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*Award-winning professiona


E X A L T 🌸
Firming neck gel (aka - a nip & tuck in a jar!).

If you know you know!
I love this product and I’ve heard nothing but great reviews about it ever since I joined Temple Spa as a consultant.

This is a best selling product for very good reasons -
👉🏼It feels incredible on your skin
👉🏼It smells divine
👉🏼It actually works!

🎉And the BEST news? It’s currently on offer!!🙌🏼

🌸🌸2 for 1 (Save £42)
(This also applies when purchasing collections)

🌸1 for £30 (Save £12)

✔️Firms & tightens
✔️Tones & smooths the neck
✔️Prevents sagging & crepiness

This offer is not on for long - if you need some it’s the perfect time to stock up, just drop me a line! ✨x


🎅🏼Still got pressies to buy?
Why not treat someone (or yourself!) to the gift of a spa in your home! 💞

Some beautiful Christmas bits here with an even lovelier discount!

AND…Don’t forget your own wishlist - get it to your loved ones with the link below! 💖

Shout if I can help with ideas/orders. ✨Xx

Link in bio or…

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I’m the month of October we partner with to bing you the most amazing buy one get one free REPOSE offer!

This is available on individual purchases of REPOSE and in any collections that include REPOSE.

We also have a Limited edition SUPERSTART REPOSEcollection, for just £2 supplement you can upgrade your moisturizer option to REPOSE and recieve a FREE REPOSE as part of the offer, how amazing is that?!

VALUE £166 | PAY £84 | ✨SAVE £82✨

Contact me for more info or to order! X



Honestly, this is the nicest body cream I’ve ever used - no exadge - I’m totally addicted!

Never too late to drop a hint to a loved one...😉!

But if getting a gift is unlikely this Valentine’s Day why not treat yourself?! I already know you deserve it! 💖

And if you’re wondering (and already a bit of a Temple Spa fan), it smells a bit like Quietude or Repose!
Just heavenly!😇


A little reminder...🧡

We are all struggling in different ways at the moment but I’m pretty sure we are all also doing our best.

Look after yourself today and know you deserve your own kindness.☺️X

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Who doesn’t love a before and after pic?!

So this is me yesterday, before and after using my absolute favourite face mask - QUENCH.
These pics are taken 10 mins apart. ��I love it because it smells and feels amazing and has instant results! So much so, that it has become a bit of a Saturday morning routine for me, and literally takes a minute to apply. The best thing is, you don’t have to remove it - you can even leave it on overnight and it absorbs like a dream!

I have normal to dry skin so my face loves this product! My skin drinks it all in within minutes, hydrating and smoothing out fine lines in the process.

Message me to find out more…this is a treat I promise your skin will thank you for!

Photos from Rachel Evans Temple Spa's post 07/02/2021


✨Amazing limited edition offer on TempleSpa’s best selling product!✨

This eye balm is a best seller for so many reasons…

👉🏼Lightweight & hydrating

👀Reduces puffiness & treats dark circles

✨Anti-ageing & smoothes fine lines

🧊Cooling and soothing

🌱Contains essential oils and natural plant extracts

💪🏼Professional strength formula

🧴Suitable for all skin types



♻️Sustainable packaging

👉🏼Paraben-free, SLS-free & SLES-free


Jayne says…

“It Really works! I have tried various eye cream/gels and none of them have made any difference. This is the first eye cream that actually does what it says. I have sensitive skin around my eyes and this cream soothes it and the skin feels immediately hydrated. I have noticed a difference in the lines around my eyes also-so feel it is slowing down the ageing process…it goes a long way as only a tiny drop is needed. Im so pleased with it I've just ordered two more!”

Lavender, Vitamins E, A, & C, Echinacea, Edelweiss, Milk Thistle, Cucumber.
To browse or order - click the link in the Bio. 🔗



Know someone in need of a treat?

I would love to GIFT one of our ALL BEING WELL tins to someone you know! 💕

There are so many reasons you might nominate them...the list is long!

They may be a brilliant key worker, someone whose had the heart-break of closing their shop, salon or business, school staff, home schoolers, parents, shielders, anyone who’s had a rough week...

