Money'z Beautieez & Thangz

Money'z Beautieez & Thangz


Also have polo hats come shop with Money'z Beautieez & Thangz
Colors: light blue , Gray , black , navy blue more to come shop with Money'z Beautieez & Thangz
I got mines Mens polo sweatsuits come shop with Money'z Beautieez & Thangz
Come shop with Money'z Beautieez & Thangz Beautieez & Thangz real polo mans underclothes...
Shop with Money'z Beautieez & Thangz i love them soo muchhh😍 its gonna have yall lips looking righttttt babyyyy hot gurl summer here i comeeeee
I got my apple airpods in they work for my phone in I don't even have a iphone got me a case to go w my airpods in I got my sweatsuit planning to get more when you get more colors

I am the owner of Money'z Beautieez & Thangz. I make my own face and body oil that smoothe and sof


Good Morning everyone. Don't allow anyone or anything to get in the way of your accomplishments or dreams. As long as you have faith than that's all that matters. Stay positive at all times 😁


Great Mourning everyone. Never judge a book by it's cover. You have to read it from the beginning to the end to know exactly what's going on and how it will end. πŸ˜‰


Goods Mourning everyone. Whatever your dreams are follow them please don't allow anyone to stop you from being all you can be in life. Life is too short make the best of life. 😁


Great Morning everyone. Wishing y'all a well productive day as well as a safe day.


Good Morning everyone. Today is your day continue to fight for what you want and it will come to you. Much love Money 😁


Great Morning wishing everyone a safe and wonderful day.


Good Morning. Good Morning.. I wanna Thank those that supported I am very grateful of you. The support is real as you all know I do show my appreciation at all times to everyone. Thank you to everyone that have like,shared,purchased it means so much to me and I am very humble. Lets continue to like,share,shop at


Great Day to all. Just a morning inspiration always stay focus and continue to move forward with your dreams and all of them will come true. Be safe out there. Continue to like,share,shop at the special I posted yesterday will last until next week on monday. Look forward to handling your orders. Thank You Management ☺


Good Morning Everyone my apologies for not posting lately. I've been so busy getting my kids ready to go back to school with many appointments. I am back at it again. Did you guys miss me be honest it's ok to say it. 😁


Beautiful morning everyone. A great mind is a terrible thing to waste. Let's make our minds reflect by actions. 😁


Great Morning to everyone. The support is amazing I really appreciate those who are supporting my small business. I look forward to gaining new and more customers. Shop with me at

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Thank You all for support seriously I couldn't do it without the help from y'all. Like my post and take a look at my story, share my post with friends/family, continue to shop at πŸ˜€


If your still interested in any items I have for purchase you can inbox me or shop at 😁


It's a beautiful morning outside everyone. Wishing everyone be safe and enjoy their lovely day.


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Hello everyone. Making sure you keep your focus in life by keep doing your best. Don't allow anyone to stop you from your peace let known your best. Believe in yourself!


Be Thankful for everything you have right now. Please don't take anything for granted in this world. Like,share,shop at


Nike short sets this week only $45. Sizes i have Small-Large in colors black and Gray. Small- Extra Large pink. Inbox me if interested. Shipping is available for a fee. Thank you!


The special is still going on buy anything for $60 and get second item for free. Shipping is available for a fee. Thanks in advanced.

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Good morning. At times we let our fear of not really earning money stop us from reaching our goals for our dreams. It's not about the money you make it's about the Clientele you gain. The branding of your business. Remember that. 😁


Great morning. Very Thankful for the support at the pop up event whoo had an excellent day. Still need to get rid of a lot of things. With that being said for this whole week buy any item over $60 I will give you your second item for free. Lets continue to keep the family growing by like,share,comment,inbox, shop at


Great Morning. In order to understand life first you have to understand yourself and other's first. Remember when your reading a book you don't know how it's gonna end unless you read from the beginning to the end. Never judge a book by it's cover. ☺


Hello everyone. One more day until the pop-up shop event. Everyone if your able to come out and support all small businesses come out and lets join together and help grow small business owners. The address is 4425 Prado Rd. Ste 105 Corona, Ca 92880. Looking forward to seeing all there. Thank You!


Reaching for your dreams is all you can continue to do. Thrive hard for your dreams. If you want better you have to do better. 😁

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Shop Shop Shop... it is password protected if you need it inbox me. I look forward to handling all orders with love and care. Thank You Management 😁 shipping is available.


It's a beautiful morning everyone. The MoneyTeam just really appreciate all the love and support being shown. That being said from today until June 19th I will be doing buy one get other free. Depending on the amount free shipping. Come on now take advantage of it. Look forward to you shopping with me. Thank You Management πŸ˜€


Happy Sunday Money Team. Today is your day reach for the Stars way beyond don't worry about the ones close to you. Remember to keep your eyes on your dreams. πŸ˜€


Great Morning. Happy saturday to everyone 😁

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Great day all. I was wondering if the customers that have shopped with me could please give me a review of any items you have bought? I will greatly appreciate it. Thank You!


Good morning everyone. Like,comment,share, shop at


I'm in a giving type of mood by that being said anything on the shop you want spend over $80 I will do free shripping. If you spend over $125 I will give you buy one get the other half off. Shop at or inbox me on here or comment below. Shipping is available. Thank You! Management πŸ˜€


Good Morning to all my supporting team. I will give you a morning thought quote. Don't allow anyone to tell you that you aren't capable of doing anything in life. You can and will do everything once your mind is put to the test. Stay focus walk with your crowns straight and your shoulders back. Stand tall like the Queen/King you are. Money Team 😁

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Apple Airpods $100 each. Hit me up.

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Ethika 2 piece sets true to size. Small-3xl available. $25 each inbox me. Shipping is available

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Unisex Polo Sweat suits they run small so please go a size up. Sizes medium-4xl. $100 each the lowest i will go is $80 each if you are interested. Inbox me. Shipping available

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Pink medium size traveling bags. $35 each

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2 Piece Short Sets true to size biker shorts type of fitting. Sizes small-2xl. Price $20 hit me up. Also can be shipped to you.