ReDefine U Fitness and Nutrition

ReDefine U Fitness and Nutrition

ReDefine U encompasses every aspect of a sustainable, healthy and happy lifestyle. I offer in person ReDefine U is a commitment to you to push beyond fears, limits, circumstances, and past experiences to build a better YOU.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply to find a healthy and happy balance, ReDefine U is committed to helping you get there. Stop wishing to have or be what some else is. We often get caught up in the “I wish I had her legs” or “I’m never going to look like that so why bother” thoughts and feelings. Not only are we making excuses, but we tearing ourselves down in the process.

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💩 Talk⁣

Sick and tired of feeling tired? Unmotivated? ⁣
Especially in these times when many are home and perhaps resting more, sleeping in, recovering, I still here many say they are so tired. They have no “motivation” to workout. When I’m reality, they probably just don’t have energy to even think about getting off the couch. ⁣

But they’ve been at home and in theory “resting” more physically. So why so tired even with the extra Zzzs?⁣

Your gut may he what’s preventing you from losing weight and even causing weight gain. Yep, I said it. In fact, poor digestion can cause fatigue, irritability, and depression which can all lean to weight gain. ⁣


When we consume foods that our body has trouble breaking down, we are causing stress on the body. It has to work triple as hard to break down these foods. All that energy going to the gut is taking away energy from other systems of the body causing you to feel run down and sluggish.⁣

Furthermore, that internal stress raises alarms within the body which activates the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) while inhibiting the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS). When activated, the SNS is that "fight or flight" response. So our bodies kind of go on the defense and start to retain food and water as "supplies" to hoard due some impending "threat". Remember, our bodies ONLY concern is our survival. So when stressed out, weight can temporarily go up due to fluid retention. BUT, if prolonged, stress will cause weight gain or the inability to lose weight! ⁣

The best thing to do for your health is 1) stop eating so much crap and look for nutrient dense options and 2) include the proper supplements.⁣

I 100% stand by @proteanutrition GI Assist. It was designed to help support the body’s natural detoxification process by supporting intestinal function. It includes a probiotic to help support healthy gut flora as well as l glutamine for protection against gut permeability and leaky gut. ⁣
All @proteanutrition supplements are:⁣
💕Cruelty Free⁣
🌱Gluten FREE & NON-GMO/Organic⁣
🚫No fillers, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners⁣
🌟Hand picked ingredients formulated for a woman’s true health needs⁣


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This week’s goes out to an @ado_fitness client of mine who chooses to remain anonymous. ⁣

This client and I have only been working together for 6 weeks and she’s down 14 lbs and tons of inches! The kicker? She’s eating MORE food!
She’s a hard working mama and needed a plan that was easy to follow and yummy! ⁣

And she is so consistent! Every single week she dials it in and really blows me away with her diligence!⁣ ⁣I cannot wait to start our cut this week!!! Stay tuned!

Here’s what she had to say:⁣
“I first found Ado Fitness through Instagram and decided to finally take the health plunge. Kristen had an opening, and I could not be more impressed with her and the program. Kristen is a wealth of knowledge and takes time to break down each area of your nutrition plan. She has answered all my questions and her communication has exceed my expectations. Although I have only known Kristen for a few months she has been forthcoming, understanding, and challenges me weekly by laying out her expectations.⁣

Kristen inspires me to look forward to my new balanced lifestyle and all the hard work to come. Also, her presence on social media is always motivating and I love the example she sets by being a healthy working mom. ⁣

Thank you so much for all you have taught me so far and helping me achieve my goals. I’ve only been in the program a few weeks, but already plan to work with Kristen for at least a year! Worth every penny. “⁣

💥Now running A HUGE SALE!💥⁣
✨15% off month to month* one on one coaching packages⁣
✨20% off paid in full packages!*⁣
Click the link in my bio to inquire and take a look at our packages!⁣
*3 month commitment required⁣

