Psoriasis Foundation has a brand new Team NPF cycle event this May - join us in riding to help the more than 8 million Americans suffering from psoriatic disease! www.teamnpf.org/occycle.

Randy Jacobs, MD, FAAD
Dr. Jacobs is a Diplomat of the American Board of Dermatology & Asst. Clinica


Here is a very informative article about eczema. I would like to make a few brief comments. First, before you set out on treatment, make sure that you actually have the diagnosis of Atopic Dermatitis and not some other skin diagnosis like psoriasis, urticaria, cutaneous lymphoma, scabies, dry skin, or other diagnosis. Second, make sure you are following a low allergy life style like the 5 steps I suggest for my patients. Third, make sure you are heavily & consistently moisturizing with a low allergy cream or ointment. Do not rely only on steroids or other meds. Eczema people have a deficient skin barrier causing most of their symptoms. So, healthy skin barrier care and avoidance of soap is of the utmost importance. For severe eczema patients I suggest that they use olive oil, not soap, as a skin cleanser. Yes it does clean without stripping your skin barrier lipids. For moisturizing, I suggest Pure Olive Oil mixed with Vaseline to your liking. Please read the Low Allergy 5 steps info here for suggestions on personal skin care products. Click below to read the article.


This is info for everyone who visits a physician:
How To Have A Better Doctor Visit? Hello, this is a message from Randy Jacobs, MD, dermatologist. I do care for my patients and how they feel about the medical care they have received. I would like to say a few things that may help you to have a better office visit with any doctor you see. But, before I explain this, I would like to share a bit of advice, if you really want to find out about a doctor, one of the worst places to go is to an internet review. Why? Because internet reviews represent only a small small fraction of the total patients that each physician has cared for. Good doctors see thousands of patients, save countless lives, and help many many many people. Out of these thousands of people, very very few satisfied people will ever say thank you or go and write something nice on the internet. Now, that's fine, because the doctor knows he or she is appreciated. The doctor does not expect for anyone to write an internet review when he or she has a happy patient. It would be nice, but not expected.

Practiced medicine for 36 years

Think about Jesus in Luke 17: 11 - 19 Jesus healed ten lepers. Out of ten, only one came back and said, "Thank you." So, it is human nature to forget to say, "Thank you." By the way, leprosy is a disease of the skin. I guess you could call Jesus a "Dermatologist" :). On the other hand, many patients who walk into a busy medical clinic are already hurting and suffering and they come to the clinic looking for help. They may be angry that they have to wait. They may have had a problem with their insurance company or their hmo referral, or may have been upset with how the staff handled their particular situation. They may be upset with what the doctor says or does or does not do. Maybe they expected something that the doctor just did not deliver. For certain, out of the many many people a busy doctor's office cares for, there will be patients who walk out upset; and, these are people who want to vent their disgust. What do they do? They write internet reviews or letters of complaint.

I would like to make one helpful suggestion that will make it easier for you to get the best care when you see any doctor. My best advice is to write down a list and try to communicate to the doctor everything you want he or she to address. Two way communication is the answer. In other words, don't just expect the doctor to know your mind. Make a list and go over the list with the doctor. Communicate your list and make sure both you and your doctor have exchanged information and have an understanding on each problem. At the end of the visit, make sure your doctor and you have both checked off each item of interest. Communication is the key :)

So Lovely 01/12/2022

So Lovely


So Lovely Hello. I am a Dermatologist and a Songwriter. This is an original song I sang for our American Academy of Dermatology annual meeting 2021.

Randy Jacobs, MD, FAAD Dermatology updated their phone number. 12/18/2020

Randy Jacobs, MD, FAAD Dermatology updated their phone number.

Randy Jacobs, MD, FAAD Dermatology updated their phone number.

This Rash May Be a Rare Symptom of Coronavirus, According to Dermatologists 04/15/2020

This Rash May Be a Rare Symptom of Coronavirus, According to Dermatologists


This Rash May Be a Rare Symptom of Coronavirus, According to Dermatologists What to know if you get a rash during the pandemic and if it could be related to coronavirus.

Randy Jacobs, MD, FAAD Dermatology updated their business hours. 12/30/2019

Randy Jacobs, MD, FAAD Dermatology updated their business hours.

Randy Jacobs, MD, FAAD Dermatology updated their business hours.

Blindness After Facial Injection 11/16/2019

Blindness After Facial Injection

Please be aware. Blind after facial filler. I want to share with you that facial fillers can cause blindness. Please be careful. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5300728/

Blindness After Facial Injection Any impairment or loss of vision (temporary or permanent) secondary to retinal or retinal branch occlusion occurring as a direct consequence of percutaneous injection for aesthetic treatment (based on methods of 2012 review1)


Small, but deadly. A melanoma can be very small in size. Be aware of your moles.


Just a reminder. The the beach is calling.

If You See a Black Mark Like This on Your Fingernails, Call Your Doctor Immediately 05/02/2019

If You See a Black Mark Like This on Your Fingernails, Call Your Doctor Immediately

Linear Melanonychia: Call your dermatologist.


If You See a Black Mark Like This on Your Fingernails, Call Your Doctor Immediately When a woman walked into a nail salon and asked the nail technician to cover up a strange ...


Happy 101st Birthday Ernie!

I want dedicate this to all my patients who are world war II vets.

Newborn contracted fatal herpes virus from kiss, mom warns 03/30/2019

Newborn contracted fatal herpes virus from kiss, mom warns

Newborn contracted fatal herpes virus from kiss, mom warns The parents of a newborn baby who died just eight days after her May 2018 birth are warning others about the potential dangers of allowing family and friends to touch and kiss infants.

