Tastefull Vegan Ice Cream

Tastefull Vegan Ice Cream


From Tastefull Vegan Ice Cream: Day 28 were making mint chocolate snowflakes. With all this snow we've been seeing this winter I thought it's the perfect dessert to enjoy without all the artificial stuff. The sugar free peppermints come from a local business . Enjoy!

Vegan chocolate
Crushed peppermint

Milt chocolate and fill molds
Sprinkle lightly with peppermint

Place in freezer for 2 hours

LEARN how HEALTHY DESSERTS can benefit you!

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Great start and energy on the first Saturday of 2022! A morning conversation with a diverse set of badass women entrepreneurs while enjoying Soldadera Coffee with our Co-founder Gabriela!

Our friends & Guest speakers

Kalene Mcelveen - Founder/Owner - Tastefull Vegan Ice Cream

Offers Healthy, vegan, and delicious dessert options. This sweet treat that started in her kitchen for her family is now available for your home. Bringing flavor that makes you feel like a kid again for everyone to enjoy free of guilt.

Megan (Me-gan) Jane Norton - Founder/Owner of MJ Norton Consulting LLC

Deliver the best-operating models and project ex*****on methods to new businesses and custom development projects. Educating people, teams, and leadership on the best practices gained from some of the best Fortune 500.

Melissa Polanco - Founder/Owner - Ella's Eve Cosmetics Make-up

Melissa struggled with confidence growing up and learned to love herself through growth and through the power of color. She strives for the brand to help highlight everyone's natural beauty and boost confidence in ways that makes them accomplish anything they set their minds to because it is not just Ella's Eve...it's YOUR eve
Out of over 600 applicants for Start Garden's Demo Day, five of the businesses who have grown in our Incubator Kitchen made the cut in the top 100. And one took home $20,000! Congrats to Luxe Artisan Preserves for the big win, and to Urban Pickle, Tastefull Vegan Ice Cream, Brim Bomber, and Ninth Wonder for showing up in a big way last night.
Wishing you Good luck at Demo Day tomorrow!!
I highly recommend Tastefull vegan ice cream and popsicles. Not only are they delicious, but they’re made with all natural ingredients. After a few popsicles, I decided to buy a case. Thank you again for the amazing customer service and sweet treats🤗!


a little sugar co. InBooze simplysweetgr Lavender Honey Notable Goods Papillion Press, LLC Chartreuse Sisters GR KarelCreates Tastefull Vegan Ice Cream EarthhSide El Caribe Food Truck and many more vendors!
We want to make it easy for your Memorial Day grill out - Pre-order online (link in comments) for a Friday or Saturday/Sunday pickup at the store. Get it quick - limited quantities available, while supplies last.

Field & Fire Ham Buns + Hot Dog Buns
Agape Organic Farms Bratwurst or Hehlden Farm Bratwurst
Moraine Park Farms Ground Beef
Visser Farms Tomatoes
Red Onion
Crisp Country Acres asparagus 1lb
Crisp Country Acres green leaf lettuce
Great Lakes Potato Chip - BBQ Potato chips
- Organic Premium Lemonade

COST: $50 - What a deal!

While you’re at the store, grab some of these favorites to top off your meal:

Mrs. Dog's Products Disappearing Mustard
Cellar Door Preserves Tomato Jam
Tastefull Vegan Ice Cream Strawberry Lemonade Popsicles
"The 5x5 award allowed me the opportunity to get some schooling under my belt and get some support through the Michigan Small Business Development Center." - Kalene McElveen, Owner of Tastefull Vegan Ice Cream.

Congratulations, Kalene, on winning the November 2019 Start Garden 5x5 prize and on all of your success as a small business!


Tastefull Vegan Frozen Desserts - We sell Refined sugar free and allergen free frozen desserts in re


I grabbed my shovel and boots and got to work. The path is all clear now, and you can get vegan ice cream, banana splits, mini sundaes, Mag bars, and peaches &cream flurries from now till 8pm.


