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Photos from driving_force_strength's post 19/08/2023

So 2 weeks down of strict, clean, diet and lifestyle, much higher protein and 5 meals a day. progress pics, when I started to now, early days but definitely progress particularly on my Quads and back and exactly the same BW.

It’s honestly been easier then I expected iv enjoyed it and iv got a a good grip on it now, time to bulk I think !!! 🤗💪

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So, with absolutely no powerlifting comps left that I can do till at least next year, I thought I’d give body building a go, something iv always righten off, that I’d have the discipline to do so never bothered trying.

Turns out it’s pretty kl, only a week in so early days, but 4 pounds lost and a pretty decent progress pic to match, arms look bigger, waist looks smaller, happy days, next weeks meal prep complete 👊👌


Starting her early! 😂 Getting ready for comp with her Daddy ♥️


So iv decided to pull out of the charity event, iv contacted 2 charities on several occasions and neither even had the decency to get back to me, literally trying to raise money for there cause and they had no interest in getting involved whatsoever.

Also iv barely raised anything so far and quite frankly the physical toll this will have on my body simply isn’t worth it based on how things are going so far. I’m really sorry to the people who did get involved and support what I was trying to do, I think in future I’ll just keep my ideas to myself and concentrate on my circle 👍 Take care everyone and have a great week!! 😊

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Some more Testimonials from my brilliant Ex and current clients, huge thanks for these guys, your all legends 👊💪

If anyone out there is struggling with achieving there goals in the gym, if your fitness journey has become a nightmare or just simply stalled and your out of ideas, I promise you I can help you, whether it’s improving health and fitness, weight lose, improving strength and physique through weight training or powerlifting progression.

Having started out as a chubby, unhealthy, unfit and uncoordinated teenager crap at almost all sport with a physique that looked like a pear 😂 In my 12 years in the gym iv done it all at one point or another. So can definitely help you wherever you are on your journey, just drop me a message, give me a call or pop over to the desk and let’s finally smash these goals👊

“The Force Driving You To Your Goals”


Hi, my Name is Jake Cornes, a 31 year old Husband, Dad and Personal Trainer based out of Énergie Fitness in Bognor Regis. After suffering from poor mental health myself in the past and the su***de of my wife’s brother, helping to improve mental health in men is something I’m passionate about.

So having done a charity event last year, iv decided to do another even bigger, even longer and even harder challenge, to raise money for West Sussex minds. On the 15th April starting at 9.00am, in énergie Fitness Bognor car park, I will be picking up and carrying 85kg, the average weight of a UK man, for 12 meter lengths 365 times, this is a total distance of 4.7km and represents 1 meter for every single man on average in the Uk that takes his own life each and every year In the UK alone.

Dads, Grand Dads, Brothers, Sons snd friend’s are being lost every day, so please donate and come down and support a really important cause, I’m going to need all the support I can get, thank you!


Every day In the UK an astonishing 12 men on average take there own life. That’s 84 men a week, 4704 men a year, a shocking number.

So on the 15th of April, in the car park of Energie Fitness Gym, I will be doing an 85kg (the average weight of a UK man) farmers walk (like the man in the picture) for lengths of 12 meters, back and forth till iv done 365 lengths, a total distance of 4.7km, 1 meter for each and every man in the UK who whether on purpose or unintentionally couldn’t carry on.

I will be doing this to raise money for a Men’s health charity, I will set up a just giving page later this week, you can donate directly to me if you prefer, just let me know, I will set up a money box in the gym again later this week or next and there will be buckets on the day if you wish to come watch and support.

After a lose in the family and mental health difficulties myself in the past this is a very important cause for me personally and this challenge will be physically the hardest thing iv ever done. I have no idea how long it will take, to be perfectly honest I wouldn’t fancy running 4.7km never mind carrying my own body weight for 4.7km. But I promise, I will complete it, whatever it takes.

So finally the only thing I ask, even if you don’t wish to donate, plz share, send or show this to every and anyone you know, thank you 🙏

“The Force Driving You To Your Goals”

Photos from driving_force_strength's post 19/02/2023

Coming up to 6 months in the UK now working In a UK gym and 2 weeks tomorrow until I go solo and start my new venture as a self employed man running my own business. I’ve got to be honest having my own family, I’m feeling the pressure to step up and provide (along with my wife of course).

After 12 years in the gym, 7 years of Personal training, a wealth of knowledge picked up along the way in various ways and means (mostly by making mistakes) and a 6 year journey of bettering myself personally through improving my health and fitness, weight loss and improving my strength and physique.

There’s one thing you cannot buy, earn through hard work or gain through years of experience and that’s the simple advantage of being from the area you work in and simply knowing people and them knowing you.

