Anya QueenTee Legacy

Anya QueenTee Legacy

Mental Health Awareness A topic that is growing so in our world yet so many still don’t want to ta


You Don’t Just Lose Someone Once.

You don’t just lose someone once.
You lose them when you close your eyes at night.
And as you open them each morning.
You lose them throughout the day.

An unused coffee cup.
An empty chair.
A pair of boots no longer there.
You lose them as the sun sets.
And darkness closes in.

You lose them as you wonder why.
Staring at a star lit sky.
You lose them on the big days.
And the regular days too.

You lose them in a song they used to sing.
The scent of their cologne.
A slice of their favorite pie.
You lose them in conversations you will never have.
And all the words unsaid.

You lose them in all the places they’ve been.
And all the places they longed to go.
You lose them in what could have been.
And all the dreams you shared.
You lose them as the seasons change.
The snow blows.
The flowers blossom.
The grass grows.
The leaves fall.
You lose them again and again.
Day after day.
Month after month.
Year after year.

You lose them as you pick up the broken pieces.
And begin your life anew.
You lose them when you realize.
This is your new reality.
They are never coming back.
No matter how much
You miss them or
Need them.
No matter how hard you pray.
They are gone.
And you must go on.

Time marches on, carrying them further and further way.
You lose them as your hair whitens and your body bends with age.
Your memory fades.
And the details begin to blur.
Their face stares back at you from a faded photograph.
Someone you used to know.
You think you might have loved them once.
A long time ago.

Back then.
When you were whole.
You don’t just lose someone once.
You lose them every day.
Over and over again.
For the rest of your life.


I’m still trying to understand,


Well my little one another year around the sun it would have been for you. Yes today is your 42 years it would have been for you here on this planet. It’s 3 years we have celebrated without you. My little one I miss you so freakin much. I keep thinking it will get easier, the pain will ease up, nope that it won’t as I am learning. Happy heavenly Birthday Anya Q-Tee until we are together again I pray your day today is a beautiful as you. I love you so much. HAPPY VA**NA ESCAPE DAY.


“It hurts when they're gone. And it doesn't matter if it's slow or fast, whether it's a long drawn-out disease or an unexpected accident. When they're gone the world turns upside down and you're left holding on, trying not to fall off.”
― Walter Mosley


This says it all


I received this beautiful sun catcher feather in the mail, it immediately brought a tear to my eye as right away I thought of you Anya Q-Tee. Thank you so so much Kristi Smith a treasure I will truly cherish.


Well my little one I hope you remembered to give your grandma a big birthday hug today and please one from me. I sure miss my mom, would be so nice to get that morning call again. It’s been 26 years since you left this world. You would be 93 today wow. Happy Heavenly Birthday Mom. I miss you so much


Damn I wish I could talk to you right now, and not just in my mind. I need you


Well my little one Anya Q-Tee yesterday was such a redo over, after 3 years you think I would of had a better grip, but yes 3 years ago they took you down from the mountain. I remember this like it had just happened, and again I fell and crumbled. My heart hurts so bad with the thought of you laying in the frozen snow and cold for 7 days, people walking by you, no one saw an no one knew. Your memories live so alive everyday for me. RIP my angel until we are together again, ride hard, go fast, enjoy your corners and rock your world baby girl. I Love you


Wow this is so awesome

Photos from Anya QueenTee Legacy's post 26/11/2023

Wow today is your 3rd Birthday in your new world. Everyday I still wish you were here, but I know in my heart your in a better place. Today I want to Thank you.
Thank you for giving me 38 years. Oh for sure we had ups and downs, but the ups always out weighed the downs.
Thank you for all the beautiful memories and laughs.
Thank you for all the things you taught me.
Thank you for pointing out how I could better myself.
Thank you for showing me the love between a daughter and mother.
Thank you for the love you gave to everyone.
Thank you for the compassion you showed so many.
Thank you for the beautiful grandchildren you gave us.
Thank you for pushing me every time I wanted to quit.
I could keep finding so much more to say Thank You for but right now I really want to Thank You for being Anya Q-Tee
RIP I love you so much

Just some of my fav pics


I’m leaving you here. For one night I want to forget. And maybe smile.

Grief: You can’t leave me behind.

I’m tired. You are heavy. Sometimes you are just too much to bear.

Grief: I am a part of you now.

I can shut the door. Forget you for a few hours.

Grief. That is not how this works. I will always catch up to you.

Why are you doing this to me? It’s not fair. You are much too dark to take everywhere I go.

Grief: Maybe we need another way to think about this.

How would there be any other way?

Grief: Well..for starters, I am only here because of love.

No. You are here because my loved one died.

Grief: But you still feel love.


Grief: You just renamed me. That is why I am here. I am Love always. You can’t just leave me. I’m a part of you.

But it hurts so much. No more phone calls. Hugs... Plans. Empty chairs. Holidays… I can’t take this pain.

Grief. Running from me only makes it harder for you. Sit with me. I am only the love you still have to give. So feel it. Give some of it to yourself. Carry me with you. Picture me as only love and light.

So why have I been so afraid of you?

Grief. Because reality is hard to accept. This is the hardest thing to do. It takes time to get used to me. But I am here to help you remember.

I just want to be over this.

Grief: The pain you feel when a memory crosses your mind will someday make you smile. It’s because the longer you carry me with you…the wonderful memories will stay with you too.

So instead of carrying grief…I can think of it as carrying my love?

Grief: light a candle within me. Love isn’t dark. I’m only light. I remain because all your love your person still remains in you. I am love you wish to still give. I cannot be left behind. I carry on with you until the day you reunite.

So hold that light in your hand. And carry that love with you. To the very last of days.


Well my little one the time is coming near, so hard to believe you haven’t been here for almost 3 years. So many times I feel you here, keeps giving me hope you will run through the door, but nope it’s all in my head and heart. I miss you so so much.


Yes my little one Anya Q-Tee you are still my baby girl even though your so far away, I’m here still waiting till we are together again


I miss you so much my beautiful girl. I pray your happy now


Well my little one, Anya Q-Tee here is another Thanksgiving without you in it. You are so missed, but I’m so Thankful I have my memories to help me get thru this. Please take Grandma, and Dominic and give them a huge hug, you know the perfect ones you always gave. I love you so much and my girl please keep carrying on your love.


Well my little one Anya Q-Tee please take ahold of your older brother Dominic give him a super duper big birthday hug for me. Today you would have been 44 on this earth, but you managed to give the other world the 44 years. I pray it’s been super amazing for you. I always remember your beautiful blue eyes looking up at me, I knew you were leaving, but as a mother I prayed you wouldn’t , so now you have your baby sister to hold you, and oh she gives the bestest hugs. I miss you both so much. Ride the skies for me today and smile knowing my love will always be until we are all together again.


Good day folks, in memory of my little one Anya Q-Tee we want to do a thing.

Is there anyone out there that would be interested in becoming a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

If you have any interest in this contact me in private by text 403-512-5286.

Thank you in advance for your time


Our two Angels, man I can still hear that teeheeeeeheeee from you Mamma Bear, and oh Anya your laughter always brightened a room. I know your watching over us, I feel your presence so. Ride that heavenly highway, keep everyone safe please our world is in such devastation. In my heart you will always be

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