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Styles By Request - "In-Home" Hair Care Service service specializing in Childrens & Adults Haircuts, Coloring & Highlights, Braids, Extensions, & More!

You may know Shalonda as a Senior Stylist at Pigtails & Crewcuts in Virginia Beach. Shalonda was there from the very first day they opened up until 5/27/2015. Now you can get Shalonda's Styles by Request! Licensed & Insured, Shalonda's Styles By Request proudly serves all of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, and outlying areas of Hampton Roads & North Eastern North Carolina. As an "In-Home" Per

[01/09/18]   We are all slowly getting back to our normal routines!!...I do hope the cabin fever did not consume us all!!! Looking forward to bringing you amazing cuts and hugs for 2018💇‍♂️💇‍♀️😉😁✂️✂️❤🦋

[12/23/17]   Happy Holidays and Season's Greetings!!..I will be in town today and tomorrow. If there are any last minute hair needs feel free to contact me anytime!! This has been an exciting and short year. I have met so many new faces and look forward to another year of smiles, cuddles and resilience!!! From my heart to yours HO HO HO🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

[10/05/17]   Happy Thursday everyone!!!...Are your littles school pictures around the corner?? Dont stress, I'm currently taking appointments for next week, any day or time!!..
Have a fantastic Thursday and remember to smile more, laugh often and love always❤❤

[06/15/17]   Hope everyone is having an amazing summer!! Sad to say, some of my babies are transitioning to middle school, which only reminds me of how old I'm getting!! On a lighter note, it does my heart good to see all of you growing and coming into your own..wouldn't miss it for the world!!
*My number will be changing, so I will be texting or pm-ing everyone who contacts me via cellphone!!
* I will be unavailable for next week starting June 23-25 (Family Reunion Time)

[05/14/17]   Sending Mothers Day Love to all my moms, mommas, mee-maw, nanas, gmamas, gigis, yayas, and those who have already gone before us, a magical and non-exhausting day!!!❤❤❤❤

[05/10/17]   Want to wish my handsome guy Cole Ludford a very Happy 10th Birthday!!!❤❤❤❤

[04/16/17]   Want to wish all of you a very Blessed and Happy Easter!! "

[01/05/17]   Wishing Everyone a Prosperous & Healthy New Year!!..I look forward to more haircut filled with hugs and kisses!! The support I have received this past year has been amazing and I wouldn't trade what I do for anything in the world❤❤ My heart goes out to all my furry friends who didn't make it to 2017...Bella, Grady, Sterling!!

[12/25/16]   What an eventful December!!..Wishing all my sweet kiddos a Very Merry Christmas!!. Thank you for all the cards, goodies and gifts!!! Looking forward to a New Year with each and every one of You!!..HAPPY HOLIDAY'S

[11/24/16]   This year has gone by super quick!!. When you are doing what you love, time sure does fly. With so much to be thankful for, feelings can become overwhelming, but that's a great feeling!!. I am thankful for each and every one of you who have made my days a lot brighter!!. I will continue to give you 100 percent, that includes plenty of kisses and squeezes!. Happy Holidays from my family to yours❤❤

[09/06/16]   Looking at all my amazing guys and gals that are starting their first day of school takes me back to the very beginning...So small and eyes full of sparkles, some tears...a little bit of rejection, though I knew that wouldn't last long!!..It does my heart good, almost 9 years later, to see so many of you experiencing new things, growing out of your "little people" clothes and stepping into a new world that mommy and dad have prepared you for!!..Here's to another great school year, new friends and more haircuts..Keep shining like the stars I know you all are!!

[08/28/16]   I hope everyone has had or are still having an amazing summer...I've had the opportunity to see most of my babies throughout the summer and was really excited to hear of your trips and other adventures you've experienced. Although some of you have started your school year already, the fun is not over!! There will be plenty of summer-like days ahead that are a cause for more outside activities. I wish each and every one of you an awesome school year. Just seeing all of you transition from Pre-K to fifth grade is an experience I would not trade for the world!!..To my older babies, like, Wyatt, Tucker, Owen, Jack, Miles, CJ, Atle, Carsyn, Will, Tate, Landon and Elijah.. just to name a few...It does my heart good that after 8 uears, you have not outgrown me and I hope you never do...I love each and every one of you! !

