Balance & Bliss

Our bodies compensate for themselves every single day. My goal is to help you relieve tension and maintain balance.

A little movement, stretching and Massage Therapy goes a long way! 💪

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How Muscles Age, and How Exercise Can Slow It Researchers untangle the multifarious nature of muscle aging. So far, the only reliable treatment is exercise.

PNF Stretching helps use your bodies own reflexes to get a deeper stretch.

Stretching increases flexibility. 👍

I know it’s easy to skip in the gym...but please Stretch!!!

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10 Natural Ways To Relieve Your Border Collie's Joint Pain

Dogs need Massage Therapy too! 🐶 It’s excruciating to see your Border Collie in pain. When you take a pet into your home you promise to love and care for it the best you can for as long as you can, but arthritis and joint pain can strike at any time and leave you feeling helpless. Prescription NSAID pain relievers certainly have ...

The 7 Mobility Exercises You Should Do Before Every Workout

Quick and easy warmup before you workout!

New Year. New Workout. 💪

Recover faster and prevent injuries by booking your session!!

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Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!!

Everyone should be stretching extra this week!

Holidays are stressful and your muscles will prove it!

Let it go.
Drop those shoulders.


A little cuteness to get your Monday going! 😍

So relaxing! 🤗

This is currently my focus when I’m stretching at the gym.

▪️Work at a desk? DO THIS!

▪️Drive a lot for work? DO THIS!

▪️On your phone right now? DO THIS!

It’s probably not gonna feel great at first, but it will after! Give it a try!


5 Little Muscles You Should Stretch If You Sit All Day

🙌 Stretch 🙌

This is a pretty good read with some good info!! It’s not just about warming up your quads and calves.

Sitting at your desk right now??

Do this stretch.



Have a productive Monday 🙌

This school replaced detention with meditation and the results are phenomenal What do you think of this idea?

The John F. Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release Fascia is a powerful three-dimensional web that covers and connects every system of our body. There is a microfascial system within every cell. Trauma, surgery and thwarted inflammatory responses c…

Sports Illustrated

This makes my heart happy ❤️

Justin Gallegos, a runner at Oregon with cerebral palsy, thought he was just finishing another cross country race. Little did he know, Nike was waiting at the finish line to offer him a pro contract (via Elevation 0m)



How Bodywork Eases Fibromyalgia Pain There is no cure for fibromyalgia. Yet, despite the pain and frustration of this condition, some have found relief under the gentle hands of a massage therapist or bodyworker.

The 10 days of positivity challenge For the next 10 days, watch one TED Talk from this list to shift yourself into a life of positive thinking.

Meditation doesn’t have to be anything crazy!!

Take a couple minutes...a few deep breaths and you’ll thank me!

Put the phone down and take some time for yourself. 🙌

6 TED Talks to help you believe in yourself You deserve much more than you think -- that job you’ve been eyeing, the raise you want. It’s time that you convinced yourself. Let these talks help.

Set the tone for your week...even if it’s something small!


Ever have one of those days where you notice something new and you’ve probably walked by it a million times? 🙋🏻‍♀️

I woke up to this beauty today!

Look around today and find something to appreciate! It’s pretty easy.

Drop your pic in the comments below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Is your mind full or are you mindful?

Take a break during the day.
Sit down.
Relax your shoulders.
Put your phone away for a minute.
Take a deep breathe in and out and let it go!

A couple small breaks in the day like this will help you focus and be more productive!

Is Massage Therapy a Good Treatment for Anxiety and Depression? | Massagetique

Good read on Massage Therapy and Anxiety/Depression!

🙌 Massage Therapy and Mindfulness 🙌 Research indicates massage therapy and bodywork can produce a wide range of mental and physical health benefits for those experiencing anxiety and depression.

Like to lift weights and workout?
Massage Therapy can help your lifts and workouts!

Massage Therapy helps :

▪️ Limited Range of Motion
▪️Promotes better sleep and overall wellness
▪️Breaks up scar tissue and adhesions
▪️”Doms” Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Those are just a few! Book your session today!

My two favorite things...

Massage Therapy and the Boston Red Sox ❤️💙

Book your session today!

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Click here to support Mowgli Needs new Peepers organized by Susan Burnett

Raising money for my sick pup! Please donate! Mowgli is our baby and he has been there for me in the hardest times. He was diagnosed with diabetes in February and most dogs with diabetes go blind within a year. Well...he's in that sad percentile and it's really heartbreaking. We don't want his quality of life to be compromised so we are aski...


Share with your clients before Independence Day!

Just some of the pain that Massage Therapy helps to alleviate! ✌️


Wether it’s at home, at work, or in the gym...make it count!


Healing the Adrenal System: The Effectiveness of Massage Therapy

Our bodies are on “high alert” a lot more than they should be.

Give yourself at least one hour a month to stop and slow down! You’re worth it and you NEED it. Studies have shown massage can lower cortisol levels and increase dopamine and serotonin. In my own quest to heal my adrenal system, I decided to sit down and talk with a massage therapist.

American Massage Therapy Association - AMTA

Researchers suggest that massage therapy can help with osteoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's, cancer and mood disorders.

Drinking enough water is important everyday...especially on hot days like today!!

💦 Cheers 💦

Share this post!

You never know who made need this little bit of encouragement today!

[05/22/18]   “I’ve learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone. People love a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back.”

-Maya Angelou

Today...I challenge you to slow down and appreciate what’s around you! 💛

Hands down my favorite stretch!!
Opens up your entire chest, pecs and shoulder girdle. .
Everyone needs this stretch!! We’re all on our phones way too much not to. Trust me!
#EverydayMotivation #StretchItOut #MassageTherapist #DeStress

▪️Gloomy Monday got you dragging?

▪️Try this to get the blood flowing and the mind focused for the rest of the day!

▪️I challenge you to pick one (Just one) and practice it consistently for the next 7 days and see how you feel!

▪️My pick is Childs Pose! Just comment below and let me know what you’re gonna work on!

I spy with my little eye a tiny heart ❤️

Currently out of town and booking again starting Tuesday May 8th 🙌

Cardio + Glute burner today.
Long strides!
Active the glutes!
SQUEEZE with each step. Take 20 steps then do 5 deep squats (on the sides of the treadmill obviously).

You will definitely start to feel this one. If you don’t, you’re not squeezing your cheeks! 🍑
Helps to open up the hip flexors after a good leg day too. 👍

Massage Therapy isn’t just for your sore muscles!

Massage Therapy is proven to lower heart rate, decrease blood pressure and increase circulation.

You’re not just treating yourself, your body actually needs it.

That’s where the name Balance & Bliss came from!

🙌 Book your session today! 🙌

ChiroSolutions Center - Chiropractic Virginia Beach

From Surgical Technology International: The burden of staring at a smartphone

💦 Drink more water! 💦

💧 Your Brain is 75% water!
💧 Your Bones are 22% water!
💧 Your Blood is 92% water!
💧 Your Muscles are 75% water!

▪️Your body thrives off of water and functions better when you’re getting enough.

▪️A good guideline is to take your body weight and divide that by two! That’s how much water you should be drinking.

▪️I try to drink 2 glasses as soon as I get up in the morning. It helps your internal organs to “wake up”.

▪️Go put down that soda and grab a water!!

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