Chroma Salon Virginia Beach

Chroma Salon Virginia Beach


I'm hosting a networking Ladies Night Out and would love to have you all come if you're able. It's with my group Southside Hampton Roads Housewives - and you can RSVP for a VIP ticket at BRIXX Ladies Night Social + Patio Party. I love your work!

We are new hair salon located in Virginia Beach, Va, our stylist have over 25 years in the hair industry.

We want to make your salon experience as unique and memorable as you are. Our mission is to consistently bring you the freshest styles and ideas, by keeping up with the current trends and constantly educating ourselves about the best practices. All of our stylists support one another in their personal strengths and goals within the beauty industry and the community. We promise to pay close attention to the details of your service, maintain the highest standard in the cleanliness of our salon, exceed your expectations, and keep you coming back for more!

Governor of Virginia

Good afternoon clients, family, and friends of Chroma Salon. Just to help out with some of the confusing information that was given out today here is a re-cap. The governor said he is going to extend the executive order, it expires on  (May 14 midnight) May 15. He will revisit at that time if the numbers are on a 14 day downward trajectory we will open up on the 15th and move into phase 1. As far as the restrictions he said that he will let us know what that is going to look like and how we are going to service our clients with the regulations. We look forward to getting back into the salon to service our wonderful clients. I hope that everybody is safe and healthy and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

I'm holding a briefing to share the latest developments on our fight against COVID-19 in Virginia.

The full video of today's briefing with closed captioning and sign language interpreting is available here:

Chroma Salon: Online Store by SalonInteractive

Chroma Salon has been temporarily closed due to Covid-19. We will keep updates on our reopening. We all send love and prayers to our Clients and their families. Here is a link for hair products that will be shipped directly to you. Let me know if you need any recommendations.
Heather Dozier Online Store by SalonInteractive

Out apprentices at Chroma salon gain so much knowledge from being around so many stylist. We are so proud of you Kacie

Sometimes doing your own hair at home can turn out to be more expensive because if it doesn’t turn out properly you have to get it fixed at a salon regardless! Huge transformation—-> swipe for the before! 👏🏻 #chromasalon #chromasalonvb #virginiabeachhair #virginiabeachhairstylist #balayagetechniques #757hair #757hairstylist #757balayage #757blondesofinstagram #kaciewaltonhair @ Chroma Salon Virginia Beach

Making holiday hair perfection✨🎄 time is running out to get on our stylist book! Here at Chroma Salon we are all independent stylist who work together to let our guest dreams come true! We all book our own guests and you can see their featured photos on our page! Here is a list of all of our stylist and their handles so check them out!

JORDAN: @jordanz123 757-918-3456
Heather: 757-450-2978 @heather.chromasalon
Hailey: @haileyhairvb 757-478-1551
Ciara: @ciaraevans 757-892-0803
Joy: @hairbyjoybartelt 615-934-9680
Kendyl: @kendyl.teague 757-752-4006
Cassidy: @cassidyalvarez 757-355-4618
Ashely: @ashleyhilderbrandhair 757-462-6333
Olivia: @olivehairstyles 757-646-7984
Megan: @meganmowinshairartistry 219-201-6099
Angela: @alchemistangela 757–235–4434
Tegan: @teganherrerahair 757-355-3891
Aja: @ajarae.styles 207–409–9187
Jess: @osopretti 757-620-0419
Courtney: @courtexoh 757-333-2514
Kellie: @kgcuts_757 757-281-9151
We also have working apprentices who have openings left this month Kacie @kaciewaltonhair

After extensions without the maintenance? @kendyl.teague has the answer for you! This guest said she wanted to have longer and fuller locks for her wedding. This option of extensions last about 4-5 months and the cost is about $800-$950 contact Kendyl (757) 752-4006 🍾🎄 @ Virginia Beach, Virginia

Can you say GREY GODDESS!? H O L Y Transformation by the very talented @alchemistangela
Not only is Angela talented she’s growing her business to become a full time booth renter! For this look Angela sliced everything to get the color out, toned with a very ash grey, washed, dried & went through and lowlighted with a darker grey at the end a perfect root melt to blend any lines. Costing this guest a very reasonable $350. This look does not come easy & can be tricky. Looking to book something incredible this season!? Contact Angela @alchemistangela @ Virginia Beach, Virginia

BABE ALERT!! Fresh hair by the very talented @kaciewaltonhair Kacie is an up and coming stylist using her apprenticeship program to learn all the goods from @teganherrerahair this look was created by first foiling babylites at the root and balayage painting the ends to brighten them up. Kacie loves her @redken shades to melt her roots down with a 6NN and 6T then an allover gloss using 10N and 10V costing about $150. To book with Kacie message her @kaciewaltonhair @ Chroma Salon Virginia Beach

Gorgeous color and style by the amazing @alchemistangela to book with Angela message or text her at (757) 235-4434
Gorgeous makeup don’t by the very talented @blushtones @ Chroma Salon Virginia Beach

Meet Cassidy!!! Cassidy just had her one year at Chroma! This gorgeous babe at 20 years old is crushing all her goals and just went I N D E P E N D E N T as a stylist #GOALS✨✨✨✨✨ Cassidy specializes in Balayage’s and Styling but is well rounded in a variety of hair trends as well as being @waterfallbeadedrowextension certified She loves the endless learning in this industry and everyday appreciates getting the privilege to learn something new while doing something she has such a love and passion for!

