Sanctuary Skin by Cassie

Sanctuary Skin is located in Virginia Beach and provides customized skin care and body treatments.


Can you believe this is what our skin looks like close up?⁠ 🧐

While your experience of your own skin may lead you to believe that skin is just the gift wrapping around our body, it's so much more complex and vital to our health than you could ever imagine!⁠

Without our skin, we'd be dead! ☠️

Among all the vital things our skin does, here are some of the most fascinating:⁠
▪️protects us from harmful substances in the outside world⁠
▪️regulates our temperature by insulating us and cooling us down⁠
▪️keeps water inside our bodies⁠
▪️protects us from solar radiation⁠
▪️contains touch, pain, and heat receptors so we can experience our world⁠
▪️cushions our bodies from impacts and injuries⁠

Our skin does so much for us, let's make sure we're doing everything we can to take care of our skin!⁠


As master estheticians, our hands are our best tools--but it's fun to use some other gadgets during your facial too! 👐⁠

Our treatment room tools have the ability to:⁠
💥 deeply clean the skin and pores with ultrasonic waves⁠
💥 infuse ingredients deeply into the skin⁠
💥 kill acne-causing bacteria⁠
💥 strengthen muscle tone⁠
💥 stimulate collagen production⁠
💥 exfoliate dead skin⁠

The science and technology in the skincare industry is always growing and expanding! I wonder what skin gadgets we'll have in our treatment room next year?⁠

If you could make a skincare tool that could do anything you wanted, what would you make? Let us know in the comments!⁠


Sanctuary Skin began in 2018 on Black Friday.⁠

I know that seems like a weird day to start a business, but Black Friday is the only day most skincare companies ever discount their products and equipment. ⁠

On that Black Friday I took my very limited budget and purchased the bare minimum of what I thought I’d need to start my own esthetics business.⁠

When the packages started arriving, I didn’t even have a location for my business, so I just arranged all of the boxes around my Christmas tree. ⁠

I had a dream of creating a business that combined the best of relaxing spa treatments with the most innovative skincare science. ⁠

I started inside of a 100 sqft space with myself as the only employee, and now we have grown to 1,000+ sqft and multiple skincare and massage therapists.

When I started my business, I had no idea what it would become—but it has blessed me in more ways than I can count!

It has given me the ability to impact the lives of so many amazing women in my community, and allowed me to grow as a person in ways I never expected!

Thank you so much to all of you who have been a part of this journey with me! Here’s to many more memorable Black Fridays to come!! 🥂



Esthetics can treat your skin from the outside, but we also have a few methods of treating your skin from the inside!⁠

Our essential fatty acid supplement from DMK repair skin cell membranes to rebuild stronger, healthier, better functioning skin! 🧬 EFAs are really great at supporting your skin's ability to hold onto hydration! 💧⁠

When we increase hydration from within, this helps to thin out our oil production--making these supplements a game changer for healing acne!⁠

Supplements can be a little questionable sometimes, but DMK's EFAs contain a full spectrum of Omega 3, 6, 9, and 7, derived entirely from plants and NOT animals! 🌱 🚫🐠⁠

2-4 soft gels a day can improve skin with⁠
🌿 barrier issues⁠
🌿 acne⁠
🌿 rosacea⁠
🌿 reactive/sensitive skin⁠
🌿 eczema and psoriasis⁠


Prepping for the big day? Start your weding skin journey early to ensure you'll have that radiant glow! ✨⁠

I've treated many brides before their weddings, and sadly, many didn't give themselves enough time to achieve the glowing skin of their dreams. ⁠

Maybe your skin just needs a little dress rehersal, or maybe it needs months of professional dance lessons. Whatever prep your skin needs, follow this timeline to make sure you give your skin the care it deserves before your spotlight moment! 👰⁠

Did you know we have 6 and 3 month bridal packages that include every product and treatment you need to be event-ready?⁠


