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Certified Magna Wave PEMF Therapy for humans, horses and pets. Proven to decrease pain and inflammat

Certified for Equine, Human and Companion animals, let Amanda help you optimize performance, relieve pain, and aid the body in healing utilizing Magna Wave PEMF therapy to increase oxygenation and circulation, and decrease pain and inflammation. Priced at $2/minute at your location (mileage charge may apply).

Photos from Online Learning for Equine Vet Rehab Therapists's post 12/21/2021

Photos from Online Learning for Equine Vet Rehab Therapists's post



INCREASING OXYGEN IN THE BODY WITH PEMF - MagnaWave By Dr. Amanda Myers, MagnaWave’s Medical Director HOW OXYGEN GETS INTO THE BODY: THE RED BLOOD CELL Red blood cells...


For the athletes! Whatever species athletes in your life!


MagnaWave Corporate - Wellness and Pain Relief

Harry was diagnosed with progressing Parkinson's disease. He had to quit his job and it took away his ability to build furniture. Karen wanted to give Harry his gifts back and together they started trying MagnaWave PEMF. As he continues to improve, he has resumed woodworking and building again. Find out how Karen & Harry's live's have changed with MagnaWave at


EMF can harm and can heal using PEMF ( Pulsating Electromagnetic Field Therapy)

The difference between EMF (5G) and PEMF

This video details the harmful effects of microwave radiation also known as electrosmog and the beneficial effects of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy de...


This sweetheart getting some Magna Wave love! All ready for a big weekend!


Castle House Horsemanship

Learning everyday. I had no idea of the depth of the horses tongue and the affect on the horses shoulder movement. Credit to Susan Harris and Peggy Brown Anatomy in Motion 1 The Visible Horse


Recognizing Topline Syndrome

Equitopia talks with veterinarians and body workers to explain the phenomenon known as "Topline Syndrome." A horse with a weak, under... 02/11/2019

Magnetic Therapy – The Horse Horses are electrically charged. So are people. Sound a bit bizarre? Because of this electrical presence, the use of magnets has been a part of the therapeutical approach to treatment of injuries and other maladies since the 18th century.


MagnaWave Corporate - Wellness and Pain Relief

Thoroughbred Trainers, Owners, Riders, Stable Owners, Equine Veterinarians and Trail Riding enthusiasts use the treatment of champions! 01/02/2019

These 10 Exercises Will Un-Slouch Your Back to Correct Bad Posture And Remedy Back Pain Do you slouch? In our modern world filled with computers, smartphones, tablets, and sit down jobs, most of us are guilty as charged. Bad posture is an epidemic. But why is this a problem? Of course, a nice posture looks better and more confident. However, it’s more than that. Improving your postur... 12/29/2018

Fascia and why it’s so important - IVC Journal Restoring the natural intrinsic qualities of a horse's fascia is the key to pain management, and to unlocking his performance potential. 12/28/2018

What Lies Beneath the Rider’s Seat: The Horse’s Psoas Muscles! I remember a certain television show for children that explained ‘how things work’. I always found this type of information fascinating and encouraged my kids to watch this show (with me… ). This r… 11/19/2018

Will Magna Wave Help Megaesophagus in Animals?


MagnaWave Corporate - Wellness and Pain Relief

👨‍⚕️Learn how the FDA expanded its approvel PEMF over the last 50 years and visit to find a certified practitioner near you!👩‍⚕️


Apache Acres

Lil Chief here,
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The images are branded into their minds and there isn't a day that goes by that they don't think about what had happened that morning. This is why !
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Joaquin Guerrero 9/11/2001


MagnaWave Corporate - Wellness and Pain Relief

Magna Wave Wellness Bone Healing


MagnaWave Corporate - Wellness and Pain Relief

📺Watch this week's incredible office hours to see the recent news story showing how the industry leading PEMF techonology utilized by Magna Wave is being used to fight back against the opioid crisis, disease, and indications involving tumors.
📰Full report: 08/24/2018