[07/22/16]   Its amazing how many of my clients know each other...Big Hugs and Kisses fot all the referrals.. I could not be successful without each and every one of you.. I don't like to utter these words, but as school time is approaching for some, don't hesitate to call and book your appointments in advance..Whether its a month or two hours from now, I'm here and ready to send my babies off with a great cut❤❤❤❤

[05/31/16]   It is bittersweet to see all my babies and big guys growing up so fast. I am super excited for the upcoming summer..If you cannot make it to the beach and are swimming in chlorine pools this year, don't forget about that little monster that turns your hair green!!..Remember, if you don't have any swimmer's shampoo to get rid of that nasty color, tomato products work, such as ketchup or tomato juice..Just coat the hair in it and let it sit for 30 min..depending on the level of green, you may have to repeat!!..Happy Swimming Yall❤❤. Its going to be a hot one this year, so please moisturize and protect that beautiful skin you're in❤❤

[05/05/16]   Hello friends and family, yes, it is that time of year again...SPORTS. Just know that is the reason I'm here..7days a week, 15 hours a handle the awkward and sometimes difficult schedules. Feel free to contact me early mornings or late evenings for your regular or emergency fixes..Love you guys and Happy Thursday❤❤💇💇❤❤

[04/14/16]   As many of you can tell, I don't post a lot here as I should. You guys have been keeping me busy!!.. I do hope everyone had an awesome Spring Break and Easter. Continue to smile and remember, Ms. Shalonda cherishes each and every one of you❤❤✂✂✂❤❤

[02/04/16]   It's a new year...plenty to be thankful for!!...It was wonderful to see Ben and Noah back to normal after a bad virus and Scarlett Fever over the Christmas holiday. A big "Thank You" to Davis and Mary James Steadman for the awesome compliments and warm hugs...always a pleasure❤❤. Children will continue to brighten my days and motivate me to remain constant and relivant in what I do!!. There are no arms to hold that amount of love✨❤✨

[12/26/15]   This Holiday Season has been a great one and could not have happened without all the awesome families that have treated me like theirs. I love and enjoy what I do and who i do it for and am super excited for 2016!! A big thank you for all the Seasons Greetings, cards and gifts....but most importantly...thank you for all the love and super tight hugs😊😊...See you guys next year❤❤

[12/04/15]   It's the most wonderful time of the year reunions, Christmas lists, decorating the home, baking goodies and keeping your elf off the shelf...and oh...wait...HAIRCUTS!!😱😱!!...No worries...Shalonda's here!!. Whether it's a simple trim or a full overhaul, I'm available to unravel those locks at your convenience. Happy Holidays from my heart to yours❤🌌🌌❤

[11/27/15]   Happy Holidays from my family to's been an exciting 6 months since Pigtails & Crewcuts..and I have lots to be thankful for. I would not love what I do without you❤❤❤❤❤❤

[11/23/15]   For those of you that saw a post this sincere apologies...I will not be closing down my site and am still taking appointments. I thought about it long and hard and no 1 bad day should determine the remainder. I will continue to work hard and never give up!! I love what I do and those who I do it for❤❤❤

[11/16/15]   Happy Holidays to everyone!!!...There's still 10 days til Thanksgiving. I do have this upcoming Friday as well as Monday through Wednesday of next week for those holiday haircuts. The website is under construction but I can be contacted through Facebook where my phone number is posted!!...Gobble Gobble Y'all🍗🍗

[10/08/15]   Had a great day visiting the Steadman's...Davis needed a little sprucing up and Mary James is always my glamour girl..Haven't seen my John and Lilly in over six today was made extra special. It warms my heart to have kids like these in my life...definitely makes what I do worth it and adds memories I will never forget!!!!❤❤❤❤❤

[09/28/15]   Hello guys finally made it through the first few weeks of school and managed to get those haircuts on time!!!...I want to thank all of you for keeping me busy for back-to-school: From Aug 26-Sep6...I saw over 65 kids and I didn't skip a beat. It was very humbling that that many people think I'm awesome!!! and Big Squeezes to everyone that believe in me and continue to support me on my path to greatness❤❤❤❤

[09/04/15]   I have had the pleasure of having some much needed girl time...Visited Emily and Lydia for haircuts along with their cousins Ellington and Kennedy. I enjoyed their laughter and energy😊. To top it off I styled hair for 12 girls yesterday for Mrs. Goldstein's daughters birthday party. Those girls were awesome...many thanks!!!..Hope you girls have a fabulous school year!!!

