Eileen Hubler NYR Organic Independent Consultant

Eileen Hubler NYR Organic Independent Consultant

I am an independent consultant for NYR Organic. Message me about award-winning natural health and beauty, and discovering the benefits of choosing organic.


Wellness and Workouts

Care about your health or the health of your family? This is a must-read!

Fascinating and important read. I want everyone I care about to read this!

“For decades, companies worked to cast doubt on whether sugar harms — until Cristin Kearny started digging up the dirt...”



Wellness and Workouts

Dear Google, you’re drunk. When I search for a natural remedy, I am NOT looking for articles on sites like WebMD.


Wellness and Workouts

Do you trust companies like Johnson & Johnson to formulate your personal care products?

You can’t be too careful when it comes to products you use day in and day out. Want safer powder? Try arrowroot powder, or corn starch. Or for something nicer, try the baby powder (and AMAZING skin care) from NYR Organic (referral link): https://us.nyrorganic.com/shop/eileenhubler/area/shop-online/category/holiday-gifts/


10 Toxic Beauty Ingredients To Avoid

Important info! 10 toxic beauty ingredients to avoid.

huffpost.com There are thousands of chemicals in your products, many of which are being absorbed into your body. It's impossible to avoid every single synthetic...


Common Household Chemicals Tied to Language Delays in Kids

“Phthalates are present in many different consumer products," Schantz added. "So it's very hard to avoid exposure. I think studies like this are important because we need to start phasing phthalates out of products and find better, less toxic solutions."

"I don't know what the answer is," Swan concluded, "but I know we'd be doing pregnant women and their children a service if we could keep some of these chemicals out of their bodies."

medscape.com In children born to women who were exposed to phthalates during pregnancy, the rate of language delay is evident as early as age 30 months, a new study shows.


Why Fragrances Are the New Secondhand Smoke

This article is a must-read!

“Read labels. Be aware. Ditch those candles, incense, and expensive perfumes. Those car air fresheners, cans of Glade (animal testers!) sitting on the back of the toilet at work, and cleaning products? Seriously. Stop. I’ll show you how.

Listen, going to the store and picking up a bottle of “fragrance-free” dish soap isn’t going to cut it. Why? Because fragrance-free simply means that the manufacturer has put other chemicals in there to cover up the smell, but not necessarily one of the thousands of chemicals under the umbrella term “fragrance”. It doesn’t really mean fragrance-free! Yes, frustration is setting in. Welcome to the FDA.”


theheartysoul.com What Does the Word “Fragrance” Really Mean? You’ve seen it on your labels: simply the word “fragrance”. You may not have thought much beyond this word, but you’re about to have your eyes opened into the real meaning of fragrance, as well as a host of medical problems it can cause, and wh...


Dr. Karen Lee

This is so important--a must-read!

"Well over 1,000 of the listed ingredients, the group reported, also appear on official listings of worrisome chemicals. The United Nations, for instance, has more than one-third of the fragrance chemicals flagged with the word "warning" and explicitly labels 190 of them a "danger." The International Agency for Research on Cancer, a division of the World Health Organization, lists seven of the ingredients as possible human carcinogens. Fifteen of the chemicals, Women's Voices noted, are banned from cosmetics in the European Union."


NYR Organic US

She has great taste in skincare!

Deliciously Ella shares her skincare favorites in this fabulous video...watch to find out her NYR picks!


Toxic Timeout - 5 Unexpected Places You'll Find Formaldehyde - The Chalkboard

Great info!

thechalkboardmag.com Formaldehyde can sneak into our lives via furniture, hair tools and hygiene products. We're learning all about it and how to avoid the dangers of too much.


It Takes Time

If you see polyethylene or polypropylene on a label on face care then leave it on the shelf, it contains micro-beads.

(All NYR Organic products are micro-bead free).

Researchers find that each time facewash is used, 94,500 “microbeads” can be released into the oceans.



