Shannon Bessette PT, CST, SBMC

Shannon Bessette PT, CST, SBMC


I've been seeing Shannon for over 10 years here therapies are fabulous. she kept me out of a wheelchair due to her therapy on my neck and back, she is so gentle in her work she also have qreat therapies for mind, body and soul healing, She is truly the best.

Physical Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy
Core Centering

Many conditions and issues benefit from Craniosacral Therapy to name a few:
~Headaches and Migraines
~ Neck and Shoulder tension and pain
~Stress related conditions
~Chronic pain related condition
~imbalance that may present itself post trauma , post surgical interventions


Meet my little friend who showed up for a snack 🦌!

Maybe I could share some things that have helped me on my journey, knowing it all shows up unique to you , having context sometimes can help us integrate.

Integrating an experience into your body makes it real, real for you and accessible.

In a world consumed with the external and distraction and strife … I turn inward. And how have I created peace ?

An accepting presence.

For me it’s first of all intellectually noticing “yup- this is happening “ … in my life , in my body.
“Ok”. Take a breath.
Allow. ( “how do you do that !” was my first question in my process, when there so much resistance and fear of getting stuck).

How I am doing it is … little by little , drop by drop of non resistance. Feel what’s there and seeing if I can notice how my body responds to this… and getting curious - can I relax in the presence of the resistance , the sensation, the situation.

What I’m finding is a little love goes a long way. A little drop of acceptance allows my nervous system to feel the care, the attention, and eventually the love I am giving it.

I’ve done it. I am doing it. I can be a short cut if you need support.

Happy full moon blessings. 🌕


Sometimes self love is accepting what is happening. Because it is… It is what it is 😉…can you be with that? Sit with an allowing presence and notice what happens ❤️


Self Love On Purpose ❤️ … Happy New Year!!
Noticing …
Acting …

Why do we start a new year, with promises to improve?
Who began this tradition of never-ending pressure?
I say, the end of a year, should be filled with congratulation, for all we survived.
And I say a new year should start with promises to be kinder to ourselves, to understand better just how much we bear, as humans on this exhausting treadmill of life.

And if we are to promise more, let’s pledge to rest, before our bodies force us.
Let’s pledge to stop, and drink in life as it happens.
Let’s pledge to strip away a layer of perfection to reveal the flawed and wondrous humanity we truly are inside.

Why start another year, gifted to us on this earth, with demands on our already over-strained humanity.
When we could be learning to accept, that we were always supposed to be imperfect.
And that is where the beauty lives, actually.
And if we can only find that beauty, we would also find peace.

I wish you peace in 2023.
Everything else is all just a part of it.
Let it be so.

Donna Ashworth

ART BY Demelsa Haughton Illustration


Merriest of Christmas to you! ❤️💚

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From my ❤️ to yours


It’s been a good day ❤️✨.

I love sharing time with the community Somatic Coaching Academy ! … and rediscovering with more clarity the FREEDOM we can create for ourselves by being present, and in turn creating a safe environment for others to do the same.


Some sunshiny rays coming through!!

It was a good day 💕… got to hang out with a great community, Somatic Coaching Academy , today learning and growing, creating freedom in my body and feeling safe while doing it. And in turn how to help others to do the same. ✨💝


For Christmas this year … I’m giving myself a gift 🎁 💝🎄

And in it is the word … Believe. ✨

Believe in the benevolent nature of God
Believe in myself and my ability to create
Believe in innate goodness, in people
Believe in nature
Believe I am a thread in the fabric of humanity

In Believe … I look towards and create that reality.

Unlocking Human Potential: LIVE Class 14/12/2022

Unlocking Human Potential: LIVE Class

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Believe. This word came through in a meaningful way for me today💕💝.

We are whole beings ☯️ natural law tells us this. And there was a time I didn’t know this in my mind and i didn’t feel it in my body. So I didn’t believe.

And then the resistance came … “it’s all in your head”this resistance would say, “just made up …It’s not real. “

So I am realizing with every breath , with every allowance of what’s present, I CAN - embrace and at the very least accept what is there.

