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Kim’s personalized services help you to achieve natural healthy relief from pain and discomfort! Reiki Energy work


Give all the kids massages.

In today’s fast-paced and hectic lifestyle, children face multiple stressors related to school, peer pressure, and family pressure.

Besides, the excessive use of devices increases stress and body aches ( due to sitting or lying in the same position). Similarly, competitive sports activities and daily life chores can trigger minor injuries that lead to pain and discomfort. This leads to sleep disturbances in children.

Children seldom get the opportunity or time to rest and relax. In such cases, massage therapy is an excellent treatment for kids to relieve their stress and enjoy their lives to their fullest.


Yay. I can’t wait to have Kellie Byron energy with me on Monday and Wednesday

Kellie returns from maternity leave tomorrow 💛
Check out her availability and full menu:


Did you know I have a massage studio in Fl?
This is me and Pure Harmony Massage Studio beautiful, wonderful manager Tia. Happy birthday! Cheers to our bday month!!

We have some birthdays at Pure Harmony! 🥳🥳🥳
Kim & Tia are celebrating their Leo birthdays today and tomorrow! 🦁♌

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Who wants to be laying here for a relaxing massage tomorrow? I have a last minute opening at 9:30 or 10? Message me or you can book online at CloverAcupuncture.com

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Wondering what I’m up to while in Dunedin??
Yummy fresh juices, massaging beautiful pregnant clients, cupping, crystal healing, baby massage, hand stands downtown and I even got a massage and an adjustment! Life is good! See you on Wednesday SC and NC ✌️


Help support Neysahs gymnastics team this Saturday. Car wash , lemonade and hot dogs!


Kim offers this amazing and relaxing session at Clover Acupuncture. Let her know if you have any questions regarding energy work 🙏

Have you been feeling off lately? You may be experiencing energy blockage.

What is an Energy Balance Massage?

Continuous movement of energy is involved in Energy Balance Massage, which engages the body’s energy centres via its natural energy circuits. The technique is hands-on but can be applied with out without clothing. A key principle is that energy cannot be created or destroyed, thus the idea is to break down energy blocks so that energy can be freed up for use by beneficial systems in the body.

Energy Balance Massage Treatment

The balancing process may cause the patient to experience a wide variety of physical sensations as the energy in their body is released and then re-integrated. Involuntary twitching, warm rushes, tingling, symbolic images, intense colours, emotional memories are all reported side-effects of the treatment. These responses are appropriate and signify that the release of energy from holding patterns in the body

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I’m not a fan of multitasking. I feel like I’m never in the moment if I’m trying to do to many things at once…. Or I make a mess. ( spilled my trebiotics trying to rush) Being in the moment with the Pure Harmony twins makes life less complicated and more fun!

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This handsome guy right here does not like to take any vitamins, elderberry, probiotics, honey or kombucha. Now he makes himself a smoothie bowl ( because we are addicted) and adds trebiotics along with h**p seeds and fruit. I love that he listens to his body and gives it what it needs!
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A day in the life…
Starting our morning with a family stretch session. Stopped to smell the flowers (in our yard) Got some decaf at my favorite bakery. Had a private Pilates session and now working on my side hustle… o ya I went to the grocery store too.


I feel like I've been hearing about collagen everywhere - and I was getting super confused on which one to try. Can you relate?

So...I did some research and decided to go with the one with RESULTS 🤓 like...

👉 Promotes less fine lines and better skin 💃

🌟 Promotes healthier, longer hair

🏃‍♀️ Decreased hip discomfort

😋 Tastes amazing - because honestly - how long am I sticking with something that tastes bad?

Also, did you know that everyone starts losing collagen in their 20s? So if you want to keep your collagen levels up - you need to supplement. Problem is - collagen has a hard time getting absorbed into the body (powdered collagen only gets absorbed at about 30% 🧐)

I chose this collagen matrix because it gets absorbed at about 90% - like a sponge into the body AND it increases collagen AND your hyaluronic acid (wrinkle filler) by 6000% in 28 days💥💥.

Do you want to try for yourself? I have a code just for you - because the only thing better than less wrinkles is saving💰 am I right?

Let me know and I'll shoot it over or click here.
Happy Monday my friends


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Summer of balance! Hanging with people we love, doing things we love, and eating things we love ( that nourish our body)

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Neysah has been having sore muscles. We decided to do a shot of collagen together… truth be told she didn’t love it. That means more for me haha. We started our day with a healthy smoothie bowl breakfast, yoga and now I’m floating in the pool after I picked some yummy veggies from the garden. Everyday isn’t as peaceful as today was. I’m so grateful to be healthy and to enjoy a self care day… with my loving hubby and his brother Zeb.


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Daily routines - help keep calmness in my mind and body
1. Small mediation or yoga sesh to start the day… which usually includes a kid or cat 2. Adding some oils to my morning
3. Dry brushing before my shower to exfoliate and move my lymph
4. Collagen and trebiotics for gut health, joint pain and energy
5. Chinese herb to balance my yin energy


Keep calm and sparkle on 🇺🇸

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Another Monday, another cupping session, another reiki sesh, another oil and another spoon full of goodness.

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A sweet little getaway with my favorite people. Hiking, yoga/nap sleeping in, hot tub, yummy food, beautiful nature and watching my nephew hit an out of the park home run in Cooperstown. Life is beautiful. Back home now to get some yard work done and enjoy our pool. Enjoying a few more days of vacation. See you on the massage table Monday.

