Tam Shrum, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Sales Director

Tam Shrum, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Sales Director

I have been building my business since 1994! I still love putting this product on women's faces! My


Whether I’m heading out for a weekend trip or traveling all holiday season- there’s one thing I’ll ALWAYS have with me: my Mary Kay Travel Roll-Up Bag. 🚗✈️🗺️ This bag holds all of my essentials and then some:

👜 Each pouch easily removes, which is super convenient
🧳 It rolls up nicely so I can fit it in my suitcase
🚪 It hangs on the back of the door so I don’t even need counter space
✨ Plus…it’s so cute!

Hurry and snag one before your holiday travels. You’ll thank me later ;)


It's called the "Essential" Brush Collection for good reason!✨Check out the fabulous pieces that make up the set:
🪄All-Over Powder Brush- dome-shaped, feather-soft bristles are perfect for applying setting powder, bronzers, and pressed powders
🪄Cheek Brush- Enhance, sculpt, and highlight cheekbones with no harsh lines
🪄All-Over Eye Shadow Brush- pick up and beautifully glide on the perfect amount of eye shadow
🪄Eye Crease Brush- flexible, angled tip adds dimension
🪄Eye Smudger Brush- dense, tapered brush creates detailed accents and smoky eyes

See why ALL of them are essential? 💗


It's no secret that these products are personal favorites of mine...but it never hurts to see how well loved they are by everyone else too! ;) Check out these fan-favorites that have earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal. 🎖️Which of your favorites made the list? ⬇️


Hydration Hack: 💧Combat winter dryness by layering your skincare. Apply the Mary Kay Naturally Nourishing Oil before your moisturizer for an instant, extra hydration boost. ☑️ This lightweight, quick-absorbing oil can also be used to moisturize cuticles, the ends of your hair, elbows, and other dry areas. It really is a winter skin-saver!✨Comment if you try this Hydration Hack this winter ❄️ ⬇️


Elevate their skincare routine this Christmas with the perfect gift: the Mary Kay Skinvigorate Brush! 🎁🌟 Unwrap the secret to a radiant complexion as this beauty essential gently exfoliates, leaving skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.🌺 This system gets skin four times cleaner than hand-washing alone, and it gets all those tiny impurities we might otherwise miss.

Personally, I love this gift for men, women, tweens - everyone! It's the perfect gift for just about anyone! 📈 Level up this gift with the luxurious massage-head add-on!


Good morning my Darling December Birthday Beauties!! 🎂 This month is YOUR month to be celebrated and I am wishing you an entire month of joy! 🎉 As my birthday gift to you, I am offering a special price on your order this month so you can get everything you need to feel your very best all month long! 🎁🎁🎁 What are you excited to indulge yourself with??


Ingredient Spotlight: Beeswax!
Super soft, moisturized skin… now that’s something to buzz about 🐝 One ingredient I’m always excited to share is beeswax. Here’s why it’s the {balm} ⬇️
🐝 Locks in hydration
🐝 Minimizes water loss through the skin
🐝 Acts as an emollient to soften and soothe skin

Enjoy the benefits of beeswax in our Satin Hands Step 1 Protecting Softener, as well as products like our Intense Moisturizing Cream, Extra Emollient Night Cream, and Satin Lips Shea Butter Balm, among others!


BIRTHDAY BABES 🗣️ Don’t let the post-Thanksgiving excitement keep you from scoring your birthday gift with me! 🎁 You deserve it! Contact me to claim your present before month-end! 📆


While philanthropy is on the mind this Giving Tuesday, I’d like to share my heart for our company’s nonprofit- The Mary Kay Ash Foundation. 🩷The foundation is very close to my heart and raises and distributes funds for a two-fold mission:
🔬 to invest in breakthrough cancer research
💗 and to end domestic violence against women

To learn more about the cause, visit https://marykayashfoundation.org


Today is Cyber Monday and I have an awesome tool to help you find your best new look! Download the Mirror Me app to try out different shades of MK Makeup virtually *before* you buy them - it's super fun! Whether you're looking for an everyday look, or want to level up your party glamour, play around with Mirror Me to curate your perfect collection of color! Post your screenshots below - we want to see them!!


