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In case you don’t follow my FB/IG stories, I’m pretty much convinced that everyone needs a gut health πŸ’© test at this point! So many people come to me with a myriad of weird symptoms and it seems like every time I run this test, we get a massive amount of answers! πŸ’ͺ Knowledge is power!!! πŸ’•

We help others achieve the results they want by offering practical, relatable health & lifestyle advice in order to help them live their best life!

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I love getting messages like this!! πŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸ’• If you or anyone you know is dealing with chronic pain, please reach out to me for help!


Just wrapped up an awesome consult with a crunchy (holistic) mama! 😍 I'm SO thankful that she came to talk to me!!

Storytime...her daughter's doctor suggested birth control implants for the next 6 years due to her increased estrogen and early puberty. 😲 I asked her if they ever asked about her daughter's bowel habits before they suggested that, and she said no. Come to find out, her daughter is majorly constipated! If you aren't πŸ’© you aren't clearing out estrogen and toxins!!

I'm going to help her fix the root cause (the constipation issue) so that she can clear out the excess hormones and toxins and then we'll retest and re-evaluate the situation. To top it off, she said it was going to cost her $48,000 per implant per year, $288,000 total for the 6 years and that she'd have to call around to 6 places looking for rebates that may or may not be available when she needs them.😱😱😱 Unreal.

I just sat there in total shock as she was telling me all of this. Our healthcare system is SO broken. If they'd spent enough time going through a thorough intake form with her, they would have caught the constipation issue. The fact that they're recommending birth control for 6-year-olds is horrifying too. I'm hoping that I just saved her and her daughter a lot of grief, time, money, and potential side effects.

If you or anyone you know is tired of "the system" and not getting answers or solutions, just know that I'm here to find the root cause and offer alternatives. πŸ’—


Pumpkin Spice Cake II 28/08/2022

Pumpkin Spice Cake II

We've made this pumpkin spice cake every Fall for the last 12 years and it's become a family favorite! πŸ™‚ We omit the pecans (personal preference) and you can swap out the regular cake mix for GF cake mix and it tastes just as great!

Pumpkin Spice Cake II All you need is a box of yellow cake mix, pecans, and pumpkin puree to make this easy pumpkin spice cake.

Nationwide nutritional and beverage products recall expanded, potential for microbial contamination 11/08/2022

Nationwide nutritional and beverage products recall expanded, potential for microbial contamination

Check your cupboards!! There are a lot of alternative milks (almond, oat, coconut, soy), various drinks, milk, coffee, and protein shakes on this recall list! 😱

Nationwide nutritional and beverage products recall expanded, potential for microbial contamination Lyons Magnus Expands Voluntary Recall to Include Additional Nutritional and Beverage Products Due to the Potential for Microbial Contamination

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If you (or someone you know) have or and are struggling with blood sugar control, reach out to me! πŸ’• πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
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I have always found this to be incredibly ironic!

How many people get Lyme disease? | CDC 24/07/2022

How many people get Lyme disease? | CDC

The WHO just declared mon(k)eypox a "global health emergency" with only 16,000 reported cases and 5 deaths. Approximately 476,000 Americans are diagnosed and treated for Lyme disease each year...just to put that in perspective. When I tested positive for Lyme in 2016, the CDC never contacted me and I don't think my doctor ever reported my case. The numbers are probably actually WAY higher than 476,000. Where is the global health emergency for Lyme? Just sayin'...

How many people get Lyme disease? | CDC Each year, approximately 30,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported to the CDC by state health departments, however, studies suggest that the number of people diagnosed with Lyme disease each year in t

Low FODMAP Blog 23/07/2022


For those of you struggling with SIBO and IBS issues, check out this blog full of recipes! She indicates which items are also gluten-free or you can swap out some ingredients for GF versions of the same thing.

Low FODMAP Blog A leading low-FODMAP blog by FODMAP expert Dr Rachel Pauls. More than 400 free delicious low-FODMAP, IBS-friendly recipes as well as numerous low-FODMAP lifestyle tips.