Mompreneur life is unpredictable but family is first♥️. I apologize for the change today but we will have adjusted hours from 5pm-8pm today. We appreciate your patience and will be serving up sweets soon. See you at 5pm.


Are we braving cold weather to bring you desserts??? Yep!! Stop by to pick up your Mag Bars, Mango Melody, and even mini ice cream cups. We're at the market in the morning and shop this afternoon. It's always our joy serving you


I don't mean to gossip but I heard that Myrtle (the mini turtle sundae) is the new treat to try. When we taste-tested all the samples each person had their favorite and I'm sure you will too, but take a look at these mini sundaes. It's pretty cool to get a combo of vegan ice cream with toppings that will make your mouth waterfor only $3 and the perfect little on the go, not too much, still trying to eat healthy portion size. 😁


Do you know that oftentimes we set ourselves up to fail when we look at the big picture all at once instead of one day at a time? As we begin to celebrate black history month, I think of the pioneers that came before us and realize that if they quit after the first disappointment instead of moving forward despite adversity, where would we be. We have to be committed to long-term results in whatever areas we value but recognize that as you consistently commit to achieving your goals, you'll not only reach your destination, but you'll develop habits of excellence while doing so.


Maybe your Uber driver was moving a little slow, maybe you overslept or just flat out didn't know we're only open on the weekends (for now...) But don't worry we'll be back at the Market this Saturday and the shop will be open. Also, you can begin placing your Valentine orders online this weekend. Remember we are open all year round providing dairy free and gluten free treats Friday-Sunday 3pm-8pm.


Raise your hand in the comments 🙋🏾‍♀️if you've ever heard of or tried Ube? I call this Ube-bay (Ooh baby) Ice cream and you don't have to have an ice cream maker for it. Actually most ice creams can be made this way to save you time especially if you plan on eating it right away.


Veganuary Recipe #20 is a great Immunity booster with turmeric. When the weather has been changing as much as it has here in Michigan, this naturally sweet treat can be great for your health.


We are in 2 location on Saturdays, the from 10a-1p and the shop from 3p-8pm. Before the menu drops tell me what you'd like to see at the market? We've featured several vegan desserts this month and you might see then at the marketm.


Have you ever heard someone suggesting a food they want to try and all of the sudden, you're craving it? This was especially true for me years ago during pregnancy, but even now, the mention of sushi might have me at Jaku! My point is to watch what you receive as a suggestion when it comes to your health and personal well being. What may be good for someone else is not always good for me.

Photos from Tastefull Vegan Ice Cream's post 01/17/2023

Let's talk about the perception of BIPOC food as it pertains to health. I look forward to learning and sharing from the amazing leaders on the panel, appreciate the work is doing in organizing this event. Please register while there is space available. Free to attend but you can purchase a buffet ticket for $15. I will have free ice cream samples as well.

Photos from Tastefull Vegan Ice Cream's post 01/17/2023

Veganuary Day 16, we are halfway through the month. Can you believe it? This nut free granola bar was made using and naturally sweetened.


And we're back! Machines are up and running. Thank you so much for those who came and were so patient with us. The shop is open!


Soft serve machines should be up shortly. Thank you for your patience.


Throwback to last year at the . That moment when you meet and he tells you "I like ice cream" 😲 I made a promise to deliver (ship) him some Tastefull Vegan Desserts and it will be done. This is how I'm looking at 2023; with optimism, tenacity and by faith. #2023


Tastefull's Testimony

Sharing How Tastefull expanded in 2022


It's been one month since winning 1st Place in the national pitch competition! The access to the information we learned at the Global Forum and the relationships i established have propelled my growth in ways I can't even explain. Meeting industry leaders and now packaging products to ship to them as we expand the brand is life changing. These past 30 days have been a game changer and I'll be going live tonight at 9 to share my testimony in hopes to encourage you to keep moving forward 🙏🏽 💪🏽


At the start of the year, I'm often hearing "New Year, New You!" , "Out with the Old and In with the New" and yes to a certain degree that's true, but let me say this. I've been through the macrobiotic, lacto ovo vegetarian, flexitarian, vegan keto, paleo and I dont know what else throughout the past 20 plus years and all I know is this. I eat what's best for my body, not what's popular at the moment. Sometimes people just want to fit in where food is concerned so that people don't see them as an inconvenience. I can't tell you the number of times, I would eat something just so that I didn't disappoint someone else, but those days are over. You've only got one body to preserve and you are the advocate for your health, so eat according to your body type and be unashamed about it!