So my wife came up with a great idea of collecting testimonials from my ex clients in Guernsey. Below is the first, hopefully of many testimonials🙏 please share this as much as you can, I would be extremely grateful 😊🙏


“I haven’t trained in 2 weeks I’ve lost all my strength”

This is the sort of thing I hear a lot in the gym from Young lads in particular and it’s not entirely true.

Fat is lost and Gained very quickly, Muscle is the exact opposite, for anyone who has weight trained regularly (at least every other day) for at least 3 months, if you have a break from the gym, as long as you eat enough, sleep enough and don’t spend it on the lash. you should keep at least 95% of your strength if not all of it, infact, for the first 3-5 days if anything you’ll get stronger as your body gets to fully recover.

You’d have to completely stop weight training for at least 4 weeks before you start to lose considerable strength. Longer if you’ve been at it for years, the “strength” you feel you’ve lost is actually conditioning and muscular endurance and will usually return within 2 weeks.

So when life gets in the way as it will, don’t sweat, take your time, keep up your diet, stay off the booze, get to bed at a sensible time and do what you can (even if it’s at home) and eventually you’ll get to climb back up on that wagon and carry on where u left off.

Let’s face it unless you wanna be a competitive strength athlete or body builder, what’s the rush, it’s not as if you can complete it, it’s a lifestyle, nothing more 💪👊

“The Force Driving You To Your Goals”


Happy new year to everyone at Driving Force Strength and Fitness!!

To my beautiful family and friends, my Employers at Énergie Fitness for providing a path for me to start my own business in the first place and to my wonderful new clients.

I cannot wait to get started and Drive u all to your goals, thank you for your help and support, it’s gonna be a hell of a year, I can feel it 💪🙌

“The Force Driving You To Your Goal”


Merry Christmas to all from Driving Force Strength and Fitness, may it be one to remember for you and your family, eat, drink, be Merry and enjoy a hard earned rest!

See u all in the new year, ready to kick ass and nail all those new year goals!!

“The Force Driving You To Your Goals”


Health, fitness and strength!!

There’s many opinions out there on the best and most important things to do in regards to achieving a long and healthy life.

Here are my top 5 tips to transforming your health, fitness and strength without spending a fortune or sacrificing too much.

1. Sleep
Sleep is completely free, brilliant and number 1 on my list, 7-8 hours a night consistently will set you up for a better all round performance of body and mind.

2. Lifestyle
Number 2 on my list, avoid smoking, drugs and alcohol, they are the most harmful things you can put into your body, diet often gets a hammering but these 3 particularly binged, are way more damaging than any food in my opinion.

3. Water
Again very cheap, especially tap water, drink 2-3 liters depending on weather/exercise levels on that day for continuous hydration, this creates a better functioning body and mind.

4. Cardio
Again completely free, number 4 on my list is exercise, whether It be cycling, walking, running etc, whether u weight train of not, cardiovascular exercise is very important and gives you more freedom to consume more calories, even professional body builders trying to get as big as possible still DO CARDIO!!

5. Vitamins and gut health
Bottom of my list but still in my top 5, particularly important if you have deficiencies, but even if you don’t, a multi vit and a pro biotic will boost brain and gut performance.

These 5 tips executed every day, cost virtually nothing, if anything you’d save money and they really will change your life, diet is important of course, but it’s only part of the complete package.

“The Force Driving You To Your Goals”


Rest Days!!!!

There’s lots of opinions on rest days, whether you should have them, how many etc?

This is my top 5 reasons for Rest days!

1. Injury prevention
If you train everyday at a decent intensity you will eventually get injured, especially as you get older. (Beyond 35)

2. Loss of love for it
No matter how much u love training, if you train everyday you will eventually get fed up, bored, loss Motivation or plateau and loss heart, causing you to question yourself.

3. Energy expenditure
Training everyday requires a massive amount of recovery and burns Massive amounts of calories, most people either can’t afford to buy this much food or simply don’t have the time, energy or both to prep and cook that much food, whatever your goals are, they must be sustainable or you’ll end up back where you started.

4. Mental well being
Training is not only addictive but is also a form of stress, training every day can actually be destructive, u can become dependent on it and before u know it your whole day rests on whether you had a good session or not, this becomes even more of a problem if you compare yourself to others a lot, this exhaustion, stress and obsession can lead to anxiety and even depression, remember to run your own race

5. Time management
If you train everyday your probably going to struggle to fit the rest of your life in, particularly if you have a partner, children, pets etc, remember no one is paying you to train and be in shape, unless you can genuinely make a living from it, don’t give up everything to have a great physic, just enjoy it, that’s the most important thing, life is for living, there’s a lot more out there for you!!!