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"I carry him.
I know it looks silly; his toes dangle past my knees. He’s getting tall and heavy, too. It sometimes hurts my back to lift his frame, but, I carry him.
It starts in the morning when waking up is hard. I should make him walk down the stairs, as it’s still something he is working on in physical therapy.
But with his sleepy eyes and tired heart, he doesn’t want to start off his day with a task.
So, I carry him.
He works hard to get off the school bus. One hand on the rail and down three large steps with care. He takes my hand and can’t wait to go inside to play. But, I make him go to the bathroom first. He doesn’t want to pause. I kneel down, give him a hug, and a reassuring word.
Then, I carry him.
At the end of the day, when we’ve worked on manners at the table and holding his utensils with the correct grasp, sometimes he is so done. And there is still the bathing, teeth brushing, and getting dressed to do. From the table and up the stairs we go.
Sometimes, I carry him.
The world moves fast and demands so much from all of us. I imagine with my son’s age and disability, it is often more exhausting. He’s directed and redirected, pushed and pulled throughout the day. There are times when he’s had enough. That’s when I carry his awkwardly long body against my own short one. Because sometimes, we all need someone to carry us to get us through the next hard thing, to love us through our good, bad, and weak moments.
When he’s reached his limit, I’m close to my own. But when I carry him, he somehow carries me, too."
Credit: Jillian Benfield


So Yesterday I heard “Someday” by Nickelback and was taken back to a day in my life in 2002. As if I was there again ❤️💔


🤣 dang that’s real!!

Timeline photos 10/03/2023

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🤦🏻‍♀️ 8th grade


Photos from I Like To Share This's post 17/10/2022
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Find your joy

Happiest school photo I've ever seen!

Credit: Upside Down in WV


Can we talk about the fact that moms get overstimulated and it’s mistaken for anger?

No, I’m not angry; I’ve heard mom mom mom since the minute I got home, the tv is on 88, the dryer going, someone’s mowing the lawn, my Apple Watch dinging non stop, my shirts too tight, my hair isn’t in a messy bun correctly, there’s crumbs on the floor and I can feel it

I’m not angry

I’m overstimulated af and need a minute to get myself together 😫

Motherhood is exhausting

No matter what someone always needs you

Go to work; someone needs you, come home; someone needs you, go to sleep; someone needs you, shower time; someone needs you, going to the bathroom; someone needs you.

A child, a baby, an adult IM ALWAYS NEEDED.

I’m not angry 🤍 I’m overstimulated

Let me collect myself before you start to accuse me of being in a bad mood. I just need a minute 🥲