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Ugh, why must we think about next school year when this year is barely over??? My schedule is already booked half way through August 😬Yay for me, not so yay for procrastinators. Gnarly hair is no way to start off a school year so go ahead and book now!

Ugh, why must we think about next school year when this year is barely over??? My schedule is already booked half way through August 😬Yay for me, not so yay for procrastinators. Gnarly hair is no way to start off a school year so go ahead and book now!


✨New year, new ‘do! ✨
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It takes a lot to get me excited about new products but The Circle Chronicles from @davinesofficial have me a little giddy! There’s something for everyone! They are hair masks that address all sorts of needs. Need some shine in your life? Try the Spotlight Circle. Stressed out scalp? Try the Wake Up Circle. Too much damage? The Renaissance Circle is what you need. 10 minute masks are perfect for those self care days! And the scents are AMAZING 🙌 #davines #hairmasks #thecirclechronicles #757hairstylist #vbhairstylist


Summer strawberry 🍓 swipe for before pic ➡️ #redheadshavemorefun💋 #redkenshadeseq #bonfireseason #757hairstylist #vbhairstylist


I want to give you all an update as to how I will be moving forward as restrictions begin to get lifted in our area. Please know that it is and always has been VERY important to me to maintain a clean and sanitary environment in my salon. I have always followed the strict sanitation protocol set forth by the Department of Occupational Health and I will continue to do so along with some of the extra measures I've put in place such as sanitizing door k***s, pens, chairs, and other touchable surfaces.

From now until June 10, I will continue to single book (one client at a time) to maintain social distancing. Beginning June 10, when the Governor's individual stay-at-home order expires, I will begin to double book again which means there may or may not be another customer in the salon at the same time as you. However, I absolutely understand that we all have different comfort levels and I want to be considerate of that for each of you. If you prefer to NOT be double booked and would like to have your hair done without anyone else in the room, I will honor that. I will be implementing a single-booking fee of $50 to ensure that your appointment time will be for only you. This new single booking preference fee is essential for me to be able to keep my service pricing affordable. Without it, I would need to raise all service prices to make up for time lost. To be clear, the fee will only be implemented if you specifically request to be single booked. If your appointment happens to be during a time that no one else is scheduled, there will be no fee.

Thank you all for your continued loyalty and patronage! I'm always available if you have questions!



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Circa 2004..... PROOF THAT I INVENTED TEASY LIGHTS! Just kidding....I’m pretty sure I heard @robertcromeans suggest it at a hair show and I came home and found a brave model to let me try it out. Obviously I’ve cleaned up the process and it’s not quite as wild when i do it today. Swipe for after 👉 Beautiful back then and beautiful now! I love that women have moved towards more natural looking highlights and gone are the days of stripes! #teasylights #naturalhair #ididitfirst #alwaysagroundbreaker


Ribbons of gold 🎗
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First time to color for this girl! She said “I want natural but noticeable” Mission accomplished 💯🙌 #hair #highlights #btcpics #lowmaintenance #beauty #beautifulhair #naturalcolor #balayage #hairtrends #modernsalon #hairgoals #redkenshadeseq #schwarzkopfblondeme #757hairstylist #vabeachhairstylist #justkristanssalon #longhair


Happy first day of fall, y’all 🍁🍂🌾 Let this be a gentle nudge...it’s never too early to book those Thanksgiving/Christmas time hair appts! I’m #blessed to be very busy so if you want those roots to be the only thing that’s NOT dysfunctional at the dinner table this year, book today! #jk #loveyourfamily #evenwhentheyarecrazy #loveyourhairtoo


HAPPY 2019!!! Each year brings 365 opportunities to accomplish goals and make improvements. I’m always striving to make sure I’m offering you all the best quality possible. This year, I’m moving to “a la carte” pricing. Basically this means that package pricing (i.e. color & haircut for one price) will be broken up into individual pricing (color price + cut price). Color services are as unique and individual as all of you and this new price schedule will help me to make sure you only get charged for the service you get instead of trying to fit your unique color service into a package price box. An added benefit for all of you is that now you can use your reward points (yes, you have been racking up reward points!) to pay for all OR part of your service. Some of my prices will be slightly increasing, some will actually be going down a little bit 😱 and package booking is still available for those of you who schedule online. If you have any questions, message me and I’ll be happy to answer them! I love and appreciate you all and I’m looking forward to another awesome year of doing what I love with all of you in my chair! 😘

P.s. this could be a terrible idea and I could end up right back where I started but fingers crossed that it works out better for both of us the way I think it will!


Each and every year I am so thankful for all of my client-friends! You make my job fun and my gratitude is more than words can express!


Admittedly, the stress you’ll be saving is mine but the benefit is all yours! December is almost completely booked so please call, text or book online soon if you want fresh hair for Christmas!

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Redhead day is Nov. 5! 9 fun facts about red hair

I have special kind of love for gingers!



Have you seen the super cute trend of scarf updos?? I’m loving it and thought I’d give it a go. Learn with me!


PSA: August is fully booked! If you are one of my beloved college kids and have not booked a back to school cut yet, text me ASAP. I’m opening one day just for you procrastinators ;)


Complimentary shower caps with all hair services this week 😳😑⛈☔️⛈☔️⛈


I’m thinking about doing a Facebook Live video to answer your hair questions. What do you think? 🤔👍👎 If you want to see this happen, leave a comment with your question and I’ll answer it on my live video. I’ll need at least 3-4 questions to make it. So throw your toughest hair questions at me! What product should I use? How can I communicate better with my hairstylist? What size curling iron should I use? What’s the best way to tell my stylist that i don’t like my last hair cut? You name it...no topic is off limits....