For booking with Cass ⬇️
Instagram: @cassidyalvarez
Number: 757-355-4618

Gorgeous work by Cassidy @cassidyalvarez she’s almost booked up for the holiday seasons. To schedule 757-355-4618

Flawless lived in color by the talented @meganmowinshairartistry check out her page to see how this look stays maintained!

HOLY COLOR CORRECTION!! Our newest addition to the team Olivia has done some brilliant work here! @olivehairstyles Check her out! Here Olivia was able to save the integrity of her hair by doing a clarifying treatment first to remove the blue tones at her root. Then foiled her using #shadeseq and a root shadow in between to get rid of the bleed marks. The only lightener used was around her face where the hair was not lifted up enough (orange) with #olaplex , of course... Olivia loves to help people feel beautiful everyday! Looking to book with Olivia contact her @olivehairstyles 757-646-7984

#colorcorrection #beforeandafter #bleedmarks #softblonde #redken #transformation #757stylist #virginiabeachstylist #757hair #blonde @ Chroma Salon Virginia Beach

Gorgeous work created by @kaciewaltonhair . Kacie is about to finish up her apprenticeship program with @teganherrerahair she’s already taking her own clients and look at this incredible before and after! This look was created by placing the foils and root melt perfectly custom to the guest needs and budget. Looking to book with Kacie contact her #(757) 348-8586 @ Chroma Salon Virginia Beach

✨Angela wanted to accentuate this natural red hair so she just went in with some hand painted highlights to break it up at her roots as well as blending some grey. Finished up with a copper gloss for this gorgeous sunset color finish. Costing about $200 this look will last her into next year. The maintenance would be to do another gloss in about 4-8 weeks to maintain freshness and overall shine. ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️What are you guys doing to stay bright on this gloomy Sunday? @alchemistangela @ Chroma Salon Virginia Beach

Pulpriot perfection! Hair by Joy @hairbyjoyboudreau to achieve a look like this the hair must be at a pale pale yellow. Heavy highlights, or a bleach retouch and an allover lavender color like this can cost anywhere from $60-$130

From blonde to copper! Gorgeous change up by the balayage master herself Joy @hairbyjoyboudreau using Redken Color. Text to book your transformation today? 757-687-9506

It was a big weekend here at Chroma Salon!! We hosted @waterfallbeadedrowextension classes and man are we EXCITED to announce our new certified stylist with this method. @haileyhairvb @ashleyhilderbrandhair @teganherrerahair @meganmowinshairartistry @kellz7939 @curls_by_rae_searles @cassidyalvarez @courtexoh
We can’t wait to share this incredible trademark to all of you here in the Hampton roads area! Thank you @stylingwithmeg @thebeautyresort for coming and spending the weekend with us! Curious about extensions!? Book a consultation today!

Check out the different lighting between camera modes! Both were taken outside in front of our black wall. One is a bit closer up and hair held out and in portrait mode to show true tonal value of this beautiful guests hair. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ this look was created first with a Malibu Crystal treatment to remove unwatered minerals in the hair. Allowing for even lift with lightener and minimizing any kind of redos✨✨✨✨✨✨ then a full foil of teasy lites and baby weave foils. Avoiding her natural root and feathering at the top followed by an allover gloss. Costing around $250 look created by 👇🏼

Absolutely GORGEOUS contrast between these warm red tones. This look was created by our very own Angela @alchemistangela she’s got appointments coming up this week check her out and to book with her contact her @ (757) 235-4434
This look came in with layers of old box color. Angela freshened her up with a rich auburn , then went in with copper highlights for dimension!

Jess loves to ice out this blonde mama every time she sees her. This blonde was created by foils but could be achieved by doing a bleach retouch. Highlights allow her to go longer between appointments, 6-8 weeks with a soft regrowth. where as a bleach retouch would need to be done every 3 to 4 weeks to keep away banding. Awesome information for those of you who want to be #blonde! Jess has some openings coming up text (757) 744-2477 to get on her books! @osopretti

Gorgeous summer blonde late created by @kendyl.teague she’s got some openings this week! Text or call to book! (757) 752-4006

we have started breaking walls down in our new space! We can’t wait to extend our Chroma Salon team

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!! We hope everyone is enjoying their day! Let us know where you’re going to watch the fireworks!
This look was created by Hailey @haileyhairvb
#virginiabeachhairsalon #hairvirginiabeach #virginiabeachblonde #virginiabeachbrunette #chromasalon

We have exciting news!!! Heathers Chroma Salon team is growing!! Kellie and Hailey have worked for Heather for cumulatively of 8 years. We are excited to be expanding AGAIN inside of Chroma Salon. We are growing so fast and we are so excited to be bringing on a new assistant/ commission stylist team. We are looking for a licensed stylist who wants a team building work environment who can assist for all of us learn from us all as well as take on their own clients! It’s truly the best of both worlds not to mention having 3 people to bounce ideas off of in an uplifting environment. You have the choice to grow as fast or as slow as you wanted to. We are looking for a positive, upbeat, professional, licensed or working on getting licensed human that is very hard working diligent and open to receiving education and guidance. If anyone has any questions or curious about shadowing please contact Hailey @haileyhairvb 757-478-1551

