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Happy National Pet Day!!
Not the best photo but it’s his FAVE SPOT AND Popeye actually just turned 4 yesterday too 🥳
He is our BIG baby and we wouldn’t have it any other way!
I’d love to know, what kind of pet do you have? What’s their name?


I told you it was gonna be good!! ⬇️
Spring Cleaning Sale:
➡️ You tell me your size
➡️ You get a box of 3 or more styles
And ladies,
It's a flat rate box 🤯
So, I'm putting as many items as I can in there for you!!
✨ Only $60 + tax (shipping included)
😱 Over $100 in value
If you want to ensure you get some great styles, DM me your size!! (Small-3X)
*sale runs while styles/sizes last*


I need you to know that it's OK to rest and sometimes it's OK to just be done with something (or someone).
Today though,
I challenge you (and me) to choose REST over QUIT.
I have been very open about how important mental health is to me and how important it is to put yourself FIRST.
So, that's what I'll be doing for the next few months.
I will be resting BIG time.
What does this mean for YOU?
Here are the BIG need to KNOWS:
➡️ There will be a HUGE Spring Cleaning Sale instead of a spring/summer launch of styles
➡️ You can definitely still get color matched for the makeup I use & sell
I am actually really excited about resting & growing ❤️
Questions? Comment below or DM me!
🧹 The HUGE Spring Cleaning Sale will be available for email list ladies FIRST on Sunday 😉
➡️ DM me your email to get first dibs!


What does saying ‘yes’ to yourself look like/sound like for you?
I’ll go first in the comments ⬇️

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Swipe to see my 5 fave makeup tips for using this cream makeup 😘
If you’re ready to give this makeup a try, DM me or comment below for a free consult ❤️


This will change the way you think about your makeup bag.
My makeup is now a compact the size of my HAND.
It fits my concealer, foundation, contour, lip, and cheek shades.
I don't have to worry about how to pack all the different bottles, powders, and brushes. and sponges. and pencils. etc.
I'm telling you this because SPACE in my purse is limited, SPACE in my luggage is limited, and honestly SPACE on my countertop is a pretty hot commodity too.
So, I know YOUR space is precious as well.
If you're ready to dump the big makeup bag and change the way you think about makeup, DM me for a consult


If this doesn’t make you want
to overhaul your closet, I don’t know what will 🤷🏻‍♀️
Genuinely curious, HOW are your clothes an extension of you & your feelings today???
Tell me in the comments ⬇️


If this doesn’t make you want to overhaul your closet, I don’t know what will

Genuinely curious, are your clothes an extension of you & your feelings today???


Confidence doesn’t have to be hard. Here’s 3 steps for you to try…

1. Wake up and think of 2 things you’re grateful for in your life (your bed? Your car?)

2. Put on whatever makes YOU feel amazing (makeup? Cute shirt?)

3. Slay. The. Day. (do YOUR best, show UP for you, speak your truth)

*Bonus step:
FORGIVE yourself if you weren’t at 100% all day.
It’s OK.
Try again tomorrow.
You got this.

If you’re ready to LOVE Step #2 & get your hands on this top, DM me or click the link in my bio 😘

Top is called ‘The Sarah”


You might be burnt out too.

I just read somewhere that signs of being 'burnt out' include the following...

✨ fatigue
✨ irritability
✨ changes in appetite

Welp. 🤨

Are you having these 'symptoms'?
Are we all burnt out?
Is that the season we're in?

I think for some, like teachers & nurses, the answer is YUP.

What are YOUR thoughts??
Asking for a friend 😊

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Swipe to get all the answers!

Love it and want one?
DM me or click the link in my bio! 😘


This post is about the best client I've ever had.

Let me tell you about her 😉


✨ Ready to feel GOOD in her skin

✨ Isn't afraid of trying something different

✨ Shares her new styles with her loved ones

If this sounds like you, LIKE this post!

Photos from The.Manic.Momma's post 18/02/2022

2 ways to wear the 'Moxie'...

1. Let her hang loose and trust she'll cover the b***y

2. Tuck her in for a trendy front tuck look

Either way, you can pair with your favorite leggings, jeans, or dress pants.

➡️ Click the link in my bio to grab yours & DM me with any questions!


You're not brave.

hear me out!

It seems like there's this story out there that if your body is bigger or different, you're BRAVE for showing it off.


Do people think Victoria
s Secret models are BRAVE for wearing lingerie on a runway?


So, why is there this OMG WOW moment for women who have curves?

Like, no. I'm not BRAVE for wearing clothes and going out in public.


Am I brave for going on a rollercoaster?

HELL YES. which isn't gonna happen, it's just an example friends.

LIKE and share if you AGREE!

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Have you met Enzo?

✨ French terry drop shoulder
✨ Neutral in color
✨ Small-XL

➡ If you've been looking for a great casual, neutral, laid back top....You should grab an Enzo...before they're all gone 😉

➡ click the link in my bio or DM me!


You want to know how I do it?


I grab 1 brush, 1 palette, and a mirror!

I used 4 colors to do my foundation, concealer, lip, and cheek.

I set with a spray & powder

➡️ This took less 10 minutes!!!!

If I wasn’t taping, it would’ve taken even less time!

If you’re ready to spend less TIME & MONEY on your makeup and feel like a bass 🍑 woman, comment below ‘match me’
Just click the link in my bio!!


Easy, right?

I feel better.

Do you feel better?

LIKE if you have the 'PERFECT' body 😘


I’ve been waiting and waiting to post this because I was nervous it wouldn’t be ‘perfect’ buuuut if I wait until then it’ll never get posted 😂

If you don’t know already, my name is Samantha and I’m a new momma.

I’m also a teacher, wife, daughter, dog mom, a size 18 and I have anxiety 😆

Ah yes, and I run my own business! Women’s clothes sizes S-3X 💕

I have also been PREACHING about self care on the regular and I really try to practice it when I can…BUT it’s difficult sometimes.

Cue me trying to get back into wearing makeup 🙄

As a busy human, I had stopped investing much time into getting ready everyday because you know, the time.

BUT I had been quietly stalking a few ladies who use this makeup and I figured what the hell and I tried it 🤷🏻‍♀️

I got the bare minimum cuz I have commitment issues 😂
1 small, slim compact + 1 brush

Fast forward ⏩
It really is as easy as it looks.

And it LOOKS. So. Good.

👉🏻So…I want to show you how I do it on my face and within my schedule

I’ll be going LIVE on Monday at 6:00pm est right here on IG 😬 to do a demo!

What questions do you have?
Comment below ⬇️ or DM me!

See you Monday!!

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Introducing....The 'Moxie' Top

She's SO good...let me count the ways...

✨ Lightweight
✨ Long sleeve
✨ Pop of animal print for some sass
✨ Long enough to cover the b***y, if you want
✨ XL-3X

➡ If you are like me and love of a versatile top, shop the link in bio or DM me directly!




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Say hi to 'Rylee Anne'...
..Your new fave top!

✨ statement sleeves
✨ comfy and feminine
✨ oversized

If you are ready to add her to your closet,
➡️ Click the link in bio to snag yours or DM me 😘


What does 'powerful' mean to you?

Loaded question, I know.


I have something just for you ⬇️

😍3 new styles

Oh and life is hard and sometimes you just can’t or don’t want to watch a LIVE show…

I get that and I understand the struggle

so I want to make your experience EASY ❤️

🙋🏻‍♀️ I will be LIVE on IG & FB to show and answer questions!


🥳 YOU can start shopping on my website at 6:30pm on Monday!

Shop on your own schedule and join the LIVE if you want!