Dakota Martin - The Balayaged Brunette LLC

Dakota Martin - The Balayaged Brunette LLC


Are you still open and taking clients?
Love your talented styles...you are magical !
Loving my fresh blonde! Thank you so much Dakota Martin 😄😘

My specialties include balayage, dimensional brunettes, and gray coverage coloring.

After spending a year in college, unable to decide on a major, I decided to attend cosmetology school. I wanted to do something I enjoyed, along with a career that could support me, whether or not I decided to return to school. In 2012 I received my cosmetology license in Ohio. Throughout the past five years, I have acquired many skills, techniques, and valuable experience that has allowed me to give my clients the greatest experience I can provide. I am currently a stylist at El Haijj Salon and Spa in Huntington, WV. My specialty areas are balayage, color melts, dimensional hair color, formal hair, and formal makeup. I also perform a variety of other services including cuts, styling, men's cuts, facial waxing, manicures, pedicures, and gel lacquer. I hope to meet you soon and also, if you're a current client, thank you so much for your loyalty! I appreciate you very much! xoxo, Dakota

The past few weeks have been such a whirlwind and a rollercoaster of emotions. April 29th I was hospitalized after finding out that our baby was very underweight from a problem with blood flow from the placenta. I was being monitored basically 24/7 for almost a week when they decided we needed to deliver. It was so scary knowing he was so small. Honestly, I was terrified. ⁣

Our little boy came into the world May 5, 2020 at 12:17 pm, weighing 1 pound 6.9 ounces and 29 cm long. 💙⁣

He’ll be in the nicu for a while before he can come home with us, sometime in July is expected, around his due date. He’s done so well so far and he’s such a sweet little one.⁣

I just wanted to give an update to those of you who don’t follow my personal page. I don’t know when I’ll return to work at this point. I hope you all are doing well and I look forward to being back behind the chair eventually, but right now my baby and my recovery are my focus. 💛

[04/27/20]   Just wanted to touch base with my clients in WV!

We're still in the process of figuring out what our state board will mandate us to do when we can open the salon. Other states are requiring a lot of extra protective measures. Until we have the guidelines and I can access the proper equipment I'm not setting up appointments. I'll reach out to you once I know more to reschedule.

I can't wait to see you all! Until then stay safe and I'll reach out to you soon. 💛


@thebalayagedbrunette | Linktree

Just wanted to update that I've found a few professional brands that clients can purchase directly from using my links. These are products I trust and most of my clients either use them already, or at least have heard me mention them at some point during our visits. I'll continue searching for resources for you during this time and update my linktree account as I find them.

If you all need any of these products, please consider buying direct and using my links instead of a large retail provider. This little bit will help me and the prices are the same! If you need any help or recommendations, message me. Feel free to share! 💛

You can find all my links here: https://linktr.ee/thebalayagedbrunette

linktr.ee Linktree. Make your link do more.

Amori Salon

Today's the last day to support us gals at Amori by purchasing a shirt or tote bag! You can shop through this link!

Here’s another activity for you all! 💜

WOW....... What an amazing response to my COVID-19 time capsule printable designs!
*T*H*A*N*K* *Y*O*U*



ABCya! • ABCya! • Learning Games and Apps for Kids

I hope you all are doing ok and staying safe! For those of you with little ones running around, I hope you're staying sane. 😜

Here are some online resources that were shared with me to keep the babes entertained while learning, some will be in the comments. 💛


abcya.com Educational games for grades PreK through 6 that will keep kids engaged and having fun. Topics include math, reading, typing, just-for-fun logic games… and more!

Amori Salon

To all of our family, friends, and clients looking for ways to support us during this time, here's another option if you're not in need of product yet.

We can’t wait to be back in the salon. Until then, stay safe! We love and miss you all!

Feel free to share this post. 😘

Looking for a fun way to support Amori Salon’s stylists while we’re shut down? Check out this t-shirt and tote bag design we’ve created.

