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Somehow we survive Monday’s😴... but this means one more day closer to the weekend😍

Are you still paying for your favourite scents from Boots/Superdrug/Debenhams etc etc etc? Comment below for your favourites but at a much cheaper price. How? Because it is only the packaging and the bottle that is different. You are paying for the designers name to be on a snazzy bottle, so why not simplify the bottle and increase your bank balance by saving what? £30/£40/£50/£60+...

Photos from Ollie’s FM Page's post 28/06/2020

Thankyou to those of you who ordered with me yesterday😀 I’m as excited for the delivery to come as you new customers who are yet to try FM’s products. I’ll be checking delivery updates every day😍


Order day tomorrow😍

Last chance to grab a deal on all products within the FM range, cheaper than paying for the designers bottle and packaging as that is all you pay the mega amounts for, and now even cheaper with everything discounted👏🏼👏🏼

Drop a comment or message me for deals and prices🌟🌟🌟


Saturday is approaching fast meaning the offers on all the products will be coming to the end. Everything has been made cheaper than it already is. Drop me a message or comment below to add to this weeks order😀

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Three happy and satisfied customers who have purchased FM Perfumes and Aftershaves. Again, the only difference is the packaging. When you buy aftershave and perfume from your favourite designers all you are paying for is their names & logo on a bottle and packaging. For a maximum of £24.50 and as cheap as £14.90 you can get exactly the same scent just in a bottle you may never have seen before👍🏼

Thankyou for ordering with me, Offers and deals still available until this Saturday. Message me or comment below for stock and prices🌟


Good Morning Everyone,

I will be placing an order at the end of this week on Saturday, don’t forget everything has an even bigger discounted price.

Why pay over £60 for the bottle? When you could pay upto £24.50 for exactly the same scent just in a different bottle?

For lists of products and sale prices drop a comment below or send me a message privately, the offers end Saturday midnight so be sure to grab a deal😝



Anybody who orders between now 20/06/20 and 27/06/20(midnight)
Will receive discount on all products.

For product information/Prices/Stock list drop a comment below and I will message them across.

Remember, you are buying the designer brand in a different bottle. Why pay £60+ for the design of a bottle when you can pay £14.90/£18.90/£24.50 and that’s not even including my discount on offer😀

Smell good for less🌟

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My order has been delivered I’ll be posting to those who aren’t in Worcester and dropping your items off to you if you are over the next few days😊


For those who have received theirs already, thankyou for ordering with me and I’m glad you love your fragrance😀

Message me or comment below for a list of your favourite fragrances at a cheaper price than the designer brand, they are the same product at a massively cheaper price just in different packaging. Oh wait... I have offers available also on all products😛

Samples are also available to order if you would like any testers of your favourite smells😊



For more information about offers on Aftershaves, Perfumes, Diffusers, Candles, Make Up Products and many many more drop me a message🌟🌟🌟



With Father’s Day approaching why not grab yourself an even cheaper deal✨

Pure was £14.90 now £12.90
Intense was £18.90 now £16.90
Royal was £24.50 now £20.50



🌟Pure Perfumes & Aftershaves
Was £14.90 now £12.90

🌟🌟Intense Perfumes & Aftershaves
Was £18.90 now £16.90

🌟🌟🌟Royal Perfumes & Aftershaves
Was £24.50 now £20.50

I will be aiming to place an order in a few days so Message me for stock list and prices🌟🌟🌟


I have now placed my First Order, and got the first promotion🌟 thankyou all so much for your support and following! There will be much more to come so keep your eyes peeled😊❤️❤️❤️


Hi all,

I’m putting my first order in tonight as stock has rapidly dropped due to all the support people are getting across the country which is amazing!! Thankyou to those who have supported me and gotten involved so far, if anyone else would like to place an order with me then don’t hesitate to message me🌟

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🌟🌟🌟At FM we don't only sell perfumes and aftershaves... Take a look at my Tenner Tuesday products. So many products for UNDER £10 including beauty, cleaning products, teas and much more!🌟🌟🌟


Hi all,

I hope you are enjoying the lovely weather🌞 I will be placing my first order Thursday night/Friday morning, thankyou to everyone who has shared and helped, there is still so much more to come from me and FM (products I haven’t even mentioned yet). Thankyou to all who have placed your order when I have sent off for it I’ll keep you all informed on the process of delivery etc☺️ you still have a couple of days to get your orders in for either yourselves, a gift for a loved one or Father’s Day coming up🎉


I will be putting in my first order Thursday night/Friday morning, if you want anything for yourself or a gift for somebody feel free to drop me a message I’ll be happy to help. I will be happy to provide you a list of stock & prices to help you🌟


Hi guys,

I now have the list of fragrances we sell so feel free to drop me a message or comment below for enquires☺️ There are also candles, diffusers and many other products available🌸


I’m so excited to announce that I am now part of FM group! 🤩
Thank you Jodi for welcoming me! 🌟

I will be selling all of their beautiful products including the very popular perfumes and aftershaves. They are stronger than the designers brands but inspired by your favourites! 🌸

What makes our fragrances different?
They are the same high quality scent but at a fraction of the cost without the fancy packaging and expensive ad campaigns! 😍

Message me for a PRICELIST or COMMENT BELOW your favourite designer fragrance. 👇🏻💕