Virginia Beach Center for Pain Free Living

Virginia Beach Center for Pain Free Living


Just returned from another great series of massage sessions, Al is caring, intuitive, and knows exactly which modality is required for any given body part. I walked in a bent over old lady and walked out standing as tall and proud as a Marine and enjoying a pain free day

a pain free day.
Came down for a tune-up from Al. as usual he has the perfect touch. One session with him produced outstanding result. He is professional. caring, and truly seeks to help his clients obtain maximum healing. Cant say enough good things about him

1645 Laskin Rd
Suite 104

Virginia Bach Massage Center for Pain Free Living, Specializing in Myoskeletal Alignment Technique... Have chronic Neck, back pain?

Make an appt and lets see if we can find a way to get it fixed. I'm one of a very few that will work with insurance companies. Gift certificates and packages available!

Operating as usual 04/28/2019

Quick update, price increase ~ - 01/03/2019

Yin Yoga class added to schedule starting January 26th... ~ - 12/28/2018

Inclement weather and Yoga classes ~ - 12/15/2018

Happy Holidays and Schedule Changes.... ~ - 11/04/2018

No yoga class this coming Friday the 9th... Also Buying packages for Yoga classes ~ -

[10/31/18]   YogaFaith classes are NOW in-session. First class is this Friday, click link “BOOK NOW” and select class, you’ll then see schedule of classes.... Al 10/20/2018

Yoga classes are starting November 2nd... You can now book, they are “Pay in advance “ ~ - 10/06/2018

I’ll be Teaching YogaFaith and Soaking Prayer Meditation starting in November ~ -

[09/23/18]   NEW UPDATE:

I just completed and I'm now a YogaFaith RYT (registered yoga teacher) YogaFaith is a JESUS centered Yoga practice. It's NOT pushing religion down your throat. It's allowing Jesus to join us in a Yoga class... Al Smith

I'll be starting classes in November, I'll post once schedule is set... So please be watching around mid October and also, Please share with friends, relatives and loved ones.


Thank you all for the interest in the new Aromatherapy treatment using Young living essential oils kit "Oils of Sacred Scriptures". Here are the oils used and the Bible verses that reference them...

AL SMITH 10/19/2017

Hot flashes: Manage without medication?

Some good ideas.... Dressing in layers, keeping cool and avoiding known triggers are among the lifestyle strategies you can try for hot flash relief.

[10/16/17]   New service... All I can say is "Mind Blowing"... from last client I performed this service on....

Sacred Oils of the Scriptures Raindrop Technique $90, using Young Living Essential Oils

Perform (60) minutes of Raindrop Technique, using (10) of the Sacred Oils of the Scriptures. This is a powerful session, that can be used by anyone suffering Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual issues. The person can tell me their issue if they want, it is not required. I will pray for them during technique, aloud or in silence, your choice. 08/11/2017

SAVE your hands Boost your success + Ortho-Bionomy® Healing Reflexes

Are you a massage therapist?
Hands/Arms/Shoulders aching from working on clients... You have to look into this... Classes coming in October in Virginia Beach... Students and clients report exceptional results:“I use this work every day on every client.  It’s pain-free and these results are lasting longer than the deep tissue work I used to do.  I tell all my massage therapist friends ‘You have to take this class.  You have to learn Ortho-Bionomy.’ They tell... 05/02/2017


Summer 2017 Update

Since my last update, I've been working and studying different techniques to continue to find the correct method to help each person with their issues.

I am now a distributor of Young Living essential oils. I've always used essential oils, and then a client turned me on to Young Living oils. Thank you, Tracey, I immediately saw the amazing difference in Young Living from mass market oils. If you want to know more about YL oils, please feel free to ask.

I also started to research iTOVi essential oil bio-feedback scanning. This hand held device performs an impedance scan of your body, which takes about 3-5 minutes. iTOVi then compares your body scan (using frequencies) and compares it to Young Living’s frequency database for each oil, and recommends what your body needs. No more guessing or asking other people what you should take. You can find in-depth information at their website If you want to order one for your business, here is the link that includes a referral for me
I've have added a (30) minute iTOVi scan session as one of my services for anyone that has Young Living oils and doesn't want the expense of having a Scanner. During this session, I'll scan you, then we'll go over your results and I'll email your results, so you can have it to lookup whenever you want. You can scan as frequently as you want. Some people get scanned twice a month, some weekly. It's your choice and it cannot hurt your body. You'll see by iTOVi’s website, the scan just sends tiny frequency impulses and can be used on children and babies. You can book directly on my website.

I've also been training on Ortho-Bionomy, a different type of muscle release. Here is a link that explains what this type of service is I'll be attending a full week immersion class May 14-21 of this year so my schedule is closed during that period.

Last but not least, I'll be taking my annual vacation from July 14th-26th. So get your appointments set up before I go, or for after the 26th.


Nigel W.D. Mumford

For those in need...

Veterans Suicide Hotline 02/22/2017

Try Massage or Yoga Before Pills for Back Pain, Physicians Say

It's about time modern medicine sees the benefits of these modalities... New guidelines from the American College of Physicians (ACP) recommend trying exercise, yoga, or massage before medication for acute low-back pain.


Gluteus medius rehab

Glute medius relief, this will release "Overtime" but needs to be done regularly.

These exercises are meant to alleviate painful trigger points in the gluteus medius and minimus. Improving tissue quality in this area of the pelvis can help...


Quadratus Lumborum SA Static Release and Stretch

If you've had issues with QL's being painful or I've had to release yours, this video shows how to release the QL's by using a tennis ball...