[08/21/15]   Good afternoon everyone!!! apologies for not doing more posting here but my babies are keeping Ms. Shalonda busy with those back-to-school haircuts!!.. My schedule is picking up this week so feel free to call 757-754-9662 to book your appointment, online at, or email me [email protected]

[07/02/15]   Scissors vs. Clippers

It always depends on the parents decision!!..some use clippers for religious purposes...but often enough...a good snip here and there with the scissors is the tool of choice. Neither tool can permanently take away curls..but if you want to hold onto them..point-cutting is the way to go. This means holding your scissors in a horizontal position and not vertical...Not only does this help preserve curls (while they last) but it can add texture and a softer look to any style you choose.

[06/29/15]   Hello Everyone. I just wanted to give out Big Thank You's and Hugs to all my clients who have hung in there with me. There is nothing more exhilarating and scary than venturing out on your own in an attempt to star a business. I loved what I did at Pigtails & Crewcuts...but there is a saying "WOULD YOU RATHER MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE OR WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO MAKE THEIR DREAMS COME TRUE". I will be updating during the week on hair topics, such as cleanliness, upkeep, and simple styles to get your out-for-the-summer kids through a busy week. Stay cool and hydrate hydrate hydrate, I cannot stress this point enough!!


Oh yes...the summer time is here. This is a time to be stress-free, soak up some sun, and enjoy the pool. But whether you're enjoying chlorine-based or salt water pool, they can wreck havoc on your hair. Granted, there are products in the store you can use as a preventative treatment against these pools, but if you are looking for a quick remedy, conditioner or detangler will generally work. Applying it about an hour before you head out and once you come in from the pool, wash the hair with a daily cleansing shampoo to remove any conditioner, chlorine or saltwater. This technique is for virgin hair only; hair that is chemically treated should be covered with a cap. So go ahead and take that dip...its gonna be a hot one guys!!!

[06/08/15]   KIDZ KUTS.....JUST A HAIRCUT??

To some parents and even children, it can be a fun, harmless experience, but for others, it can be a big deal. In my years of working with children, it is often necessary to treat first, second, and even fifth haircuts as if its the first one. There is a need to re-introduce them to the tools you will be using, even the water bottle. Allow them to touch the tools while they're on and off so that they can warm up to the idea. It is always best to work around the comfort of the child and not your own. It is great not to overwhelm them, to be aware of their reactions and emotions and not to take anything they say or do personal. Some parents have asked me " When will he/she grow out of being afraid". My reply is always the same..."When they're ready". Its almost like potty training, when they are ready for the big girl/boy undies, they will definitely let you know. Placing yourself in their shoes will make for a better experience for the next visit. It is one thing for a stylist to say they cut children's hair, but to specialize in children's cuts is a whole different ballgame!!

[06/08/15]   THE FACTS OF LICE
Just saying the L word can make most of us itch. It is easy for the person who has not been through it to say "It will be okay". In reality, it will. Your personal hygiene and housekeeping skills have nothing to do with getting them. They thrive on warm bodies and clean hair and are transported through the use of sharing combs, brushes, hats, scarves, etc. Your pets or other neighborhood animals cannot pass head lice to humans. Although head lice happens less among African Americans, it can happen. Places that are Tropical and dry harbor different strands of head lice that are more adaptive to cling to a more coarser texture of hair. Head lice do not hop or fly so unless you are in close contact with an infected individual, it is less likely they will pass onto you. They do not survive long if they fall off a person and cannot feed but if still in the hair they can live for hours without breathing; this is why it is important if you are using home remedies. Any product, such as olive or tea tree oil, Cethaphil (gentle skin cleanser) and even dishwashing liquid that are used to eradicate these lil buggers has to be covered up with a shower cap overnight!!. Vacuuming the area where the infected individual has been, more than likely will do the trick in removing any potential lice or Nits that may be hanging aroung.

[06/08/15]   THE BIG BANG THEORY

Some may start to question themselves about cutting bangs for themselves or for their daughters. Whenever the question is brought to me I always have two remarks: 1) Bangs are like a have to love them, groom them and even if you dont like the things they do...give them a little time (sometimes alot) and they will get better!!..2) Face shape, hair texture and length/style of desired bangs can determine if you need to proceed. Hopefully the majority of us have a close relationship with our stylist by way of being honest with you or giving you alternatives that you can live with. Like Yoga pants and two-pieces...bangs are not for everyone and you should consult your stylist or do your own research to find out what is the best style for you or your daughter that will compliment the frame of your face




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