How photogenic is Cassidy’s Guest!? This lovely lady got a good summer spice with a full foil $155 (haircut included) and an allover gloss to bring uniformity $25 costing an average of about $180!! Cassidy is one of our licensed assistants and is so talented! Check out her YouTube channel and her Instagram page @cassidyalvarez to book with Cassidy call or text 757-355-4618

Shout out to our newst member of the Chroma Salon Team Jess!! ✨👏🏻✨👏🏻✨👏🏻✨👏🏻✨👏🏻✨👏🏻✨This work was the combination of a partial highlight $105 + extracolor $20 + Olaplex $20 + a glaze $30 + a haircut $50 = $225 to complete this amazing ashy blonde. Check her out! @osopretti to book with Jess contact 757-744-2477

Kendyl does it again! @kendyl.teague this perfect balayage foil placement was topped off with an allover glaze and a haircut! Averaging price around $225 Check her out! (757) 752-4006 to book with Kendyl

We want to hear from our followers!! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨What kind of content do you like to see out of hair posts? Price breakdowns? Blondes? Brunettes? Videos? Give aways? Descriptive how tos!? Ask away so we can better serve and give amazing content! ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ this gorgeous transition from dark to light called ombré was created by Hailey check we out over at @haileyhairvb call or text to make an appointment 757-478-1551
#chromasalonvb #hair757 #virginiahair #virginiabeachhair #virginiabeachbalayage #virginiabeachsalon #virginiabeachstylist #virginiabeachombre
#chromasalonvb #757salon #757stylist #757hair #757ombre #757balayage
#haileyhairvb #blondebalayage #hamptonroadshair #virginiabeachhair #virginiabeachblonde #757stylist

Ever wondered why balayage is so amazing for low maintenance!? Angela’s guest had balayage months ago and decided she needed a refresh! A little gloss was all this babe needed. The best part about the gloss is its customizable for any color and let’s you change up your look throughout the year! Check out Angela’s work @alchemistangela to book (757) 235-4434 she’s got openings next Wednesday and Thursday available!

Meet Ciara!!✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨My name is Ciara Evans. I’ve been doing hair for about 2.5 years now and have had the pleasure of working under Jordan Boersma to complete my apprenticeship. I’ve been lucky enough to learn from the best and love to use my skills everyday to make everyone feel beautiful. I enjoy every color service I do but especially like doing blondes and vibrant reds. My all time favorite is making women feel more confident with extensions. I truly enjoy working but when I’m not at my salon home, I spend time with my boyfriend and his son. We like to go camping and fishing if the weather allows it! When I have the time on my hands I refurbish furniture and do other crafts as well. I love meeting new clients and connecting with everyone so I hope to see you in my chair soon!
Check her out @ciaraevans +1 (757) 892-0803

Transformation alert!

Megan has been working with Amber for 6 months now.

She first came into the salon hoping to fix her faded copper and turn it into something else.

Megan was able to tone down the faded color into this beautiful more rich red copper color to blend more with Amber’s style and personality.

If you are loving this color and wanting to make an appointment with Megan, contact her at 423.742.6474 or visit her website at

Weddings? Special events? We have you covered with the most beautiful braids and styles! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨This look was created by the talented @cassidyalvarez check her out! 757-355-4618 to book these styles
#chromasalonvb #757salon #757stylist #757hair #757ombre #757balayage
#haileyhairvb #blondebalayage #hamptonroadshair #virginiabeachhair #virginiabeachblonde #757stylist #757blonde #757highlight #virginiabeachwedding #norfolkweddinghair #bridalhairvb #virginiawedding #weddingtraveler #weddingmakeup #eastcoastwedding #virginiaBeachbride #virginiamakeupartist #757wedding

We have a unique culture here at Chroma Salon! All of our stylist are independent under one roof working together to maintain excellence. It’s the best of both worlds being able to make your own schedule manage your own money all while working right next to amazing women. With the apprenticeship program we are able to build up a generation of new stylist until they are ready for the floor. It’s an experience like no other at Chroma Salon.
Hair by @jordanz123
Text or call to book 757-918-3456 or 757-478-1551

#virginiabeachhighlight #virginiabeachblondebalayage #hairgods #balayage #hairvirginiabeach #757hairstylist #virginiahair #virginiabeachhair #virginiabeachbalayage #virginiabeachsalon #virginiabeachstylist #virginiabeachombre
#chromasalonvb #757salon #757stylist #757hair #757ombre #757balayage

Looking to get your color done and want a great deal!? Our apprentices at Chroma Salon offer services at student pricing! This highlight-low light created by @kaciewaltonhair is beautiful! Kacie has been at Chroma for 2 years now and has excelled in her training! She receives her license in July and has openings on Thursdays and Saturdays. Call or text to book 757-348-8586

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