TAG them in the comments below and I’ll do a draw tomorrow for one of our WELLNESS tins! 🥰

Stay tuned!

What’s inside?

🌱BREATH OF LIFE Inhalation essence

🌱AAAHHH! Foot & limb balm

🌱REPOSE Resting night cream

🌱QUIETUDE Calming body & room mist


STOP THE CLOCK (oh please do!) ⏱

Late nights? Long days?
Never-ending screen-grazing?

Yeah me too.

Thankfully this little rescue kit of treats brings some soothing kindness and refreshing brightness to your eyes PLUS boosting radiance & firmness to your skin. 💕

✅Itchy /dry & irritable eyes

✅Eye bags, dark circles & puffiness

✅Dull, dehydrated skin

This little self-care package brings total relief & frankly, a much-needed mini-pamper at a time when we all really need it! ⭐️

So what do you get?
✨EASY ON THE EYE refreshing makeup remover and eye calming solution

✨WINDOWS OF THE SOUL hydrating eye balm

✨THE CONTOURIST vitamin C quenching sheet mask

✨EYE SURVIVE hydrating & firming serum patches

For £20, I think this is a brilliant-value night-in! 🧖🏼‍♀️


To shop - click the Shop Now button!👆🏼



My nails have always been really weak and often snap, my cuticles are ragged and the skin on my hands often cracked at the knuckles and generally dry. 😖Anyone else?! 

I admit, I am not great at prioritising the time to look after them, and with all they go through - washing-up, multiple applications of hand-sanitiser, exposure to cleaning products and cold weather - it’s no surprise they are in need of a bit of love. ❄️ 💦🧼

I find Palm Balm is a quick and easy way to protect and treat my hands and tackle all these issues.
It takes seconds to apply, softens the cuticles and hydrates & soothes the skin without leaving any residue. 🙌🏼

The best bit is that it feels luxurious and creamy and but unlike so many other hand creams I’ve tried it actually does absorb immediately. This is so ideal when you just need to get on with typing, writing, preparing food or whatever other task you need to do.👌🏼

I am using this daily and noticing a real improvement in the quality of my nails and skin texture and definitely highly recommend! ⭐️

👉🏼My little tip: I keep a tube in my glove-box and if I hit a traffic-light or end up standstill in a queue,(which happens regularly on my school/grocery run!) I quickly whack some on. It’s so absorbent that there is no slipperiness on the steering wheel and I’m good to go!

✨Key ingredients:
Crambe abyssinia seed oil (rich in Omega 9), Jojoba oil (rich emollient), Aloe vera leaf (powerful antioxidant), Vitamins E, C, B3, B5 &B6 - including anti-ageing, protecting, firming, strengthening, hydrating & antioxidant benefits)

If you’d like to try some, DM me for a sample! 💕

For more info Shop Now and search Palm Balm.

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Who needs a bit of Peace & Relaxation?

This week, a few of my neighbours generously clubbed together towards a gift for a very poorly friend - another neighbour on our road.

We chose this Peace & Relaxation gift, hoping that, at the very most she might benefit a little from some of the aromatherapy based products inside, but at the very least - she would feel thought of and loved.

Her hospice nurse contacted me to say that she was glad she had the opportunity to be able to use the products with her whilst caring for her; that our neighbour had felt pampered and soothed by the gorgeous fragrances.

It is so easy to feel helpless when people are sick or struggling and hope feels far away, but reaching out to offer comfort and remind someone of their value can come through the simplest of words or actions.

With so many of us facing challenges at the moment, now is a time to be thinking not only about how we support each other, but how we protect our own mental health and wellbeing whilst doing so.

I am offering online Wellness sessions at the moment which support wellbeing through some simple but effective relaxation techniques. Complimented through the use of some beautiful spa-grade products, these sessions are an opportunity to put time aside for you.

These techniques which can be used throughout the day from our desks, at the kitchen table, on our beds or even from a park bench...this is about more than just lovely-smelling products.

I offer one-on-one Zoom sessions, to groups of friends, family groups or workplace colleagues, using complementary product sample packs. (I tailor these specifically to you, and send to you by post).