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Stillness ⁣

I was saying my prayers last night as I always do and was suddenly very aware that all was calm. Remi was asleep, TV was off, and the only light was coming from my bedside lamp. It was quiet. It was in that moment when I was talking to God, that I was alerted to just how still the world was. ⁣

Maybe this is what God intended. To slow the pace of life. To spend more time with family. To FaceTime that friend you’ve been meaning to talk to. To rekindle your marriage. And to hold your health as top priority. ⁣

Things we may not realIze we throw to the wayside in the hustle and bustle of life. Our priorities become skewed. We are wired for work work work, on the go all the time. The day is just one giant to-do list until we collapse into bed.⁣

Now we are living in a world unprecedented in our lifetimes. I found myself asking why this is happening. But that’s the wrong mentality. I don’t have to know why. I just have to to trust in God’s plan. Know that He is working through every single one of us. If only we could just stay still enough to listen 💕⁣


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So much of our culture is wrapped up in productivity right now that there is a strong online physical focus. ⁣⁣
The pressure based around working out, coming out of quarantine “better” or “improved” physically, taking on new hobbies or learning new traits, etc. can leave some of us feeling that much more and ultimately more and feeling down about ourselves.⁣⁣
As a group of health advocates and team at @ado_fitness we want to remind you all that your mental health is just as important as your physical 💯⁣⁣
If this is all too overwhelming for you, don’t add more pressure to workout daily. Don’t add more pressure to clean your entire house if you physically are struggling to even get through your day.⁣⁣
It’s to be human. It’s okay to prioritize too.⁣⁣
If you are struggling, remember to reach out to your loved ones. Let them know. Reach out to your friends and take a break from the chaos.⁣⁣
National Su***de Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-TALK (8255)⁣⁣

Photos from ReDefine U Fitness and Nutrition's post 04/02/2020

This week’s goes out to an @ado_fitness client of mine who chooses to remain anonymous. ⁣

I am so happy with this client’s progress! We’ve been working together for almost two years! In that time we’ve gone through a few reverse diets and cuts. Every time we’ve reversed we’ve been able to get even higher and maintain her weight!⁣

One of the best things about her journey is that she’s showing her daughter what it means to properly fuel your body. That hits home to me as i struggled with they so much growing up and so many young girls do as well. I love that she can show her daughter not only to eat enough food, but to also create quality meals and choose healthy wholesome options!⁣

This client thought her hormones were to blame and therefore almost “settled” for they being why she had to eat low calories. But that’s just not true. We worked together to create meals that were suitable for her in terms of her goals, hormonal balance, gut health and family time!⁣

She’s still receiving weekly plans but also fully understands flexible dieting and really made this into a lifestyle!⁣

She’s down 23 lbs and we are cutting on 2000 calories!⁣

💕"An open minded diet philosophy that creates sustainability for the individual" -ADOFitness💕” ⁣

Now taking on new clients! For inquiries, please email [email protected] or hit the 📧 in my bio!

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Why Vitamin D Is So Important Right Now⁣

Rounding out this week of tips and “to-dos” during quarantine (and every day!), make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D. ⁣

Vitamin D is crucial for bone and teeth strength and preventing against diseases such as osteomalacia (soft bones) or osteoporosis (fragile bones). ⁣

The body naturally produces Vitamin D when it’s exposed to sunlight. However, you can also get it through certain foods and supplements. This is especially important for those living in places without regular exposure to sunlight. ⁣

Vitamin D has been shown to fight depression and regulate anxiety and negative moods. This is especially significant right now when we all need to stay home! But to be locked INSIDE all day is NOT healthy! It’s maddening and can severely impact your thoughts and your moods. The body needs to get outside. It needs fresh air. It needs sunlight. Or at the very least vitamin D from foods and supplements. ⁣

Some great food options include⁣
☀️egg yolks⁣
☀️fortified juices⁣
☀️fortified cereals⁣
☀️fortified milk and yogurt⁣

Stay safe and keep your distance but get outside. Heck, just sit out on your porch in the sunshine if you can. ⁣