It’s available to order immediately and will be shipped directly to your house! Shop using this link! 😘


⚠️UPDATE March 24, 2020 ⚠️⁣

To my Virginia clients, if you haven’t heard yet all salons will be closed for the next 30 days. With that being said, I’ll be in touch with you if you had an upcoming appointment to reschedule once we’re reopened. ⁣

I’d also like to share that Olaplex is offering direct sales of their products to clients. Since we’re unable to provide these to you in the salon, you have the option of ordering from home. They’re giving us a small commission if you purchase through our links. I’m so thankful that Olaplex is stepping up and helping support stylists during this uncertain time. My affiliate link is in my bio. ⁣

If you have any questions about their products, message me! I have plenty of time to discuss what your hair might need! 💛⁣

⚠️WV clients⚠️ I’ll also reschedule your appointments once we hear a reopen date. Currently West Virginia is closed indefinitely.⁣

I hope that you all stay safe and healthy! 💖 ⁣Keep washing your hands!!

[03/21/20]   So, most of you all know that WV has shut down salons and I'm sure VA isn't far behind.

I've had several clients ask how they can help support me in this time; where I'm self-employed I have no pay if I'm not working and as of now, we don't have access to unemployment benefits either. Our industry is trying to push for help from the government, but who knows what will happen with that.

I've found a few professional brands that clients can purchase directly from using my links that will help me earn a small commission. These are products I trust and most of my clients either use them already, or at least have heard me mention them at some point during our visits.

For now, I only have Olaplex affiliate links, but if you all need any of these products, please consider buying direct and using my links instead of a large retail provider. This little bit will help me and the prices are the same! I'll link the individual product links in the comments. If you need any help or recommendations, message me!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! 🍀 ⁣

I’m not leaving my house today, so y’all can’t pinch me for not wearing green. 😜 ⁣

Enjoy this pic of my favorite ginger snap. 🧡😘


I know I had asked everyone to reschedule if they felt sick, but with symptoms of Covid-19 not showing up for up to 14 days, it has me extremely nervous. As I continued to think this decision over, I’ve made the difficult decision to stop taking clients at this time. ⁣

It’s been weighing heavy on my heart the thought of potentially contributing to the problem even more. It is impossible to do my job at a safe distance, which puts all of us at unnecessary risk.⁣

Most of you know that I’ve made the move to Virginia Beach, where there are documented cases of the Coronavirus. I do not think I’ve been exposed, but with symptoms potentially not showing up for 14 days, I think it’s in everyone’s best interest that I stay put. ⁣

It really does pain me to do this. But it pains me to think I’m contributing to the problem and potentially endangering the clients I love, even more. ⁣

The Balayaged Brunette will be closed until 4/1/2020 or until otherwise noted.⁣

If you have an appointment during this time, arrangements will be made to reschedule. ⁣

This is totally heartbreaking to me, but I feel it’s the right thing to do. Stay safe and reach out to me with any questions. I love you all, thank you for understanding. 💛

Hello everyone, as the spread of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues and as schools and businesses continue to close, I will be personally waiving all last-minute cancellation fees if you are feverish or quarantined. ⁣

I understand your hair is important to you, as it is to me, but being that I’m pregnant, I absolutely CANNOT get sick. If you are exhibiting ANY SYMPTOMS such as fever, sore throat, cough, or any flu-like symptoms, have traveled outside of the country in the past 30 days OR have come in contact with any sick persons I beg you to please reschedule your appointment.⁣

I know some aren’t taking this pandemic very seriously, but I urge you to think about those it could affect outside of your family and friends. You don’t always have symptoms when initially infected. If you come in sick, please know we have the right to refuse service. ⁣

Also, being that a lot of schools are closing, I ask that you do not bring children to your appointment and just reschedule. As of right now our salon is open and practicing the highest sanitation we can and cleaning non-stop to keep the staff and guests safe at Amori Salon and Chroma Salon Virginia Beach

I love you all and hope you stay healthy and safe. Remember, wash your hands!

