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Wellness Wednesday😊🧡


Timeline photos 16/05/2022


Perfumes, just like literature has its own history.
Over time, some myths have come to stay in the perfume world. These myths however, which aren't true has sunk deep in our minds.

But, today is a great day to learn and debunk all the debunkables😅😅

Read on with me🤗

🌹Myth 1: Oil Perfumes are for Women, Cologne is for Men.

Before we delve in, let's see the difference between these two.
Colognes, basically, are alcohol-based perfumes with lesser oil concentrates. On the other hand, Oil perfumes are those scents produced from fragrance oils.

🌹The truth: Fragrance is genderless. A woman can wear a male perfume and vice versa.

🌹Myth 2: Rubbing fragrances makes it last longer.

🌹The truth: Do not rub after applying your perfume. The friction from rubbing, breaks down the fragrance molecules which basically ruins its aura.

🌹Myth 3: Avoid wearing different fragrances at a time.

Almost 60% of humans have been made to believe that they can't try multiple scents at a time. The view behind this myth is that one fragrance would definitely outshine the others. And that you would end up wearing too much perfume; making people feel sneezy around you 🤦😂

🌹The truth: Applying different fragrances is referred to as Perfume layering. Perfume layering is one way to stand out just by your scent😉 Blending and layering different scents gives you a unique and more soothing scent. This, is what personalizes you😉

🌹 Myth 4: Online fragrances are fake

Due to the high rate of scam and the 'what I ordered Vs what I got' happenings, we've accepted the myth that any perfume bought online is fake.

🌹The truth: There are tons of retailers/wholesalers that offer genuine, designers perfumes. You just need to search for those that offer quality scents at affordable rates.
If you're here; reading this, you're sure on the right track😌

🌹Myth 5: High quality perfumes are expensive

The cost myth states that a perfume ought to be expensive to be that good and that low cost or discounted perfumes are either fake or of lower quality🤦‍♂️😅

🌹The truth: (laughs)
I'm sure most of you know the truth that a perfume doesn't have to be expensive to be of good-quality😉


Myths debunked successfully🚮😌

I hope you learnt something

Well, these are just top 5. Let's make it up to Top 20👊 using the comment section.

What are the various myths you've heard about perfumes?
Talk to us🤗
We would love to hear from you 😊

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