Hot Yoga Studio Community Wellness & Yoga Therapy, Virginia Beach, VA Video February 7, 2020, 2:26pm

Videos by Hot Yoga Studio Community Wellness & Yoga Therapy in Virginia Beach. Hot Yoga Studio is Hampton Roads' first hot yoga studio with experienced instructors that teach students body alignment, relaxation, & breath control.

New video series launching today! Meet Amanda Hamp Owner and Director of Hot yoga studio in Va Beach & National Yoga Academy.

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Flow with Anna

500 hour training starts May 29 2020-April 2021. Advanced training in anatomy, hot yoga & vinyasa, yoga therapy & viniyoga, yin yoga, prenatal yoga, kids yoga & Ayurveda private sessions, yoga nidra & case studies. You will get private yoga therapy as part of your training as well as a mentor that will work with you in developing your skills as a yoga teacher. Check us out Or email us at [email protected] #500houryogateachertraining #advancedanatomy #myofacialrelease #yoga idea #yinyoga #kidsyoga #prenatalyoga #yogatherapy #ayurveda #privatesessions #casestudies #scienceofyoga #hotyogastudiovabeach #nationalyogaacademy #bethechange #teachthechange #grateful #love #yogainspiration #yogateacher #yin #yoga #yogateacherslife #yogainspiration

Instructor spotlight: Grady Kiser Grady has been a big inspiration to our studio and students and although he is moving to Seattle I wanted to still highlight his videos because he will forever be a part of the Hot Yoga studio family. #instructorspotlight #hotyogastudiovabeach #nationalyogaacademy #bethechange #teachthechange #welovegrady #grateful #love #yogainspiration #yogateacher #yin #yoga #yogateacherslife #yogainspiration

Instructor Spotlight: Flavia Lacerda Yoga has been a big part of my life. When I first started practicing hot flows, I fell in love with yoga and its benefits. It taught me to be stronger, more patient and more connected with my body and mind. I believe this ancient practice allows our bodies to relax by opening joints, releasing muscles, and cleansing through breathing. I completed my 200 hour training with the National Yoga Academy here in Virginia Beach . I’m continuing to take classes and learning more about Ayurveda. I will always be a student of the practice because there is always an opportunity to learn more and share with others. The most satisfying part is in the yoga community where we all have the opportunity to grow from one another. In my classes, I like to combine light, playful, and creative elements together in a single sequence. I aim to guide my students to be more connected with their mind, body and soul. The goal to all of my classes is for my participants to leave balanced, nourished, and refreshed. Namaste #instructorspotlight #hotyogastudiovabeach #nationalyogaacademy #bethechange #teachthechange #weloveflavia #grateful #love #yogainspiration #yogateacher #yin #yoga #yogateacherslife #smile #live #love #yoga-inspiration

Instructor spotlight: Abrianna Roth Abrianna began her yoga journey recently in April of 2018. Her mind and her heart are open to the endless possibilities that yoga has to offer. Abrianna received her RYT200 in December of 2018 with National Yoga Academy diving right in to her practice. She is now currently working towards becoming a certified yoga therapist and is in her second year of training in the Optimal State 865 yoga therapy training program. She has been teaching group yoga classes at Hot Yoga Studio since April of 2019 focusing on Hot Flow and a therapeutic breath-based style of yoga known as Viniyoga. “I found my life’s purpose when yoga found me. I had practiced yoga only a handful of times before we really found each other. As a military veteran I knew I wanted to continue on a path of serving others. It started from a simple invitation that I said yes to, and it changed my life forever. My vision in yoga is to guide my clients into finding themselves and finding the power to heal themselves. Yoga gives us our power back. When we practice yoga, we practice oneness. I hope to give my clients connection to themselves and in turn connection to community.” #instructorspotlight #hotyogastudiovabeach #nationalyogaacademy #bethechange #teachthechange #weloveabrianna #grateful #love #yogainspiration #yogateacher #yin #yoga #yogateacherslife #yogainspiration

