Laser Tysons Paramedical Spa

Laser Tysons Paramedical Spa


Thank you so much to Laser Tyson's for helping me get ready for the pageant!
I'm competing in a beauty pageant and wouldn't trust anyone but Laser Tysons with my preparation!
Laser Tyson's is AMAZING!!!!!! I'm headed into a major pageant and wouldn't go anywhere else for my beauty needs. I strongly encourage anyone looking to enhance their appearance consult with Amy at Laser Tyson's about potential services.
I went to Laser Tysons Paramedical Spa for eyelash extensions and Cam did a great job. This is the third time I have been to LTPS and have not been disappointed, ever. Cam took her time, filled in my sparse lashes beautifully and allowed me to see and approve the final product.
The Spa is clean, comfortable and everyone who works there is super sweet. Thank you Cam for a relaxing and enjoyable appointment. I will be back again, for sure.
I enjoyed my visit at this spa. I had my eyebrows dyed. YES!!! Love it. And I am going back for the wrap and body sculpting. I am so excited.
Both of my daughters are doing laser at Laser Tysons and I am very please with the results. Everyone is very nice and knowledgeable. They also have very convenient hours. I would definitely recommend this place.

Tysons' premier skin care paramedical spa. Services include PAINLESS hair removal, IPL, electrolysis


Hand Agespot B&A

These [can be] annoying brown spots are known as age spots and sunspots, created by overactive melanocytes. The sun is the primary factor as it accelerates pigment production.

When the skin is exposed to sunlight, the body produces extra melanin to protect the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.

The more melanin produced, the darker the skin becomes.

Ages/sun/brown spots are mainly a cosmetic problem—they likely cause no health risks—but they can be annoying.

Laser treatments can help make you look 10 years younger. Our laser targets the melanin in your skin and remove the top layer of skin where the spots are. Scabs will form within a few days and fade and/or disappear. A series of treatments might be recommended.

These pictures shows hands of our beautiful patient who didn’t want to “show her age by hands” according to her. She was smiling ear to ear when we saw her after ONE treatment and had started getting her nails done now that she feels so much younger - not to mention, wanted to show these beautiful hands off 😍


If you aren’t going to use it, then why not lose it?! Never has it been so easy and painless 🙂


Painfree, fast and amazing efficacy 😍

With our patients’ needs in mind, we are proud to offer a laser hair removal treatment unlike any other — painfree, faster, treats light and dark types and you’ll need fewer treatments compared to typical laser removals with the Motus AX. It’s manufactured by Europe’s top aesthetic laser manufacturer- DEKA and distributed by Cartessa Aestheics.

No more rubber band snap feel, painless and you’ll be hair free?! Why wait? 🙂


Great results – Great reputation – Affordable price.
Reopening this August!
Gift Cards also available at discounted price.
Please support our local business!


Share this post and we’ll also waive the usual 3% credit card fee when you buy the Gift Certificates with credit cards!


Share this post and we’ll also waive the usual 3% credit card fee when you buy the Gift Certificates with credit cards!


Last minute cancellation spot SALE!!!

The spot is available for:

1) Half set Mink, Silk, or Extreme Eyelash Extension $40
Full set Mink, Silk, or Extreme Eyelash Extension $80


2) Rejuvenating Microdermabrasion + Facial + Massage + Real 24k Golden Mask or the mask of your choice $99


3) Microblading $199

The SALE is for tonight only and we are open till 10PM tonight.
First come first serve. Please call 571-969-6968 ASAP


3D Microblading Session for only $249 (Regular price $550)


Something about the 3D Microblading :
- 3D Microblading (also known as Eyebrow Embroidery) is the new semipermanent eyebrow tattoo. This innovative method consists of manually drawing 3D hairstrokes directly on the skin's surface using a specially designed tool along with all-natural color pigment.

- Unlike a permanent eyebrow tattoo, the semipermanent 3D microblading technique leaves a feathered appearance and does not leave a flat, dull appearance. The results are natural and can last 1 to 2 years. It is a safer treatment method and with no touch ups, the pigment fades over time until nothing is left behind.

- The pigment colors are custom blended for you prior to the procedure and the brow shape is customized according to your face, bone structure and perception. As previously mentioned, results may last 1-2 years. Touch-up treatments along with compliance can extend the lifespan of your new brows.

Timeline photos 06/19/2017

If you are dealing with sagging skin after pregnancy or sketch marks after weight loss, come and try our Non- surgical skin lift treatment. We promise that you will see the difference after one treatment.
Call us now at 571-969-6958 to book an appointment

Timeline photos 06/14/2017

Hi guys, we are running many special packages for Laser Hair Removal treatment and we are willing to see new clients so feel free to call us to make an appointment.

