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I hope you enjoyed these daily reminders and found them encouraging.

Before we go, I’d love to hear your biggest takeaway from this!


“Our greatest freedom is the freedom to choose our attitude.” ~ Viktor Frankl

I know we’ve talked a lot about attitude over the last 21 days but can we all agree that mindset plays a MAJOR role in how we live our lives? We get to choose how we tackle each day. Don’t let the day decide for you. There is freedom in that!

Decide right now that today is going to be a good day no matter what. Be intentional with your attitude and how you respond to the situations in front of you and then record your thoughts at the end of the day.

Grab some Freedom and apply or diffuse it.


“A woman is like a tea bag - you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Trials and tribulation are going to come our way. It’s just part of life. But how we react to them makes all the difference. Just like the quote infers, you won’t end up with a delicious cup of tea without the hot water. Stay strong!

Take a few minutes to write down some strength-inducing affirmations and start incorporating them into your daily routine.

Grab some Highest Potential and apply or diffuse it today.


“Instead of asking yourself, ‘Why did this happen to me?’... ask yourself, ‘What can I learn from this?’” ~ Unknown

Gosh - some of these are HARD to read and certainly hard to accept. I feel like our natural gut reaction is to ask that first question when hardships come, especially if it involves something deep. But asking what can we learn instead shows maturity and wisdom and can ultimately help us heal even faster. We will also be better equipped to help others who happen to experience the same hardship.

Think about some of your greatest struggles in life and if you haven’t already done so, ask yourself, “What did I learn?”

Grab some Awaken and apply or diffuse it today.


“Tell the negative committee that meets inside your head to sit down and be quiet!” ~Unknown

We’ve talked a lot about staying positive in this series, but it’s oh-so-important. We are more in control of our thoughts than we think. The things we allow to enter our minds and come out of our mouths have an effect whether we realize it or not. Surround yourself with positive influences and be on guard for the negative. Those thoughts will only take root and grow.

Scroll back through the quotes I’ve shared thus far and write down your favorite. Save that pic and make it your phone wallpaper.

Grab some Grounding and apply or diffuse it today!


“Be gentle with yourself. You’re doing the best you can.” ~ Unknown

This is true! We all are doing the best we can with what we’ve been given. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Give yourself grace and remember that tomorrow is filled with new opportunities to try again if we need to.

Write this down - “I do my best and my best is enough.”

Grab some Forgiveness and apply or diffuse it today.


“You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing.” ~ Unknown

THIS is hard for me! I want things to be done perfectly or not at all. But that’s so unrealistic! We get to decide what that standard is and what we view as a success. Define those lines - if they’re unrealistic, change them! “Amazing” does NOT have to equal perfection.

What’s your definition of success? Take a few minutes to write down your thoughts. Come back and modify it if you need to.

Grab some Humility and diffuse or apply it today!


“Courage begins with you. If you do not care for yourself emotionally, you will not have the courage to face anything else in life.” ~ Unknown

Self-care isn’t always easy. We take care of our families, our jobs, our responsibilities and sometimes we come in last. This can work for a while, but after some time we begin to weaken and wear ourselves too thin. Take some time on the regular to care for yourself - your body AND your mind.

Write down some ideas in which you can implement self-care into your routine.

Grab some Transformation and apply or diffuse it today.


“Communicate even when it’s uncomfortable or uneasy. One of the best ways to heal is simply getting everything out.” ~ Unknown

Bottling things up inside never goes well. One day we explode, either hurting ourselves or those around us. I think it’s safe to say that keeping an open line of communication with others is a much healthier alternative.

Sometimes communicating with others can be tough if tensions are high. Consider writing out your thoughts first and then reaching out to them.

Grab some Release and apply or diffuse it today.


“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” ~ Mother Teresa

I don’t know about you but sometimes my attitude isn’t the greatest. I think if we spent a little more time spreading love and encouragement instead of anger, hate, or whatever other negative emotion we can conjure up… we would all be better off.

