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Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!


Crazy what a wax and a little brow gel can do😍

Don’t forget to book yours today!

* posted with client consent*


Happy Saturday!

One of the best things we can do as an esthetician is E D U C A T E our clients, I feel as if with waxing that can often be overlooked.

I’ve put together a quick guide on my basic care I tell every wax client of mine🫶🏽

Hydration for our skin post wax is the most important to prevent ingrown hair as well as maintaining beautiful post wax skin. I’ll link some of my favorite post wax products in my bio:)


Product Spotlight!
This is really botox in a bottle…

•Helps deliver an immediate and long-term reduction of visible expression lines caused by repeated muscle movement

•Helps lift, tighten, and firm skin for a younger-looking, more defined facial contour

•Strengthens skin by improving epidermal thickness

•Reduces skin roughness for a smoother skin texture

•Increases moisturization and hydration retention


It’s Giveaway time! Now until Friday, if you book an appointment with me at Mitchell’s you’ll be entered to win a Starbucks gift card!


This weeks available appointments
DM to book!

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✨ Dermaplane✨
What skin conditions is this service beneficial for?
• Acne scars
•Dull or dry skin
•Peach fuzz (light, soft hair on your face).
•Skin damaged by sun exposure
•Fine lines
I hope to see you soon😊


My availability for the week of 6/5-6/10


Waxing isn’t just for the ladies, with summer quickly approaching nows the time to get the men in your life booked!


Appointments Available for the week of May 15th - May 20th

DM or click link in bio to book!


You can now book with me in Kenwood!

The link to book is in my bio OR you can message me directly to make an appointment

What’re you waiting for? Happy booking 🥳

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Lash & brow tint will be available for you all very soon, interested in being a model? DM to book

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My model prices are coming to an end starting May8th, DM me to claim your appointment!
Location Availability below ⬇️
MONDAY: Kenwood
TUESDAY: West Chester
THURSDAY: West Chester


Hey everyone! To complete my training I will have to complete a few waxes, if you would like to be a model & get a FREE wax message me!


I am a FIRM believer in “ the proof is in the pudding”

I personally never struggled with skin issues until I went to esthetician school, and it was honestly so frustrating to try and tackle.

On the left was taken Feb 21st, the right was taken this morning. No makeup, just my spf and daily skincare. I’ve used PCA for maybe three weeks now and it cleared my skin right up.

Come book an appointment with me & let’s get you back to feeling your best🫶🏽


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State Boards ✅

Y’all , this journey has been a long one. I’m so thankful for this next chapter, & can’t wait to see you all in my chair!


With summer approaching and self tanning becoming more relevant, I’d like to share some self tan tips.

I love St. Tropez and swear by it for self tan. I have everything I use linked in my bio available for purchase!

Remember ladies, taking the time to self tan is a lot healthier for your skin in the long run!


It’s time!!
I’m very excited to announce I will be joining at their kenwood location!
With that being said prodigy esthetics will be transitioning into ( M-Skin co.) my page name will be changing!
I will be keeping everyone posted on when I start taking models, as well as when my books are open. Thank you all for your continued support❤️


First person to guess correctly will have a surprise in their DM👀 ( after announcement is made)

Guess below & stay tuned

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Fresh set of babydoll hybrids 🤩

Photos from M bar Skin Co.'s post 09/03/2023

What better way to celebrate than with a graduation?
750 hours, lots of gas, and a few hundred Starbucks & sushi lunch dates later I’m OFFICIALLY graduated from esthetician school!

This is has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding adventures I’ve experienced. I couldn’t have done it without my amazing friends. I’m extremely thankful for the friendships and memories made the last few months at school. Extremely excited to see what the future brings for me and my esthie besties🤍

Peace out Aveda ✌🏼

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Perfecting my craft so I can offer all of my clients the most beautiful lashes, I’m extremely excited to be able to offer this very soon🤩

and as always thank you for being my personal tripod❤️

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My first set of lashes, a little cat eye action 🤩
Swipe right to see the before & after

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and I are really exposing ourselves on this one. This is what our hyperpigmentation looks like in our new skin scanner, ( underlying, our faces don’t actually look like this irl) however if you look closely you can see an outline on my eyes from where I wear sunglasses anytime I’m in the sun. Sunglasses are just as important as SPF!
But not all sunglasses are giving you real protection, a great way to test if they’re giving UVA protection is to shine a light against any paper money. When the watermark from the bill lights up, put your sunglasses in front of it. If it disappears, it has UV protection. Most brands will also state if they have UVA/ UVB protection. I personally use RayBans but there are plenty of other good options!


Probably my new favorite Tuesday face, look at the reduced redness 😍


Back facials 😎
* reduces redness
* extra exfoliation for an area that typically doesn’t get much attention

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Swipe right for the final LEWK
Todays class consisted of trying out , I’d say the last photo is the best 🤷🏻‍♀️

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