Believe it or not, we get to choose how we feel 🎅🏻🎁💝
What!? How can that be ?!

I know it doesn’t seem that way and maybe even seems like a foreign concept … like what does that mean? I know 🙋‍♀️ because I’ve asked. How can I feel THAT way, when I always feel THIS way??!! I don’t feel like I have a choice. It can seem unbelievable . And I have said plenty of time “ not me… they/ he/ she/ it are NOT talking about me.

I found myself saying today to someone I get it - I’ve been there. And it gets better. You can access this place within … let’s discover what that is for you.

Helping people remember forgotten aspects of their body - and for some discovering … in an informed way, in a sensitive way ❤️


Oh…!…I've just reached 200 followers! Thank you for continuing support. I could never have made it without each one of you. 🙏🤗🎉

Please share with anyone looking for an integrative approach to healing. Body Mind Spirit.

Physical therapy
Craniosacral therapy
Somatic practices
Sensation Based Motivation Coaching


In the process of re- creation is choice, focus and allowing.

( check out my new socks - one serious 🧐 the other 😜) .

I am a human and a soul
I am contracting and expanding
I am ascending and digging into the earth more

Yes. Yes I can. And so can you ❤️


Anxiety? Try this …


Post Thanksgiving day got you feeling a little 🙀😒…. Poor Pepper he’s exhausted 😆.

I’ll encourage a walk or a little movement in anyway that feels good to you!

Move that body and feel how it feels…

On my walk this morning …
Felt my feet on the ground
Smelled the dewy moist air
Heard the tweets of birds
Saw the quiet sights of the trees stillness

See … feel… hear … smell with all your senses, in no particular order😉💕


Two years this past October I’ve been in business for myself. Thank you to all the supporters out there from clients, to followers on this page… I appreciate you all 💕🧡🤎🦃🙏


Physical Therapy / Craniosacral Therapy/ Sensation based motivation coach


Happy snowy day ❄️


I revel in great joy … in not needing but meeting.

Stop working on yourself so much! 🙊… ( oops - did I just say that!)

Allowing myself to relax more and more into
What I am ,
Who I am, and
How I am

… has been the key. 🗝️🔓 ❤️


Sometimes it is in the contrast … we really get to see💖


What if there was a way to not change but help navigate through what is already happening ? 🤔🤗💞


The almost full moon last night from our house lighting up the night sky, the darkness and the cloud cover

Our awareness brings clarity❤️


The body is your house, your home. Your vehicle in this world. Treat it well💝.

A little self love goes a long way!!

Our bodies are so resilient! It doesn’t take much and for me it’s all about balance. My saying is, “ A little bit of everything is ok”.

So yea ….

🍩I eat donuts and I eat fresh veggies 😋
✌🏻I exercise but not everyday ( my most favorite thing - being lazy watching a movie with my girls💕)
💆‍♀️I get body work done and I work on myself
✨I pay attention to myself and I am learning to leave myself alone 💗

If you are looking for a bit of balance in your body, in how you feel, a Craniosacral session with me may be helpful … you gotta try it to know ! 😄✌🏻🌻


For Susan this happpened in one session! Does it always happen that way? No of course not 😉 - but it can!

“I didn't even know what Craniosacral therapy was but I felt a shift in a positive direction after my session with Shannon. It just emerged! Before, I was floundering and felt like I was spinning my wheels, and had low energy. After my session, I felt more energy, motivation and was able to take that step for myself in a positive direction. “ - Susan O.

Thank you for your testimonial, Susan! 🙏


Happy Halloween!👻🎃… looks like a nice evening for the trick or treaters!!


Did you know that how you feel affects your body?

I used to work to change it. Unfortunately, that just lead me to feeling frustrated and overwhelmed because I was avoiding feeling.

Sometimes we think we let our selves feel. But what I’ve realized … not fully.

When we can fully be with ourselves and our experiences, then we can hold ourselves.