You don’t want wrinkles, but you also don’t want Botox…no problem!⁠

While there’s nothing wrong with injections, I have many clients who simply don’t want Botox. 🙅‍♀️⁠

How else do we treat deep and fine lines?⁠

With a combination of treatments and products designed to stimulate collagen production, improve texture and hydration, and massage muscles into a more relaxed expression, we can achieve a significant reduction in wrinkles!⁠

These treatments include:⁠
Radiofrequency facials⁠
DMK Enzyme treatments⁠

What side are you on? Getting your Botox AND skincare, or do you prefer an injectable-free treatment plan? Let me know in the comments! 💉💆‍♀️⁠



Because it's never just a facial...⁠


Is the spa decor an important part of your spa experience? We think so!⁠

From the moment you walk through the doors of Sancuary Skin, we want to be a treat on all of your senses—well maybe all of them except taste! 😝⁠

We have ⁠
👀 beautiful artwork on our walls⁠
👃🏼 aromatherapy and botanically based skincare⁠
🦻🏻 relaxing spa sounds⁠
🖐🏽 ultra soft bedding and blankets⁠

What’s your favorite part about the Sanctuary Skin experience?⁠


What’s a better combo? A cold ice cream cone on a hot day, or a massage and a facial on the SAME day? ⁠

We may be partial, but nothing beats a SPA DAY!!⁠

The worst part about a massage is when it’s over—but what if the end of you massage was the beginning of your facial?⁠

You haven’t experienced bliss until you’ve experienced 2+ hours of pampering at Sanctuary Skin!⁠

So which would you choose? The ice cream cone, or a spa day? Let us know with either a 🍦 or a 💆‍♀️ in the comments!⁠


Discover the art of relaxation beyond the realms of vacation. 🌿💆‍♀️⁠

Have you only ever gotten a massage while on vacation? 🏝️⁠

Massage therapy isn't just a treat; it's a timeless investment in your well-being. From easing tension to enhancing circulation, and fostering mental clarity – indulge in the many benefits of massage therapy on a regular schedule!⁠

Because self-care is a journey, not just a destination. ⁠



Let's be honest, having acne in your 20s and 30s is worse than having it in your teens--at least that's how it feels! 😫⁠

"I thought I would be done with acne by now!" ⁠

While a lot of people may no longer break out after they grow up, acne is not always something you grow out of.⁠

Acne is a very complex condition with many different causes within and outside of our bodies. There are structural and hormonal differences to acne prone skin--as well as external triggers like stress and cosmetics. 🤯⁠

Not only is your acne different as an adult, but the treatments and products available to you have advanced so much in the last 5 years alone! ⁠

You've been fighting this battle on your own for the last 10 years, now it's time for an acne expert to guide you in your journey towards clear and healthy skin! ⁠

You are not alone and you don't have to fight it alone any more! 🥊⁠


Achieving results with esthetics is more like exercising than getting your hair done—it can take 6-12 months of consistency to see results! 💪🏼

But unlike working out with a personal trainer, when you come to Sanctuary Skin, you’ll actually enjoy you’re time here 🤣.

To continue with this analogy: your skincare treatments are like your workouts, and your esthetician is your personal trainer. Your custom skincare regimen is your diet plan. 🥕🥦 To get the best results, you need both working together! 👭

I personally prefer going to the spa over working out—our “skin workouts” are much more relaxing ☺️. Are you ready to have beautifully healthy skin in 6 months?


Would you believe me if I told you this client didn't receive ANY fillers or botox?!