Join to get instant access to 300+ videos, 300+ Articles, and dozens of online CEC's - If you enjoy our vide... 11/02/2016

Essential Oil & Aromatherapy Testimonials

An update on my services, I'm now a Young Living essential oils distributor. After (3) years of thinking all "oils" are the same; even the cheap ones, I found out by personal experience that they are VERY different and Young Living DOES actually work as a "Therapeutic" oil. If you want to know more about this, you can email me and we can set up time to explore this. If you want to investigate on your own, here's a great link to help with that...

Al 10/21/2016

‘Text neck’ is becoming an ‘epidemic’ and could wreck your spine

I keep telling people this will happen, great information and explanation. Thanks to the earth's gravitational pull, the average adult can put up to 60 pounds of pressure on the cervical spine when bent at a 60-degree angle. 10/20/2016

Is Sitting Truly the New Smoking? - Hello Healthy

Some great information. Sitting is a part of life, yes. But we’re sitting so much these days, and it’s catching up to us. “In recent years, more and more attention has been... 09/30/2016

18 Natural Migraine Plus Headache Remedies

Not sure if these actually work, but figured I'd post it. If anyone tries any of these, I'd love to hear from you. 18 Natural Migraine Plus Headache Remedies- Not all headaches and migraines are created equally, and unfortunately that makes them hard to identify and pin-point the cause. 09/19/2016

In Office Services Traveling Services Service Name Bodywork Services Bodywork Services Introductory offer $40 for (60) minutes when you book with Vicky $40 60min Select Introductory offer $60 for (90) minutes when you book with Vicky $60 90min......

Great news Vicky is now available (6) days a week... I'm lowering the introductory offer to help fill her schedule. We sell gift cards if you have someone that you love and they need a great massage.. Virginia Beach Massage Center for Pain Free Living massage services from $40 in Virginia Beach, VA. Tired of Chronic Pain???? 09/08/2016

In Office Services Traveling Services Service Name Bodywork Services Bodywork Services Introductory Cupping SPECIAL, good till October 31 2016 Massage Cupping is a modern adaptation of the ancient art of cupping therapy. While massage...

Hello Virginia Beach... Vicky Tolaro is here and already booking appointments... So if you want to get a massage, for $50/hr or $70/1.5 hrs Here's the link... Just click the "Introductory offer with Vicky"...

Also, this is NOT only good for one visit... You can book as many as you'd like between now and October 15th... Virginia Beach Massage Center for Pain Free Living massage services from $50 in Virginia Beach, VA. Tired of Chronic Pain???? 09/08/2016

FDA Bans Sale of Soaps with Antibacterial Chemicals FDA cites a lack of evidence showing that the soaps are more effective than ordinary soap and water. 09/04/2016

Nobody Warned Me About Lymphedema

Please pass this on to all men that you know, whether affected by it or just so they're educated.. Male breast cancer survivor Khevin Barnes asked a lot of questions — but he forgot to ask this one. 08/26/2016

What You Need To Know About Sound Healing

Virginia Beach Massage Center for Pain Free Living, welcomes
Vicky Tolaro. Vicky is Certified In Myofascial Release Massage, Certified in Reflexology and Sound therapy, go to our Booking website with this link below..

We are offering the special below IF you Book with Vicky. She will be starting to accept clients on September 8, 2016.

$50 for 1-hour service, or $70 for (90) minute service, for any of the services she performs. During the period of September 8th to October 15th, WHEN you book with Vicky... Have you ever tried "Sound Therapy", Vicky does this.

Don't miss out 08/26/2016

Is Aromatherapy Safe During Pregnancy Massage?

Great article about Essential Oils and pregnancy... Feel free to share... Added to pregnancy massage with appropriate considerations taken, aromatherapy can be a tool that works to help relieve pain, stress and anxiety.


Full moon Virginia Beach 8/19 08/08/2016

Cupping Marks Dot Phelps, Other Team USA Athletes

I do cupping, if you've ever wondered about it, book an appointment, the results will blow your mind.. Release of muscle tightness and relaxation of body. Eagle-eyed Olympic observers probably noticed on Saturday those small, circular marks on the backs and shoulders of several Team USA athletes, including members of the men’s gymnastics team and even all-world... 07/27/2016

Ways To Eat Less Sugar

Great article on Controlling Sugar intake We all know sugar is terrible for your health. Eating too much sugar has been linked to metabolic syndrome, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, liver disease, and even wrinkles. So if you’re looking for ways to eat less sugar, here are some tips: Ways to eat less sugar The sugar that you have to avoid is a... 07/10/2016

Don't Let Foot Cramps and Charley Horses Slow You Down

Great article on Muscle cramps: Charley Horses 7 causes and remedies for foot cramps and charley horses 07/03/2016

Golfers: Tee Up Some Common Sense

Some valuable information for golfers. According to the National Golf Foundation, more than 28 million Americans love to hit the links. However, after a day on [...] 06/27/2016

Why You Should Only Buy Organic Strawberries

If you wonder why you should pay so much for organic foods, this may help... Strawberries, in one form or another, get chopped into salads, splashed into cocktails and smeared across toast even though they're grown with more pesticides than most other crops. It's currently 06/19/2016

Dr. Paul Christo on Twitter

Ok, what more reason do you need to make an appointment.. Happy Father's day to all “Resting in bed worsens low back pain. It hurts to move, but the less you move the greater likelihood of muscular deconditioning & more pain.”



1645 Laskin Rd, Suite 104
Virginia Beach, VA

Opening Hours

Wednesday 12pm - 7pm
Thursday 12pm - 7pm
Friday 12pm - 7pm
Saturday 1pm - 4:30pm
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