On Fire with Plexus

On Fire with Plexus

Want to change your life to become healthy, and loose weight also.

Timeline photos 04/17/2017

Timeline photos

I've always drank water, even before Plexus, but it was always 16oz with am meds and pm meds. Then I would have pop or koolaid through out the day. When I started Plexus, the end of July, I was like, There is no way on God's green earth that I'm drinking half my body weight in oz! If you can see how big I am, you'd understand stand why. So after reading all your comments about drinking water (thanks a lot), I decided to drink more. So, lastnight, I installed this app, WaterLogger (I have a windows phone). Awesome app! You can either put in your weight and it'll tell you half your weight in oz, or you can just put in your own amount. So, I had it set to remind me to drink every 2 hours, and I did -8o (baby steps). Wow! Huge difference! I'm not hungry like I was, and my skin is loser today. And I just started that today! Tonight, after church, my daughter comes out of the youth with a sugary drink and I take a taste. Instantly, I wanted something sweet. Ok. You all were right. I'm drinking more water. Dkeely23.myplexusproducts.com

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This is my March contest----Message me or comment me below, and I'll put your name in a hat and pull a name out the end of the month. Come on you would like to 1. become healthier, 2. control your cravings, 3. keep your blood sugar in ck, 4. perhaps stop the gaining extra weight, 5. get some needed energy . There is a list of helps that Plexus Slim can give you. Now there are some rules.....You can't be working with any other Plexus Ambassadors, and you are going to be intrested in listening to a products presentation. We have amazing health products that can just add to getting your body healthy. (Once you get something wrong with you the more you understand how important it is to take better care of your body). Slim is the glue that holds me together...Oh by the way I almost forgot to say....It aides weight loss...Once you get your body healthy your body goes to a healthy weight....Let's get you started to a better YOU....


Example of a great response when someone balks at the cost of Plexus products:
"I thought so too at first, but I wasn't being honest with myself about how much money I was wasting every day at the Sonic! I actually spend less money on my plexus products every month than I was spending on sweet teas. (Embarrassing, I know)- good thing Sonic didn't bill me monthly or I would have caught on quicker. Some people, it's Starbucks or energy drinks or junk food. Luckily, after you get started, your cravings for junk get less and less.

Timeline photos 02/16/2016

✔Plexus does NOT pay for advertising
✔Plexus does NOT use celebrity endorsers
✔Plexus splits profits 50/50 with their Ambassadors
✔Plexus passes those savings along to their customers and ambassadors
✔Plexus acknowledges every one of their Ambassadors as being the reason for their tremendous success
✔Plexus sends their products through at least 2 testing labs to ensure quality ingredients
✔Plexus products are gluten-free and non-GMO, plant-based, and contain no artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors
✔When We tell people that they can join us on this journey and start their own business for $34.95, they're amazed! But it's true!
What if this could change everything? What if THIS is what you've been PRAYING for?
What if THIS is what you have been praying for, waiting for, looking for... It was for me and I am so glad I took that leap.

Untitled album 12/02/2015

Untitled album

Photos from On Fire with Plexus's post 11/01/2015

Happy November, this is my November Contest. To everyone that messages me or comments, or ask me to be in the contest, I'm putting your name in a drawing for a bottle of Block. Block does what it says, It blocks 48% of carbs that you eat from turning into simple sugars. Let's fight the holiday's Thanksgiving and Christmas eating by talking this amazing product. There are a few rules to this contest. 1. You must not be working with any other Ambassador. 2. You are interested in changing your life's bad habits in your eating patterns. Let's start the holiday seasons off on a good foot. Let me know if you want to be in on the contest.

Timeline photos 10/01/2015

Hello Peeps--Yes more income--This is my October contest - Who would like to get into Plexus business? Now I know what most of you are saying - I don't want to work the business. Plexus helps so many people with their health and that is what it's all about. But some people are struggling financially. Here you go. Could you use about $500.00---to $2,000.00, and even more? Plexus can help you reach that. All you have to do is post on f/b and tell people, friends, and family members you know about our amazing products. Now here is the contest. It cost for a membership $34.95 for the Plexus membership for the year. You can also buy products at WHOLESALE. My October contest is that if I draw your name out of the hat I will pay for your membership. Now just like before there are some rules.

1. You can't be working with another Ambassador
2. You need to start taking the products so that you can tell people about our amazing products. You can even get into the business and then start taking the products.
3. You are interested in changing your life and want to work the business.
4. Willing to work with me and let me help you and train you.

That's it now either message me, or comment below. You will be put into a drawing. I'll draw on October 30th. Good luck to you all that are interested.

Timeline photos 04/29/2015

This testimony just proves we are all different and if you stick with it well......

