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The first free infant bodywork clinic is open for registration!

It will be hosted on January 26 at 3168 Magic Hollow Blvd. There are two time slots: 930-1030 and 1030-1130.

This clinic is for precrawling babies to receive one hour of bodywork (CST, massage) for free. These clinics are designed with community support in mind, too. We often have other feeding therapists, chiropractors, release providers, etc. present and ready to help support you as well.

Head over to cstwithliz.janeapp.com to book your time slot. You can email [email protected] or text me if you have any questions.


I’ve dreamt of hosting more events like this for a while, and I’m really stoked to invite you to our first healing of the year at 3168 Magic Hollow Blvd!

On January 13 from 630-8 we will have 30 minutes of gentle movement and breath work led by .kneads to strengthen our mind body connection and open our energy to the vibrational healing sound bowls played by .namuli for one hour! Head over to my booking website cstwithliz.janeapp.com to book your spot! The cost is $20.


I’ve opened up some reiki sessions! Distance Reiki is a unique experience of receiving energy balancing in the comfort of your own space. Each session is 1 hour long with discussion and a reading for $100.

Text me at 316-272-2720 to book your session now!

Photos from CST With Liz, LLC's post 12/01/2023

What an incredible opportunity yesterday was. and invited me to come teach and work alongside them for the day doing CST and CFT. I flew out from VA Beach early in the morning to New York. We saw 7 families in total and then I flew back home.

My heart feels really full, and I feel a new door opening with my purpose in this work. I’m beyond grateful for this connection and friendship we’ve made.

I value the honesty and vulnerability that we shared during our time together. This type of work holds space for massive emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual healing for the person receiving AND the person giving this work. As practitioners, our ability to be present, tuned in, and open comes with a lot of practice attuning and aligning to ourselves, too. It’s powerful to watch unfold.

New York is lucky to have these two women. They hold so much fire for supporting families. They have integrity and hold so much love. Their intuition and expertise will guide them far in this work. I can’t wait to do this again with you both.

Where am I going next?

Photos from CST With Liz, LLC's post 11/28/2023

I have two rooms for rent at 3168 Magic Hollow Blvd in Virginia Beach for 1 year leases starting in January 2024. This entire office is a first floor unit. Each room is $550 per month with the requirement of liability insurance upon signing the lease. Renting this space includes internet, washer and dryer, full kitchen, filtered water, and a large classroom/waiting space.

Our office, The Hearth on Magic Hollow, is a place where people come home to themselves. This space aligns especially with practitioners who work with families of all ages, through such modalities as (although not limited to) massage, Craniosacral therapy, fascial work, energy and intuitive modalities, talk therapy, nutrition and wellness counseling, chiropractic care, acupuncture, occupational therapy, speech therapy, myofunctional therapy, and physical therapy.

If you or someone you know might be a good fit, please reach out to me via email at [email protected] or text at 316-272-2720


Here are 2024 prices!

Sessions can be booked at cstwithliz.janeapp.com


My purpose in this work is becoming clearer as an intuitive bodyworker. I feel strongly that my sessions are designed to help bring you and your child home to yourselves, whether you are 1 day old or 100+ years old and in whatever season of life you are in.

At this point in my practice, I have been fortunate enough to experience thousands of sessions where immense learning and healing has occurred. The inter-generational impact that this work is having inspires and humbles me every day. And yes, especially even for those going through the tongue tie release process. During my time in this work, I’ve been able to practice several modalities and attend many trainings/programs within the realms of body, energy, and intuitive works. I blend and become a conglomeration of everything I learn as who I am as a practitioner continues to unfold.

In this process, it has become clear that I cannot separate the energetic balancing from the nervous system soothing and the fascial release. It’s increasingly apparent how important it is to me to balance the physical and metaphysical bodies together because of the mind-body-spirit connection.

For this reason, my sessions are changing.

My sessions in 2024 will be longer (75-90 minutes) so that I can provide the space your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies need to release and realign. The energetic, craniosacral, and fascial techniques I’ve learned will all be integrated in 2024. That means when you book a session with me, you might experience Craniosacral therapy and Reiki in the same session. Mediumship might come forward or there might be a need for dowsing to move stuck energy while I use fascial release techniques to help deepen relaxation.

When babies and toddlers are in for a session, I also want to allot time for parents to receive some work, too, because as we heal, so too do our children.

I’m beyond thankful to everyone who has supported me in my growth this far. I’m honored to be trusted in your space, and I hope to see you in 2024!