You better believe it! These results were achieved with skincare and esthetic treatments alone!⁠

When the skin is taken from an unhealthy to a healthy state, it appears more beautiful and radiant! 🌟⁠

Pigment from sun damage lightens and bouncy collagen fills in fine lines and wrinkels. Texture smoothes and redness decreases.⁠

Are you curious about the treatments this client received? Leave your questions and best guesses in the comments below!⁠


Stubborn pigment can be a pain, but with a customized treatment plan, that pigment can be lifted!⁠

Some of us are more prone to hyperpigmentation than others, and some of us have enjoyed a little more time in the Virginia Beach sun! 🌞⁠

Regardless of how you got your pigment, with a skincare regimen of pigment inhibitors and a treatment plan designed to repair and lift off damage, even the most stubborn pigmentation can be lightened. ⁠

Hyperpigmentation is not something you can treat without all of the proper tools, so call in the big guns and visit one of our skin specialists at Sanctuary Skin!⁠


Cupping for the face vs. cupping for the body, what's the difference?⁠

At Sanctuary Skin, our Signature Facial and all of our Advanced Facials include a lymphatic drainage cupping massage. This massage technique differs from our Cupping Massage provided by our massage therapist.⁠

Cupping on the face is designed to target the lymphatic system, cupping on the body is designed to target the muscles.⁠

Our facial cupping is very gentle and does not leave any marks on the skin. It feels unlike any other facial massage because it uses gentle suction to stimulate lymphatic drainage and healthy circulation.⁠

Lymphatic drainage massage can:

▪️ Reduce swelling and puffiness
▪️ Improve circulation and lymphatic system function
▪️ Promote detoxification
▪️ Improve skin tone and texture
▪️ Alleviate muscle tension and stress
▪️ Support the immune system
▪️ Help with post-surgery recovery

Contour your face and get that lymphatic system flowing!!


Find heaven on Earth at Sanctuary Skin, where skincare meets serenity under the clear blue skies. ☁️💆‍♀️



You know where to find me!! 🙋🏼‍♀️

I became an esthetician to find the answers to my own skin problems.

And I created Sanctuary Skin so that women just like me could have a place that combined the most relaxing spa experiences and results-oriented skincare!

I’m always searching for the best of the best in spa and science, so that my clients will always feel and look their best!

What new products and treatments do you think I have in store for you?! 😆


POV: your skin reminds Rachel of a glazed donut and now she’s hungry ! 😋

Have you heard of skin being described as a “glazed donut”? Don’t worry, babe. It’s a compliment! ⁠

At your treatment, we load you up with the “good stuff”! All the serums and creams your skin could ever need to be HEALTHY, GLOWING, HYDRATED, and HAPPY! ⁠

Come visit Rachel, and let her make you a glazed donut! We promise, she doesn't bite! 🍩


Do you try to fix your car yourself, or do you take it to a mechanic? Why are you trying to treat your skin all by yourself? Come visit the skincare specialists at Sanctuary Skin and STOP relying on guesswork! 🤔⁠

I've never changed the oil in my car, I wouldn't even attempt to fix a flat tire or put in a new break line. The thought of me doing those things is rediculous to me! I hire a professional who knows what they're doing. We recommend doing the same thing with your skin! 🛠️⁠

Our master estheticians have years of training and experience! They can discover the root causes of your skin conditions, and they know exactly what products are necessary to treat them!⁠

Stop throwing your money away on products that never give you results! Trust the experts to steer you down the right path towards beautiful skin! 🛣️⁠


Don't let the idea of microneedling spook you this Halloween! At Sanctuary Skin, our microneedling treatments are the secret behind a bewitchingly beautiful complexion! 👻🧙‍♀️⁠

While microneedling does create a little pin-point bleeding, it's not enough to tempt a vampire! 🧛🏻‍♂️🩸 And don't worry, you won't be looking ghoulish for very long! Most of our clients have a rosy complexion for only 12-24 hours. ⁠

Our microneedling pen is the closest you'll get to a magic wand that will vanish skin imperfections and grant you everlasting youth! ⁠

No tricks, just treats for your skin! There are so many other things that go bump in the night, don't let a little microneedling scare you! 😱⁠



Elevate your skincare game with the power of radio frequency facials! 🔊⁠

With our radio frequency treatments, you can experience the rejuventing symphony of collagen building and skin tightening all in one treatment. 🎶⁠