Check out her before!

This client needed a FULL highlight (with Olaplex, of course) and toned to break up the banding you can see in the before picture. ⁣

For blonde like this (to keep it looking 💯) you can expect to be in the salon for a few hours each session and probably no more than 6-8 weeks between appointments. That might be being a little generous 😉 many clients this blonde come every 4-5 weeks to get refreshed and keep that blonde poppin’! ✨

Brunette Balayage ✨

I LOVE balayage on brunettes! It’s not always about being or becoming blonde. Creating dimension, even with a slightly lighter brunette tone, can have a huge impact!

I just really can’t speak highly enough of Olaplex. ✨

I love using it in my lightener because it gives me that extra sense of security and I know that it’s only going to help my clients hair in the long run.

Now Olaplex isn’t a miracle save all hair treatment; while it does some serious work repairing hair, I still don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do without it.

My main goal has always been and will always be maintaining the integrity and health of your hair.

[02/15/20]   💛

Hey y’all - it’s me, the girl behind the name The Balayaged Brunette, Dakota.
In case you haven’t heard, I’m relocating to the Virginia Beach area and starting in a new salon this month.
If you’re a #virginiabeachlocal and looking for a new stylist please check out my work and if you think I’m the right stylist for you, reach out! I would love to meet you.
If you do think I’m what you’re looking for, you can submit a new client form on my website and book online anytime!
PS: WV clients - don’t worry, your appointments are still golden throughout my time at Amori 😘


#tuesdaythoughts #hairbydakotamartin


Photos from Dakota Martin - The Balayaged Brunette LLC's post

Before and after!

This was a color with balayage, tone, and haircut. Getting rid of some of her length made a huge difference. Now her hair looks (and is!) fuller and so much healthier.

Photos from Dakota Martin - The Balayaged Brunette LLC's post

I wanted to take a minute and say how thankful I am for the support from my clients, friends, and family. I know it’s a few days after Thanksgiving, but I’m thankful for the support you give my business every day.

This Thanksgiving and the weekend following I spent with my family, and I loved every minute of it. I’m thankful that I’m my own boss, and I allowed myself to take a few days off to reconnect with family and recharge after the busy November season.

I’m excited for December and the holidays that it brings! Seeing so many clients and seeing how joyful everyone is during this season makes my heart so full. I can’t wait to see you all soon. 🥰❤️

Can you all believe next week is Thanksgiving?!!

I’m already booking out into January. 🤯

Contact me soon if you want your hair done before Christmas! Space is limited, but I’ll do my best to accommodate. ❤️


* The More You Know 🌈🌈🌈 ... via @the.blonde.chronicles!
more 👇👇👇


* Well this is pretty much entirely genius! Might be pretty cool to share w/ clients too! * The More You Know 🌈🌈🌈 ... #btcFIRSTFEATURE by @hairbycharlotte.phs ❤😘
The above photos are all of my hair on the same day, in different lighting. None of them have been filtered or altered in any way. The only difference is the type of lighting I was standing in to take the photo. ✨
The first 3 photos were taken at home when it was still dark outside (you can see I’m still wearing my dressing gown! 🧖🏼‍♀️), to show the affect of a dim bedroom light, a bright kitchen light and a warm bathroom light. ✨
The 4th photo was taken in my car in natural lighting once the sun had come up. The next 3 were taken in different areas of the salon and the last one outside in the direct sunlight. ✨
My hair looks a different tone of blonde in each photo, but I have not done anything to enhance these results or altered the photos - I only walked from one type of lighting to another. ✨
Lighting has such a huge impact on hair colour. Just because a photo on Instagram looks a certain way on our phones, it doesn’t mean that person’s hair looks like that once they step outside; or sit in their car; or look in their bathroom mirror. ✨
I would consider myself a golden blonde but my hair can look darker or platinum or even slightly peachy depending on which photo you look at - all because of light!
Try it with your hair and see what results you get! 📷💡☀️💁🏼‍♀️

I’m celebrating • ✨ᴏɴᴇ ʏᴇᴀʀ✨• at Amori Salon today!!