Write down 3 areas of your life in which you need to “brighten” up.

Grab some Citrus Fresh and apply or diffuse it today.


“Collect moments, not things. Love people, not material. Cherish memories, not possessions.” ~ Unknown

I know today isn’t Christmas, but sometimes we just need a little Christmas Spirit to remind ourselves what is truly important in life. So often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of accumulating wealth and possessions as we go through our busy days. Don’t get me wrong - it’s nice to live comfortably and have a “secure” future on the horizon. But in the end, our “stuff” doesn’t matter - it’s the memories we have and the people we have them with.

Slow down and be intentional today, creating some amazing memories with those around you. Write them down so you can reflect on them later on.

Grab some Christmas Spirit and apply or diffuse it today!


“Love yourself enough to never lower your standards for anyone.” ~ Unknown

Wow - this is a tough one, too! Have you ever been guilty of doing this? Don’t ever let anyone make you lower your standards. You deserve to be loved, cherished, and treated with respect. You are worthy!

Write “I am worthy” on a piece of paper and tape it to your bathroom mirror.

Grab some Acceptance and apply or diffuse it today.


“Remember - most of your stress comes from the way you respond, not the way life is. Adjust your attitude, and all that extra stress is gone.” ~ Unknown

Yikes! That’s a tough one to read. What would our lives be like if we applied this perspective on the regular? We are presented with challenges all the time, but we ALWAYS have a choice in how we respond to them.

Write this down and look at it often - “I always have a choice.”

Grab some Stress Away and apply or diffuse it today.


“When you see something beautiful in someone, tell them. It may take a second to say, but for them, it could last a lifetime.” ~ Unknown

Have you ever walked through the store and intentionally smiled at everyone? Not in a creepy way (ha!), but a sincere smile. If you’ve never done that, give it a try and see what happens!

Take a minute to think about your family or significant other, maybe a close friend - what is one thing you love about them? Now go tell them!

Grab some Joy and apply or diffuse it today!

Timeline photos 11/19/2020

Timeline photos

No holiday is complete without a simmer pot recipe! ⠀
3–4 dried orange slices ⠀
1–2 tablespoons dried lemon peel ⠀
1 tablespoon dried juniper berries ⠀
5 drops Ginger essential oil ⠀
Add all of these ingredients to a saucepan and heat over low heat until simmering.

*Young Living no longer uses therapeutic grade in our brand marketing.

Timeline photos 11/19/2020

Timeline photos

Stay home for the holidays where it smells sublime! A match for any yuletide decor, our eggnog-colored Haven Diffuser fits into spaces big and small. It features four run times and a bright or dimmed light—you’ll want one to cozy up every room. Add in irresistible Vanilla and Christmas Spirit for a rich, creamy, better-than-any-candle scent.


“Your physical size does not matter. What really matters is the size of your love, courage, and the fire in your soul.” ~ Nicole Addison

I don’t know about you, but sometimes my physical appearance can become too much of a “big deal” to me. I’m not fit enough or not the size I want to be. I don’t have the hair I want or the skin I want. It’s all well and good to take care of ourselves but don’t let that be the end all be all. It’s what’s INSIDE that matters most.

Write down 3 things you love about yourself.

Grab some Inner Child and apply or diffuse it today.


“Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.” ~ Unknown

Nothing like a good dose of perspective, huh? When we step back and take inventory of all that we’ve been blessed with it helps us focus on the good instead of the bad. Use today to take inventory - REALLY pay attention to the things you might have previously taken for granted.

Write those things down and look at the list often. Whenever you’re feeling down, add more to the list.

Grab some Abundance and apply or diffuse it today.


“Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

It’s not easy taking that first step - but we won’t ever get anywhere if we don’t. So often we want to see the whole picture, the end result, the finish line before we even say yes to the race. It may be difficult to do but think of all the things you’ll learn when you step out in faith. Rely on God to carry you to the end and cheer you on the whole way. Just go!

What things have you shied away from because you got stuck before you even started?

Grab some Motivation and apply or diffuse it today.


“Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.” ~ Dalai Lama

Have you ever heard of the word “affirmations?” It’s essentially the thoughts and words we tell ourselves to believe. Sometimes they are negative and sometimes they are positive. If you walk up to a huge hill and tell yourself: “I can’t do this,” chances are you won’t be able to climb it. But if you tell yourself “I CAN do this! I am strong. I am capable. I can do hard things,” chances are you will scoot right up that hill and overcome the challenge in no time.

Our thoughts and words matter. For ideas on some great daily positive affirmations, go here:

Write down 5 positive affirmations and repeat them while inhaling your favorite oil. Do this daily.

Grab some Envision and apply or diffuse it today.


“You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved.” ~ Unknown

You might be experiencing a death in your family, a job loss, a sick child, financial battles, anxiety or depression, a personal struggle… whatever your ‘mountain’ is, use it as an opportunity to learn and help someone else. Don’t be afraid to share your struggles with someone; you may be just the person they need to help them overcome THEIR mountain.

What is one thing that you can do to help a friend today?

Grab some Believe and apply it today.


“Talk about your blessings more than you talk about your problems.” ~ Unknown

It’s SO easy to focus on the “junk” in our lives, isn’t it? We could spit off 10 things that annoy us, frustrate us, keep us up at night, worry us, etc. But what if we changed our mindsets and decided to look at the GOOD instead of the bad? How much different would our attitudes be?

Write down 10 things you are grateful for.

Grab some Gratitude and apply or diffuse it today.


“Let your faith be bigger than your fear.” ~ Chelsea Crockett

Fear is a BIG one, isn’t it? We spend the majority of our childhood working through fears… fear of thunderstorms, spiders, snakes, heights, the “boogeyman.” LOL. But as we age those fears turn into much greater things… fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of death… it’s really endless what our minds can become fearful of. Let’s choose together to stop that fear, allowing our faith to help us be overcomers.

What are your fears? Write down some action steps that will help you overcome them.

Grab some Valor and apply or diffuse it today.


“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” ~ Helen Keller

Our world is full of this; everywhere you turn there is negativity bombarding us. The news and social media is like a constant barrage of sad stories, crises, people losing their jobs, illnesses, you name it. If we let that overcome our own positivity we lose. We take that weight upon our shoulders and it’s hard for us to move forward. We need to choose daily to guard our hearts and minds and be consciously aware of what we allow to influence them.

What area of your life do you need to limit in order to guard your heart and mind?

Grab some White Angelica and apply or diffuse it today.


Young Living doesn't compromise on their standards. Seed to Seal, with its three pillars—Sourcing, Science, and Standards—is their commitment to unmatched quality.

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Nature's Ultra
The marriage of CBD oil and Young Living essential oils brings out the best in both. Nature’s Ultra extracts pure CBD and combines it with the best essential oils in the marketplace to provide an exclusive Smart Spectrum formula that’s backed by Seed to Seal! Experience the power of plants when Young Living essential oils and Nature’s Ultra CBD combine.

Smart Spectrum CBD - Our CBD products are the only CBD products on the market formulated with Smart Spectrum CBD science. Smart Spectrum blends the CBD isolate and the terpenes from essential oils to make a CBD product that is broader and more robust. The terpenes found in essential oils can also increase the overall efficacy of the product.

CBD Muscle Rub - CBD Muscle Rub from Nature's Ultra takes the hot and cold sensation of menthol and gives it a boost by infusing it with an array of all-natural Young Living essential oils.

Cinnamon CBD - Infused with cozy and comforting Cinnamon Bark essential oil.

Citrus CBD - Infused with bright and energizing Grapefruit and Orange essential oils.

Cool Mint CBD - Infused with peppy and cooling Peppermint and Spearmint essential oils.

Calm CBD Roll-On - Create a peaceful environment to help relax and quiet the mind.

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Personal Care
When it comes to beauty, who knows better than Mother Nature? Infused with the purest essential oils, our personal care, skin care, and beauty products unite nature with luxury.