Appointments can be scheduled at cstwithliz.janeapp.com

Photos from CST With Liz, LLC's post 10/17/2023

We were such strangers in this photo, yet looking at her felt like looking at all the forgotten and lovable parts of myself. Like my heart was now on the outside of my body. I didn’t know her yet, but I knew I’d do anything for her, anything to keep her safe.

Sometimes I find myself overcome by emotion when I think of how much my daughter shifted everything for me, how much becoming her mom changed me. Without her coming into this world, I wouldn’t be who I am, wouldn’t do what I do, wouldn’t strive to be who I want to become for her, for my lineage.

I hope my daughter always knows how much I love her. And how thankful I am for everything she continues to teach me.

Happy birthday, Ophelia!


The last free infant bodywork clinic for 2023 is now open for booking! There are two time slots to choose from. Please note, these sessions will take place at 3168 Magic Hollow Blvd in Virginia Beach.


I’ve got some big news! In just a few weeks, I’ll be moving to a new office. Don’t worry, it’s not far from my current office.

After October 1, all sessions will take place at my new location:

3168 Magic Hollow Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA 23453

I can’t wait to show you!


June’s clinic is open for registration. This is for precrawling babies. June 30 we will have 2 sessions at 930-1030 and 1030-1130. You can sign up at cstwithliz.janeapp.com

Professionals, if you wish to attend, please let me know at least a week before the clinic so I can plan accordingly!


We have a great opportunity for families with precrawling infants to receive bodywork in July for free. This will take place of our free July infant bodywork clinic. There will be 4 sessions over 3 days from July 23-25 where your baby will receive Craniosacral fascial therapy CFT. This will take place at The Four Points by Sheraton in Virginia Beach. If you are interested in signing your little one up for these sessions, please email [email protected] or text 316-272-2720 with the following information:

Age in July: 
Tongue tie release/date if applicable:

Once I have this information, we can start organizing the times for your baby’s sessions each day.


New offering!!

Starting May 31, .kneads and are teaming up to bring families 90 minute joint CST sessions every Wednesday afternoon at either 1 pm or 3 pm.

We see how much parents get this work done for their babies and talk about someday getting it done for themselves, and we want to make that more accessible for you. Parents need this modality just as much as their babies do, especially in support of transitioning from pregnancy to birth and the postpartum life. And definitely if baby is going through the tongue tie release process to help soothe the nervous system.

During these 90 minute sessions, moms or dads and their babies (6 months and younger) will each receive craniosacral therapy. This is a chance for parents and babies to relax, release, and come back into themselves.

Please text, message here, or email [email protected] to schedule your appointment.


Registration for our next FREE infant (precrawling) bodywork clinic is open!

Date: April 28

This clinic is designed to help you get a session of bodywork for your infant. You will be paired with a bodyworker for an hour session where your baby will receive either massage or Craniosacral therapy. These modalities are important for relieving tension in your baby’s body. Practitioners may teach you some stretches or exercises or massages to help you support your baby at home, but this clinic is not solely a class for parents to learn techniques. You can expect your baby to feel much more relaxed and soothed.

This clinic is also designed to help get you connected with professional resources that you may need in your postpartum experience. In the past, we have had IBCLCs, SLPs, Myofunctional therapists, Chiropractors, and Physical Therapists who have participated to help support and nurture our families.

There are two sessions per clinic: 930-1030 and 1030-1130. These sessions are for babies that are not yet crawling. Both sessions are free. There is a limit of two free clinics per family due to the demand in our community.

To register for the clinic, please got to cstwithliz.janeapp.com

*please make sure to fill out the intake forms as soon as possible, even if you’ve had a session with me before because it helps me get you connected to professionals appropriately.

If the clinic is full, please add yourself to the waitlist!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

If you are a practitioner and would like to join, please email cstwithliz@gmail@.com!

Photos from CST With Liz, LLC's post 03/09/2023

CST and CFT are two modalities that help relieve overall tension in the body and nervous system. They are gentle and incredibly powerful techniques for helping each person relax into themselves and feel more aligned physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


I often wonder what babies really see as they stare into our eyes with the knowledge of the world.

To say I’m thankful for the space I get to share with each of you is only just the beginning of how grateful I am. There are moments in my day that I can’t believe I get to do what I love and how lucky I am to learn more every day.

It’s my hope that this space can be a place of learning for you. I’m grateful to be able to post videos that teach, and my hope is to continue with even more next year. If you’re a client, please feel free to let me know if you’d like to make a video during one of our sessions!

Thank you .still.photosva for capturing this moment.


In lieu of the holidays coming, we will be taking a small break from clinics until next year!

If you are an infant bodyworker and would like to join us, please message me!


