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Thiire offers luxury bridal hair services! Breanna is the founder and stylist and travels to brides


Ain’t nothing but a Queen thing, babyyyy! 😍

I am a big fan of hair accessories!

A statement piece like this crown or even a smaller Pearl comb makes all the difference when it comes to those finishing touches for your big day! 🤍

There’s a few places that have beautiful accessories!

Etsy, Amazon and Claire’s are to just name a few! 😍

Would you want some links for places you can purchase accessories?


One word ✨STUNNING✨

For this style having shoulder length hair works the best! If you need a little extra length or thickness adding extensions is ALWAYS a plus!

Also with this style having your hair all one length makes it best. Having layers makes it a little more difficult to keep them in place!

Looking to have a gorgeous low bun for your big day?

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Photographer: 😍


Braided crowns are all the rave this year 😍


A soft style for a bridesmaid 💍🤍


When choosing a style for your big day a few things can play a big role!

✨ Are you wanting your hair down or all up?
✨ Are you wearing a veil?
✨ Do you like boho styles or something more sleek?
✨ Do you want your hair curled or straight?
✨ What’s the weather?
✨ Does your dress have a detailed back?
✨The list goes on and on!

Check out the link in my bio titled ‘The Thiire Bridal Guide’ for more tips on how to pick the perfect style!😍

(Forever sharing this gorgeous bride. Can’t stop won’t stop ❤️)


A breath of fresh hair 😍


Can’t wait for you to dance the night away with the love of your life 😍

Weddings are always so fun but the dancing is always unmatched.

With a mix of hip hop, smooth r&b, a little country and of course those love songs we all know and love. You won’t miss a beat while looking PHENOMENAL! 😍

The dance floor is the time you show your guests a 360 degree view of your gorgeous dress, beautiful makeup and KILLER hair💍

Most guests will have their phone out ready to take a picture so it lasts longer 😉

The time it took to plan your wedding is entirely to long for how short the day of really is… soak it in, love it up, and enjoy every moment of your forever! 🤍


It was all a fairytale 🧚

Another style for a beautiful bride😍

I swear my job never gets old

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F L O W E R G I R L 🌺

The styles that work best for flower girls are the ones that are out of their face!

We all know they love to run around and play! Having the hair pulled back will allow them to do so without messing up the style completely! 🤍

Do you have a flower girl for your big day?

Save this post for your flower girl hair inspiration 🌸


Many twists and turns happen when it comes to your big day!🙃

The best thing to do is not stress under the pressure!

Anticipate that something may not be exactly perfect when it comes to your wedding and that is OKAY!

You only are responsible for the things that are in your control.✨

Find a solution to the problem and if there doesn’t seem to be one roll with what makes the most sense!

Stay calm, cool and collected 🤍

One thing that won’t cause you stress is getting your hair professionally done for your special date!

Doing your own hair is no small job, you don’t want your hair to just look like your everyday style!


Beautiful bridesmaid half up half down🤍

Love this small accessory just for an extra touch!

Save this photo for wedding day inspiration! 💍

Photos from Thiire Salon's post 16/08/2022

Trial style vs. Day of 😍

You may have a vision in your mind of what you’re wanting your hair to look like for the big day but then after a trial you decide to change your mind! 💍

This is totally ok and exactly what a trial is for!

During a trial style we can really put together and tweak any style you have your heart set on.

We will also talk about timeline and what you’re wanting the vibe of the day to be like! 🤍


Beautiful undone bun style for this maid of honor! 😍

Are you getting your hair done for your big day of your besties best day?

A tip I like to recommend is to have at least 2 photo inspirations!

When choosing your photo inspiration try and find photos that match your hair color and length. Styles look different on different color hair!

Did you find this tip useful?

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Office views for a bridal hairstylist 😍

The cool thing about my job is my work location always changes!

No two brides are the same.

Bridal parties always vary in size.

Each wedding is uniquely thoughtful.

And there I am jamming out to whatever music is playing and usually I’m in a corner of a room just doing beautiful hair for all my brides and their VIPs.💍


This Texas bride did it big up here in the PNW! 💍


A beautiful top knot bun 😍

Feel like a royal Queen with this beautiful bun!

Make this look clean or a little on the messier side! Either way it is perfect to say “I do.” 🤍

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The perfect boho braid style for a beautiful bride or VIP 😍

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Some beautiful curls for an engagement shoot! 😍



Such a beautiful bride! So glad I got to be part of this day! 💍

brilliantly captured by:


Beautiful updo 😍

The perfect, elegant low bun for your special day!

Bride or bridesmaid this style will be amazing for you! 💍


We are family, I got all my sisters with me 🌸

When you chose your bridal party you pick the people who know you the best. Who root for you. Who will be able to show you a good time. Your most trusted gal pals.

Choose your bridal hairstylist the same!🥰

I’ll be like one of the girls for your big day! Elevate your hair and all ypur VIPs by booking bridal hair services for the big day!

Images © by Sasha Reiko Photography |

Photos from Thiire Salon's post 03/08/2022

A perfect, timeless bun for this beautiful bride! 👰🏻🤍💍

Are you getting married in the summertime?

This style is perfect for you!

It’s classic and a great choice to keep you cool from that summer heat!☀️

Don’t forget to save it so you can use it for your wedding hair inspiration!

Photos from Thiire Salon's post 03/08/2022

Boho bun for this bridesmaid 😍

Loving all the boho hairstyles that I have had this summer!

Gorgeous braided boho bun for this beautiful bridesmaid! Such a perfect style for a summertime wedding.💍

Don’t forget to save this look for your hair inspiration! 🤍


A beautiful top knot bun 😍

Feel like a royal Queen with this beautiful bun!

Make this look clean or a little on the messier side! Either way it is perfect to say “I do.” 🤍

Don’t forget to save this for all your wedding hair inspiration! 💍


Let’s talk bridal hair accessories!😍

I always tell my brides it’s a good idea to get a little bling if you’re wearing a veil because chances are you are taking your veil off for the reception! 🤩

I also think that adding a little flower comb or Pearl hair accessory can really elevate the style we choose! The beautiful braid you had stands out even more with a floral comb🌸

Trust me get the accessories!

Etsy, Amazon, Claire’s and Icing have some really beautiful pieces! 💎


POV: You’re getting ready for one of the best days of your life alongside your favorite people. You also feel like a celebrity for a day with your professional makeup and hair team!😍

Have I said lately how awesome my job is? 😭

If you’re wondering if you should have your hair/makeup professionally done this is your sign…. YES you should you won’t regret it! 😍

Images © by Sasha Reiko Photography |


GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS brides get their hair done by Thiire 😍

The perfect outfit to wear for the day of!


Don’t forget to make sure you and your bridal party have the right gear for getting your hair done!

You don’t want to wear something that you have to pull over your wedding ready hair!


“Do you want your bridesmaids to wear a hair accessory?” 🧐

I always ask my brides if their bridesmaids are wearing an accessory in their hair and often times brides will say they have never even thought about it! 💐

Etsy, Amazon, Claire’s, Icing, floral shops etc have so many cute, simple hair accessories that you can get for your bridesmaids! 🤍