Just Kristan's In Virginia Beach VA | Vagaro

My online booking services are back open! If you need to schedule an appointment, you can call, text or go to https://www.vagaro.com/justkristans

vagaro.com Salon


Thank you all for reaching out and being patient with me as I figure out how to keep doing life with a broken ankle. I’m going to continue working in moderation so I’ll be moving and rescheduling appts as needed. I have currently disabled online booking so if you are used to using that service, please just text me for appts for the next several weeks. If you don’t hear from me, you can assume your appt is staying as is. And I’m always grateful for your referrals but I won’t be taking new clients for 6 months. Again, thank you all for your patience and outpouring of love and prayers! I truly have the best client-friends in the world!! ❤️


Hey y'all....heads up.... I have no available appointments until July 2. #cancelatyourownrisk


Just a heads up...I'm taking quite a bit of time off for various reasons between now and the end of June. I'm already quickly running out of color appointments. If you need to have your color done before June 25, please please please pre-book now if you can! 😘




Clients! I have VERY FEW appointments left before Christmas. If you haven't scheduled your appointment and you need to get in before the holiday season ends, I urge you to schedule soon 😘💁🏻


It's almost moving time!!!! Yeah!! I am about one week away from completing the home salon construction. Just waiting on some finishing touches with my cabinets. So, what does this mean for you? If you have an appointment on May 31 or after, please come to my new location!

Where should I park? There is plenty of on street parking but you are also welcome to park in my drive way.

What door do I use? The salon has it's own entrance. When you come up onto my porch, follow it around to the left side and you'll see the salon front door. Please come on in just as you would for any other business!

Will I be able to use the bathroom? Yes....of course!

But what about Starbucks? Won't they miss me? Yes, I think my move might collapse the coffee industry. BUT we'll strive to keep it alive with a coffee maker in my new shop ;)

Can I come by any time? Sure! But I won't always answer the salon door. I will be maintaining my regular schedule as it already is but one of the benefits for you in this location change is that I can be a little more flexible. Absolutely HAVE to have a Friday appointment next time? Just let me know and I'll work it in when I can.

What if I forget? I'll be sending out weekly group texts to everyone who has an appointment that week to remind you of my address. You do not need to respond when you get this text. If you need to ask me a question, text me privately. I'm sure everyone will appreciate that ;)

I seriously can NOT wait for you all to see my new digs!!! It's pretty great!

See you soon!


My online booking app is NOT broken. I really do not have any more color appointments available in May. This has been a PSA from your very busy hairstylist 😊😘


For my clients: I will be sending mass email updates regarding all the changes that will be coming over the next few months. If you have opted out of "email marketing" on VAGARO, you will not receive these updates. Take a moment to opt back in so that you can stay informed. I promise I won't spam you! ;)


An open letter to my clients:

I just want you to know--we're friends. Did you know that? Did you know you're not just another person sitting in my chair? Did you know that I actually care about you immensely?

Everyone knows the cliche that people spill their guts to their hairdresser but did you know I spill my guts to you too? You've been with me through my ups and downs, pregnancy, wedding, house selling torture, tears, bad hair days...you've been there for me too and that means we're friends. We might disagree on politics or religion but guess what? You know this because I feel comfortable talking to you about such personal topics.

When you're having a rough patch, I pray for you. You cross my mind more than just every 4-6 weeks. I care about our friendship. Yes, I want you to love your hair but I also want you to love our time together like I do. I like you for you, not just because you chose me to do your hair. That might be the reason we met, but it's definitely not the reason why we've lasted. I think you're pretty special. Thanks for the laughs...I'm looking forward to MANY more (and you know there will be plenty of jokes if Trump is our president ;))

Love you, my lovelies!


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This Trick Will Help You Decide Once and for All if You Should Cut Your Hair

So many of us just want the decision to cut or grow out to be made for us. Well, here ya go....it comes down to basic geometry :)

www.brit.co No Photoshopping required.


Growing out your bangs is the WORST!!! Am I right?!

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Modern Salon Magazine on Instagram: “Thanks @torontohairdesign for tagging #modernsalon with...

The struggle is real!

instagram.com “Thanks @torontohairdesign for tagging #modernsalon with this. "Like" if you can relate.”


You know what makes it okay to get your hair done on a nasty rainy day? 80's love jams on Pandora #turnaround #inthestylingchair #brighteyes

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Online Scheduling for Salons and Spas. Salon Software | Salon Appointment Software

NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER ONLY....book online and get double rewards points! Everyone who opts to use www.vagaro.com to book an appointment online will get double rewards points for every appointment! Rewards points can be redeemed for free services or products. This is for ALL appointments booked (i.e. book your next 10 appointments and they will ALL be doubled up in points). For all of my faithful veteran online bookers, you are all getting this deal for being ahead of the game. Merry early Christmas!!!

vagaro.com Find Salons and Spas. Read reviews, post reviews and make appointments online. Bookin appointments 24/7 with professional beauty experts. Book Haircuts, Hair color, Nail, Skin care, Massage, makeup and much more.


Wow! I can't believe I let yesterday go by without wishing myself a happy anniversary!!! 8 years of flying solo and I couldn't be happier. Thank you to all of my clients/friends who make my job so much fun! You all are seriously the greatest!

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Have you seen the super cute trend of scarf updos?? I’m loving it and thought I’d give it a go. Learn with me!




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