It can feel extremely invalidating to be told to just wait and see or ride out the screams of your baby because they “have colic,” and it will eventually go away. It doesn’t go away, the body just finds ways to compensate for the dysregulation.

Working with a team of professionals is going to help address any underlying issues while also supporting you and your baby so that you don’t have to just endure, but you can actually thrive and feel good.

Such professionals include:
Speech language pathologist
Craniosacral/Craniosacral fascial therapist
Infant massage therapist
Physical therapist
Occupational therapist
Airway centric release provider

If you’re interested in seeing what CST can do to help alleviate dysregulation for your baby, book your session at cstwithliz.janeapp.com

Photos from CST With Liz, LLC's post 11/03/2022

2023 Pricing is now available!

You can book your sessions at cstwithliz.janeapp.com


Different types of pressures or movements happen around a baby’s head during pregnancy, birth, and immediately postpartum. Babies cranial bones are able to shift to help them exit the womb, which is quite impressive. The process of gestating and being born applies various pressures to each baby’s skull which can affect fascial relaxation, nerve firing, and cranial fascial and skeletal alignment. If there is extra tension around the skull, this could affect feeding, sleep, digestion, nervous system regulation, breathing, tear ducts, etc.

Craniosacral and Craniosacral fascial therapy are two modalities that release this tension with the use of gentle contacts and movement patterns. Holds like these help relieve pressure on cranial nerves and reduce fascial strain while encouraging cranial asymmetry.

It’s helpful for each baby to have a session of bodywork to help their nervous system integrate all of the changes happening within and around them.

Book your appointment at cstwithliz.janespp.com


This crossbody hold and stretch helps release the neck muscles, which can be tight after birth or if baby is dealing with tethered oral tissues. Babies who have a head turning preference or are making a c-curve to one side will benefit greatly from this position. This can be helpful for getting a deeper latch, helping baby rest on their back more comfortably, and be more relaxed in their body.

Watch as baby’s hands begin to relax fully and their body calms. You might even catch a glimpse of a sigh of release.


Most importantly, asking for permission is crucial. If they open their mouth and engage eye contact, that’s a yes! If they clamp shut and look away, that’s a no. Respect the no during play and come back later. This is especially important in preparation for a tongue tie release where you will be doing wound care and must be able to get in their mouths to to ensure proper healing. Having times where your baby feels heard and respected and in control will help them feel safer and more trusting during wound care stretching.

Cheek massage is important to help relieve tension from compensatory patterns, such as when dealing with improper latching and improper tongue movement from oral restrictions. Often, babies will over-engage the cheek muscles during feeding or hinge their mouths open with low tongue posture during rest or sleep because of ties that restrict movement of the tongue to properly move (tongue ties) or the lips to appropriately fl**ge (lip and/or buccal ties). This causes quite a bit of tension in the cheek muscles leading into the jaw.

This massage is best done a few times a day, before a feeding. Taking your index finger and thumb, lightly press the muscles and tissues as you pull from top, mid, and bottom of the cheek to the lip. You might add little circles to massage out any extra tight spots along the way.

***if you suspect your babies has ties, it’s important to get an oral assessment done by a tie savvy feeding therapist, such as an IBCLC and SLP.


Many babies who have tongue ties also experience frequent hiccups, womb and Earthside.

A couple of reasons this might be happening is because of air intake and nerve compression. Many babies experience both.

Air intake: When a baby cannot latch properly, they will take in extra air into their belly. This air often has trouble exiting (not being able to burp, passing gas is quite challenging or painful) in tongue tied babies. This is because fascial strain from midline tension has pulled the diaphragm out of alignment. In response to excess air, the body hiccups.

Nerve compression: The phrenic and vagus nerves play large roles in diaphragm and digestive health. Babies who are tongue tied often have torsion patterns in their fascia that can result in turning or tilting their head more to one side, bending in a C shape, holding fi**ed hands close with shrugged shoulders, being very rigid. Fascial strain patterns can put compression on the phrenic and vagus nerves, which can irritate them and cause more frequent and deeper hiccups responses.

If your baby experiences frequent hiccups, try this exercise to release tension around the diaphragm and stabilize the trunk. It won’t take hiccups away in the moment, but it will help lessen the duration and intensity over time.


For a variety of reasons, babies will have sinus congestion. Sometimes it’s allergies, maybe a bug. But many babies who have tongue ties tend to have more compression on their sinuses because of how high the palate is. It’s harder for the tongue to reach the top of the mouth and shape the palate when it’s restricted to the floor of the mouth. Because of this compression on the sinus cavities, babies who have ties, tend to have more stuffiness or ear infections because of improper mucous drainage or inflammation of the nasal passage.

