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Hair It Is Beauty Salon

PROFESSIONAL: Latest styles and color techniques. Redken, Kenra, Keune, Matrix Tigi and more. I am Cathy Usry. BEDHEAD Hardhead Hairspray is the best.

I have been a hairdresser since 1974.I only use the latest and best Professional products. My product lines are Keune Color and Hair Care.Keune is from Holland and the color has incredible coverage without any damage. I also have Redken , Scruples, Matrix,Tressa and TIGI . It holds great without being stiff and makes the hair have brilliant shine! Turn the Lights on in your Hair with Redken S


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I have had a few cancellations this morning. Call me and let's set up a time for you to come 😊


Healthy normal hair grows 1/2 inch a month... Debbie stopped coloring her hair when I closed for Covid:( This is 1 year later exactly 6 inches . She Loves it!!

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Donice before and after. She wanted her hair like mine. I talked her out of highlighting it. It was so healthy when I cut the old highlights out!

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Mindy wanted a little pop color to her grey and a great stylish cut

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Francine and I had THE BEST time!! Her personality totally pleaded for this color!!!!!




Ok this is my last photo . Just can't believe all the hair!! I know it's All salons this week!!!!

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Wow!!! This has been something!!! Haven't cut sooo much off customer's hair in my whole 46 years doing hair!!! Here is a before and after of Debbie. I added some dark streaks through the top , crown and sides to match the back of her hair. She felt so much better even with the mask on!


Tomorrow is Opening Day!!! It's been 2 months since I have worked. I will have on my mask . One customer at a time, please. If you arrive early please wait outside before coming in if my customer just ahead of you is not quite completed. I will take your temperature at the door and please have on your mask. I too will have one on. Wash your hands upon entering and I have hand sanitizer. Please just bring your form of payment ,cell phone, and drink if you need one. The salon will be sanitized before my customers arrive and also after each one. Let's stay safe until this all is over. Thank you all for your patience!!❤️🤟Cathy Usry


Through much thought I have decided to give it a few weeks to see if this opening of non essential businesses and still making you social distance and wear masks at doctors and restaurants is wise. I have some health issues that makes me vulnerable. I plan on opening June 3 and I will be contacting my regulars first. Please be patient with me as much has to be done to prepare and get to everyone. Please after you are scheduled come alone to your appointment with just your payment , keys and phone. Wear a mask and wash your hands upon entering. I too will have on a mask. As you know I am a hugger. I really will want to welcome you with a hug but will refrain for now. I will be contacting my regular customers the next two weeks. Thank you and stay safe. ❤️


McMaster extended the state order to keep salons closed for another 15 days in South Carolina. At that time he will reevaluated the situation. WOW! PLEASE dear Lord make this virus go away. My salon will definitely be closed another 2 weeks for sure then I will post an update. Thank you all for your patronage and patience!!


Notice: I will not be opening my salon to anyone until the governor gives the order that beauty salons may reopen in South Carolina. I will keep you posted. The cases in South Carolina keep growing. :( Stay Safe! Pray for this pandemic to go away!!


I purchased a touchless infrared themometer today. I will be taking your temperatures before you enter the salon. Please I am sure you understand the importance of this for everyone's safety including your own😷 Stay Safe! God Bless


To My Customers, I am planning to reopen on May 6. Please be patient as I have to first attend to the ones that I had to cancel due to the pandemic. I am ordering color and supplies this week. Thank you so much for checking on me and being so very kind. I will be working on only one patron at a time and I ask that you please come alone. Bring in as little as you can meaning just your checkbook and phone . Please make sure you sanitize these before you enter, wear a mask and wash your hands as soon as you enter. I will have sanitizer as well at my station. If you have been around anyone that has tested positive for the virus please do not come at this time. If you have a cough , fever or are achey please do not come. I will be wearing a mask as well. I will take every precaution to be safe and I would appreciate the same in return. I will be calling you next week to set up appointment times . Please be patient. The ones I had to cancel will be first I call. Thank you so much for your patronage I really appreciate your business and friendship. May God Bless you, our president and the world. God Loves You! Cathy Usry


To my color customers, Who is interested in temporary do it yourself root color. I know you ladies want to keep on looking as good as you can until we can once again get back to your regular haircare routine. I miss you all. Please take care of yourselves and let me know if you would like me to bring you some temporary color. Thank you, Cathy

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Granddaughter, Taylor went back dark with just a few streaks in front. Before and After




Mae's new color. She's been teal, then light pink, silver, now a blend of Pulp Riot Candy and. Cupid. It is an ombre from a hot Cupid to a lighter Candy on the ends. The picture does not do it justice!!! Is Gorgeous!!! My job is so Fun!!!


Got more FATBOY today!!!! This product is Amazing!!! Not one person has not liked it and you know how hard it is to please EVERYONE!!!


Got a New Shipment TODAY :)

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Judy before and after FATBOY SPRAY PUTTY!! She came in and this took me 5 minutes tops!!!

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Wow! Juanita felt sooo much better after her major hair makeover!!!!!!!


Before and after of Ashley

Timeline photos 05/12/2018

Hi Everyone. Well The Holidays are here. Ready or Not here they are!! The Salon will be closed all next week. Spots are limited this week. Give me a call if you need to get in before Thanksgiving. I will be taking calls if you need to be seen the week after Thanksgiving. 803-221-9041


Get Out And Vote!!!!

Timeline photos 16/10/2018

Now That's What I'm Talking About!!!!

Seen at http://FUTURE.LOVE Prague, this charitable mobile hairdressing salon is sponsored by our KEVIN.MURPHY distributor in Poland and was started by Ania and Tomek Szabelka with the intention of helping others through the art of hairdressing. . .

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Here is Piper before and after...

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Before and after of Ashley
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