Forget “Black Friday…” PINK Friday is HERE! 🩷🛍️ This can be a crazy day, but YOU'VE got an ace in your pocket - a personal shopper! As your Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, I can help take care of your list with a variety of gift options. And don't forget to grab your essentials too! (And maybe even a little gift for yourself ;))


Thanksgiving was always Mary Kay Ash’s favorite holiday. 🦃🧡 She loved the gathering of family and loved ones around a delicious meal- just as many of us do. I sincerely hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. As we reflect on what we’re thankful for, please know how grateful I am for each and every one of you. Thank you! 🧡🌽🥘🥗🥧


One of the best parts of my job is personalizing tips and products just for you.✨ One way to enhance that process is to register on my Mary Kay website! 📱💻 When you fill out your profile, I can make better recommendations and tailor your MK experience. PLUS, you’ll stay in-the-know with company news, exclusive looks at products, and access to our quarterly Look Book!🎉


Between travels, dinners, family gatherings, and general holiday chaos…it’s totally understandable to feel overwhelmed! 🛒🦃🛍️🚗 Thankfully, I’m here to alleviate some of that seasonal shopping stress! Allow me to help you gift to everyone on your list.📝 Let’s work together so we don’t forget anyone! Teachers, friends, coaches, neighbors, co-workers… I’ve got you covered. 🎁


Winner winner, turkey dinner 🦃🧡 It’s so exciting when our Mary Kay products are recognized for their performances, so naturally I’m excited to share that our Liquid Eye Shadows were mentioned in “Good Housekeeping” recently! ✨
Check out the segment here: https://www.marykay.com/en-us/tips-and-trends/mk-mentions/beauty-editor-picks


Between the cold weather ❄️ and the excessive dishwashing 🍽️ that comes with a delicious Thanksgiving feast (lol), our poor hands don’t stand a chance without Satin Hands! This three-step system is designed to revitalize and rejuvenate hands so they instantly feel soft and healthier.

With several scents available (and a fragrance-free option), this set is a great gift for your Thanksgiving hostess, and it’s perfect to have out for guests in your home- just in time for the holidays!✨

Hands down…it’s one of the best gifts around! 🎁


It’s timeeeeeee! ✨The holiday products I’ve been raving about are now available on my Mary Kay website for you to order. I recommend stocking up on your favorite scent before things sell out. 🍑🪻

Which are you most excited to add to cart? 🛒


Bright eyes are this season's biggest trend! ✨With these simple four steps, you can get your sparkle on! Which of these powerful products will you choose to de-puff, conceal, brighten, and open up!? 👀

Bronzed Berry Makeup Tutorial | Easy Holiday Makeup Look | Mary Kay 14/11/2023

I’m so excited for seasonal and holiday glam, and this look is on my must-try list for sure! ✨ Watch this fabulous tutorial on how to create a Bronzed Berry look- just in time for holiday parties! 💋
I also really love these videos because they really break down the exact application of the makeup- so anyone from beginners to pros can recreate these gorgeous looks!

Bronzed Berry Makeup Tutorial | Easy Holiday Makeup Look | Mary Kay We’re taking it up a notch as the holidays are fast approaching. It is time to dive into berry hues and embrace bold lipstick. Follow along to achieve this e...


'Tis the season to shine, beauties! ✨ Elevate your holiday glam with the Mary Kay Skin Analyzer app – your secret weapon for finding your perfect regimen! 🌟✨

🔍 Discover your skin’s unique needs: The Skin Analyzer app takes the guesswork out of skincare, giving you a customized routine and personal recommendations for that perfect holiday glow- based on YOUR skin profile.

📸 Snap, Scan, Slay: Simply snap a selfie, let the app work its holiday magic, and unveil your skin's story! 📲✨ The app will analyze your skin’s texture, moisture levels, signs of aging and other common concerns.