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Need a test? I’d love to help you with that! The one that I recommend is super easy, can be done in the comfort of your own home and will provide you with a LOT of answers about your food sensitivities. Book a consult to get tested:

Cookie recall 21/07/2022

Cookie recall

Check your cookies for this recall! "Sweet Loren's of New York, NY is voluntarily recalling a single lot code of Sweet Loren's Sugar Cookie Dough 12oz, because it may contain traces of gluten in a product labeled as gluten free."

Cookie recall


If you can relate, let’s chat! πŸ’•πŸ“²


I had a great call with one of my new clients last night. She's been struggling with swelling in her legs, ankles, and feet for about 8 years now. She's already had an EKG and her heart checked out great (yay!) so I started asking a lot of questions. She recently started tracking her food on My Fitness Pal's app just because she wanted to try counting macros. When I asked if they track sodium levels on there, she pulled it up and said she had about 4,000 mg of sodium yesterday! 😱 BINGO! I think we found at least ONE root cause of the swelling.

The recommended amount of sodium for American adults is less than 2,300 mg per day. She was consuming almost twice as much sodium as her body could handle and didn't realize it until she started tracking her foods. I don't always suggest tracking foods but sometimes it's helpful for short periods of time to find the root cause behind various symptoms and issues.

She's going to reduce her sodium now and of course, we'll get more answers when her labs come back, but how incredible to have potentially resolved an EIGHT YEAR issue in one hour of chatting last night!! πŸ™Œ I'm SO proud of her for taking charge of her health and becoming her own best advocate to get to the root cause of her symptoms and I can't wait to see her success story in a few weeks/months!!! 😍

If you (or someone you know) are struggling with health issues, I'd love to help you too! πŸ’—


One of my clients texted me this message today and is allowing me to share her good news with all of you! πŸ™ŒπŸ’• She sees an energy healer who does cranial sacral work as well as fascia release & lymphatic work. She’s been going to her for over 5 years and look what she said after just 10 days of making changes and working with me! 😱😍😍 I optimized her diet according to her labs and GI map and I’ve done several Ho’oponopono energy clearing sessions with her. We’ve also been dabbling in frequency healing. It’s amazing how the body WANTS to heal when you clear out the bad juju, remove offending foods and are open to healing! I’m so freaking proud of her and I’m so happy that her other practitioner is noticing her results so quickly too!! πŸ’•πŸ’ͺ✨

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I love being able to give my clients ANSWERS and SOLUTIONS to their health challenges! πŸ’•Check out this case that I was working on today…


Happy 4th of July! Let freedom ring! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


It’s me! πŸ˜†


YES! Sometimes when I scroll my Facebook memories, I cringe. 😬 In my 20s and early 30s, I was overworking myself to death. It certainly caught up with me in my mid-30s and it all had to change but it was definitely for the better. When I find myself overly stressed, I realize it's usually because I didn't take control of my schedule better or set clear boundaries with people.

Take time to stop and take a breath...not just on a yearly vacation but EVERY day. Do something for YOU that makes YOU happy and helps to de-stress your life. My days look very different than they used to, I now sleep 8+ hours every night, have a much better diet, take supplements every day, spend time doing energy work and clearing negative emotions, I set daily intentions, journal, say affirmations, meditate and listen to music. I plan out my work schedule much more and my work/life balance is 1,000% better!! This makes me happier and my clients happier too because I'm able to give them more time and I'm not pouring from an empty cup! πŸ₯°


THIS is why I suggest more than just a standard TSH thyroid test! 😱 My client asked TWO of her other doctors for comprehensive thyroid testing. They both said no and look what they missed! 😳High TPO antibodies can indicate an autoimmune disorder of the thyroid and can explain some of her symptoms.

