Princess Anne Health & Rehabilitation Center, Virginia Beach, VA Video June 25, 2021, 7:59pm

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Samuel Obispo is a true champion and survivor of COVID-19! He is the first patient who we’ve cared for that was previously diagnosed. His illness started after a family trip from the Philippines on March 9th with a layover in Japan and Detroit. He was hospitalized from March 14th-April 26th battling the coronavirus. After testing negative and free from isolation, he was discharged to Princess Anne for rehabilitation and skilled nursing services. Through constant clinical monitoring, multiple respiratory assessments, physical, occupational and speech therapy, Mr. Obispo finally recovered to a point where he could discharge home safe, functional and independent. He was physically reunited with his family after 67 days due to strict guidelines from the pandemic. The entire Princess Anne team took on the challenge of caring for this gentleman with ease. We found pure joy in seeing his will to fight and recover. Mr. Obispo plans to return as a visitor someday to personally thank everyone. 😊

This patient shared her LifeWorks Rehab experience with the American Health Care Association and we are honored to be able to share that with you! We invite you to watch this video and schedule a tour to see how we care for and care about our patients.

Connecting with our patients and making them feel like a part of our family. That’s what our team members do each and every day to provide our patients with the best experience possible. We invite you to watch this video about our company’s commitment to our patients, and schedule a tour with us today!

This video was produced at our sister center, but showcases the same type of care you can expect from our dedicated team here at Princess Anne Health & Rehabilitation Center. We invite you to watch and schedule a tour to see how our culture of caring is making a meaningful difference in the lives of our patients.

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