Our radio freqeuncy treatment gently warms your tissue to a temperature where collagen is stimulated. This treatment is not only comfortable, but it is a very relaxing sensation. Like a radiantly warm face massage! 🌞⁠

Best results are achieved with a series of 3-10 treatments. Enjoy our radio frequency facial, add on 30 minutes of radio frequency to your other favorite facial, or come in for a quick warm up all by itself! ⁠

Tune in to your best skin yet!! 📻️⁠


The tools of the trade! At Sanctuary Skin, our estheticians are artists, and these tools are our brushes, each stroke revealing yuor skin's true beauty! 🎨⁠

We're passionate about using every tool in our toolbox to craft the perfect canvas of radiane for you. 🌄⁠

Discover the art of skincare with us!⁠


At Sanctuary Skin, we believe in the transformative power of facial massage! Our facials are not just treatments--they are a journey to relaxation and radiant skin. 🌸✨⁠

We encorporate a massage known as the Sculptural Lifting Technique into all of our facials. This massage technique addresses all of the facial muscles and massages them into the correct position. 💆‍♀️⁠

You'd be surprised at the amount of tension we hold in our facial muscles--and how good it feels to have that tension released!⁠

Unwind an rejuvenate with the most soothing massages in every facial! Your skin deserves it!⁠


What do you get when you take a highly qualified massage therapist and a tub of Tiger Balm? ⁠

A cage match with your knots. And Staci always wins. ⁠

Sometimes massage gets misunderstood as something “rich” people get for fun. Nope. For some, massage is not a luxury- it’s a necessity. Necessary to get out of bed, function at their desk job, or to even relax from a stressful life. ⁠

Let us help you function… properly. ⁠


Two BioRePeel treatments to achieve these results! 🧪⁠

This chemical peel is so unique! We can achieve results like these with NO downtime! ⁠

Your social life is not interrupted, and no need to pause your regular skincare! ⁠

Best results are achieved in a series of 3-6, so stay tuned to see this client’s continued progress!⁠


Indulge in the serenity of Sanctuary Skin, where the rush of the world fades away, and a haven of relaxation emerges. ⁠✨

Our doors are open, your sanctuary is calling!⁠


You want "glass skin" but you're not sure where to start...unlock your skin’s potential with our DMK Introduction Package! 🌟 ⁠

Get ready to embark on a transformative skincare journey--start with everything you need! The DMK Introduction Package includes two DMK Enzyme 1 treatments and five essential home care products. ⁠

The pricing for the package is $450, which means you're saving $10 on the enzyme treatments and your 3 months worth of skincare products are FREE!⁠

In three months you could be on your way to radiant, flawless skin!💆‍♀️✨ ⁠


Does laughing cause wrinkles? Good thing we know how to erase those!⁠ 😆⁠

As for those worry lines… sure, we can treat them on the face, but what about the stress on your body? You look like you could use a massage… We can get you feeling right! ⁠

Our team is here to treat what ails you, and we will throw in the smiles and laughs for free!⁠


Photos from Sanctuary Skin by Cassie's post 10/13/2023

Were you told that nothing could be done for your stretch marks and scars? We're here to tell you, that is NOT true!⁠

Stretch marks are a type of scar, a scar is just a different type of collagen, and collagen can be remodeled!!⁠

When the skin is injured, it goes through a wound healing phase to repair itself.🩹 It's not so concerned with how the repair looks, as long as it does its job!⁠

The collagen of scar tissue is different than healthy skin. Instead of growing in a sturdier cross-hatch or basketweave style, it grows in only one direction. 🗑️⁠

Have you ever noticed that old scars look better than new ones? That's because the skin does remodel itself--however, without the right stimulation, your skin will take a loooong time to remodel itself. 🗓️⁠

Thankfully we understand how to break down old collagen and stimulate new, healthy, beautiful collagen: with microneedling!⁠

Microneedling uses teeny tiny needles to poke teeny tiny holes into the skin. Because the skin isn't in the middle of a wound healing crisis, it takes its time filling in these tiny holes with beautiful cross-hatched collagen! ⁠

