AJ's Jammin' Nails

AJ's Jammin' Nails

This page is all about JAMS!! If you have any questions about the wraps or hosting a party, this is the place to ask. Have fun!

This page is about Jamberry nails wraps, the newest beauty craze sweeping my life. They're affordable, easy to apply, durable, and not to mention CUTE!!! This a great way to accessorize any outfit to give that extra flair. Post your questions, comments, or cute Jam pictures here. :)

Mobile uploads 01/11/2014

Check it out!! Sweet Whimsy.

Mobile uploads 11/09/2014

Check it out!!! My newest jamicure! Wild Berry and Purple Herringbone. Unfortunately, these have been discontinued 😩

Mobile uploads 08/09/2014

I am just in love with all the holiday wraps!! I'm normally not into Halloween, but these are so cute!!!

Mobile uploads 05/09/2014

Just LOOK at how cute these wraps are!!!!!!! I'm in love! Go to my website to see even more JAMTASTIC holiday wraps for every occasion!!!

Mobile uploads 01/09/2014

Just look at these new fall florals, girls!!! Aren't they gorgeous!!!! I can't wait to order some!!!!!

Jamberry 01/09/2014

THE NEW CATALOG IS HERE!!!!!!!!! The new wraps are so gorgeous!!!! Go look at them right now!!! You'll love them! I know I do! www.ajbindrim.jamberrynails.net

Jamberry Jamberry nail wraps offer the hottest trend in fashion. Wrap your nails in over 300 different designs.

Mobile uploads 26/08/2014

Want ***FREE*** product??? Become a hand model or host a party!! It's so easy!!! Ask me how!!!

Mobile uploads 22/08/2014

Jam therapy!! Retro Curves and Black and White Chevron. Loooove!!!!


Has anyone thought about hosting a mystery party for Halloween??? It's basically like playing Clue! The party-goers are suspects and throughout the party you're trying to guess the who, the where, and the what with. The winner gets a free wrap!! It's a lot of fun!!!

Mobile uploads 21/08/2014

With the holidays coming up, it's the PERFECT time to host your Jamberry party!!! They make great Christmas gifts! Not to mention all of the utterly ADORABLE holiday wraps!!!!
Host in September or October, pick a candy corn, and get a special treat just for hosting!!!! Ask me how!


Would you ladies be interested in a demo next month??

Photos from AJ's Jammin' Nails's post 16/08/2014

Check it ooooouuuuuttttt!!!! Mom and Sarah Grace both got their jams did last night!!!! Mom did Bubble Gum, Cup of Tea and a clear black lace, while SG went with Orchid Garden and Orchid Skinny.


I just took my jams off in preparation of my new ones coming tomorrow and my nails feel absolutely naked!!! I can't wait to put on my new jams!!!!!!!!!


I can't wait to start my mother's Jamberry party!!!!! If you want an invite or want to host your own party for fabulous prizes, just message me!!!!! ☺️☺️☺️

Mobile uploads 07/08/2014

Bohemian Blossom!! Isn't it adorable!??? This one is retiring! It makes me sad.

Mobile uploads 06/08/2014

Neptune. Goshhh I love Jamberry so much!!!!!!

Mobile uploads 06/08/2014

Navy Quatrefoil and Flirty Flair. Who else is in love with these???

Mobile uploads 05/08/2014

Purple Herringbone and Funky Cheetah!!! Much love!!!


Ready to start a new party!!! Who's with me??? πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜™

Photos from AJ's Jammin' Nails's post 02/08/2014

I am so not ready for this!!! These wraps are retiring at the end of the month and will no longer be available!!! If you MUST have some of these (like me πŸ˜‰), go on and place your orders!!!!

Mobile uploads 31/07/2014

I'm going crazy with pictures!!! It's time to start organizing them πŸ˜‰
I love this one! It's called Broadway!!!

Mobile uploads 30/07/2014

I just did a new jamicure!!! Northern Flare. I love it!! It's so bright!

Mobile uploads 27/07/2014

This is too perfect!!!! Lol.


I have three parties starting this week!!! Congrats and hurray to my hostesses! I can't wait to start! If anyone is interested in joining the party, or hosting your own, let me know!!! 😊

Mobile uploads 25/07/2014

Lol! Who wants some FREE jams?? (Me!!!) Let's have a party!!!!!! Book yours now!

Mobile uploads 22/07/2014

Check out my latest jamicure, peoples! I did this one with the wraps that came in my starter kit!!! Caribbean Snakeskin and Black and White Quad.


I can't believe my launch party is over today!!! It's been a great experience!

Mobile uploads 16/07/2014

I feel like I've already turned into this 😜
But we have great lacquers as well!


Just started my launch party! If you didn't get an invite (I am so sorry), just let me know and I'll add you!