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon outside in the backyard soaking up the sun and I literally felt so calm and so relaxed. Like an instant stress relief!! Try it!! Get a book and get you some Vitamin D!⁣

Timeline photos 03/28/2020

Motivation isn’t coming.⁣

As we finish another week in quarantine, I’ve had so many clients and friends complain about lack of motivation. Gyms are closed. Most are working from home. Kids are home. And we are going a bit stir crazy.⁣

The desire to actually pull together a workout is low. I get it. The actual gym provides a place to “go” away from household distractions. It’s easier to get in the zone when you’re away from work, chores and kids!⁣

It would be easy to say “well, gyms are closed, at least I have that off my plate.” Easy to say “I’ll resume workouts when the gyms open.” But when is that? No one knows. And even if they open next week, who’s running out there right away? ⁣

So what is there to do? The answer lies in a mindset shift. We canNOT control when gyms open. We canNOT control the chaos around us. But we CAN control our actions and the thoughts we chose to act upon. Yes it’s frustrating, yes it’s out for your normal, no you’re not motivated. But trust me when I say, sitting on your ass all day is NOT going to make you feel better. It will lead to an unhealthy physical and mental state. You have to move. Even if you don’t want to. Push it. ⁣
Get up earlier before the kids. ⁣
Get in a workout. ⁣
Set a schedule.⁣
Hold yourself accountable. ⁣
No one is coming to save you. ⁣
No one is going to do it for you. ⁣
This is the new normal. ⁣

So we can either wallow in self pity, yearn for the past , and remain anxious for the future OR we can live for the now and make the very best of the present. ⁣

The time is going to pass regardless. Summer is coming regardless. Your goals aren’t going to get themselves. ⁣

Don’t waste this time waiting for something that very well may not come for months. 🤷🏽‍♀️⁣

If this past week was rough, that’s ok. Learn from it and move on. But you have to change your actions right now. Continuing to do the same things won’t produce different results. ⁣

Use that DISCIPLINE. We ALL have it. It’s just whether or not you choose to utilize it 💪🏼⁣

Timeline photos 03/27/2020

Why You Need To Implement A “Quarantine Routine”⁣

One of the most common themes I am seeing this week through my clients’ check ins and conversations with friends is that they feel they are spinning out of control. They lack structure and routine. Many are now working from home and so their daily routine has been completely turned upside down.⁣

I get it. There’s no one to tell you that you HAVE to be at work at X time. There’s no one stopping you from coming to “work” (ie the kitchen table) in your pjs. No one to tell you NOT to crack open the wine at 11 am. The wheels fell off and being home might feel like your own adult spring break with a few emails.⁣

NIP THIS NOW. Coming from someone who always works from home, here’s a few tips I have found to be extremely helpful. Don’t allow your health and fitness to suffer during this time. ⁣

✨ Set an alarm - I know I know. But just because you CAN sleep in, doesn’t mean it’s the most Productive. Keep your alarm set to where it was as if you were going into the office. Or shave off the commute time and add back into a little more Zzz’s. My advice? Get up, throw on your shoes and use the “commute” to get in a solid workout. Not only will you get it done and it of the way, but it will actually help you start your engine and release those feel good endorphins.⁣

✨Get dressed - don’t allow yourself to lounge around in pjs all day. Shower (after your workout 😜), get dressed and throw some make up on if you like! Studies have shown when you actually get ready you’re more productive!⁣

✨Eat breakfast - don’t try to go from bed to desk with just a cup of caffeine! Your body needs fuel! Limit sugar in the AM too. Having a sugary meal will only cause your blood sugar to crash mid morning!⁣

✨Time batch - set aside certain hours to block out all distractions. Build in breaks between these batches of time. ⁣

✨Take breaks - between the above time batches, build in breaks. Actually leave your computer to eat a meal. Take a walk. Spend time with the kids. But mentally unplug and be present. ⁣

✨Eat and drink frequently - keep your mind and body going strong. Whole Foods with food fiber and lots of water! Fuel your ⬇️⬇️

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