Instructor spotlight: Kat Hoff ❤️ Kathleeen Hoff, “Kat” to her friends, visited and revisited yoga for years. In the midst of mourning the loss of her father, she finally fell hard into yoga’s warm embrace, and, surprise, it transformed her life! After the intensity of bodybuilding, powerlifting, running, crossfit, and falling into a career firefighting, yoga is a haven. Kat is a full time firefighter and paramedic. She teaches yoga in her free time, but she spreads her love of yoga to everyone she meets! She practices daily, even at the fire station! Committed to health, Kat was a personal trainer and a massage therapist in the past and draws on this knowledge to teach her classes. Now that she’s added certified yoga teacher to her qualifications and talents, she looks forward to being a lifelong student as well as teacher. #instructorspotlight #hotyogastudiovabeach #nationalyogaacademy #bethechange #teachthechange #welovekat #grateful #love #yogainspiration #yogateacher #yin #yoga #yogateacherslife #yogainspiration #showupforyourself #keepshowingup

Instructor spotlight: Ibby Pack ❤️ A believer, a listener, a reader, a creator, a dancer, a rule-breaker, a lover, a friend,...a yoga teacher. A journeyer, native of Virginia Beach, Ibby is an explorer and adventurer at heart. She loves the outdoors, animals, travel, music and the arts. Ibby’s deep rooted life experiences in caring for the sick and elderly as well as her extensive knowledge of classical and contemporary dance,various sports, and other arts, helps fuel her drive towards spiritual, physical and mental wellness. She had dabbled with an at home yoga practice throughout her younger years but after stepping into a hot yoga studio later in life she knew the yogic path was for her. It was then that all aspects of her practice really began to deepen and she has been a dedicated yogini ever since. Ibby has practiced many different lineages near and far and received her RYT200 right here at home from Zen Hot Yoga with an emphasis on Vinyasa style Hatha yoga principles. She then went on to complete a 50hr Five Elements & Yin Yoga Teacher Training from Moonlight Yoga with emphasis on the study of Yin/Yang Daoism, Five Elements Theory, Yin Yoga Anatomy, Meridian Theory and Teaching Methodology of Yin Yoga. Her classes aim to leave you feeling relief, refreshed, and revived. No matter what the class style Ibby’s passion is to seamlessly link the movements and breath together to better facilitate the ability to find balance while completely disconnecting and going within. She strives for continuous personal growth and to inspire others to live their best life and to find their highest self. A forever student, Ibby has also received her Pharmacy Technician Certification from Norfolk Technical Center and a Bachelor of Science degree from Radford University. #instructorspotlight #hotyogastudiovabeach #nationalyogaacademy #bethechange #teachthechange #weloveibby #grateful #love #yogainspiration #yogateacher #yin #yoga #yogateacherslife #yogainspiration

New video series launching today! Meet Amanda Hamp Owner and Director of Hot yoga studio in Va Beach & National Yoga Academy. #fridayintroductions #love #hotyogastudiovabeach #nationalyogaacademy #followme #repost #yoga #smile #whyyoga #teachingstyles #bethechange #amandahampyogatherapy

Move freely & learn from the children how to be free. Join us January 26 at the hot yoga studio in Virginia Beach for an introduction to Breakdancing-I’m not the teacher I’ll be the student. this is just us having fun and getting excited about learning more. l. #breakdance #peace #love #movement #bethechange #lovewhatyoudo #kidsbreakdance #adultbreakdance #hotyogastudiovabeach #nyayoga

Hot yoga studio VaBeach events this month! January 15 is registration deadline for yoga teacher training we have three spots left!! Also we’re doing an open house and a breakdancing workshop at the end of the month for kids and adults join us 🙏❤️

21 days to register for Yoga Teacher Training! Learn the classical, modern and therapeutic approaches to the yogic tools. Heated and not heated classes, full membership to the studio, yoga therapy sessions & mentorship! Register today! [email protected] #yogateachertraining #yogatherapy #hotyoga #therapeuticyoga #bethechange

Fun times-yoga pranayama games 😂

Dreaming of teaching yoga? Join us this Saturday at the hot yoga studio in Virginia Beach & we will answer all of your questions! 12-1pm #yogateacher #yogateachertraining #bethechange #hotyogastudiovabeach #nationalyogaacademy

Calling all 200 hour Yoga Teachers- Check this out!
Calling all 200 hour Yoga Teachers! Are you ready to advance your yoga training? Imagine training with experts in Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Ayurveda & advancing your anatomy skills through myofascial release & muscle testing. We will even train you to start doing Private Sessions! Starting in 2020 we are launching a 300 hour training that is out of this world! For more info contact us @ [email protected]

Eddie Montoya did a wonderful job speaking on yoga & yoga therapy at the Parkinson’s Association conference today! Got team!

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