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Thank you so much! I love my haircut! I'll see you soon for my color!😊✂️
Meghan is AMAZING!!!! I always look forward to our hair appointments--her upbeat, positive outlook, engaging conversations, and of course the neck rub after the shampoo. 😊

Hair Salon in Virginia Beach, VA. A collective group of stylists empowering each other and building a positive salon environment while providing luxury services to make each guest feel like the best version of themselves!!

Each stylist is independent and operates by appointment only. Please call or email to inquire more info for booking.

Operating as usual

New life as a salon owner:

First of all I 10/10 don’t recommend buying a house at the same time. I did both within two weeks of each other.

Someone asked me a few weeks ago if I was having fun with it all and all I could do was laugh so I didn’t cry. OOPS(not the reaction they expected I am sure)

The truth is I’ve been so OVERWHELMED!!

More because of becoming a first time homeowner and all by myself and not being able to focus on the salon when I felt like I needed to be.

I’m finally settled into my house and so excited to get back to the grind of evolving @sweethoney_hairco into the magic I dream of it being!!

Stay tuned for some email updates Sunday night!! Dm, text, or drop your email in the comments if you aren’t sure if you are in my email list!!

📸 @kaylabellephotography

From strawberry blonde to an icier bright pop of a dimensional blonde!!

•Foiled with a combo of deeper woven teasy lights & thinner slices with a tease in them!
•Working smarter not harder is my motto for blonding this year.
•I feel like I’ve been taking too long and can use different techniques to achieve all the blonde goals while saving my guests and I time and products!!(I charge hourly plus products so this helps on both ends tremendously)

Always blonded with @oligopro and glossed with @redken shades eq

Babylights and teased foils in the front and pieces for chocolatey goodness in the back!

This color has me 🤤🤤🤤

Who loves this bold contrast of a pop???

Perfectly customized foils and paint patterns just for you!

I’m not a speed painter, I wish I was but what’s more important to me is that every foil and painted piece is intentional and placed to fit your hair goals.
Most appointment times in my chair range from
2hrs30mins-3hrs for a maintenance partial
4hrs or 4hrs30min for a full transformative service

The time that goes into my foiling and glossing is customized based off your hair goals, thickness, how often you wear your hair up and down, where you part, where your hair grows and falls, and many more things. Each detail matters to me and customized modern blonding also takes longer so always take this into consideration when booking your appt! Booking for January and can’t wait to help you make your hair dreams come true!!

Honey Blonde Dreams

When that gloss and end result is not too warm, not too cool! Lately these kinds of tones have been my JAMM!!
@redken shades eq GI’s with a little V in them are my go to for this typically but also is very dependent on how the hair is lightened so puhleaseeeee don’t just go for it without that color theory knowledge 🙃

Drop an emoji in the comments or phrase of what it makes you think of!!!


What is it and whyyyy?

Love your blonde? Ready for a change though and considering darker but not quite sure how to do it without loosing your dimension and the investment you’ve put into your blonde!

Reverse Balay is exactly what is sounds like!! The lived in effects of balayage but while pulling depth throughout with darker pieces in a very sunkissed formation of leaving some lighter pieces right where they are meant to be. Sometimes it can still take sessions dependent on how light you were previously and how dark you want to be. Hair porosity is a big factor to locking in color and this affects the previous sentence big time. Things like fillers prior to the lowlights help big time and with a consult and game plan you can have a better idea of moving forward.

I have a spot that opening up on 12/16 and various spots left in January if you’re considering a winter lewkkk! Text or dm me!

I’ve had multiple clients moving recently and with it being a year where such big exciting changes are happening in my life I think even deeper on how I’d never be here without each and every beautiful woman who sits in my chair.

Thank you for trusting and letting me guide you down your path and journey of hair dreams and goals. Thank you for sharing your exciting engagement, graduation with that big degree you’ve been working on for your dream career. Thank you for the moments where you tell me your pregnancy news so I can squeal in excitement for you when I know it’s something you’ve been hoping and praying for for a year. Thank you for trusting me so that I can listen and support you when your loved one passing or you go through that really hard breakup!

Im far more than a stylist. I’m here to be your support while you are in my chair. I’m here to listen to your or be the moment of silence for a few hours if you really need it.


Working on being patient with my placement for those brighter ends with all the contrast up top to achieve it in less sessions for you all!

I’m going to be honest with you guys!! Creating that popped end used to scare me with a full foil or in one session because I was way overthinking it. Then I sat down recently and thought about the hundreds and thousands of dollars I’ve spent on really amazing blonding classes by super talented artists and pieced different things together I’ve learned in my head and BAMMMM my inner monologue was like “hey Meg get out of your own head it’s not that crazy you just do this and this and this or just this and this”

Don’t be afraid to take a step back and evaluate things and get out of your own head and own your sh*t and grow! Who wants some brighter ends?