Did you start and GAIN WEIGHT... so you QUIT?! You HAVE to read this

Kelly Misuraca shares-

"Do you know how many pounds I lost my first week of starting Plexus? NONE I Gained... Yep that's right I gained 7lbs in 7 days. Your probably wondering why I continued......

Well, because I trusted my friend and I trusted that she only wanted the best for me. I also was hopeful when reading all the wonderful health testimonials of people achieving improved health and weight loss.

Why would I gain 7lbs? Because my gut was unhealthy and was in need of something to help rid my system of all the toxins, waste and fungus that had been causing havoc on my body for years. I added Biocleanse and Probio5 to my daily to my routine and by week 2 I had lost the 7lbs plus 4 more. I could have easily quit and said that this Plexus was a scam and did not work. But I didn't, I can tell you this I am thankful that I continued, I have never felt better. I can not promise you that the road is going to be easy each day or week.

...Or that you will see great results each week. BUT I can tell you if you are consistent with plexus, don't give up, follow a guided routine, allow products to be altered, switched or added you will not be sorry. Not all of our bodies and systems are the same, not all of us will see results at the same time and not all of us will have the same health success or weight loss. But I can tell you the time you put in is worth it."

Timeline photos 04/16/2015

I must confess that I don't understand what the fuss is all about. Losing weight is EASY....I don't want to brag...BUT ... i have successfully lost the same 30 lbs AT LEAST twice a year for the last 30 or so years...that is until i started Plexus.

I'm still waiting for the scale to move down! I have lost my depression and anxiety and the medication that went with that. I have lost my debilitating migraines and I have lost my incessant need to eat fake foods (especially the big poisons like aspartame and sucralose) I still have not lost "weight".

I would've considered stopping long ago except the Plexus lifestyle has become such habit for me and my family.

What a mess I've gotten us into!

Timeline photos 04/15/2015

My Plexus journey began in May this year after I saw some posts Callie had put on Facebook. I was very interested in the products and the business so I just decided to jump right in. I found out I was pregnant right before I got my products but decided to go ahead and try it anyways. I started out on the Slim, ProBio5, and X Factor. I right away noticed an amazing difference in my digestive health! I had been having some pretty serious issues since I had my first baby in October of last year. I won’t go into detail about that though, let’s just say I don’t have to plan things around a bathroom. I also saved a lot of money in doctors trips because they had no idea what was going on with me and planned on doing a lot of testing. Anyways, the next thing I noticed was my eating habits were changing. I had completely stopped drinking pop, I was fuller longer, I couldn’t eat as big of portions, the weirdest for me was I found myself craving vegetables. If you know me at all you know how strange that is! After about three weeks I was experiencing mood changes. I was noticing I had much less anxiety and my mood was overall better. I started weaning myself off my anti-anxiety medication and lowering the dose of my anti-depressant. I now am completely off the anti-anxiety and on a much lower dose of my anti- depressant. I was having trouble with morning sickness and taking the Slim so I decided to stop using it for a while. Within a week I noticed all my eating habits were back to what they used to be. Just a few weeks ago, I added in the BioCleanse and the changes I have noticed with it might be my favorite so far. I have way more energy and can actually get things done now! My migraines are very rare now, and I overall just feel better! I am 5 months pregnant and I have gained a single pound yet. I am planning on adding the Slim back in as soon as I have the baby if not before, and I after I am past the post-partum stage will work on completely going off my anti-depressant. Plexus has also been a major financial blessing on our family! My business has really taken off and I am very grateful for the way God is using Plexus as a tool in my life.

Timeline photos 04/08/2015

Auto immune issues are not easy to deal with. I myself have one called Eosinophilic Esophagitis and plexus has helped tremendously with it and the Gerd associated with it. They couldn't figure out what my triggers were nor could they figure out what medications were helping but in almost 2 years I haven't had to take my prescriptions for these two things. Even better is, I haven't had to have emergency EGD (surgery) to remove food that had gotten stuck because my esophagus didn't want to work. Plexus TriPlex has helped me and continues to daily! I recently added Xfactor and I really feel amazing.
On top of the absolutely wonderful help that I get for EOE and Gerd, my blood pressure is at a healthy range, my anxiety and depression are under MY control and not that of prescription medications. If you try Plexus just for weight loss you might never feel or see the benefits that it gives you in other areas of your life. Praise Jehovah for this awesome health company. Plexus Freedom for life!

Timeline photos 04/03/2015

Ambassadors that are hiding in the closet, I know you have friends that need Plexus. Don't you want to help them feel better, and lose the unwanted weight that they have? All you have to do is talk about what Plexus has done for you. That's all, let them know how better you feel, and that you are losing, and it is just as easy as you say it is. Now I know that you would like the extra money that Plexus Worldwide will pay you for sharing. Come on guys we are good people and we would love to help you and take you under our wings and help teach you. Come on out and join us. We train almost every Tuesday and you will enjoy.





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