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please hide my identity.
Confession and regards page please post for me I have been living with a snake for almost three years now. The first time i saw the snake i k*lled it myself. In three days time it was back in the house again. I thought maybe it's another snake but they were identical. I k*lled it and three days later i found it in my house again.

I called the neighbours to help me k*ll it and they did. They then said we must burn it since i say it keeps coming back but i thought maybe there were just many of them.

We then burned it. Three days later the snake was back. I was now getting scared and i found this abnormal. I went to a sangoma and he told me that each time i see the snake i must sprinkle it with a snuif.

I did that and it left, the next day i found a R5 coin where it was and on the third day it came back and i sprinkled a snuif again and then i got another R5. It's been almost three years now that i have been sprinkling snuif and i get 5 rands. My question is will i not pay a hefty price for this 5 Rands and has this happened to anyone in here?

I will read comments


Hey confession and regards I'm using my sister's phone scared to use mine but please keep me anon


My boyfriend is a jealous type, if I talk to a guy that I know maybe grew up with he'll start asking questions that even don't make sense, yena when he talk's with girls he know's calling them with sweet name's like "darling" I have to be ok with that.
So one day, I don't know how the d*vil came to me while I was dishing up and said "just put ur discharge in his food" and I did, I do it everyday,. Another reason for me to do it is because when we about to have s*x guy doesn't play with my p***y nor m**f me, mind u I give him blow job and play with his d*ck, after s*x he doesn't even wipe me mxm. I feel like wangnyonya and we've been together for 2years couple of months.
Sometimes I feel guilty about it and sometimes I don't..

Should I continue doing it or should I stop please help me guys.

Thanks anon



Hi admin please hide me My aunt gave me a spiritual husband (big snake )I'm 21 years , so this is what happened 2021 I was taking a gap year , so my aunt insisted that I must visit her she even came to fetch me , she was so kind I even thought she loved me because she would even give me her favorite clothes , little did I know that she was on a mention to destroy my life

She will even insist kutsi I must sleep in a same room with her , even though they were other available empty rooms and I didn't suspect anything because I trusted her with my life

So I visited her for a whole month while my intention was to go for 2days ,I didn't even have clothes but he would offer me hers , so ounce fainted in a house while she was unbraiding me mindyou it was my first time fainting in my whole life

After that my whole life changed , I went to school at a college the following year which was 2022 last year , I failed two times , I would study hard , pass all my test and when final results come I fail I would always ask myself kutsi how , so I came home so skinny I lost a lot of weight because I would even sometimes faint while in the shower

So my parents decided that this year I must stay at home and regain my strength , they decided to consult only to find out that she gave me a spiritual big snake that will destroy my life and I was suppose to dîê last year just that my ancestors protected me , the prophecy even said he has never seen something like this , it is way to strong and scary , it is causing me to be unemployed , people Hątê me , relationships won't last ect it cause bad lucks in my life

And most of the things I've experienced verl , I applied for jobs at many department and learnerships with no luck

So please guys help me , recommend me to a place where the would help remove this thing , I'm based in Mpumalanga NST , oh and I always pray and fast but still kute I change



Please post for me anonymously.

2019 i realised that you can predict someone's path with this three easy tricks.

1.Tell them they haven't been visiting the graveyard enough

2. Tell them they have financial struggles and they need to let go of so and so.
3. Tell them that they have a secret sexual urge that they are ashamed to confess to their partner.
4. Inform them that they have a fake friend currently plotting their downfall.

I posted 4 instead of three because there are many lies we use to grab your attention that we are sure you will relate because these are General problems experienced by almost everyone. Even rich people have financial problems wayaz iSARS wena? Alright long story short i scammed a young lady whom i now feel sorry for.

2019 i met this lady and i prophesied her and luckily she related to the prophesy and confirmed my prophesy as her life.i wasn't even the first sangoma to tell her those things.

Fine keh mina i insisted she buys a spiritual cow(i don't even know what that is) i was doing this for money nje.

She was having issues with se*ual dreams and honestly I'm the one who programmed that idea in her head in the first place and i told her that the spirit even erases
Some of the dreams so that she forgets about her spiritual husband.

So she bought the spiritual cow(money i kept around 8K because there was no such). Then we imaginarily slaughtered it and i asked her to undress and she did. I told her to be covered as i burnt impepe and exclaimed she will get the feeling like she was being se*ed and she should look as that's how the spiritual husband will reveal itself to me. I made the mpepe strong mixed with w**d and some other drugs i mafe her smoke so she geta high and i asked her to ma******te before she sleeps.

In the confession she is just one of the few i mentioned. The thing is umnandi and i want to marry her but don't know where to start telling her. Please advice.

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admin. Please keep me anonymous, I need advice or to vent.
I lost my husband when I was just 29 years old. We have 3 children and we were staying at my husband's home. We didn't sign but he paid half lobola for me. My husband had a child with someone he cheated with ko mabjaleng. He told the truth immediately after finding out the girl is pregnant. I forgave him ra fepa ngwana. Little did I know my mother in law be Arata the side chick. I saw all this when my husband dîêd. They asked me to go back home and they will come and pay ya legare officially at home. While I was at home my mother and sister in law were busy arranging my husband's funeral behind my back. I had no say during the funeral, I was also pregnant. My mother in law and the side chick even refused to let me see my husband at the mortuary. Ok fine we buried him and I wore black clothes but I asked to spend the mourning period at home, which they agreed. I was not ahown anything including the funeral programme. While at home the following week I get a call from masters office. My mother in law and the side chick were trying to obtain a letter of authority. Fortunately my husband had listed myself and the kids on all his policies and pension funds. So they failed. But the letter of authority ended up with my name and the side chicks name on it. Now I must share every cent I get with her. I don't have a problem with sharing the money but I have a problem with her thinking that they can now claim our property with that letter. She wants our furniture and the car which is still at my inlaws, they refuse to give me my things as well. What do I do? My mother in law refuses to make affidavits for the kids for their pension funds. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm not working yet, I have a 4months old baby who is drinking tea now since I can't afford anything. So stressed. My story is too long ill take the whole day if I try to finish it. Thank you for listening



My Grand father diêd in 2001 and after his funeral strange things started happening. We live in a rural area with my Grandmother but after we buriêd my Grandfather there's a lot going on in our house.. We would wake up in the morning the yard being sweap and the house dishes where we left them packed very well

A very sound and night we hear it it's so scary to sleep sometimes ul feel heavy in ur shoulder. Worst they even remove my doek when I'm sleeping my Grandmother isn't scared she will go out side and started talking alone like rest khulo thats my Grand father's name

She would sometimes sing for them in the yard middle of the night or she would wake up around 2am saying she's having a family meeting I should go back to sleep. Well u can't sleep in that situation when ever I start praying they will beat me up I would wake up with bruises in the morning.

Our house are more far away in our village people find us strange no neighbor will visit or greet us they call us witches because of the way we are living. I'm tired I need a new life wish I could just disappear

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