Happy Tuesday! If you've been following the Veganuary Recipes then you'll see a pattern. All of the dessert recipes shown are allergen free and naturally sweetened just like our Mag Bars, Coco n Ice and Freezepops! This recipe however, is only a dessert if you consider pancakes a sweet treat. It's made by blending oats as the flour and adding a mashed banana for the batter. Please take a pic and share if you make this and If you're enjoying these recipes and would like to see more during this month, let me know.


As I came in to open up the shop today, I noticed art was etched out in snow on my picnic table ❤️❤️ Don't know who it was, but I love it!


The first Vegan Lunch & Learn of 2023 was a success! It was awesome to discuss resources and recipes along with preparing a meal together with those who attending the session today. If you missed it, stay tuned there are more opportunities coming up.


It's our first weekend in January and for those looking for vegan options for desserts we're your one stop shop🍨🍧🍦. Open all year round and our winter hours are 3-8. Check out our menu in the stories. We look forward to serving you soon.

Photos from Tastefull Vegan Ice Cream's post 01/04/2023

Today we got to spread a little love today delivering treats to the staff at Helen Devos Children's Hospital. No matter how old you are the kid in you is always excited to get ice cream and we hope it brightened their day today


What does eating healthy look like to you? How we think about food is often more important than what we're eating. Sign up to join the discussion facilitated at the Bamboo Place Cultural Center on January 18th. Sign up and use Promo bipochealth2023!

Photos from Tastefull Vegan Ice Cream's post 01/01/2023

Happy New Year!!🎊🥳 May you experience peace, success, and health in every area of your life. My goal for Tastefull this year is educate, empower, and grow. As a teacher at heart my goal this year is educating through my product and personal knowledge. This month I'm offering a FREE virtual veganuary Lunch and Learn w/(Very LIMITED seating). Join me for a cooking lesson and chat on budget tips for vegan living along with meal planning . Sign up via my linktree or the link on my page.

Photos from Tastefull Vegan Ice Cream's post 12/30/2022

The A Team and I got to sneak in a holiday party before the shop opened today at the . I am so grateful for everyone of them, (including the 3 that aren't pictured). The grace of God and an amazing team has taken Tastefull to where it is thus far and we're excited to see the growth. Not just growth as a business, but in the lives and accomplishments of these talented, wonderful, and loved people that work for Tastefull! Love them to life!


Its the last weekend of 2022 and we want to spend it with you! This Michigan weather took us from blizzards to thos heat wave of almost 50° and we are ready to serve up your favorites. The shop is open Friday and Saturday only (closed New Years Day). We'll see you and serve you real soon! #2022


Menu Drop in Review for 2022! It's the last weekend of the year, and we brought back a dessert requested by our Tastefull Fam. Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches! Yes, y'all and you can get your flurries: Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Lost Boy, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Chip, or Team Choice** (That's when our experts custom make one for you 😉) We can't wait go serve you and our hours are Friday 3-8 and NYE 12-5p.m.


2022 Recap- Let's talk about calling those things before they happen. This video was from January 30th when we did a road trip to deliver product in Detroit. My junior VP😍 wanted to share her vision for mommy's business. Little did I know that 5 months later, on May 30th I would be serving vegan soft serve at my own ice cream shop. I'm still working on the candy store part.😁Say what you want to see before you see it, and do the work. :17


In today's Tastefull Truth, I'm aiming to sum up a little of 2022. I came into this year with hopes of showing that vegan desserts can be a gateway to healthy living and tastes good. My goal was to change perspective with my products, but little did I know, I would add multiple retail stores and have my own retail shop in the first half of the year.

