Classy_nails By Jazmine

Classy_nails By Jazmine

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Timeline photos 02/07/2020


Timeline photos 01/07/2020


Timeline photos 30/06/2020

Gel top coat

Timeline photos 26/06/2020

Let’s talk about this shape 😍 I love my nails!🥰

Photos from Classy_nails By Jazmine's post 26/06/2020

Finally after almost 7 weeks I did my own nails. Far from perfect but I am getting there😌 my first hand painted butterfly attempt 🤣

Timeline photos 26/06/2020

Natural nail acrylic

Timeline photos 19/06/2020

Timeline photos 16/06/2020

Dip at its finest🥰

Photos from Classy_nails By Jazmine's post 10/06/2020

All acrylic French tip

Timeline photos 09/06/2020

Acrylic gel top

Photos from Classy_nails By Jazmine's post 09/06/2020

Full set gel top

Timeline photos 04/06/2020

Acrylics 😍

Photos from Classy_nails By Jazmine's post 04/06/2020

I am so proud of this set. Only 9 months of practicing my passion. Look at this detail 😍

Timeline photos 03/06/2020

Acrylic with gel


Photos from Classy_nails By Jazmine's post 02/06/2020


There is a 24 hour automatic appointment reminder sent to every client with their appointment time. Please be respectful and considerate of my time.
After 10 minutes of being late I charge $2 per minute.
If you're passed 15 minutes late I will refuse service and tell you to reschedule.
Please make sure you're diligent and prompt.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

A $15 deposit is required when requesting your initial appointment. This deposit goes towards your payment after your service. Please do not include your service payment when making this payment. If there is a need to cancel your appointment your deposit is non refundable. All clients receive an “appointment accepted” notification including your service and time requested.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

If, for any reason you do not reach out to me before your appointment to cancel or you miss your appointment, a $25 nonrefundable deposit will need to be made upon rescheduling. (THIS DOES NOT GO TOWARDS YOUR SERVICE). The second “no call no show” will result in permanent decline for any future appointments.

If I, for any reason need to cancel the deposit will be refunded. If you need to reschedule your appointment a $15 non refundable deposit is required ***this deposit does NOT go towards your service.*** As always Thank You For Your Cooperation And Understanding!!

Timeline photos 01/06/2020

Gel full set


A question I keep receiving; why don’t I remove nails that are not done by me?

Lady’s, I do not remove nails that are not done by me because there are 2 different types of monomer ( which is the liquid used to apply the product ), one is MMA, and the other is EMA. How do you know the difference? One way is, when removing the product it should scrape off the nail easily and shouldn’t be super gooey or sticky, if it is either or one of those it is most likely MMA. Lady’s MMA is illegal to use for any type of nail application. Acrylic is already damaging regardless if you use MMA or EMA, although MMA will damage the nails a lot sooner within 2-4 sets when EMA can safely be removed and won’t cause as much damage over time IF the nails are taken good care of.

For more questions or any concerns please feel free to reach out to me. Never hesitate to ask your nail tech what products they are using on your nails. As always thank you for supporting my business🥰

Timeline photos 31/05/2020

Natural nail acrylic lay over

Timeline photos 31/05/2020

Gel full set

Photos from Classy_nails By Jazmine's post 29/05/2020

Lady's, as we're now winding down from this pandemic, I am so excited to announce this June special! Starting June I will be posting monthly specials and discounts. I now have 512 colors, 152 acrylic powders, 360 gel polishes, and 360 regular polishes. Please take advantage of this promotion as it is a limited time offer. ** CANCELATION POLICY**
If you cancel your appointment this offer is no longer valid
You will have to reschedule your appointment after 06•10 *NO CALL NO SHOW** Will result in permanent decline for any future booking
As always thank you for supporting my business❣🥰

Timeline photos 25/05/2020

Pink lemonade 🥰

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