Will Magna Wave Help Megaesophagus in Animals? 08/20/2018

C-section recovery with Magna Wave Learn how Magna Wave PEMF therapy can be used to help women recover from C Sections. 08/17/2018

WAVE : Doctors, therapists turn to alternative treatments to help manage pain

A viable and credible alternative to opioid therapy!!! LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - With the opioid epidemic, many health professionals are reluctant to prescribe pain medication. Some are turning to alternative treatments to help people get some relie


MagnaWave Corporate - Wellness and Pain Relief

Nearly 200,000 people suffer ACL injuries each year in the U.S. Recovery can be long, painful, and costly on a variety of levels. No one understands this better than one of our Marketing Directors, Nick Stover, who recently suffered his 2nd ACL tear in the last 5 years. Watch our Vice President, Alane Paulley, talk to Nick about the many different ways he is to recover from ACL/MCL injury and surgery. Practitioners, physical therapists, surgeons, and of course people suffering from a wide range of joint pains and plantar fasciitis need to watch this to understand the many different benefits of ! 08/08/2018

How PEMF Therapy Plays a Vital Role in Those with Congestive Heart Failure ~ PEMF Therapy Education

Some education! PEMF therapy cannot cure congestive heart failure, but it could certainly prolong one’s lifespan. Each year, more than 500,000 cases are diagnosed in the United States. With more than a half million new cases each year, doctors and patients should work together to seek more answers. PEMF therapy i... 08/04/2018

Treatment of Champions | Magna Wave PEMF Magna Wave PEMF is the treatment of champions! Athletes use Magna Wave to stay in peak condition, improve performance and recover faster from injury.


Holistic HorseWorks

How to keep horses healthy, sound and rideabe thru their 30's
Home study course for certification


MagnaWave Corporate - Wellness and Pain Relief

Looking for another reason to stop magna-waiting and start MAGNAWAVING?! Here's a study from NASA (yes, NASA👨‍🚀!) researchers showing evidence of the effects of PEMF therapy on tissue growth and repair.


Fractal Enlightenment

Slow down, be present and eat mindfully! It’s not just what you eat, but how you eat that matters.


Fractal Enlightenment

Seven Ways Music Benefits your Health


Fractal Enlightenment

“Busy is a drug that a lot of people are addicted to.” ~ Rob Bell


MagnaWave Corporate - Wellness and Pain Relief

Here's another reason to stop magna-WAITING and start today!
✅Learn the most important details regarding use of PEMF therapy after surgery and knee replacements.
✅Find out how the industry-leading power of Magna Wave can help with Bakers cysts and joint issues.
This information is an ABSOLUTE MUST read for people dealing with these issues and our education and certification programs are the BEST in the world. Watch this powerful video with your friends and family who are looking for answers.


Equine CranioSacral Workshops

YOUR horse's mouth is important and understanding how your horse's mouth is being addressed by your equine dentist even more important!!

An angle in the molars is "natural"to the design of the teeth and TMJ and vital for TMJ function, the mastication/chewing, proper digestion of food and to prevent colic, and balanced biomechanics of the body!!

When the molar table angle in the horses mouth is changed or altered, even .5 or 1 millimeter-it will change how your chews/eats, moves bio mechanically and affect the TMJ!

The more the angle is changed and alter.. the greater damage in the TMJ -temporomandibular joint- inflammation/tenderness and pain will occur and the muscles of mastication stressed and overworked!!

This can all be avoided when a horse owner understands what is correct in the anatomy of the horses mouth and the best and healthier equine dentistry practices!

Watch for our educational videos on what is a healthy balance, tips on equine dentistry and how to keep yours chewing muscles balanced coming soon!!!

Author Maureen Rogers, a leading expert in the field of Equine CranioSacral and founder of Equine CranioSacral Workshops- Copyright Maureen Rogers Equine CranioSacral Workshops 2018

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