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Saturday morning vibes. Our lawn is a field of wildflowers. . Supporting our local farmers market. Our small garden is starting to produce food . And sticking to a routine with Modere https://modere.co/3wLOcbu. Happy weekend everyone

Watch this reel by pureharmonywithkim on Instagram 06/09/2022

Watch this reel by pureharmonywithkim on Instagram

Check out my little reel with my one week Modere update. I have so much more energy to work and do fun things with the kiddos Summer Loving


Watch this reel by pureharmonywithkim on Instagram pureharmonywithkim • Original Audio | Summer • F L I N G, 🇮🇩• Effects

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What a fun weekend camping! Hikes, tubing and great friends. Nature is so calming and magical. We can home to our garden producing yummy fruit… even a tomato and dandelion growing out of the compost.

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Look at these beautiful pregnant women I get the honor of massaging. I love connecting with them and their babies! Let’s not forget about the wonderful space I get to work in!


Summer loving while momma is at work!
When your gymnastics coach is your sitter for the day
Gym mat slip n slide

# best sitter ever!

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How amazing and fun is this? It’s a little art box. You can take a piece of art work and trade it out for a piece of your art work. This is right next to my office … I check it out everyday. So special. I know my kids will be making some art to put in the box.


Clover Acupuncture and Wellness open house is Friday. Come see the new space… it’s so beautiful and relaxing. I’m not 100% sure if I will be there ( we have a camping trip planned). I can’t wait for you to see it! Enjoy.

✨ This coming Friday, May 27th ✨
New Location: 31 S. Trade Street, Downtown Tryon

This coming Friday, May 27th we will be having an OPEN HOUSE 5-7pm and welcome you to explore our new space! All of our practicioners will be available for any questions about our services.

Tell a friend so they can check us out!

The 4th Friday in May all the stores in Tryon will be open late. Free food, drinks, and live music will all be happening along the streets of downtown Tryon.

Come enjoy a fun night out and stop by and see us!

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Self care can look like many different things( massage, reading, meditation) To me exercise helps release stress and tension. I don’t always want to do it but my kiddos are my motivation. Wednesday we all go to the gym and sweat together. Our minds feel clear and our bodies are stronger


No filters needed! I’m so thankful we to a leap of faith and moved to this beautiful area! I get this view driving up my driveway everyday! Well except in winter.

When I feel overwhelmed I just got outside and literally stop and smell the 🌸 I look around at the field of wildflowers I get to live in.
This post is also to tempt some of our friends to come visit us hehe.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?

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The weather was perfect this weekend. We got out and about and supported our community. We enjoyed some of our favorite places. We love living in the foothills!

Photos from Pure Harmony with Kim's post 05/09/2022

Had a wonderful weekend supporting our community, a new local business and some Mother’s Day love. How was your weekend? Plus the weather was amazing.

Photos from Pure Harmony with Kim's post 05/04/2022

Sneak peak at my new massage space. Come visit me at our new location. It’s so beautiful and I’m so excited for my first day of work.


Fridays oils
Lavender - is my go to oil for mostly everything… tummy ache, headache, big bites and of course relaxation

Eucalyptus - with all the tree pollen I love to use this oil to relieve sinus pressure. It also helps my clients breath after laying face down for their massage

Stress Easy - need I say more haha. Because your weekends should be calm and stress free!

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👋 I’m back to work at Clover. The Pure Harmony twins and I had a wonderful Sun kissed week in Florida. We had a party at Pure Harmony, spent some time at the beach, played with friends and family and I got to massage a sweet baby.. I can’t wait to see all my amazing clients this week. ✌️❤️😀


Welcome Spring. My family has been outside enjoying this beautiful weather. We may even have gotten a sunburn. What are you planting this spring?

Happy Spring Equinox 🐣
May the days ahead of you be filled with love and light!


May your pockets be heavy, your heart be light, and may good luck pursue you each morning and night. Happy St Patricks Day 🍀

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I love starting the day off eating a rainbow 🌈
Bringing smoothies back into our life ( since it’s a bit warmer out and a great way to get your veggies in). The kids choose spinach, banana, mango, pineapple, strawberry, h**p and flax seeds. We’ve had 3 in the last 24 hours. My body felt less inflamed already. What’s your favorite smoothie recipe?

How a Child is Born 03/12/2022

I love everything momma and baby. These pictures are amazing. The human body is incredible!!

Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson spent 12 years of his life taking pictures of the fetus Developing in the womb.

These incredible photographs were taken with conventional cameras with macro lenses, an endoscope and scanning electron microscope.

Nilsson used a magnification of hundreds of thousands and “worked” right in the womb. His first photo of the human fetus was taken in 1965.

Post brought to you by https://ourcultures.org/

Photos from Pure Harmony with Kim's post 03/11/2022

What a sweet cozy space that I get to spend my days working in. Todays oils are
Northern Eacape for grounding
Orange to uplift my clients at the end of their session

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Starting our mornings off healthy!
https://modere.co/3wLOcbu $10 off
Summer loving while momma is at work!When your gymnastics coach is your sitter for the dayGym mat slip n slide # best si...
No filters needed!  I’m so thankful we to a leap of faith and moved to this beautiful area!  I get this view driving up ...
Cupping for congestion
Starting my Monday with Palo Santo to help with the healing positive energy flow today and lemon to fresh and uplift the...
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