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Loosing weight is to keep it SIMPLE!!!
Have ever thought of this....Instead of buying a diet solution...go on a tv dinner diet. Yea crazy huh! We'll i did it...i just ate tv dinners for lunch and dinner everyday! And oh yea dont forget breakfast..this is what i make every morning..you take banana, one cup of oatmeal glutin free or regular, three cups of water and one tablespoon of raw honey and liquidfy it in a blender. Buddy this stuff will get you started in the morning believe me. Well there you go....dieting keep it simple. Remember be positive about lossing weight...if u believe that you are going to loose weight..your going to looose wieght!
Keep it simple!!!


Did you know dieting can make you depressed. Yea....dont go there! But it can.
Here is a few things that i want to share with you.
I psychiatrist once said and he qouted " if you feel good at the weight you at right now and feel comfortable and healthy...dont worry about it..because everyone has a metabolism that will only let you loose so much weight. You can run all day or excercise but you are going to loose so much weight because of your metabolism. So keep this in mind! So keep positive. Smile and be happy because you make a difference in people s lives and especially your own. Wait a minute....one rule you have to stick with is.....if you cheat on ur diet...do not feel bad about it...there is always another day to get back on track. People always say well i cant go out today because im on a diet. Just go out to eat or eat that pizza that the spouse brought home for dinner...and continue dieting the next day. Just do the best you can. With this rule in mind..it help will take the weight off if u know what i mean. good luck!!!


To diet, you have to have a open mind. Open-Mindedness is essential for believe. Closed minds will not enquire faith, courage and believe. If you believe your going to lose wieght. You will loss wieght.

Check out this 2 week diet plan!!! Summer is upon us. Look good feel good!! Just click on the link.



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