After a few treatments the scarred collagen fibers are completely replaced with NEW beautiful collagen!⁠

Do you have a scar or some stretch marks that you'd like to remove? The technology is here, let's start building beautiful collagen! 💗⁠


Tiger Balm: because life’s a jungle out there and we all need a secret weapon! 🐯⁠

Its unique blend of herbal ingredients like camphor and menthol provide an invigorating sensation that helps soothe discomfort and tension. 🌿❄️ Plus, the comforting warmth it brings is like a cozy hug for your muscles! ❤️‍🔥⁠

So next time you’re feeling a bit “roar” after a tough day, reach for the Tiger Balm and let the magic happen. Your muscles will thank you!⁠


What is the Sanctuary Skin difference? Our microneedling treatments include STEM CELL SERUM MAGIC!⁠

When we created our protocol for microneedling, we wanted to include everything that would enhance results and reduce downtime!⁠

AnteAge stem cells are unlike any other stem cells. They are backed by tons of research that proves their partnership with microneedling actually increases collagen production.⁠

Why did we choose to use stem cells over PRP? ⁠

Because AnteAge stem cells serums give all the benefits without any of the inflammatory factory present in your own PRP--plus we don't have to take your blood!⁠

Also, PRP applied right after microneedling can sting like a...🤬. Our stem cell serums are calming and soothing to your freshly microneedled skin!⁠

After applying the stem cells, we finish your treatment with a cooling sheet mask and a scalp massage! The cooling mask reduces redness, and the scalp massage is just our special Sanctuary Skin way of saying "You did it! Now let's relax and let that collagen factory get to work!"⁠


Light up your skincare game! 💡Our LED therapy device is here to unveil your natural radiance, combat acne, and turn back time!⁠

Say "bye-bye" to acne worries as the power of LED light therapy gently but effectively targets those blemishes!⁠

But wait, there's more! This magical device doesn't stop there. It's your secret weapon for the anti-aging battle. Red light will rejuvenate and tighten your skin, leaving you looking fresher than ever!⁠

LED therapy is included with all teen, acne, and deluxe facials as well as our microneedling treatments, but it can be added on to any facial for an instant boost!⁠


Why do we love Face Reality?⁠

Face Reality is our line fore acne-prone skin, but the formulation is sooooo much more advanced than your typical over the counter acne products!⁠

One of the key ingredients is Mandelic Acid. Mandelic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid that kills acne-causing bacteria, treats fungal acne, and improves pigment and skin texture!⁠

But the ingredients alone wont eliminate your acne! It takes a carefully crafted skincare regimen by a licensed acne specialist to ensure your skin will be balanced!⁠

Thankfully all of our master estheticians are acne specialists!⁠


What the F is high Frequency?⁠

Would it shock you to learn that Ozone can kill acne-causing bacteria? ⚡️⁠

Acne-causing bacteria is anerobic, meaning oxygen (O2) and ozone (O3) can kill it! Our high frequency machine creates ozone gas and infuses it into the outermost layer of the skin.⁠

Killing bacteria and reudcing inflammation. We include high frequency in our facials for any client who needs it!⁠

Say bye-bye to bacteria!⁠


Cups of pure bliss in action! 😌⁠

Our expert massage therapist Staci is bringing the magic of cupping to another level, offering relief for those stubborn knots and tense muscles.⁠

Cupping therapy isn't just relaxing; it's a powerful technique that helps increase blood flow, release fascial restrictions, and encourage the body's natural healing processes. Those tight knots don't stand a chance!⁠

Relaxation is just a cupping session away, and the therapeutic benefits are boundless! 🌟⁠


✨ Reveal Your Youthful Glow! ✨

Say hello to your new skincare obsession - Revitosin! Packed with the power of Vitamin A, this incredible serum is your ticket to ageless beauty and clear, radiant skin. 🌟

✨ Benefits for Anti-Aging:
Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles as Revitosin works its magic to promote collagen production and firmness. Rediscover a smoother, more youthful complexion that's bound to turn heads!

