This Mums Weight Loss Journey

This Mums Weight Loss Journey

Personal blog to record weight loss journey.


Smashed my steps goal today - 11832.

Food wise, not so good. I went about 70cals over today, due to having a McDonalds for dinner.

Tomorrow is a new day though lol 😁


Good morning :)
Goals for today: hit 10k steps and stay under 2k calories

Photos from This Mums Weight Loss Journey's post 10/03/2020

So today didn't go completely to plan! My steps were less than I would have liked, although I was stood up for 3 hours ironing, so definitely not sat around! I managed 6502, so not awful I guess.

I had my sons parents evening and on the way home we popped in the shops to get him a treat. So I've had a cherry sundae and a kitkat this evening 🤦‍♀️

Still managed to stay under 2000 calories though, so not a complete loss.

Note to self: don't go to morrisons when you are hungry and tired!


Day 2
Yesterday went ok I think. I had some marmite on toast and a cup of tea in the evening when my husband got home from work. Today I'm going to eat less bread (yesterday I ended up eating 4 slices throughout the day, which is more than normal).

Steps yesterday weren't bad. I hit just over the 10k mark before bed. Plan to do the same again today!

I'll post my food diary for the day later. The plan is to have cocopops and milk for breakfast (already eaten), marmite sandwich and fruit at lunch and jacket potato with leftover chilli for dinner :)


So far today my steps count is at 8538, mainly from doing the school run. It would usually be higher, but I jumped on the train home, as the heavens opened just as I collected the children.

Ideally I want my daily steps to be over 10,000 per day, so I'll get on the cross trainer once my toddlers in bed and my 10 year old is at football training.

I'll post an updated exercise total before bed 😁

Photos from This Mums Weight Loss Journey's post 09/03/2020

Just had dinner with the kids, so I'll post my breakfast, lunch and dinner now. I still have some calories left if I fancy a cuppa or a small snack this evening.

Breakfast was a cup of tea, protein granola and yoghurt.

Lunch was chicken and veg soup with wholemeal bread and butter.

Dinner was homemade chilli con carne and brown rice. I tend to use turkey mince, as it is lower in fat and calories, but higher in protein than beef mince.

I did also have a few sneaky jaffa cakes when I got home from the school run!


Good morning, the sun is finally shining! It was lovely waking up to a beautiful blue sky.

Start weight this morning was 215lb

I'll do another weigh-in on Monday morning next week and see how I've done.

This evening I'll post all my tracked food, exercise and steps 😁


Tomorrow will be the first day of properly documenting my weight loss journey. Every day I will update the page with the following:
- my goals for the day
- my food diary and total calories
- exercise for the day, including steps recorded on my Fitbit
- thoughts for the day.

At the end of each week I will do a weigh-in and record any loss/gain, reflect on the week and decide on any tweaks or changes moving forward.

I'm hoping this will help me remain accountable for my decisions each day, plus give me something to look back to on the days when I'm struggling or losing willpower. If this page helps other people, even better!

Wish me luck! 😁


My name is Tan and I live on the Isle of Wight, UK. I'm starting this personal blog as a way of remaining accountable for my decisions and choices every day.

I have struggled with my weight all of my adult life, especially since having my two children. The plan with this blog is to post updates every day, with my food choices, exercise completed and how I'm feeling each day.

Once a week I will do a weigh in, post the results and have a look at how my week has been and if I need to tweak/amend anything going forward.

Hopefully some people will actually read my blog and maybe it will help other people take control of their own weight loss journeys :)

My first 'proper' post will be Monday 9th March xx