Try this sinus tapping, massage, and hold technique to give your baby some relief from pressure, and be ready for the snot to start flowing.

And if you suspect your baby has a tongue tie, The Hampton Roads Area has a whole team ready to support you.

Photos from CST With Liz, LLC's post 07/30/2022

Yesterday, we hosted our second infant bodywork clinic, and it went really well! I am incredibly grateful for and .kneads for taking time to be there and be present for these little ones. They truly have a heart for helping families, and it shows in the work they do. I was so happy to see each of the families there yesterday.

If you are a practitioner who works with babies (OT, PT, SLP, IBCLC, Release provider, Chiro, pediatrician, etc.) please feel free to come check out what we do at these clinics. Yesterday, we were lucky to have a physical therapist visit! Just shoot me a message, and I can see if we have space!

The next clinic will be August 26! Be on the lookout for open registration in two weeks.


Proper peristalsis (the wave-like movement of the tongue you see here) helps create a vacuum that pulls milk from breast or bottle so that baby can eat! If baby has an oral restriction, it will prevent the tongue from lifting and cupping the ni**le appropriately. Two of the most common symptoms of a dysfunctional suck pattern are excessive air intake (clicking, extra gas, choking) and chomping while attempting to suck (shallow latch, ni**le trauma, lipstick shaped ni**les). If you’ve experienced this, you know how exhausting and overwhelming it is.

When there is an oral restriction causing improper movement of the tongue, working with a bodyworker (CST, massage, chiro) AND a feeding therapist (IBCLC, SLP) is going to be key for addressing and correcting torsion patterns caused by the restriction as well as strengthening and restraining the tongue and jaw for proper oral motor development.

“Waiting it out” isn’t an option. And I’m sorry if anyone has ever told you to do that. Proper support is imperative for the feeding dy or triad, and in The Hampton Roads area, we have a great team of professionals ready to help you and your baby.

Check out this cool pacifier from that can be used to help reinforce proper suck patterns!


When there is tension under the tongue, it can restrict proper latching and tongue movement to get a deep and strong latch. A shallow latch will cause more air to be taken in. Many babies with tongue ties will have issues with this air getting trapped.

They might experience excessive spitting up of curdled milk, bloated and distended bellies, pain getting gas out, troubles passing p**p or having a full bowel movement, or sometimes not being able to even burp. This trapped gas gets stuck in the lower abdomen and will cause discomfort. Baby might grunt a lot, cry more frequently and for longer periods of time, not be able to lay on their back for any length of them, kick a lot, or having difficulty soothing.

Here are a few ideas of how to help get some of that air out after feeds.

*the baby in this video had at least a 5-6 second long release of gas after doing these and the relief was evident.

Watch this reel by cstwithliz on Instagram 06/27/2022


This resting tongue posture hold is going to help encourage the tongue to stay on the roof of the mouth with the lips sealed. This will promote nasal breathing, which is better for optimal air intake and sleep and feeding good all around.

This stretch does not replace any post release wound care, but it is a great additional hold to do while baby sleeps because it helps keep the diamond shape gentle stretched long and open.

If their tongue falls down during the chin pull, repeat as necessary. This will take time and practice.

Watch this reel by cstwithliz on Instagram Alan Silvestri • Practical Magic

Photos from CST With Liz, LLC's post 06/24/2022

Our first free infant bodywork clinic happened today! Thank you .gray.cst.yoga for the inspiration and courage to initiate this program in Virginia Beach.

A huge thank you to these kind-hearted and skilled professionals, Ms. TaNisha with and Ms. Courtney with .kneads

I can feel their passion for helping, and I am grateful to help alongside them.

Thank you to the families who trusted us with their littles in that space.

Our free infant bodywork clinic for pre-crawling babies is the last Friday of every month. You don’t need a referral! Registration opens the second week of each month. Be on the lookout for when you can sign up each month by following along on this page.


It’s evident this baby feels so safe and coregulated with their momma.

As a parent, your nervous system has gone through just as much if not arguably more than your baby’s during the entire perinatal experience. It can feel overwhelming to keep your s**t together when your baby is crying because you might just want to cry, too. That’s okay and VERY normal.

During a session of CST, you matter just as much to me as your baby does. So we talk as much as you want in my office. My hope is that your nervous system feels safe and free to express. I also do CST for adults, which is a great way to soothe parents’ fight/flight mode and ease the transition into the fourth trimester.

I value and understand how much courage it takes to allow someone to work with your baby, and I’m grateful to be able to work in this space in this space with families every day.

To book a session, go to cstwithliz.janeapp.com

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