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Videos by Calming Waves LLC - Kathleen Duval Licensed Massage Therapist in Virginia Beach. Kathleen Duval has a Private Practice located at 4501 N Witchduck Rd Ste J, Virginia Beach, VA 23455

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Merry Christmas

#NationalRelaxationDay Practicing self-care can mean a lot of different things. Take some time to slow down and unwind. Enjoy.

I can help you with this! Psst...we have some rainy days coming and I have a few opportunities to relax with a massage if you get rained out at the beach this week.

This morning I stretched as sun rose and I am looking forward to my day. How did your Wednesday start? via

Looking for a few ideas to make a difference in your self care plan? Taking time out for you is important to your health and those you take care of too. via

Have you heard about Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique? It's SMaRT Therapy! Beginning with the concept that with the passive contraction of muscles, ligaments, connective tissues, and bones, simutaneously to allow spontaneous release of these structures. SMaRT stimulates lymphatic flow and creates a natural unwinding of connective tissues, which allows the joints of the body to realign effortlessly, reestablishing correct posture. #CalmingWaves #SMaRT #FeatureFriday via

There couldn't be a better compliment than a referral. #YouRock #Referrals #CalmingWaves via

Last year my mother gave me this fun tree that my grandmother made out of old jewelry. Sadly after i took this video, the lights went out. So today, I ran by the store in the way in and bought a new string of lights and it's as good as it was when she made it 40-60 years ago (plus or minus 5-10 years see the picture in the comments). What kind of Holiday decorations have been handed down in your home?

Do you have that Zombie walk down? Do your friends think you walk like the Living Dead? issues with your tissues? At Calming Waves, we work to restore your mobility and help you get back to a pain free life. 757-965-9000 #haunted #howls via

Good morning

Good Morning

Highlights of My Happy Place

Check out this action at the Women's Self Defense for Beginners!