🌿 Banish Acne Woes:
Struggling with acne? Revitosin is here to rescue your skin! Its gentle yet effective formula helps combat breakouts, reduce inflammation, and refine pores, giving you the confidence of a blemish-free complexion.

Join the skincare revolution and embrace the transformative power of Revitosin! 🚀✨


Are you starting to see signs of aging in your skin? Do you have old acne scars that wont fade? Microneedling is your friend! ⁠

It will make you look like you've had a sunburn (for 24 hours), but can you handle that if it means increasing collagen production by 100%?!!⁠

Will it hurt?⁠
Not really! We use really good numbing cream beforehand, so at most you feel a little pin-prickly sensation on your forehad.⁠

But will I be in pain afterwards?⁠
No way! No only does it look like a sunburn, but it feels a bit like it too. For a few hours your skin will feel a little warm and sensitive, but by day 2 and 3 you'll be back to feeling normal.⁠

How long do the results last?⁠
How long does a new tattoo look good? The collagen stimulated is yours to keep, but some maintenance every now and then really helps.⁠

How long until I see results?⁠
Some see positive changes in their skin as soon as 2-3 weeks after treatment, but the full effect may take as long as 2-4 months.⁠

Ok, I'm ready to book my microneedling treatment!⁠
Woah there! If you're a new client you'll need to book a facial or an enzyme treatment with us first. We need to make sure that you're a good candidate for microneedling, AND we want to make sure your skin is prepped and ready to get the best results possible!⁠


At last! We've found an eye cream that ACTUALLY works!⁠ 👁️

Puffiness, fine lines, dark circles, eye bags, droopy eyelids, you name it, if it's a concern of your eye area, Eye Web can fix it!⁠

It's called Eye Web because it resembles a spider's web, lifting and reparing the skin up and out like a web. 🕸️ You'll also want to apply it like a web, to the undereyes, corners, and upper lid.⁠

Eye Web is from DMK's MD line, so you know it has some serious ingredients! ⁠


First comes acne, then comes those annoying red marks! 🤬 Thankfully we have a solution!⁠

Chemical peels!⁠

We know those two words can sound frightening, but at Sanctuary Skin, we have a range of chemical peels that can suit any skin type and concern.⁠

We have peels that work without making your skin physically peel—and we have peels that will give you the most amazing skin transformation in only 7 days (while making you peel like a snake).⁠ 🐍

The great thing about our peels is that we know exactly how they will affect your skin, so we can make sure to plan your peeling during a convenient time.⁠ 🗓️

There’s nothing quite like a chemical peel for correcting pigmentation!⁠

How much are you willing to peel for beautiful skin? Let us know in the comments if you could peel for 3 days if it meant you’d have beautiful new skin!


Lip lines got you feeling cranky? Fine lines around the mouth are so frustrating because they can make you appear older than you are!⁠ ☹️⁠

You may have been told that botox and fillers are the only way to treat this area, but that is FALSE!⁠

If you're coming to Sanctuary Skin, it's because you don't want injections. You just want natrual results that will have you looking like your best self! ⁠

The best way to remove signs of aging around your mouth is with treatments and products designed to rebuild collagen!⁠

Your esthetician can give you a very customized treatment plan, but in general we like to recommend:⁠

👄a series of 3-6 radio frequency treatments⁠
👄a series of 3-6 DMK enzyme treatments⁠
👄a series of 3-6 microneedling treatments⁠
💋a homecare regimen that includes vitamin a and vitamin c⁠

We promise what we say isn't just lip service! See for yourself at Sanctuary Skin!⁠

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1624 Laskin Road, Suite 734
Virginia Beach, VA

Opening Hours

Monday 1pm - 8pm
Tuesday 10am - 6pm
Friday 10am - 6pm
Saturday 10am - 8pm
Sunday 10am - 6pm
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