Duchess Braids Inc, Virginia Beach, VA Video June 12, 2021, 5:10pm

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Basic to Advanced Braiding Course

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Basic to Advanced Braiding Course

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Pre-Order Shipping Tomorrow!! Yay!!
Earlier than expected dolls! Thank you for your orders, only 40 left in stock before we begin another pre-order period! Thank You!

What do you use and how can i get it??

Duchess Braids Edge Control (no longer Pomade!)
To purchase the Duchess Braids Edge Control click on the link below: Www.Duchessbeautybar.Com/shop

Pre-order my new braiding pomade before it’s sold out! Be the first in line to receive this product on launch day!! Click on the link below! Www.Duchessbeautybar.Com/shop

Do It Like Duchess Contest!
#supporters Videos in by May 23rd! Winners announced Sunday May 24th! Be Creative! Style Quality will be graded as well!! Post to the group with Title “Do It Like Duchess Contest” to enter!