I’m so thankful for all my amazing clients that followed me on my journey to a new salon a year ago and I’m grateful to those of you who have found yourself in my chair this past year. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. You all make work enjoyable and something I look forward to. 💛



Oil + Water don’t mix.
You know what else doesn’t mix? Oil and Hydrogen Peroxide

What will happen? A chemical reaction involving your hair going up in flames. No, I’m not kidding!

Save the coconut oil for sautéed veggies and keep it in your kitchen.

Did you know? Oil actually repels water and either pushes it out of the hair or stops it from getting into the hair.

“But why does it make my hair feel good?” Coconut oil tends to seep into every tiny hole in the hair shaft and disguise the real problem to act as a quick-fix. It’s only topical, it’s not actually doing anything but coating your hair. Not repairing it.

What should you do instead?

Use products with a low PH! This will help the cuticle lay flat, helping fight frizz and tangles.

Coming to your hairdresser for Demi-permanent conditioning treatments that can be added onto a haircut or color service and last you multiple washes.

But please, for the love of God, don’t use coconut oil on your hair. Especially if you’re going to lighten/color your hair.


Did you know that along with all the benefits of adding @olaplex when doing chemical services, that Olaplex can be used as a stand alone treatment?!

Olaplex helps repair bonds broken, adds strength, and shine to your hair.

Adding an Olaplex treatment with a cut or color is easy and doesn’t take much additional time. Just let me know you’re interested and I can hook you up!

✨The Balayaged Brunette✨

I’m excited to announce that I’ve received news that my LLC has been officially created!

I look forward to being back in the salon this week and creating beautiful hair. 💛

I can’t wait to share the rest of the photos Stacy Parsley Photography did for me! Check her out. Her work is beautiful! ✨

I’m so thankful to have a career where I’m constantly making human connections and amazing client relationships. 💛

I appreciate all of you who choose to spend time with me and support my business.✨


Check out Amori Salon.

Take a minute and vote Amori Salon the best in the Tri-State! Your support is appreciated. 💛



👊💥💥💥 ... by @folliclefatale ... Reasons why not to box dye your hair 🙌🏻 These were both lifted with 20vol, same natural level of dark brown. I understand that getting your hair professionally done is expensive, but here’s why it’s a worth while investment as opposed to doing it at home. Box dye on average costs about 8$, but when you get to the point where you need it fixed or removed, getting a color correction generally starts at $300 for most hairstylists. Many box dyes that are darker are metallic dyes, meaning if they can even be lifted out of the hair at all, extreme damage can be caused during your color correction. Us hairstylists are not being snobs about box dye 🙅🏻‍♀️ We always want your hair to be as healthy as possible, and box dye is the best way to mess up your mane. 🦁 If you’re worried about money and that’s why you’re leaning to box dye, consult with your stylist about a low maintenance color 🙏🏻 And when we say something isn’t possible for your hair, trust us.

My Story

After spending a year in college, unable to decide on a major, I decided to attend cosmetology school. I wanted to do something I enjoyed, along with a career that could support me, whether or not I decided to return to school. In 2012, I received my cosmetology license. Throughout the past eight years, I have acquired many skills, techniques, and valuable hands-on experience. I am very passionate about learning. I continually seek to grow through continuing education, to give my clients the best experience possible.

My specialty areas are balayage, brunettes, and dimensional hair color. I also perform a variety of other services including grey coverage coloring, color melting, haircutting, and styling.

Chroma Salon in Virginia Beach, Virginia is where I create.

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Brunette Balayage ✨



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