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I am a master hair & skincare formulator which means that I create and formulate products not only I am Tamara Brown, but what does that tell you? NOTHING!

I am the creator behind many brands out on the market including my own. I am a master hair & skincare formulator which means that I create and formulate products not only for my brand (JAK's Essentials) but for private label clients. I have studied with herbalist, other master formulators and have several certifications in natural skin and haircare formulations. I am always continuing my education

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Now thru Sunday!!! In-store & online 40% OFF!!!! www.jaksessentials.com


Mayor Tem Miles stopped in to JAK's Essentials, a beauty, self-care, and skin care shop on State Street, to say hi to the Owner Ms. Tamara Brown. Swing by her shop to test out her made in-house skin care products.


Teaching girls how to care and love themselves. There is so much self hate amongst little girls because they don't fit inside the box. Well they aren't suppose to! Everyone is beautifully created and little girls need to know that and love themselves as themselves. Kay'Leigh Daion embodies self love through her line. At only 10 years old she understands what it means to love yourself after feeling inadequate. Now she is showing others. 💞

Girls need self-care too 💗


O.M.G.!!!!!!! Yall these are so bomb! Check it out on my moms website www.jaksessentials.com


We literally have only 3 more Sensitive Skincare Complete sets available!!!!!

This set is perfect for those with hypersensitive (extremely sensitive) skin, & Mature (aging) skin.

These 3 will NOT last long!!!!!!!

Need more time to pay? Checkout with Sezzle and secure yours NOW!

Thank us later 😁


Did you know? Your haircare has a major impact on your skin! 07/05/2022

Did you know? Your haircare has a major impact on your skin!

Did you know? Your haircare has a major impact on your skin! I know I know it has been awhile. But I only write when I have something to share lol! I was speaking with a client the other day about issues with her skin. As you all know I am not an esthetician nor do I desire too. However, as a formulator those clients that have received a professional diagnosi...




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Mahogany Rose


ONLY 4 SLOTS!!!!! www.jaksessentials.com


We apologize for any inconvenience. We look forward to seeing you when we return on Tuesday for normal business hours.

Thank you!


And they call me Master Formulator 😊 title earned!!!!!!!!


Anniversary giveaways!

Celebrating by rewarding our loyal shoppers and supporters. It is because of you that we are still here and we thank you!

The Bundle | JAK’s Essentials 04/03/2022

The Bundle | JAK’s Essentials

Today ONlY!!

The Bundle | JAK’s Essentials The Bundle includes: Naturally Clean Body Wash, All Natural Body Butter, Foaming Sugar Scrub, Natural Underarm Deodorizer, luxury bar soap, Set the Mood Body Mist.

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With spring break around the corner take a Saturday off and leave your kids with me for a few hours so they can learn something new, have fun, and possibly turn it into a money maker or saver!

Or sign your self up and learn how to make some real soap!!! Either way come have some fun while you learn. Y’all know I’m a whole vibe lmao 🤣



Who is a skincare formulator?

Someone who knows the science of skin, of ingredients, and of carefully formulating products. It's about developing the art of selecting and blending deliberately-chosen ingredients to create something safe, stable, and effective, but also unique to you and a representation of your values.


Product deconstruction and reformulation. Just a little behind the scenes of what a master formulator can do. I ain’t just mixing up stuff 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣

I do not own the rights to this music

JAK's Exclusive Sets! H A P P Y S K I N S T A R T H E R E 03/15/2022

JAK's Exclusive Sets! H A P P Y S K I N S T A R T H E R E

JAK's Exclusive Sets! H A P P Y S K I N S T A R T H E R E We packaged some of our BEST sellers in this limited edition bundle! Get all of your favorites for only $81.99!!! Only 19 left in stock!!! So get yours NOW!

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Photos from Mica Smith's post

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Never know how I may look lol


March 5th is the last day to register!!!!!! All registration needs to be in by this Saturday to ensure that all materials, kits, and seats are secure and arrive on time for virtual attendees!

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Timeline photos

In this hands on workshop you will learn to make beautiful moisturizing soaps using all natural ingredients. If you would love to learn how to make luscious natural handmade soaps using traditional oils, exotic butters and essential oils from scratch the traditional way, then this is the course for you! You will also learn how to use a wide range of herbs and natural botanicals effectively in your soaps. There is no prior experience required, just a willingness to experience the joy of creating your own soaps from scratch. Learn in a hands on environment in small friendly groups. A full handout and recipe sheets are also supplied as well as useful top tips plus free soapmaking resource information. Whether you just want to make a couple of batches a year for your own use or you have a passion to starting up your own soap business, this is the ideal course to help you realise your soap making dreams. We provide a great collection of recipes within the course, but you will also learn how to formulate your own recipes. This will allow you to easily swap things for your own preferred alternatives or even use fully organic ingredients if you desire. Want to register for the workshop but you aren't local? Want to attend virtually? No worries we have that covered too!!!!!
All of our virtual attendees will receive their kits days prior to the workshop along with ALL the ingredients that we will be using during the workshop!!!!!. They will come pre measured and labeled. The best part is you will still be able to communicate and ask question right there on the spot!!!! So sign up today to secure your seat!!!!!

When you register you will also receive the complete soap making kit that includes:

* Branded Apron
*Emersion Blender
*Coloring Cups
*Soap Mold with cutter

All ingredients will be provided.
For ALL virtual attendees, the complete soap making kit along with ALL of the ingredients we will be using will be shipped prior to the event.


Ultra hydrating and super moisturizing! Stop using mild detergents on your skin! Natural handmade soaps are packed with glycerine which draws even more moisture to your skin. Store bought soaps removes the glycerine as it is not cost effective for them leaving you with clean yet dryer skin!!!


What's soap?? Or better yet, what's in your soap?

True soap is very basic. It consists of oils, lye, and water. Glycerin is created during the process of making handmade soap, also called saponification. That's all that is needed to cleanse the body properly without disrupting the PH levels of the skin. Store-bought or artificial soap has a plethora of chemicals and detergents. Glycerin is removed for its monetary value and sold to other companies to be placed in more expensive skincare products. Other chemicals are then added to replace glycerin being removed. What you end up buying is a bar of chemicals that irritate and disrupt the skin's natural balance. It's not soap at all! And all of those chemicals get passed on to your liver to process in an attempt to eliminate them from your body.

Learn to make your own in our soap making workshop!!

Register at www.jaksprivatelabel.com

Private Label Manufacturing | JAK's Private Label Manufacturing | United States 02/10/2022

Private Label Manufacturing | JAK's Private Label Manufacturing | United States


Private Label Manufacturing | JAK's Private Label Manufacturing | United States Private label manufacturing of natural skin and haircare. Business strategic planning, Formulation course in natural skin and haircare.


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Anniversary giveaways!
Product deconstruction and reformulation. Just a little behind the scenes of what a master formulator can do. I ain’t ju...
Student almost blew up my lab lmao 🤣




West Columbia, SC

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Tuesday 2pm - 7pm
Wednesday 2pm - 7pm
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