In Grand Rapids, there are billboards with pics of amazing kids who've overcome serious health challenges and the caption reads "It's impossible. Until it isn't." When obstacles like self doubt, fear, and discouragment are removed then like these brave children we can make this same statemnt. I share this testimony along with a host of other entrepreneurs who accomplished amazing feats in 2022. I celebrate those who are choosing to remove (Im) from impossible and make it possible. Don't see your goal as being impossible. See yourself as clearing the path so someone can come along and believe it can be done.


Merry Christmas! My wish for you on this day is that you know you're loved! Sensing love and hugs from our Tastefull fam to you!


Bay-bee when I say its COLD outside 🥶🧊 this is definitely a stay in and drink hot cocoa day y'all. But we had to make sure the last 2 holiday pies and cake were available before Christmas. Now that our Tastefull fam has been taken care of I'm heading in the house to make some tea and a noodle bowl 🍜 . Stay warm and safe out there!


Due to the weather conditions this weekend the ice cream shop will be closed. Stay warm and if you have to drive in this winter wonderland please be safe. We'll be back open next weekend with your Tastefull favorites of 2022! (Hint: Peach Cobbler Sundae might be on the NYE menu)🍨🍧🍦🍑


Congratulations to our winner of the 1K contest ! We were so delighted to present you with an ice cream sundae kit and a free flurry! It's always a pleasure to bring a smile to the face of members of our Tastefull fam. Stay tuned for an early peek at the Christmas menu specials and our holiday hours. Congratulations to our winner 🎊🥳💐 boxes


Between our orders received on our website and we are no longer taking order for Christmas. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We'll have a few pies on hand on Christmas Eve for pick up if you didn't get a chance and need a dessert to bring to your Christmas party. Feel free to order now for your New Years Celebration.


We're braving the snow to bring dairy free treats to you all day long. We've got ice cream Sundae kits, ice cream sandwiches dipped in chocolate with peppermint, and Mango Melody. We are here till 1 and the shop from 3-8.


We're braving the snow to bring dairy free treats to you all day long. We've got ice cream Sundae kits, ice cream sandwiches dipped in chocolate with peppermint, and Mango Melody. We are here till 1 and the shop from 3-8.


My Tastefull Truths for the next few weeks will be from the I attended last weekend because there were so many gems of wisdom dropped I felt like I was at Tiffany's. Bishop TD Jakes made me pause with this statement because my desire goes beyond education because the goal is transformation. Through desserts I aim to show that plant based desserts offer healthy options and all natural ingredients can taste good and are good for you. .

Timeline photos 12/13/2022

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In honor of Veterans Day (today only November 11th) there will be free soft serve given to Veterans who come by the shop...
I've got to brag on my team just a little💕 This past weekend every member of the Tastefull crew worked on decorating and...
We're open today from 3-8 and ready to serve you! As orders have been coming on for ice cream cakes,  we have a deadline...
Menu Drop Time! I love when people come to the shop knowing they can confidently order anything from the menu and it's d...
Just in case your wondering if you can still enjoy caramel apples flurries this weekend at the shop. YES! This along wit...
And the winner is....🥁🥁🥁🥁
Menu Drop time! Remember ice cream cakes and ice cream pies are available to order for the holidays. We look forward to ...
FREE SAMPLES of your favorite freezepops today at Meet the Makers at @bridgestmarket from 11a-4pm. Stop by and support l...
Making Melodies🎶 (mango melodies) for a wedding
Happy 4th of July! As you prepare for your BBQ's, pool parties, or just wanna chill we got you covered with the frozen t...
We have special holiday hours this weekend and will be open Friday and Saturday from 3pm-9pm, CLOSED SUNDAY JULY 3RD, an...



2265 Porter Street SW
Wyoming, MI

Opening Hours

Friday 3pm - 8pm
Saturday 3pm - 8pm
Sunday 3pm - 8pm

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