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_You should recommend a daily skincare routine for all your customers. Below is the daily skincare routine so you pick the recommended products from the actual brochure based on their skin type and condition. The beauty of our brochure is that each product has a description so let that be your guide._

_*These are Estimated numbers for training purposes. Actual prices are in the current brochure. I want to show you how you can make money from skincare 💰💃🏽👏🏾☺️*_

1️⃣ *Cleanser:* R168
_A facial cleanser is a skincare product designed to wash away daily grime like makeup, dead skin cells, excess oil, and pollutants. Cleansing your face each day can help prevent clogged pores._

2️⃣ *Toner:* R89
_A toner's job is meant to gently refresh your skin without stripping it of its natural moisture. This means toner won't irritate sensitive skin or cause excessive dryness. Toner also prepares the skin to drink up your post-cleansing moisturizer and any other skin treatments that you may apply._

3️⃣ *Serum:* R219
_Face serums are lightweight moisturizers that contain a higher concentration of active ingredients — like hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, and vitamin C — than typical facial moisturizers. Known for their effectiveness, face serums are often used to manage specific skin care concerns, such as wrinkles._

4️⃣ *Eye Cream:* R129
_Eye cream is a targeted moisturizer that hydrates the eye area and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Look for eye creams that contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ceramides for hydration and diminishing wrinkles._

5️⃣ *Moisturiser:* R129
_Moisturizers are emulsions of oil and water (plus other ingredients for nourishing, treatment, and preserving) that help replenish hydration, keeping moisture in skin and dryness out. Experts say that hydrating is crucial for keeping skin youthful and healthy, even if you don’t have dry skin.

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