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⁉️ When you get home from a long day of work at the office how do you normally feel? Stiff? Swollen? Do you find yourself just dealing with the discomfort? 💢

We're here to tell you that you don't have to deal with all that any longer! 🙌💯

Cupping increases your blood flow in a gentle and therapeutic way while INSTANTLY relieving neck pain and reducing swelling. ✅

CONTEMPORARY GLIDING TECHNIQUES are used for this, it's not the stationary cupping where there are huge bruises all over your body.

Find relief today and book an appt. by calling or texting 734-353-2455

Have a great day! 🌞


What you need to know about the contemporary techniques of cupping at Juicy Peach:

"Rather than using strong pressure and vigorous movements, non-aggressive cupping techniques can offer universally calming results to the entire central nervous system due to its relaxing effect on all sensory receptors. Similar to how the relaxing, light pressure strokes done by hand – often called nerve strokes—can calm someone, using cups with various soothing applications can evoke a tranquil response in the central nervous system. Once cupping begins to take effect, the peripheral repercussions can have a profound effect on the entire central nervous system, thereby inducing deep relaxation.

Therapeutic cupping employs negative pressure to approach the body for treatment, which is something unique only to cups. Considering most manual therapies employ positive pressure, this concept of administering bodywork that creates space can be quite the welcome sensation." -Cupping Massage Benefits Relaxation Clients
By Shannon Gilmartin, CMT
Full article here:


Actually, it's not a popular topic. There is very little awareness of this condition. Doctors tend to write it off as just being fat or obese. Yet it affects over 17 MILLION women. And it's a hereditary condition.

⁉️How is it treated?? Lymphatic drainage with manual massage or cupping massage can treat this condition and if started early, can prevent it from developing into the later stages.
Here's the full article, extremely informative and helpful! 👇

Hopefully this will raise a little more awareness so those of you who are affected know you are not alone and it's not your fault!

DISCLAIMER: this is not a diagnosis. You need to be diagnosed by a lymphatic specialist in the medical field. This is an informative post meant to simply spread awareness on this disease.


Happy to say I am SOLD OUT of the Valentine's day special! 🔥❤️🔥




Starting tomorrow February 1st-February 15th
Book today! This goes for all cupping services, including the all-inclusive packages!! 🙌💗


Gentle, therapeutic back cupping 🤗
Book today for some well deserved relaxation!



Look out for yourself!


The more we understand all that cupping can do the more we can appreciate it's benefits for our bodies and health. ☺️


Updated policies, please respect my time and energy I put into this business! 🍑 Thank you!


This holiday season, give the gift of cupping and unique beauty services! 🤗✨
Treat your special someone to the perfect stocking stuffer! They will LOVE you for it! 💖😍

•Custom amounts 💲
•Hand-made cards 👌
•Support local, small business 🏡😊

Questions? What are these services? What is cupping?
Please visit the link below or visit my main page for results, reviews and helpful info!

DM or call/text Emily to purchase today! 734-353-2455



Happy Thanksgiving everyone 🧡 sending warm hugs and happy thoughts 🤗


🖤🍑 2021 BLACK FRIDAY 🍑🖤
Take advantage of this exclusive offer 🙌
Each client receives ONE of the following:
1. Buy one get one free ANY single service (equal or lesser value)
2. 20% OFF package services
👇View menu on website for prices:

This deal ENDS 11/29/2021 so book now while the sale is here! 😍

A perfect gift of relaxation and unique beauty services. ✨



Working hard? Burnt out? Drained and in pain?
GET CUPPING MASSAGE! You. Deserve. It. 👏👏

I have availability next week and would LOVE to see some new faces, and familiar ones. :) You know it is all love and care when you come to see me! 💖😇

Want to know about cupping? Check out my website full of helpful info:

Have specific questions? Want to book?
Kindly DM Emily or text at 734-353-2455

Thank you! 🍑🔥

Timeline photos 10/17/2021

Timeline photos

We all love the relaxation benefits of a good massage, but there's more where that came from!


Juicy Peach will have a table at this beautiful event! Free cupping trials, gifts, bridal cupping party packages and more! ✨🍑👰

Our Fall bridal show is coming up this Sunday. The event will be from 11:30AM until 3:00PM, we will have our in-house vendors their as well as preferred vendors you would need for your special event! We will also be doing for the first time a wedding dress fashion show by a local vendor in Wyandotte (Show Starts at 130PM). If you are a Grecian Center client you will receive two free tickets, and guest will be $5 additional. This event is open to the public cost is a $5 entrance fee. All vendors will be in the Parthenon room, but the park will be open to view. Due to Covid-19 we have scaled back on vendors in order to allow more guest and be able to practice safe social distancing. We will have our food tasting in the Apollo room and will be giving our prizes through out the show! Please click the link below to register now!