This hair transformation took 6 hours and was all in thanks to @oligopro and tons of @framar foils. Swipe for the before!

We have two months left of this year!! Come end it with that hair change you’ve been wanting!!! I still have a few openings in December!!! @ Pelon's Baja Grill Oceanfront

Swipe to see this babes hair glow up

With teasy foils, a root melt, and a haircut she is set with birthday hair for a queen 👑
@ Guads Hilltop

First of all, GO VOTEEE!!

Second of all, GO VOTEEEE!!!

Third of all, enjoy this pretty teasy foiled faux balayage and focus on some good things today if you can. ❤️


Setting my goals for the end of 2020: all the spreadsheets, giving you guys bomb ass hair and making you feel like queens in my chair while I pamper you, making big dreams come true, focusing my down time on being extra intentional with my loved ones, my sons back in a preschool classroom and I’m so excited to bring that structure back into his life so dropping him off was my win for the week(his previous program was virtual and a 4 year old on a computer LOL)

This year has been weird as f**k and that’s no secret but let’s finish it on good notes! You are in control of what you make of situations and experiences and what you learn from them!! Learn and do big things babe!! YOU GOT THIS AND IM HERE TO CHEER YOU ON!

I’ve got one thing to say:


I came, I tried, did I do it right?? @mickeycolonjr

Can you believe this was a gloss and trim service? She hasn’t had a blonding sesh since May & 👇🏼

Let me tell you why:
•She’s naturally blonde so getting her this light is a very realistic expectation. •She uses professional products and takes my hair advice and recommendations on what’s best for her dream hair and day to day life.
•She schedules refresh services to maintain her blonde.
•She also refers so many amazing clients to me.
BUT best of all she has a genuine soul, loves the puppies, works her booty off to make goals happen, and radiates sunshine for those in her life ❤️

I am here for the bold and blonde 🖤

Previous appt was February and was a super natural blended blonde.
This appts goal was bolder pieces but still keeping it super melty and rooted.

Technique: babylights back to back for money piece, teased foils throughout, and I teased and tipped out bigger sections of hair left between foils for those bright ends.

Formula 1: @oligopro Blacklight Cool Toned lightener 10-20 vol for teased foils and babylights
Formula 2: Blacklight Cool toned lightener 30vol for tipped out pieces
Formula 3: @redken Shades EQ 5n, 7m equal parts for melt
Formula 4: Shades EQ 1oz 10vv, 1oz 10gi, .5oz 10n

y’all can have your pumpkin spiced lattes and I will support you wholeheartedly but with my homemade coffee!

Formula 1: babylights around face @oligopro cool toned lightener 10 vol
Formula 2: combo of babylights and teasy foils oligo cool toned lightener and 20 vol.
Formula 3: @redken shades eq 1oz 10vv , 5oz 10gi, 1oz 10t, 1oz clear

Still have some haircut/gloss opening in October/November so contact me to get in or to set up a consult for this dream hair to wear while slaying those big dreams girl!!!

Handpainted balayage with hairline foils using super fine highlights(also known as babylights)

Did you know when you start getting gray hairs it will probably start around your temples and the hairline area? It’s where it starts and don’t be surprised if it stands out more due to being a more coarse texture than your other hair. They tend to be a wirey texture!!

A super blended blonde can make these new friends less noticeable without covering them completely. If you want them gone 100% with a hair color then you are looking at a 4-8 week maintenance schedule but a blended blonde for blending can fit a maintenance schedule that works best for you and have you in my chair anywhere from every 8-15 weeks or even 1-2 times a year if you are able to handle that long of a growout.

Shoot me a DM or text and we can chat about what your goals and needs are to see what color service would work best for you and your lifestyle. Let’s give you that dream hair to let your confidence shine every day in your life!


Let’s chat money pieces!
I’m obsessed with them all: bright, blended, bold, warm, shadowed, melted, & the ones brighter than the rest of the hair.
Here’s what I’ve learned with you all in my chair and what you do and don’t like:

Mostly everyone loves it in theory on an inspo picture but not always on themselves so my level of communication and breaking down the dynamics of them more prior to doing one is being leveled up significantly and I’m excited to break it down more in our consult!

Also, if you show me pictures of a gorgeous money piece with a shadow behind it but also want maximum brightness all over that doesn’t work together to achieve your goals. It’s not a money piece if there isn’t any contrast behind it. Color just doesn’t work that way. You can’t put two pieces of white paper next to each other and expect one to stand out but you can put a light tan, brown, or black piece of paper between them and get various forms of bold to the white pieces!