If this appeals to you or you know of people that could really benefit, do drop me a message - I’d love to hear from you.
Rach x

Self-care: Give the world the best of you instead of what’s left of you.

Photos from Rachel Evans Temple Spa's post 15/01/2021

TRUFFLELIXIR™ £25 off!⭐️

If you love the Truffle range and the idea of anything non-surgical to help towards anti-ageing (and who wouldn’t!), then I have just the treat for you! ✨

Trufflelixir is a targeted, high-performance anti-ageing retinol serum that provides immediate, short, and long-term results.

Crafted by Swiss derma-scientists using unique patented technology, powerful botanicals and highly refined ingredients, it targets all signs of visible ageing around eyes, mouth and every tell-tale part of the face. 

Worn underneath moisturiser, it treats the skin at a cellular and epidermal level to smooth, firm, plump and gives lustre and luminosity to the skin.

Bottled radiance indeed. 

⭐️Save £25 on full-size 30ml product for a limited time only*

For more info or if you’d like to order, ping me a message!

💫If you already are invested in any Truffle range products and would love a sample, I have only 4 to give away so nab me! First come, first served! 😊

💭I am using this product under my moisturiser at the moment and will let you know my thoughts on it soon, so do keep an eye out! 👀

Key ingredients: Encapsulated retinol, Swertia chirata stem cell extract, Blackcurrant extract, Hyaluronic acid, Iris extract, Gold & Silk actives, Black summer truffles, Diamond illuminating powder, Champagne extract, Black diamond

Photos from Rachel Evans Temple Spa's post 14/01/2021


I don’t know about you, but I have definitely needed some peace this week!

Like many of you are experiencing, homeschooling the kids and squeezing in work has been intense!

So I have found a lot of calm through my Temple Spa bits and bobs this week.

I absolutely LOVE a bit of home fragrance (candles, electronic diffusers, you name it…) and I was lucky enough to be gifted this gorgeous reed diffuser for Christmas from Nath. 💕

As soon as I got it out of the box I was hooked on its incredible aroma. I swap its location around the house depending on the kind of day I’m having - it’s mostly kept it on a shelf by the front door because it smells A-mazing when you walk in the house and is immediately comforting. It makes the place smell like a calming spa as opposed to the musky shoe-filled dumping ground that it actually is!

Sometimes though, I pop it by my bedside table, knowing it will help me feel instantly relaxed as I head to my bed after a long day of Google Classroom, Zoom sessions and laundry.😴

I am intrigued as to how long the oil will last as I know i’ll be so sad when it’s gone! 🙁
So I will definitely keep you updated on here through the coming months.
I’ve heard at least 6 months which I think is great, (having used other reed diffusers before),...time will tell! 🤷🏼‍♀️

Hard to describe the fragrance, but if you love using our Repose night cream, I guarantee you will ❤️this.

A couple of tips for those of you who have one of these beauties…

⭐️Don’t leave on a window sill, by a radiator or log burner, or too near a source of airflow as it will evaporate faster and decrease the lifespan.

⭐️Make sure the reeds aren’t touching anything (a wall/curtain fabric), as the oil will absorb into or onto anything it touches.

⭐️Turn the reeds every 5-7 days as the reeds dry on the air-exposed ends and the fragrance won’t smell as profound.

⭐️Less sticks = less fragrance (remove a few for a more subtle vibe) and remember, the smaller the room, the stronger the fragrance.

✨Key ingredients:
Orange, lavender, frankincense, geranium, chamomile, patchouli.

Peaceful home. Peaceful life!


Hi! Welcome to my Temple Spa page.
Here, I will be sharing with you new products, great offers, reviews and also some real-life pics and how-to-use application videos.

I will be trying to 'keep it real' by mixing in a bit of my real-life stuff on here too!

If you love a bit of Temple Spa, this page should keep you up-to-date on all my fave skincare bits and bobs and how you can enjoy the spa-at-home experience!

If you haven't yet done a Class with me over Zoom from the comfort of home, why not give it a whirl?! I'm all up for a bit of self-care and there's no better time for this than now! ✨