πŸ‘‰ After seeing this, she will:
πŸ’— Check-in with her MD about a possible thyroid med adjustment
πŸ’— Follow an AIP/gluten-free diet
πŸ’— Remove bacterial pathogens & fix her leaky gut
πŸ’— Consider environmental toxin testing next

If you are on thyroid medication, make sure your provider is checking more than just your TSH. ✌️

As always, if you need help, book a call:



πŸ‘‰ Case Overview:
An adorable 4-year-old client presented with an upset stomach, digestion issues, constipation, suspected kidney infections and/or yeast infections, sugar cravings, skin irritations, and random pains every day.

πŸ‘‰ What her mom tried before seeing me:
* She took her to the doctor multiple times
* They ran a urinalysis, which came back clear
* They ran multiple CBCs and she was told it was all normal (upon reading the results, the labs were NOT optimal from a functional standpoint)
* She had an X-ray of her ribs, stomach, and chest and it all came back clear
* She kept a food diary to try to pinpoint which food(s) may be a problem
* She tried giving her Miralax and prune juice
* She tried natural yeast creams
* She tried a high-fiber diet
πŸ‘‰ NONE of it gave her answers or worked. 😒

πŸ‘‰ My initial suggestions:
After reading her intake form, I suggested that her mom increase her water intake, swap Gatorade for a low-sugar electrolyte drink, include cranberry juice in her diet, reduce her overall sugar intake, and I suggested that we run a GI map (stool test), and a food allergy test (fingerstick blood test) that also included a yeast and candida test to see exactly what is causing her GI issues and symptoms.

🎯 What my testing revealed:
* She is highly allergic to gluten, dairy & eggs.
* She had H.pylori, a common stomach infection!
* She had high levels of Akkermansia muciniphila. Higher levels of that species are known to degrade the mucus membrane within the stomach, which is probably contributing to her food allergies.
* She had a high level of Bacteroidetes. This is another species that is believed to be involved in the microbial balance and barrier integrity.
* She also had high levels of Bacillus and Streptococcus which are opportunistic bacteria in the gut.
* Her Secretory IgA was elevated. This particular immunoglobulin is the primary one in the intestinal mucosa so it’s the first line of defense in response to antigens and pathogens in the GI tract. It also helps to maintain balance in the microbiome. High levels are usually caused by infections and food sensitivities.
* Her anti-gliadin IgA was also high, which didn't surprise me since I saw her food allergy results first. Gliadin is a protein found in gluten and her body definitely does not like gluten!
* Her Calprotectin level was also very high, this is an inflammatory marker that we will continue to keep an eye on to make sure that it comes down as she continues to heal her body over the coming months!

πŸ’— What I suggested to correct the imbalances in her body:
1. Remove gluten, dairy & eggs ASAP
2. Remove excess dietary sugar
3. Remove the H.Pylori infection with a specific strain of probiotics that was shown to kill off H.pylori in scientific studies
4. Add in a chewable digestive enzyme at each meal
5. Add in George's liquid aloe to help heal her stomach
6. Add in Omega 3 fatty acids

🀩 What happened:
According to the follow-up appointment that I had with her mom, she is craving sweets less, she has more energy, she's been sleeping better, she no longer has random pains, and her constipation and infections are gone!! πŸ™Œ

πŸ‘‰ Length of time from the 1st appointment to receiving her testimonial:
11 weeks. This is not a "quick fix" process but now she's got answers and knows how to handle her health issues going forward!

πŸ₯° Her mom's testimonial:
"She is doing so well! 😊 She knows how much better she feels so it’s not even a fight when she can’t have something she wants. She also tells every adult she is around 'I can’t have anything that has gluten, dairy, or egg!' Lol! Her BM’s have been way better and that is HUGE, it’s the first time in her life it’s been like this. And pretty much every other symptom is GONE, we still have an occasional skin irritation but nothing like it was at all. She's legit a different kid and I think the smile says it all. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done and for checking in on her!"

😭 😭 😭 πŸ₯° πŸ₯° πŸ₯°

THIS is why I love what I do. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

If you or anyone you know is struggling, please reach out to me. I'd love to help you too!

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