Timeline photos 06/10/2017

Sorry, it's been long because we haven't had a chance to manage the page, we miss you guys 😍😍😍 . For new clients who want a free 30' consultation, call us now at 571-969-6958 to make an appointment with our private consultant.

Timeline photos 02/26/2015

A thoughtful and lovely gift from one of our kind customer. We are truly grateful for your thoughts in this spiritual holiday season. Merry Christmas to everyone!

Timeline photos 02/26/2015

Ladies and Gents - Please support the fashion show hosted by the talented fashion designer Thai Nguyen to raise funds for BPSOS-Falls Church, VA! Thank you for showcasing your beautiful work in support of such a great cause!
BPSOS-Falls Church, VA is a non profit that support victims of domestic violence and disadvantaged youths in the U.S., refugees in need of legal aid in Southeast Asia, and victims of human trafficking across the globe.

Photos from Laser Tysons Paramedical Spa's post 02/26/2015

Found a familiar face out of hundreds when one of our technicians- Amy, saw her beloved client in a Church concert in D.C. What a lovely coincident! Thank you to all of our loyal customers and have a wonderful holiday season.

Mobile uploads 02/26/2015

We have the most generous customers! One of our royal clients brought us coconut water as a refreshed drink for the day. Thank you for your kind gestures


All of the donation for December 2014 in total of $1,000 dollars went to CLB Thiện Nguyện Minh Trần (An organization that cares for orphans and homeless elders in Vietnam) because they were in much need for help for some extra warm clothes, food, and medicine for the orphans and homeless elders for d holidays.
We will resume our regular distribution next month. Thank you for your incredible and kind donations. L.A.ser wishes everybody, the orphans, the homeless elders, our customers, their friends and family a merry Xmas and happy new year.

Timeline photos 02/21/2015

Christmas Promotion!!!


Thank You for Trusting Us with Your Beauty Needs!

We are grateful this Thanksgiving for the opportunity to help you look and feel your best. Here’s how you know we always put you first:

★ Affordable payment plans are available.
In addition to our standard payment plans, we can tailor a plan to meet your needs and budget. Let us know and we will do anything we can to help you get the treatments that you want and deserve.

★ Rewards program for letting us help you.
For every $100 you spend per transaction, you earn a reward stamp.
- Save up and redeem your stamps for free treatments (laser hair removal, non-surgical facelift, body sculpting, rosacea, acne, scar, and large pores reduction, microdermabrasion, and many more!)

★ Free treatments for candid feedback.
Like our page and give us a review on 1 of these 3 sites -- Google/Yelp/Groupon -- for a $20 gift certificate. You can copy and paste it to the other 2 sites for another $15 gift certificate each (*).

★ $100 gift certificate for every referral.
This is our Thank You for helping your friends find us!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

* Gift certificate will be awarded if your reviews stay posted on those sites for 30 days.
If none of your reviews stays posted, don’t worry - we will still give you 2 reward stamps for your effort!
Copyright © 2014 L.A.ser, All rights reserved.
We send special offers to all customers who have inquired about or purchased services from us.

Our mailing address is:
2338 Columbia Pike
Arlington, VA 22204


November was a great month for L.A.ser! Here's why: we partnered with Groupon for the very first time and better yet, we were able to donate $750 to charity! We haven't seen this number in a long time - your support is what made it happen!

1) Action Against Hunger- $150 donation

2) Africare - $150 donation

3) The Humane Society of the United States - $150 donation

4) CLB Thiện Nguyện Minh Trần - $150 donation

5) Accelerated Cure Project for MS - $150 donation

If you are losing sleep over gifts for your loved ones, a gift card from L.A.ser would make the perfect present! We are running a promotion on Groupon right now for up to 75% off - you would want to check it out!


We did it again! We were able to set aside some charitable funds for September and October. We gave $500 of support to the following organizations in those two months.

1) Action Against Hunger USA - $100

2) Africare - $100

3) Action Against Hunger USA - $100

4) The Humane Society of the United States - $100

5) CLB Thiện Nguyện Minh Trần - $100
(An organization that cares for orphans and homeless elders in Vietnam)

A special thanks to our clients who made this month's contributions possible. We and the organizations we help thank you!