French photographer releases unique series of portraits that capture the real damage caused by UV rays 03/21/2019

French photographer releases unique series of portraits that capture the real damage caused by UV rays

To prevent skin cancer, you need to treat not only the visible sun damage, but also the invisible sun damage.

French photographer releases unique series of portraits that capture the real damage caused by UV rays A French photographer released a new series of images titled 'RAW,' which show 20 different faces combined with close-up details from the model's body that reveal the marks and spots on the skin caused by exposure to UV light.


Charity Morris, PAC, thank you for TEN compassionate years of TLC, kindness, & patient care!!!


Winter Itch? Heaters and dry air can steal your skin moisture. Here's a helpful recipe. Please share to all with dry skin:


ONLY ON 2: Diabetes Drug That Kills Cancer?

Here is a fresh new way to fight cancer, using an old familiar drug.


Catch It Early.

Come see for yourself why medicine rarely runs on time 07/28/2018

Come see for yourself why medicine rarely runs on time

Why do doctors run late? This article will help you understand. https://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2018/07/come-see-for-yourself-why-medicine-rarely-runs-on-time.html

Come see for yourself why medicine rarely runs on time I want you to know that if you need extra time at an appointment, I will do my best to give it to you.


Our Sun City office.


Nicotinamide for Cancer Prevention. I want to share with you Nicotinamide 500 mg twice a day OTC. If you are a sun person, this vitamin can help prevent precancers, skin cancers, and photoaging. The sun causes skin cancer by: 1. Damaging your skin's DNA, & 2. Immunosuppression - Inhibiting your immune system's ability to detect and respond to cancerous cells.

How can Nicotinamide help you? Nicotinamide actually promotes repair of sun damaged DNA in your skin cells. Nicotinamide also restores your immune system to better detect and respond to cancerous cells. If you are at risk for skin cancer, please put Nicotinamide in your daily vitamin box.

American Board of Dermatology | Home 05/15/2018

American Board of Dermatology | Home

Hi! In case you have ever wondered who sets our standards in derm: This is our Dermatology Board. https://www.abderm.org

American Board of Dermatology | Home The American Board of Dermatology is one of 24 medical specialty boards that make up the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). Through ABMS, the boards work together to establish common standards for physicians to achieve and maintain board certification. The boards were founded by their res...


Yay! I won an award! 1000 thank you's to my UCR School of Medicine medical students. You are each so amazing and very special to me.


Sometimes the ABC's of melanoma don't work. Melanomas are usually dark in color; but, melanomas do not have to be dark. Here is a pink "amelanotic melanoma." These pink melanomas can be easily mistaken for something benign.


Atopic Dermatitis? Eczema? It's EZ, just keep greazy!

Timeline photos 04/07/2017

To the many many many poor people suffering with itch. No sleep, no peace, no comfort... There are many causes for itch, from simple allergies to autoimmune to cancer, but here are a few easy ways to help most itchy people. #1 is: Avoid anything allergic. Perfumes, soaps, bath gels, shampoos, and laundry products can be your biggest "itchogens." Avoid any product with perfume. Use a gentle cleanser such as Cetaphil. Use a fragrance free shampoo such as DHS Clear. You spend all day in your clothes and all night in your sheets, so use only pure BAKING SODA for your laundry and DO NOT use fabric softeners or dryer sheets. Don't be fooled by fake "ultra sensitive" laundry products. Note, other very common itchogens include pets, meds (advil, opiates, others), some foods, and simple dry skin. So, consider these and keep your skin well moisturized at least twice a day with a heavy cream. And remember, some people benefit by taking an OTC Claritin every day. If these simple measures do not work, you may have to make an appointment with a dermatologist. I wish you a blessed day.


Congratulations! I hope I will be able to still practice dermatology at this age.

Timeline photos 11/12/2016

My Dad and Mom. Dad US Army Korea and also California National Guard.

Timeline photos 05/22/2016

Pastor Greg Laurie, Harvest Christian Fellowship


Don Alder - Armed and Dangerous

Amazing Don Alder

Timeline photos 06/27/2014

Pastor Chuck Smith

Our family is deeply indebted to Dr. Randy, who, found and treated my father’s melanoma. Our family has been going to Dr. Randy for many years. In a routine inspection, Dr. Randy found a melanoma on my father, and successfully treated him without chemo or further complications. Dr. Randy’s accurate care gave my father a few precious more years until he passed from another illness. Jeff Smith

Timeline photos 06/26/2014

Hi Everybody! Welcome to our FB page! Hope you find it useful and entertaining :) Come and visit us anytime. Charity Morris, PAC

Randy Jacobs, M.D. 06/26/2014

Randy Jacobs, M.D.

Dr. J has a new office website. Click to visit. http://www.randyjacobsmd.com/patient-testimonials.htm

Randy Jacobs, M.D. Amanda: I started going to Randy Jacobs, M.D. as a kid, and since then, he has been the only dermatologist I trust with my skin. ..

Purge this Toxic Ingredient from Your Life — Here's Why 06/24/2014

Purge this Toxic Ingredient from Your Life — Here's Why

This article is helpful info for people who want to learn the truth about hand sanitizers.


Purge this Toxic Ingredient from Your Life — Here's Why This month, Minnesota became the first state to ban triclosan, an active ingredient in hand sanitizers and soaps, because of health concerns. Here's what to look out for when purchasing antibacterial products.


Sometimes people look at a doctor as a highly trained technician, but a good doctor is more than just a technician. We don't work on robots, we work on human beings with a heart and soul; and, each patient is eternally special.

Dear 16-year-old Me 04/11/2014

Dear 16-year-old Me

Dear 16-year-old Me FOR TOOLS & INFORMATION: http://dcmf.ca/tools This film was made possible thanks to the generosity of real Canadians and Americans whose lives have been touc...



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