We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Why the Kardashians Keep Lying about Their Plastic Surgery 10/06/2021

Why the Kardashians Keep Lying about Their Plastic Surgery

🔥🔥When you have some time, please watch this video. Stop comparing yourself to people and photos that are fake. Authenticity is far more beautiful than photoshop! These "influencers" just want your money!🤑😈 https://youtu.be/PGhgpY2pF08

Why the Kardashians Keep Lying about Their Plastic Surgery 🦋 https://rebrand.ly/BeABeautifulButterfly Turn the like button blue, and make the SUBSCRIBE button gray if you want new videos on the science of skincare, ...


Tgif ✨☺️
🍂 cozy, warm, sunny fall days are my favorite! Featuring some of our body oils ~ a most perfect day for therapeutic cupping 🙏

Book today! DM or text me at 734-353-2455


Lip Cupping Results
100% natural ✨
No pain, no fillers, no plastic! 🙏😍

DM or text for all inquiries at 734-353-2455


For around your beautiful eyes 👀 ✨

Facial cupping has many benefits and even Kim K has admitted to receiving facial cupping!

Benefits include:
•Tightens loose skin
•Helps with tension headaches and migraines
•Reduces inflamed sinuses
•Brightens complexion
•Tones down acne spots
•Smooths away scars
•Lifts double-chins


Good morning! 🌅 We are brand new to Tik Tok and wanted to spread the word. Please follow @juicypeach.llc for some cupping content! 🍑


Reduce swelling with cupping massage ✨
~lymphatic drainage~


Migraine relief 🌅
This custom service consisted of the following:
° Facial Cupping
° Scalp Massage
° Neck Massage


Large cups ✨ for all Lifting services 🙌🍑
Here at Juicy Peach we offer breast and booty lifts.
🤔 So, how does it work?
A: The cups are placed on a strategic pulse setting. This activates your pectoral or gluteus muscles to engage, as if you are doing a workout such as squats or chest flies.
The difference between lifting via cups vs. lifting via workouts is that the cups are able to target a very specific area of the body, which is impossible to do at the gym without building other muscles.
For example- one 30 minute glute lift is the equivalent of doing thousands of squats

Interested in booking?
DM or text/call for all inquiries: 734-353-2455


Check out these local fitness classes at Gibraltar Excellent and fun, at a fabulous price! 💪✨

Plan your schedule for the Fall and invest in your preventive health and wellness.


Some useful information for all my lovely clients who receive the Back Cupping service! 🙏
I always start out gentle, everyone's muscles and levels of stress are different! I cater my services to your unique body and situation. ✨🤍

~any questions, comments or concerns can be answered when you DM me!


A 5 star review from a beautiful client! 🌟 Thank you so much for your kind words of recommendation Alivia! 💖😭

**If you leave me a review on Facebook, Instagram, or Google I give you $5 off at your appt.! 😇



One of the best massages ever can be done with back cupping 🙏 ~it seriously feels amazing!
Relieves aches, pain, knots, tension, soreness, arthritis, tightness and toxins ✨
DM for all inquiries and treat yourself to some healing and relaxation!
💲: $40 for 30 minutes


There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy ❣️

Photos from Lash addiction studio's post 08/13/2021

This is a great post!


Some Friday Footage 🎦✨
Today we are featuring a visual of what Cavitation looks like 👀
Cavitation utilizes ultrasonic sound waves to mobilize and dissipate fat cells to be released from the body via sweat 💦 and urination.
100% natural and pain free, this can be added to any service for a great price! 💲💁‍♀️

🍑 DM or text 734-353-2455 for all inquiries



100% natural lip plumping
Only $20
No pain
No fillers
Lasting results


What, exactly is Cupping?

Vacuum cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine where special cups are placed on the skin to create suction. These cups are strategically glided across the skin and can act as a deep tissue massage. There are many helpful purposes for cupping including:
• pain
• inflammation
• blood flow
• relaxation
• well-being
It essentially loosens the muscles and brings oxygen to your blood cells while tightening the skin, encouraging blood flow, and sedating the nervous system.
Juicy Peach Body Sculpting utilizes contemporary methods of cupping to relieve back and neck pains, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, rheumatism, reducing cellulite, and sculpting the body to achieve tightened and toned skin.

~ long story short, cupping is holistic, healing and AMAZING! 🙌

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Lower Body, Upper Body, Back, Facials, Lip Plumping, etc.



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