❄️ Gift of Glowing Skin: Share the joy with your loved ones! Tag a friend who deserves the gift of beautiful skin this holiday season, and tag me in your skin analyzer results! 🎁💕


If the nostalgia of the season and the “Home for the Holidays” heartwarming movies leave you crying happy tears like me…you’re probably looking for something to help with puffiness! Thankfully our Hydrogel Eye Patches do the trick. ✨ Bonus: We can even watch our sappy movies while wearing our patches lol!

Classic Cut Crease Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial for Beginners #Shorts 09/11/2023

I am LOVING this sixties-inspired classic cut crease! 🩷 It’s so simple to recreate, and it instantly glams up any look. Watch this super quick tutorial on how it’s done, and let me know if you try it for yourself! 👀

Classic Cut Crease Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial for Beginners #Shorts


This month I am all about peace and joy ✨ That’s why I’m loving this new limited edition body care set with all of the relaxing vibes I need. The lavender magnolia fragrance in the body mist and body lotion is the aromatic mix of scents I need for my self care time!💐🪻 The set is the perfect combination of luxury and delight, and I can’t wait to share it this holiday season!

Mary Kay Transforms Makeup-Loving Mom Into Empowered Businesswoman 07/11/2023

In MK, we’re in the people business! 👥🩷 I love sharing stories of my MK sisters and how their relationships have been impacted and grown through their journeys.

Independent Sales Director Nancy Crawford didn’t expect a Mary Kay party to turn into a fifteen-year career, but she’s so grateful it did! ✨ Watch this video to find out how Nancy recalls the way Mary Kay sparked real change in her life and in her family.

What did you think of her heartwarming story?

Mary Kay Transforms Makeup-Loving Mom Into Empowered Businesswoman 🤝💕 Meet Independent Sales Director Nancy Crawford—a dedicated mom who turned her dreams into reality with Mary Kay. Watch her heartwarming transformation u...


Our Satin Hands just got a limited edition makeover, and I am HERE for it!!✨ The NEW orchard peach scent is a refreshed take on a legendary fan favorite fragrance. 🍑 With the weather changing and winter doing its best to dry out our skin, Satin Hands is a MUST for everyone this season!

Are you as excited about this new scent as I am?!


Q: Why did the apple pie go to the dentist? 🥧🍎
A: Because it needed a filling. 🦷 lol!

Speaking of fillings...thanks to the Repair Volu-fill Wrinkle Filler, you can finally stop worrying about wrinkles!✨ Target specific areas with the precise applicator to pack in the filler for immediate results. I LOVE this product because not only does it deliver instant, visible changes, but it helps physically reduce wrinkles over time too!⏳

Ready to get a “filling” in your wrinkles today!? Let’s talk!


Here’s a little something to brighten your day…! ✨Mary Kay just launched NEW products for the season, and I’m taking pre-orders now! 🛍️🎉


Hello, November!!! 🍁🍂 🗣️Calling all November-born birthday beauties!🎉 It’s your month to embrace all the cozy vibes, and I’ve got a gift to help warm your heart!🎁 Enjoy a special discount on your favorite MK products as a bday present just for you!!!! Make sure to claim your gift before the month ends! 📆


After a month full of fall activities and a lot of steps tracked, your feet could use a break! 🍂🥾I’m so grateful for Mint Bliss- the perfect stress reliever for tired toes. The refreshing cool mint formula instantly helps overworked feet and legs feel revived. 🌱Tag a friend who could use some tonight! ⬇️


This Mask Monday, I’ve got to tell you about one of my classic MK favorites- the Botanical Effects Mask. If you’re looking for a gentle mask that works hard against impurities, you’ve got to try this out! This mask:

🌱 Deep cleans and exfoliates as it restores radiance
🌱 Adapts to your skin’s needs
🌱 Is antioxidant-rich and hypoallergenic
🌱 Comes in two formulas- normal and dry

What mask will you treat yourself to on this Masking Monday?


