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100% Real Nail Polish - NO dry time - Quick and Easy - LITERALLY put it on then go to sleep - Perfec


Last months nails. We’ll part of the month. I forgot to post it. This one is called brownie points. I ❤️this one. I should have bought more.


For the green lovers!
Thyme to go 💚
No holding black 🖤


Would you rather…


Let's see those Halloween Mani's!!


Happy Halloween!! Be sure to share pics with us today of Halloween costumes! Can be you, kids, pets!! We wanna see 😊👻🎃

Photos from Tongoli-icious Nails's post 31/10/2022

I love this combo! What do you guys think?
•Smoke and Mirrors
•Star for the Course
•A Pyrite's Life
•Gossip and Glitter


National Candy Corn Day! How do you feel about candy corn? Show us with a gif

Photos from Tongoli-icious Nails's post 30/10/2022

Sanderson sisters Sunday!
Some Hocus Pocus trivia!
How many can you get right?


All you need is a little glitter ✨

Slate of Mind 💙
Gossip and Glitter ✨


Halloween is coming! Scare me with a GIF!

Photos from Tongoli-icious Nails's post 29/10/2022

Manchester Mauve and Shangri-La make a stunning combo 😍


It is chocolate day! What is your go to chocolate?


You've turned into a vampire! Only the object to your right can kill you! What is it?


fading into fall! Sets used:
🍃Thyme to Go
🍁Chelsea Ya Later
🔥Coming in Hot
💎Sahara Jewel

✌️All doubled


Throwback Thursday! Share a photo of your favorite childhood Halloween costume!


I'm loving this one!
• Tangerine Tempo
• Face the Jacks
• No Holding Black


Would you rather… Chinese food or Italian food

Photos from Tongoli-icious Nails's post 26/10/2022

Look how Champagne hour changes the look of She's a trooper!
🍾 Champagne Hour
💚 She's a Trooper


Tell me Tuesday
You are leaving the house and can only grab one of the 3 items below! Which do you grab?

Photos from Tongoli-icious Nails's post 25/10/2022

What a mesmerizing combo! 💙💜✨
🌟Strobe Lights
✨Gossip and Glitter


Mixed mani Monday! Which would you choose to create your mixed mani?


💜Obsessed is an understatement!!
~Smoke and Mirrors
☆Better Safe than Starry


Google an inspirational quote and post in the comments to get us ready for Monday

Photos from Tongoli-icious Nails's post 23/10/2022

Love our foundation sets
Mighty Heroes 🎗
Awareness Shades


It's national color day! What is your favorite color?


Share it Saturday!
Tell us a book or movie you could read or watch over and over again

Photos from Tongoli-icious Nails's post 22/10/2022

This rich deep blue-purple is amazing

Fig-ure It Out
Lavish Lavender

Photos from Tongoli-icious Nails's post 21/10/2022

It's reptile awareness day! Here are a couple cute jokes! Do you know the answers?

Photos from Tongoli-icious Nails's post 21/10/2022

Feature Friday! Have you tried our lipstick yet? Here is Baddie! Would you wear it?


Love this collection of Hispanic Heritage Month
Beautiful set! Flores de Amor