Non-Surgical Skin Lift on a Small, Medium/Large, or Full Body Area at L.A.ser (Up to 75% Off) 10/30/2014

Non-Surgical Skin Lift on a Small, Medium/Large, or Full Body Area at L.A.ser (Up to 75% Off)

Ladies and Gents - your skin needs your attention! L.A.ser is officially on Groupon. We are running a limited-time promotion so your skin can get the attention and care it's been craving for. Don't let the cost get in the way with up to 75% OFF. Check it out today before it's sold out! Groupon Miss Vietnam DC

Non-Surgical Skin Lift on a Small, Medium/Large, or Full Body Area at L.A.ser (Up to 75% Off) Non-invasive skin lift uses microcurrent signals to lift & tighten the skin, to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, creases & wrinkles

Photos from Laser Tysons Paramedical Spa's post 10/28/2014

What a pleasant surprise when we opened shop today! Flowers and a thank you note from one of our clients. As always, your feedback and satisfaction mean a lot to us! Send us your thoughts on how we're doing!

Photos from Laser Tysons Paramedical Spa's post 10/28/2014

Congratulations to Anhthu Pham, a friend of L.A.ser for being crowned Miss Vietnam DC - People's Choice 2014! It has been a pleasure to be with you on your journey to this title. We have always believed in you!

Thanks for always thinking of us for your beauty needs!

Photos of the winning night.

Miss Vietnam DC 2014 People's Choice Competition 10/28/2014

Congratulations to Anhthu Pham for being crowned Miss Vietnam DC - People's Choice 2014! It has been a pleasure to be with you on your journey to this title. We have always believed in you!

Thanks for always thinking of us for your beauty needs!

Contestant #2: Anh Thu Pham

State: Virginia

School: George Mason University

Major: Nursing

Occupation: Chasin' Tails – Server

Timeline photos 09/11/2014

Today L.A.ser is sending prayers of love and healing to all those affected by 9/11


You know the drill! Another month has gone by (happy belated Labor Day, by the way!) and we are still in the spirit of giving. The organizations that we are benefiting this month are working around the clock to improve the lives of others. L.A.ser is proud to be able to contribute to the efforts. Check out what we're doing to help:

1) Action Against Hunger - $70 donation from L.A.ser

2) Accelerated Cure Project for MS - $50 donation from L.A.ser

3) CLB Thiện Nguyện Minh Trần - $200 donation from L.A.ser

We are not in the business of just making money. We are in the business of making a difference - both for our clients as well as our community. Show your support by liking us!

Miss Vietnam DC 2014 People's Choice Competition 07/30/2014

L.A.ser wishes Anhthu Pham the best of luck on her journey to become Miss DC Vietnam 2014! We would like to thank her and her family for being L.A.ser's loyal clients since we opened our doors for business. All the staff members at the spa are rooting for you!

Show your support by liking her picture (see link below). As a treat, you will receive a FREE STAMP towards free treatments.

Contestant #2: Anh Thu Pham

State: Virginia

School: George Mason University

Major: Nursing

Occupation: Chasin' Tails – Server


INTRODUCING OUR NEW SPA TREATMENTS - the Non-surgical FACELIFT and BODY SCULPTING using Microcurrent technology. All non-surgical and non-invasive! At L.A.ser we believe don't believe that you should go under the knife to bring out the beauty in you.

For more information, just ask us!

TREATMENT - Nonsurgical Facelift 07/29/2014

Results seen right after 1st or 2nd treatment, call for a free half face demo!!!

TREATMENT - Body Sculpting 07/29/2014

1-3 inches lost immediately on any part of the body right after the 1st TX, call for a free demo!!!

My Fundraising Page 07/28/2014

My Fundraising Page

L.A.ser is committed to giving back to the community and is a proud sponsor of the following organizations in July:

1) The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Although this organization wasn't on our radar, a friend of L.A.ser doing a triathlon to raise money for blood cancer research. L.A.ser supports Thao wholeheartedly and is contributing $300 to wipe out cancer!


2) Africare - $50

3) The Humane Society of the United States - $50

The donations are made possible by our loyal clients! We appreciate your support.

My Fundraising Page With a little more than a month left to train, we are working very diligently everyday to strengthen our body and mind for this grueling event in September! We grow stronger and more tenacious each day knowing why we train. Each and every time we train, we are reminded that there are so many individ…

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Hand Agespot B&A
Painfree, fast and amazing efficacy 😍



1952 Gallows Road, Suite 104
Vienna, VA

Opening Hours

Monday 12pm - 10pm
Tuesday 12pm - 10pm
Wednesday 12pm - 10pm
Thursday 12pm - 10pm
Friday 12pm - 10pm
Saturday 12pm - 10pm
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