… and then the body can shift, release, let go.

Let me show you how 🌹🌺🌸.


Connecting life force energies …

I stepped outside on my back porch last night and a warm breeze came through fluttering the crispy, ready to fall, leaves on a nearby tree.

As if to say hello. They waved.
Their announcement of presence louder than usual. Maybe the crispness of the leaf 🍁 or I was paying attention.

… Both ✨💗
… and I feel that we are friends
Suddenly now grateful for all the processes that go into the ability to sustain life.

How did I do this? Feel this presence? It’s actually not something you Do or make happen. You open up to it. For me it’s nature. Maybe for you it’s watching someone do something kind or watching kids laugh and play.

Take the time to notice
Look for it gently …
And know it is there 💝.


I bought these flowers for my office in honor of Venus cazimi tomorrow - where Venus is in alignment with the sun. The planet of love and beauty. Potent energy!

How can you bring in more love and the wonder of beauty all around ?

💕Connect with family/ loved ones
💝Reach out to someone that keeps popping up in your mind
❤️Self care
💚Spend time in nature
💛Beautify a space in your home 🏡
💜 Connect with the sensation of love , beauty and kindness in your body

Where is it and what does it feel like? ✨


Ahhh… a belly breath💕. It’s relaxing just watching!

A diaphragmatic breath naturally occurs with relaxation. Babies do it naturally.

How are you breathing? This can give information on how your nervous system is operating.

( disclaimer there are medical conditions that affect breath such as COPD and emphysema- please speak with your health care professional in these cases)


Check out my website for more information!!


Physical Therapy with a twist 🍋
Different yet also traditional

What?! Here it is 👇

How is it someone with knee pain and limited range of motion gets more with only some simple exercise ?

It’s about the Awareness and the Release.

Integrating manual techniques and body based practices work!

( sometimes the body is guarding and holding in ways we are not aware of…not allowing exercise to be fully effective ) 💜


Nature finding her way. I just love finding flowers growing up through cracks in the pavement or here on some of the moss that made itself known ….

…then a seed.

Though a flower may not yet have bloomed. Maybe It’s about the place becoming a place, to hold a seed of potential. Whether it’s a crack or fertile ground that seems unlikely.

This reminds me of resilience. And the powerful paradox of a natural force that is in its own right gentle yet strong.


You are whole. 🌾

… a whole person
with a Mind 🍂
With a Body 🍁
With a Spirit 🍃

You are not your diagnosis or the label. It’s just what gets you in the door. 🧡

The door to what?

Let’s find out!


Ah Nature in All her splendor so very much alive 💕


What I’ve been hearing, “ You’re different … I like different! “

If you’d like to see what that’s about … it’s here … it’s everywhere. You just gotta look for it!

The unique blend
The unique person
The unique style

From music , to food, to how you exercise 😊… AND Physical Therapy 👍🏻👍🏻🤩✨!

Mind / Body/ Awareness


My adventure and fun for the summer was joining a local CSA… and trying new veggies. I got so excited about these ….

… Sunchokes also known as Jerusalem artichokes 😋. ⬇️👍🏻

They taste just like potatoes! But with a lower glycemic index.. that means less blood sugar spikes if you are a potato lover but need to be careful.

They also are high in iron = ⬆️ energy
High in vitamin K and B1 = supports your muscles and nerves

Just clean , slice and pan fry until golden brown … I added a bay leaf , couple bulbs of garlic and a splash of white wine vinegar on the back end … and let simmer until tender… So good!!

Eating good food that is good for you💗


Sensation based awareness is a foundational piece to our expression.
Do sensations in your body keep coming back, leaving you with a feeling of being stuck?
Sensation Based Motivational Coaching ( SBMC) has great tools, I’ve used them … they help! 💗

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Happy Halloween!👻🎃… looks like a nice evening for the trick or treaters!!
Ahhh… a belly breath💕. It’s relaxing just watching! A diaphragmatic breath naturally occurs with relaxation. Babies do i...
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