Atlantic Pool Service of Va

Atlantic Pool Service of Va

APS is a family owned and operated company run by retired military personnel and public educators who are dedicated to putting customer value first.

Atlantic Pool Service is a locally-owned pool and hot tub company that has been serving clients in the Virginia Beach area since 2002. We believe in setting the standard in the pool contracting world by going above and beyond to build trust and relationships with our customers. Our crew of uniformed, experienced, licensed, and insured guys can handle anything your backyard oasis throws at them, from weekly pool and spa maintenance to liners/covers and even complete reconstruction. Contact us today for more information!

[04/10/19]   Atlantic Pool Service is looking to hire full time and seasonal team members. You will be responsible for performing pool related services such as pool cleanings, service, demolition, and renovations which all involve physical labor and getting dirty. No pool experience necessary, plumbing/electrical experience a plus, will train. Applicants must have valid license, transportation, and willing to work hard. Call Amber or Brian at 758-343-6893 to schedule an interview.



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[09/12/18]   APS is closed for all field work until the storm passes. Call or text at 757-343-6893 and are happy to help as much as we can over the phone until we can get our trucks back on the road!

[09/10/18]   Hurricane Pool Prep Checklist

[09/10/18]   Here is a copy of the pool prep list we're leaving at all stops this week. Stay safe folks! (I'll post a printable version in the notes section!)

Hurricane Pool Prep Checklist (completed by APS on _________)
_____ Lowered water level (Pool with main drain will be lowered 2-3 inches below the skimmer,
pools with no main drain will be lowered just above the bottom of the skimmer faceplate)
_____ Laid out backwash hose for customer use before/during storm
_____ Super Chlorinated pool water
_____ Closed skimmers, left pool running from main drain only if applicable
_____ Spa cover strapped tightly

Our tips for pool owners for pool storm safety:
Move all potted plants, deck furniture, etc away from pool prior to storm (store if possible)
Purchase a bucket of chlorine tablets and several pounds of shock (even if you are a salt water pool)
Lower pool water Wednesday evening (Liner and plaster pools: Pool with main drain can be lowered 2-3 inches below the skimmer, pools with no main drain can be lowered just above the bottom of the skimmer faceplate)
Aboveground pools: Superchlorinate pool, leave water level alone and unplug equipment, you are fine until the storm is over and power is restored (may want to shock and brush after 3-5 days of pool sitting idle)
Monitor water level as much as possible during the storm
Drain pool down taking wastewater as close as possible to the street drains (yards will be saturated)
Water level recommendations:
Vinyl liner pools: don’t lower water too low or allow to raise too high to help prevent liner from floating (may still be inevitable depending on ground water table and if you lose power)
Fiberglass pools: keep water as close to mid-skimmer as possible at all times
Aboveground pools: leave water level alone (they can’t overfill too much due to skimmer)
Plaster pools: Pool owner’s preference
If pool equipment area has a history of flooding or holding water we recommend shutting equipment off and only using when lowering pool water level so pool pump does not flood out. Setting a pump on the pool steps is the best option for lowering water in this case.
If you do lose power, turn all pool equipment breakers off to try to prevent damage during power surges
Keep a chlorine tablet in each skimmer at all times while you are able to keep the pool running (salt water pool owners: salt levels will be severely diluted due to rain, we recommend switching to chlorine tabs until storm and clean up is over)
Brush and shock pool as soon as it is safe to do so (be careful while brushing as sharp objects and debris are likely to be at pool bottom)
Continue to keep chlorine tablets in the each skimmer if pool is running
Remove all large debris from pool, empty skimmer baskets, etc
Assess storm damage and call us with any questions or concerns
Feel free to text pictures and questions as well to 757-343-6893

With current storm predictions we plan to be closing Wednesday 9/12 to ensure the safety of our APS families and will reopen as soon as weather permits. We will be checking texts, voicemails and emails as we are able (phones will be on 24/7 but service will likely be limited) and will be serving our clients as soon as it is safe to do so.