I’m happy to be learning more about what dynamics need to be discussed further in the chair to give you the most realistic form of a money piece that works for you and your dream hair !

Swipe to see last time she left my chair!!

Over the stay at home quarantine an all over bleach was done at home and then we added some depth last time and some babylights to do some major blending of her growout. I guess you can say we went all in this time & im totally digging the fall vibes!!!

For my babes who like to switch it up for the seasons demi permanent colors are my go to!! This allows the hair to be lifted back through in the future without compromising the cuticle as much as lifting through permanent hair color does. It also fades in a more gradient pattern leaving less of a harsh line of demarcation!!

What’s a seasonal color you really admire(even if you’ll never do it) or have always wanted to try?? @ Anthropologie

This pretty lady grew her blonde out and just missed it so bad and knew getting it back was the self care she needed.

Her inspiration photos had gorgeous contrast but with much deeper tones than her hair. We broke down the details of the hair in her photos and what would and would not work for her. To keep her maintenance low we decided to work with her natural base color vs the darker ones in her photos while creating these beautiful ribbons of blended blonde.

To maintain this she can get a gloss in another 8-10 weeks or if she wants to wait even further we could do a mini face framing blonding session in 12-15 and she will be refreshed in no time with just a few foils around her face.

I don’t know about you but that’s a routine I loveee with my busy life and I feel like the gorgeous babes in my chair agree!

@oligopro cool toned lightener 10-20 vol
@redken shades eq root smudge 7gb, 7p glossed ends with 10vv, 10p, 10t
@elevenaustralia styled with miracle hair treatment, I want body texture spray, and dry texture spray post curling

Every single one of you hair babes in my chair fill my cup up. That’s all I have to say!!!

Look at that gorgeous mane of the sweetest soul, one of my dear friends, the mother of the most beautiful blended family that makes my heart so happy.

& we are planning the most epic branding shoot in a few weeks that makes me giddy!! It’s going to be the best yet and all a part of my rebranding!

Exciting things to come!!!!

Hello to you lovely hair babes,

As we all know the year has had so many changes and I have been so fortunate that my business has grown despite the ups and downs we have all been through. I am so thankful for all of the support each and every one of you has provided me this year.

To continue providing you all with luxury services that I work hard to ensure while using the best products possible I will be having pricing changes within my system. For some of you this will mean a price increase and for some of you it will remain the same as it is now. I wanted to add a mini breakdown of what these changes will be.

All haircuts are now $55 for current clients and $60 for new guests.

My color charges are hourly plus product cost equivelant to my haircut prices so they will be listed with a range to make it easier for you guys instead of expecting you all to understand that breakdown completely. Since May I have been using this super awesome new bluetooth scale called Salon Scale that tracks all formulas and product wholesale costs for each person individually so the added product costs are 100% accurate and based on the scale!

If you have any questions about any of this please let me know and I will be so happy to chat about what this means for you individually.

In the near future I will be also having a rebranding and am SOOOO excited to share it with all of you!! I have been behind the scenes working hard to build a stronger brand and culture to my business that also will have lots of components and structures to make communication easier on both ends that will continue allowing me to grow an even more elevated experience for all of you. Stay tuned for a name, logo, and website change by 2021.

One last friendly reminder, the holidays are fastly approaching us and booking up fast. Contact me to get on the books!!!

Thanks always,
Meghan Leigh Click here for an update from Hair by Meghan Leigh!

When everyone says be authentic on the gram....

Here I am then and this photo is very realistic to me attempting to pose
~I’m awkward AF sometimes and it’s really because I have social anxiety of worrying way too much what everyone thinks but I can also talk your ear off. I think it’s the anxiety rambling out of my mouth.
~I love to spend time with my kids, boyfriend, and family in my free time and the outdoors fills my soul up big time but also cozying up at home and being in bed by 9:30 is ideal for most days too.
~Alternative, folk, and indie music is my jam and I will listen to music over watching TV 90% of the time!!
~My self care is my time in the gym doing CrossFit and nothing has ever made me feel more empowered personally than to meet my fitness goals little by little.

I dream big and love hard. Chasing dreams I’m passionate about and sharing the celebrations with my loved ones is what I’m here for. I hope to change the world with positivity and influencing others to chase their dreams as well while feeling their most confident with bomb ass hair. 🖤

Just because it’s getting cooler out
(some days because we live in VA and it’s bipolar weather LOL)
mean you have to go darker with your hair.
My skin gets more pale in the winter so I personally like my hair brighter in the fall winter to compliment that and find that some of my guests do as well. Do you girl and what makes you feel best and your most confident, that’s what is most important!

Are you team dark in the fall/winter or keep that ish bright blonde??

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