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[03/05/18]   Zia Marie in Chicks Beach
I'm coming to see you this Thursday. Always full of beautiful women but the dark haired beauty behind the bar.
What is your name?

[02/25/18]   Se###y bartender at the Boxx.
You're always so sweet. Thank you for looking out for us the other night on the Uber. I'd love to put some of your sushi in my mouth.


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[02/25/18]   Last night I visited The Butcher's Son for a little bit of dinner with my husband and I saw you working the bar. Perfect beard. Perfect eyes. I'd love to make a secret with you.

[02/24/18]   Was at the Main last night for AETGY and I saw you on the rooftop deck. I couldn't believe my eyes. Red dress and green eyes, I am pretty sure you were with your boyfriend, but I kept catching you staring. Meet me at Sidestreet tonite and I'd love to have a drink with you.

[08/24/14]   I saw you with my homie, Ryan, this weekend at ECSC. we were in the VIP and you were with a bunch of other ladies from WRV can I ride your wave?

[08/24/14]   I believe your name is herby? Think your from ches? Id def get down with you. Them tattoos tho! Specially on your legs! Mmm! Call me a beaver and give me that wood! ;)pls

[08/24/14]   I saw you at the "r" bar, past one of the three overstaffed security dudes and rude employees. You looked great until i saw a roach in my food. Lets hook up instead ;-)

[08/12/14]   I saw you today at 711 on mercury blvd. your a sexy tall blonde you were looking attractive. I was walking in as you walked out. I know I can have any girl I want because I am an attractive guy to say the least but you should leave your guy and get with me.

[08/12/14]   Ian Oliver Ian Oliver Ian Oliver. Yes Yes Please Yes Yes.

[08/12/14]   We were sitting in a testing facility in Chesapeake waiting. You were a cute young woman with a yellow blouse and light skirt on, you had short black hair, and looked of Asian ethnicity. You asked abou my tattoos and commented you were going to ghost ship for some. I'd like to show the others to you

[08/12/14]   to the sexy girl with blue /pink hair and tatts at wannabe' talked about rock gym. i think youd be a better work out.

[08/12/14]   fri january 31st, at eagles nest. Your name was Shannon and you had a tattoo on your left forearm. Curly hair and amazing eyes. we had a good conversation and you said you were from Moyock, NC. We talked and danced forever and then you just had to many drinks and disappeared. I hope to run into you

[08/12/14]   To the gorgeous red head with the chest piece who waited on my friend's birthday party at Kelly's... Thanks for calling me beautiful. Definitely made my night. I've never left my number for a waitress, but had I bought something, I would have written it down for you ;]

[08/12/14]   To the used to be Pepsi guy that's now a Redbull guy I think your name is Mike... GOD you are sexy.

[08/12/14]   Keith Walker just cause youre not my father doesnt mean you arent my Blunt Daddy

[06/05/14]   To Jimmy from NJ who is the CO...we meet at Ocean house with yr brother john and yr sister for nephews wedding....I missed u this am at 630 at Neptune status. Call me - Roberta from GA

[06/05/14]   You came into maids with a small click of brunettes in black dresses.. you had semi curly brown hair pinned up.. and a small septum.. and to me the most attractive in us group as well as to cross my path. We had eye contact but not closely kept.. fought asking u r name as u left.. I was working.. and I was sort of taken back by how fit u looked... anyways.. you are beautiful.. appear to be my kryptonite.. an Italian woman... Jesus christ. And Cheers to that.. hope u are treated as well as you are kept.



[05/08/13]   CREEPIN IT REAL: I was driving into work today. VFA squadron oceana base. I saw you driving with your friend so I followed you thinking you may get out and have a chance to talk to you. I saw what room your staying at in the barracks. I work night shift so when I get off ill come stop bye and talk to you.

[05/08/13]   all these pretty ass women with the spikey shoes... I wanna see them going over my shoulders. geeze louise.

[05/08/13]   To all the chicks that were twerkin on the bar Tuesday night at sandbar..... id smash all of y'all AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!

[05/07/13]   I saw you at Hot Tuna tonight. Tall brunette wearing the grey vest and handcuff necklace. We made eye contact but you and your friend were surrounded by guys. I was getting ready to talk to you, but you disappeared. Hope to see u next weekend. Gonna have dreams about you.

[05/07/13]   to the girl that works at the lynnhaven amc, I think your name was carly. you joked with me while buyng my tickets last night. I just wanted to tell you that you're stunning

[05/07/13]   Shaun WV, u said youd get married just 2piss me off, LOL please do! If she only knew, u only want her as a rebound bcuz Im over u.

[05/07/13]   how many hating b**ches are there? lol I just wanna say if the post isn't about you then hop off that girl/dude's sh*t. someone obviously liked them and felt like saying something about it. jesus god,I've never seen so many girls hating on each other, it's kinda funny, but yall are just mean b**ches

[05/07/13]   Today around 8pm at planet fitness holland rd you came out of the tanning room. You have red/pink hair you were in a white sun dress. I would love to go in the room for a tanning session with you. Maybe we can sign up for back to back sessions and check out each others lines.

[05/02/13]   I was pickin up my lil sister from a dance class at this studio off Holland and noticed this petite tan blond chick teaching a class. swear I saw u at the strip recently. who are you cuz you are amazing 05/02/2013

so i was f**king this bartender on the beach after a three day crack bender and suddenly this appeared

[05/02/13]   To the dark haired bar tender at bayside right now with the skinny waist and the decent back door,I wanna put chunky peanut butter in your belly button and smother that face in the finest man gravy this side of the lesner bridge.

[04/30/13]   how many different dudes did you bring down here to the block this weekend holy s**t


[04/30/13]   This really handsome dark haired boy from the Fast Signs on Va Beach Blvd. I'm always in there getting stuff for my church and we never speak but I've seen the way you look at me. I think your name is Bryan I just wanted you to hold me in those big strong arms.

[04/30/13]   All I know about you is your name is Leah and you have an amazing x$$. I seen you at the St. Patty's Day after party at Greenies.

[04/30/13]   We've had some great times together and the last one was definitely one for the books. Joe G, I miss you.



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