This is really important! Share so your friends can read it, too!


Testing shows that many ingredients used in underarm deodorants can worm their way past the epidermis and enter the bloodstream. Here are 5 ingredients to avoid.


Eat Beautiful

"This is great news! It's encouraging that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) would confirm and endorse the effectiveness of an essential oil! "Whether you loathe mosquito bites or are concerned about illnesses such as malaria and the Zika virus, it’ll be a necessity to protect yourself from the nagging insects this spring, summer, and fall... This is the first time the organization has endorsed a natural, plant-based alternative.""
Eat Beautiful

This is great news! It's encouraging that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) would confirm and endorse the effectiveness of an essential oil! "Whether you loathe mosquito bites or are concerned about illnesses such as malaria and the Zika virus, it’ll be a necessity to protect yourself from the nagging insects this spring, summer, and fall... This is the first time the organization has endorsed a natural, plant-based alternative."



What do you think of this trend? Do synthetic fragrances bother you?


Signature scents in hotels = an extra dose of potentially toxic chemicals with your room stay.


Dryer Sheets Cause Hormone Imbalance, Neurotoxicity, Respiratory Problems, And Even Cancer

If you use dryer sheets, please reconsider!

We use wool dryer balls, with essential oils, instead. So much safer!

healthmagazine365.com Most of the popular dryer sheets brands contain dangerous chemicals such as Benzyl Acetate, Benzyl Alcohol or Linalool, which can put your health at serious risk. Besides damaging your skin, these chemicals emit hazardous fumes when heated, and these toxins can reach the brain and causes dangerous d…


How Essential Oils Work in the Body: Bioavailability. How the Body Processes Essential Oils

Do you know what percentage of Essential Oils make it into your bloodstream when you inhale them? Or apply them to your skin? Or take them orally? Find out in this quick video by Robert Tisserand Essential Training!

(Please only take orally if under the supervision of a medical professional trained in aromatherapy--no matter how high quality the oil!)


1: Bioavailability. tisserandinstitute.org


Teen Exposure To Chemicals In Makeup Linked To Obesity, Cancer, Brain Disorders

This is quite the AMAZING study! You won't believe the difference on test results within just DAYS of changing products. Check it out!
Want safer products? Try these effective products: https://us.nyrorganic.com/shop/eileenhubler/area/shop-online/
KPIX CBS San Francisco Bay Area

sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com A new study at UC Berkeley revealed that when teens stop using certain makeup products, even briefly, levels of hormone-disrupting chemicals drop significantly.


The Trick To Applying Facial Oils

Have you ever tried NYR Organic's facial oils? I've used (and LOVED) the Frankincense Facial Oil, the Rose Facial Oil, and the Orange Flower Oil. I thought they might cause a breakout, but after two years of using them daily, I can happily say that they work well for my skin! :) Here is a bit of info about how to apply them: http://stylecaster.com/beauty-high/the-trick-to-applying-facial-oils/

Find NYR Organic facial oils here:


stylecaster.com You're doing it wrong!


Ethical Make-up

Guess which company ranked #1, with a perfect score? Do you use any of the beauty brands on these charts?

The Good Shopping Guide

thegoodshoppingguide.com Ethically Accredited [Click here for more detailed table] Introduction The cosmetics industry is big business: in the UK alone we spend £5 billion a year on cosmetics and toiletries. Women, men and even children are under increasing pressure to look good, smell right, and defy the ageing process. Wi…


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Click the link to see which five wonderful NYR Organic products I've bundled together for a prize, worth over $70...then be sure to enter to win! Best wishes on winning! :)

wellness-and-workouts.com Organic skin care giveaway! From now through April 2016, you can enter for a chance to win 5 NYR Organic skin care products!


BBC News

Funny, I clipped a couple branches this morning and brought them in the house today.

Then I stumbled on this article from BBC News. :)

"There's rosemary, that's for remembrance."