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Order your conveniently packaged 100% Nail Polish Manicure/Pedicure Strips. Check out the newest nai

Current Inventory 24/01/2023

Hello Loyal Customers!!!

I appreciate all of your love and support for my business through the years. It is with much thought and a heavy heart that I have decided to close my nail business. My teammate Caryn Lynn will be able to help you with all of your mail polish needs from here on out. Here is a link to her FB group where she is very active

I have loved this business as a creative outlet, way to meet new friends, and keep my brain going in many different ways. There are more little hands pulling on my skirts these days, and I am choosing to put any extra time into building out our home garden, and improving my French enough to pass a fluency test.

If you would like any inventory that I have on hand I’m selling it for $5/set with a flat $5 shipping fee.

The link is:

Thank you again,

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Did you know that we make it easy to create those Pinterest perfect nailfies? Don’t miss out on this month’s Roaring 20’s box!! Full of everything you need to keep your nails looking perfectly polished for holiday events!

Photos from Nifty Nail Bar's post 02/08/2021

I’m always up for good glitter!!! This set is an exclusive. Click the link in my bio and check out how my VIPs can earn these! Love Chelsea Ya Later? Click the next photo for a comparison (CYL is on top and this new set is on the bottom)


I love how the mixed pattern sets can look so different depending on how you decide to apply them. My ring finger is actually just the center of the largest strip. Do you like to use more of the solids with an accent nail? Or are you more patterns with your solid as an accent (like mine)?

Photos from Nifty Nail Bar's post 31/05/2021

End of month order event! Sending out some special goodies. Check out what they are in my VIP group. Click link in bio. 🧜‍♀️💅

Color Street - Color Street Spring Catalog 2021 - Page 1 15/03/2021

Let’s Spring into these new colors! Check out NiftyNailBar’s Spring 2021 virtual catalog:

Color Street - Color Street Spring Catalog 2021 - Page 1 SPRING/SUMMER | 2021 On Models: Key West is Best and Poppy That

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