[04/29/18]   Today we are celebrating our 3 year anniversary at AMF Indian river lanes. we had a blast, and there are many more to come 😊

[04/26/18]   Maintaining the chemistry in your own pool throughout the year doesn’t have to feel like rocket science! Give us a call for some quick tips from the pros to help save your sanity! 04/20/2018

Careers at Atlantic Pool Service

Do you want a job where you feel like you’re a family? A job that actually cares about your well being? Log on to and start the application process to join our family 😉 Find your next great career opportunity at Atlantic Pool Service


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[04/16/18]   Buying a new home with a pool? Pool equipment upgrades and replacements can be pretty pricey, know what you’re buying before you close and negotiate some of that cost into the deal! Call today and schedule your pool inspection! 04/09/2018

Careers at Atlantic Pool Service Find your next great career opportunity at Atlantic Pool Service

[04/09/18]   Love to swim in your pool, but hate to maintain it? Call today to get put on our cleaning schedule for the summer. One less thing you have to worry about because APS has your back! 04/07/2018

6 Unusual Tips for Pool Care - Trulia's Blog - Life at Home

:) Great Pool Tips (:
Skimmer baskets not working enough for you ? Take an old pair of pantyhose and wrap them around the baskets. Hair, sand, and fine dirt are no match for the teeny-tiny holes in the fabric. Remember to clean out the baskets once a week, and skim the surface for large debris every few days or as needed. Here are six tips for pool care you can use to keep your pool clean — and make your summer a bit more relaxing.

[04/04/18]   :) Great Pool Tips (:

Pool Water Chemistry readings should be taken at least 1-2 times a week. Here are some basic guidelines for where you should keep your chemistry.

PH: 7.2 to 7.6
Alkalinity: 80 to 120 ppm
Calcium Hardness: 250-450 ppm
Cyanuric Acid or Conditioner: 50-80 ppm
Chlorine: 2.0 - 3.0ppm

[04/02/18]   The weather is getting warmer and our opening schedule is filling quickly! Call today to schedule your pool opening!

[03/31/18]   :) GREAT POOL TIPS (:
Chemicals Costing too much? Give baking soda a try to bring up your alkalinity!


Think Of The Filter As Your Pool’s Kidneys – Phoenix Pool Partners


This is a great way to think about your filter ! Think Of The Filter As Your Pool’s Kidneys Posted on February 21, 2017February 21, 2017 by webking Just as your kidneys are constantly working to remove impurities from your body, your pool’s filter is responsible for removing impurities from the water – think dirt, leaves, and even small toys...


Atlantic Pool Service of Va 01/15/2018

Careers at Atlantic Pool Service Find your next great career opportunity at Atlantic Pool Service





1340 N Great Neck Rd Ste 1272
Virginia Beach, VA

General information

We specialize in maintaining and servicing swimming pools and spas. Our swimming pool services include: Caulking Chemical Treatments Chemicals Cleaning Services Closings Covers, Caps, & Shells Design Services Draining Electrical Service Fiberglassing Filters Filtration Systems Free Water Analysis Handrails & Ladders Heaters Indoor Pools Inground Pool Liners Inspections Installation Installation & Dismantling Installation & Hook Up Leak Detection Lighting Liners Maintenance & Cleaning Openings Painting Parts & Supplies Pool Cleaning Pool Construction Pool Filling Pool Pumps Pumps Renovations & Restoration Repairs Repiping Replacement Motors Sales Salt Water Pools Stain, Rust, & Scale Removal Summerizing Swimming Pools Upgrades Vinyl Liners Vinyl Work Water Treatment Water Purification Waterproofing Winter Covers Winterizing & Closing *We also service and maintain all hot tub/spa models. These services include spa removal/relocation, service, leak detection, drain/clean/fills, accessories purchases and tutorials.

Opening Hours

Monday 07:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 07:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 07:00 - 17:00
Thursday 07:00 - 17:00
Friday 07:00 - 17:00
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