ART - From our specially formulated ART Skin Care System to our brightening Sheerlumé™ face cream, ART is designed to bring out your natural radiance! We have a product for every skin type whether you struggle with dry skin, acne, or wrinkles.

Facial Care - This line offers essential cleansing, toning, and moisturizing solutions for every skin type. Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, our expertly formulated products help you put your best face forward.

Hair Care - Plant derived and effective, our hair care formulas deliver a rich, aromatherapeutic experience that moisturizes the scalp and cleanses the hair follicles while leaving your hair clean and soft. Made without sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and other harsh ingredients, our hair products promote the appearance of healthy hair growth using the natural, plant-based ingredients you love.

Dental Care - Healthy teeth start with products that clean without harsh chemicals. Discover safe, effective alternatives made from natural ingredients with our essential oil-infused dental care products. Carefully formulated to boost your oral health and fortified with antimicrobial agents, our toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss can help you smile with confidence.

Body Care - From deodorants to after-workout gels, these targeted wellness solutions make it easier to take care of your body without compromising on pure ingredients.
Lotions & Moisturizers - Give your hard-working skin the relief it needs with our premium lotions and moisturizers. Old and young alike can use our moisturizing treatments to improve and nourish skin without the use of harmful chemicals.

Soaps & Bath Gels - From washing your hands to showering, our carefully crafted soaps get the job done. Choose from a variety of bar soaps, shower gels, and hand soaps—all infused with the soothing, therapeutic aroma of essential oils.

Savvy Minerals - This mineral-based makeup line blends premium formulas with pure ingredients—never harmful synthetics—so you can embrace your natural beauty without sacrificing your standards.

Men's Care - Freshen up with shaving and grooming products specifically formulated for men, all featuring naturally derived ingredients and premium essential oils. Our men’s line includes everything busy men need to care for skin and body, leaving a head-to-toe clean and masculine scent.

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Healthy & Fit
You work hard to eat a healthy diet and get regular physical activity, and we strive to make products that help your efforts.
To put the power of complete wellness into your hands, we have carefully crafted a line of powerful essential oils, supplements, and natural product solutions designed to support a balanced, healthy life.

NingXia Red - For more than 700 years, the northwest region of China knows Ningxia has earned a reputation for producing and cultivating premium wolfberries. Also known as goji berries, wolfberries have a rich nutritional profile that can benefit many. In addition to using this powerful superfruit in our popular nutritional and delicious drink, NingXia Red®, we offer an entire line of drinks and snack foods made with our signature Ningxia wolfberries to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Slique - From our meal replacement shake and Slique Tea, to CitraSlim™, Slique products are targeted nutritional aids designed to support and care for your healthy weight-management efforts.
Foundation Nutrition - Enhance your healthy diet with our convenient and popular multivitamin supplements! Featuring bioavailable food-sourced vitamins and minerals that contain an infusion of pure, powerful essential oils, you’ll get the whole-body support you need.

Targeted Nutrition - Young Living has developed many products that contain health benefits and target specific needs—from heart and brain wellness to digestive support—so you can live your best life.

Cleansing Nutrition - Young Living has developed many solutions with ingredients like enzymes and probiotics and other specifically formulated products to support a healthy system, including body and mind, and improve mood.

Healthy Cooking - Healthy eating begins in the kitchen. From Vitality™ dietary essential oils to einkorn grain, we’ve made a quality commitment to produce the ingredients you need to get on the right track. Our snacks, too, offer a natural alternative to over-processed treats so you can reach your weight-management goals.

All products are 100% Pure - No Synthetics

Young Living embraces a rigorous quality control standard to help ensure our products meet strict specifications. Seed to Seal is our set of standards that helps ensure that with every pure essential oil and Young Living product your family uses, you’re enjoying the benefits of our global resources, industry leadership, and over two decades of innovation. The result? A pristine final product that you know has been created with conscientious Sourcing, Science, and Standards—the three pillars of Seed to Seal.




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