Time is almost out! Sorry, not to scare you, but my October birthday offer is about to expire!⏳ Make sure you don't miss out on your special bday gift from me. 🎁🎉Comment below, or shoot me a message to claim your surprise! ⬇️


Ready to (pumpkin) spice up your breakfast this fall?🎃🍂 In honor of National Pumpkin Day, here’s one of my favorite delicious pumpkin muffin recipes! The best part? It’s just 2️⃣ ingredients!
It's so simple, and oh-so-yummy! Comment if you try it yourself!

What’s your favorite pumpkin recipe? ⬇️


Soft, subtle skin is always in, and thanks to Shea butter, you can always be on trend. ✨ Used for centuries to protect and enrich skin, this ingredient wraps skin in creamy hydration bliss. Shea butter is also known to contain Omega 𝟹s, which help maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Some of my favorite MK products use Shea butter as a key ingredient such as:
🤍Satin Lips Shea Butter Balm
🤍Satin Body Indulgent Shea Wash
🤍Satin Body Whipped Shea Creme
& more!

Ready to add some buttery goodness to your body care?


Looking for a simple but super cute makeup idea for fall dress up? This scarecrow look is so easy to re-create, and let’s be honest- it’s adorable!
✒️Use MK waterproof black eyeliner to create two patchwork patterns on your face and lips
🎨Color the patches in with Chromafusion blush or highlighter. Add some to your nose as well!
✏️Create a freckled look around the nose with our brunette brow pencil
👒Grab some overalls and a wide-brimmed hat for the clothing bit; put your hair in pigtails/braids to complete the look

Comment if you’d try this look!


This mask brings new meaning to the word “uplifting!” ✨ If you need a pick-me-up treat that lifts away the years, you’ve got to try this innovative Bio-Cellulose Mask! ⏳
This sheet mask hugs your face for thirty minutes, infusing skin with a complex of beneficial ingredients. 🌱🥥 If you’re ready to combat dead skin and wrinkles, you deserve this mask!


Lots of beautiful changes happen during fall! 🍁🍂 Unfortunately…the weather shifting can also cause some less than favorable skincare changes if we aren’t prepared. If dry, chapped lips are NOT on your Autumn bucket list, it’s time to add Satin Lips to your cart now! 🛒

This two-step process helps you gently exfoliate dead, dry skin and then immediately replenish with soothing Shea butter for lasting results.

Bonus: you’ll be able to rock a fabulous fall bold berry or red lip with no flaking! 💋


The results are in! ⏰ Ready to find your perfect MK mascara match? Comment your results, and let’s discuss!⬇️

PS: keep in mind…they’re all so amazing, so there are no wrong answers


With all the fabu{lash} mascara options in Mary Kay... it can be difficult to pick just one! Thankfully, we've developed a super simple quiz to help you find your perfect match! So what kind of Mascara Girlie are you? 👀 Take the quiz, and comment your answers. I’ll post the results tomorrow!!! 📆


No costume is complete without the perfect makeup or face paint! 🎨Unfortunately…achieving that perfect look can get a little messy. Thankfully, I’ve got your dress-up duo that will save the day!
1️⃣ Prime it up! Using our Foundation Primer as a base before applying bold makeup or face paint will help your colors go on smoother and last longer. It will also help prevent the paint from clogging your pores!
2️⃣ Wipe it off! After a long night of makeup fun, easy removal is a must. Our Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover will help gently remove even the most stubborn of makeup, sticky adhesives, glitter, and lash glue!

Go ahead and treat yourself to this duo now! 🍬


If you're a multi-tasking woman who loves multi-tasking products...this one's for you! Enjoy 🔟 skin-renewing benefits in just 🔟 minutes with one of my favorite masks ever- the Moisture Renewing Gel Mask!

Breathe new life into tired, sluggish, stressed skin. This mask:
✨Instantly hydrates and locks in moisture
✨Helps skin appear less stressed
✨Leaves skin feeling purified, nourished, calmed, firmer, smoother and softer.
✨Minimizes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores.

Ready for a renewal?